The Observation Deck (24th Jan. 2008)

  • My nigga Barack Obama is still leading in South Carolina. I sent his people a request for an interview. No bullshit.
  • A nigga couldn't do what Drew Peterson is doing: his wife, Stacy, has been missing for a minute, and his third wife "accidentally" drown in a bathtub. What does Drew do? Goes on a radio program, holding a "Win a Date with Drew" contest. If OJ did some shit like this, the Klan would be on his ass. If the Bloods murk Drew, they wrong.
  • The Sean Bell trial is to stay in Queens. I hope those cops fry.
  • The City of Compton is looking to ban Suge Knight and the Mob Pirus from congregating on the street. How crazy is that. Ban a nigga from the street. They are NAMING NAMES, people. Strange times.
  • Homegirl who hosts ESPN's First Take has been taken off-air for some vodka-infused comments made at a roast. Apparently this chick roasted Jesus, which is a feat in and of itself.
  • WOW b2b SMH @ Uncle Murda catching a head wound in Brooklyn the other night.
  • MTV got an exclusive interview with Rockstar Games' Jeronimo Barrera about Grand Theft Auto IV, which is to hit shops on the 24th of April, 2008.
  • Billy Sunday has an open letter to Lil' Wayne, in light of his recent brush with the law. I seriously hope Weezy doesn't Heath Ledger himself.

I'm tired. I need some downtime.


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