The Observation Deck (14th Jan. 2008)

  • Wu-Tang News: U-God is suing Wu Music for $170K, ranging in monies owed for tours, albums and other things since March 2007. On the flip, Wes has video of GZA's Knitting Factory show from December 2007. Dope shit, including a fly ODB tribute.
  • At Macworld, Apple has unveiled the Macbook Air, aka a thin noebook, and the ability to rent movies via iTunes, which I guess they hope will drive the sales of Apple TV up. I guess it's hard to beat the iPhone?
  • Six DC child welfare employees have been fired over negligence in a case that has now lead to this mother being brought up on charges of murder in the deaths of her 4 daughters. Can these work
  • Looks like Green Lantern & the G-Unit have patched things up; I guess that good Internet exposure Green gives niggas was too hard to miss out on!
  • You've gotta love how LeBron got ticketed for going over 100MPH on his birthday, and is just like "it's no big deal". He just knows the world is his.
  • Fuck Bob Johnson. No, really, FUCK YOU BOB JOHNSON!
  • Pacman Jones can't stay out of trouble? Now he's hitting women in the club? What's really good with that?
  • 2010 will see a new Smurfs movie, in CGI no less.
  • Fake Shore Drive has a dope interview with Rhymefest, speaking on his Man In The Mirror mixtape, as well as info on El Che and the 2008 Presidential Elections.

Not much going on, but so much is going on.


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