The Observation Deck (28th Dec. 2007)

Don't crack that Dom P yet...

  • My nigga Enigmatik has posted his BGDB Best of 2007 list; this thing runs down all the Hip-Hop news you need to know, including best albums/tracks, slept-on gems and other bits.
  • Investigators are ruling out foul play in the untimely death of Pimp C.
  • A day after Mischa Barton gets arrested for suspicion DUI, Rebecca De Mornay gets popped for 2 counts of DUI? What's good with designated drivers for rich, white female celebs?
  • If you commit a sex crime involving a PC, you WILL be barred from PC use... in New Jersey. I love my state sometimes.
  • The FBI is unleashing plans to set up digital billboards that will flash the mugshots of fugitives. Elucid said it earlier, and I agree: "we're on some real Total Recall shit".
  • In a shock to no one, fat ass Rosie O'Donnell has been voted as the Most Annoying Celebrity. In other news, Fire was voted to be "hot".
  • NEWSFLASH: Playing Wii games does NOT equal proper exercise.

News never ceases to quit, right?


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