The Observation Deck (29th Jan. 2008)

  • Britney Spears has had another metldown. You have to love how people like her manager are quick to say she has "mental issues" but no one is trying to help her get help. Too much money involved in crazy Brit.
  • Peedi Crack is a funny nigga. XXL, based on a MEDIATAKEOUT "report", has a rumor up saying that a Def Jam rep came to Philly and told the Roc-A-Fella heads in Philly that the Roc is no more, and that they are "free to leave". Roc-A-Fella dropped the entire roster? Well, the report says that "he kept one person", which I can only assume is a dig at Kanye West, but think about it: out of all the Roc niggas who put out an LP in 2007, aside from Jay, who actualyl made money? A Nigga Named West, that's who. Coming from Peedi, who ended the interview saying "you won’t hear no Peedi Crakk diss songs", I just don't believe it. Based on the way the MEDIATAKEOUT "interview" reads, it sounded like Peedi got dropped, and then he assumed that guys like Beanie Sigel & Freeway got dropped.
  • This Drew Peterson is too much: TMZ reports that its looking like neph, who didn't want to have any lie detector tests, is trying to get on FOX's Moment of Truth show, in an effort to clear his name (and get more dates).
  • Were you one of the many who fell into Qtrax's trap, saying they were offering a legal P2P site that ALL of the major labels signed up with, reporting to give out something like 25 million cuts? I'd sure hope not - the rug has been pulled, and now the majors are coming out like "yo we ain't make no deal". Maybe I should start up a fake P2P site.
  • In related news, the EU high courts have said that European ISPs are not required to give away the details of downloaders the industry wants outed, although they did leave it open for new laws to emerge in the future.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas + "hot coffee" mod + feeling upset = $35.
  • Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? Me neither; USA Today has the wrap-up.
  • Congrats to Gwen Stefani and Gavin What's-His-Name on word of their pregnancy; this will be their 2nd child.
  • A judge denied Foxy Brown's request to get an ear exam in California. I hope she heard him.
  • Did you like that movie Crash? I didn't. It's coming to Starz in a 13-episode series. I like how, with the success of HBO and Showtime into the serial-drama field, now all of these other cable channels try to get their own shows. I think Starz has a bunch of original programming on deck...

Go, Obama, Go.


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