The Observation Deck (6th Dec. 2007)

  • Bun B, Big Boi and Swizz Beatz spoke to MTV about the loss of Pimp C. TMZ has video of Mama Wes speaking on the love she's getting right now. Noz also posted parts 2 and 3 of his phone interview with Pimp C. RIP.
  • There's a new video blog from Layla Kayleigh up. She's afraid of the supernatural and likes to sing/rap to herself. Yum.
  • Since when does killing someone who is trying to rob you grounds to be arrested? This dude needs a medal for killing that Fabolous lackey.
  • Over at HYSMD, I have a post about the recent Jason Kidd fiasco with my NJ Nets. I am on pins and needles - we need Kidd to survive, on the real.
  • In Trenton, NJ, the Director of Police, Joe Santiago, says he cannot live within the city (which he is required, by law, to do, but is getting a pardon by the mayor) b/c a) he cannot afford it and b) he is afraid of gang threats. OK, in Trenton, NJ, the average income is something like $37K; this dude makes $100K a year. Come off it. Secondly, NIGGA YOU IS A POLICE! YOUR JOB IS TO STAND UP TO THE GANGS, NOT BE SHOOK OVER THEIR THREATS! He needs to go, for that ignorant comment alone.
  • Why does Keifer Sutherland get a 48-day sentence for drunk driving, but Lindsay Lohan got 84 minutes? America loves White Females.
  • Google and AIM have linked up through GMail chat. My days of productivity are over.
  • Chimps are found to be smarter than humans... on one memory test.
  • Ricky Hatton says he got into Floyd Mayweather's head, and I hope he did. I would love to see Mayweather get his shit pushed in.
  • Barry Bonds wants to play in 2008. Why, I don't know, but I think he should give it up. Just be easy and get ready for the trial, my dude.

Finally, STAND UP goes down TONIGHT in NYC. Cause, Hired Gun, NYOIL, and Donny Goines, plus a special guest. the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES hosting. OhWord & SitDownStandUp collaboration. If you are in that area, get your ass out there.


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