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[video] Giggle Club "Jump Rope"

You know rock the dub likes to keep you abreast to that new-new, as well as that regular coonery. This is a bit of both: this group, the "Giggle Club", apparently has a new dance called the "Jump Rope". Think of the moves your hands and feet make while jumping rope, and you'll get the idea:

I tried Google to find more info on this crew and got nowhere. WSHH did have this info posted, which references Star Camp(??):
Check out the Giggle Club's new video "Jump Rope". Star Camp is a new and rare opportunity for children with the desire, dedication and talent to share expression creatively through popular music. Discovering young singers, rappers and dancers, Star Camp is the blueprint to becoming the world's next multimedia mega-star. Kids from all over the world, can watch and learn as a selected few get the chance to become superstars.

WTF? With a little more searching, I found out that Star Camp is a Nick Cannon/Quincy Jones/QD3-venture for TurboNick, AKA Nickelodeon's web channel? Yo, Nick is guapping it up, no?

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Anonymous said...

I actually wrote that quote about Star Camp that you have posted (above). It was a TV show that aired on Nickelodeon's online network: Turbo Nick. It will air on a new network coming soon.

The show is as if Making the Band meets Mickey Mouse Club. Instead of Diddy (or whatever he has named himself this week), we have Nick Cannon as our "Mentor". The Giggle Club (featured in this video) are the result of this venture to bring creative and talented children together and showcase them to the world. All the while, showing other kids just how far hard work can get ya. It was a fun show to make and just as fun to watch...keep your eyes and ears open...