The Observation Deck (MLK Day 2008)

  • They are saying Britney Spears is 730, but she won't take the evaluation to prove it. Britney is moving slower than AC's Bronco on this. She should just take the test - if you have problems, deal with them - for your kids. If not, flash your ass then laugh at them bitches!
  • Video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero III are driving digital download sales sky-high, posting 2.5 and 5 million song sales (respectively) since their inceptions. When will the music industry realize that things like this will help push the new music industry?
  • The contestants for this year's NBA Slam Dunk contest have been announced, and it looks like the NBA has decided to let the fans choose the winner. More info @ HYSMD.
  • XXL interviewed Rich Boy; he says to expect more cuts like "Let's Get This Paper" on his sophmore LP, Buried Alive.
  • Gotta love how Raekwon admits that he doesn't have $100K to give to the hood. He kept it all the way real with that one.
  • Some peeps hacked the RIAA's website over the weekend, adding links to The Pirate Bay and some other scripts that should make you chuckle.
  • SMH @ Dem Franchize Boys' Buddie, who is taking Nas to task for his Hip-Hop Is Dead album title (I know, Buddie-Come-Lately). Maybe when DFB puts out an album in 2012, Buddie will have some words about Nas' Nigger.
  • RIP to Usher's pops.
  • HBO is working on tech that will allow its subscribers to download movies AND TV shows. No timeline on when it will be available to ALL subscribers, but heads in Green Bay can dig on it today (I guess as a consolation prize for losing to the Giants?); the lack of specifics on how this program will work worries me: will I be downloading actual files, or is it like a Napster "I can only watch/view while on the site" kind of thing?

I need some rest.


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