The Observation Deck (New Year's Eve 2K7)

Happy New Year, Sydney!

  • Looks like Britney Spears is going to have to submit to a deposition soon-ish. I feel for her, she's got the ill baby-thickness in her waist, but the thing is, she is not doing right by the kids, hear her lawyers tell it. And to add insult to the Spears-legacy, it looks like Jamie Lynn's baby daddy is a cheater. I hope she didn't get pregnant to save their relationship...
  • Speaking of crazy white female celeb drama, apparently some 6 year old girl's mom lied to win Hannah Montana tickets. She apparently told a company sponsoring an essay contest that this girl's dad died in Iraq. She chalked it up to some "we do this all the time" creative-writing bullshit, but you know her intentions.
  • How can Wal-Mart censor any/every CD they sell, but don't take the time to check the contents of an MP3 player before reselling it? Maybe they like selling porn to unsuspecting customers... then again, this is the same chain that sells iPod boxes with notes in them.
  • Brandy lucked out and won't be charged in the fatal car crash she was involved in last December. Happy New Year indeed.
  • Peep these year-end lists: Zilla Says has their ZS Awards 2007 Year End List up. Grab a cold one and get lost in that sea, for they GO IN! TSS has a dope Hip-Hop Awards post up, some funny comments in that one. DJ Premier dropped his top 20 albums of the year, as well as some honorable mentions (even though The Kush is major doo-doo), and its definitely one to check out. Rizoh has the top 27 LPs of 2007 over at About Rap.
  • If you are still using Netscape Navigator, you need to switch, as AOL has said it is no longer supporting this browser. Who used Netscape anymore? This isn't 1997.
  • Elucid hit me with this story about Jihadists living the life behind bars. And we bug out over cable TV in our prisons?
  • NahRight has the pics from the Las Vegas 40/40 opening, and I am upset to see Al Sharpton there, all up in the pictures, throwing the Roc sign. He truly is a ho!

Will 2008 be any kinder to my people? Will celebs put down the pipe and be normal?

Who am I kidding...


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