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BHM2K8: Keep Sippin', Then

Lil' Wayne, you sound like a fucking baby. You complain to MTV about people wanting you to stop sippin' syrup, like "let me do me" and "it's hard to stop". You want to act like a fuckin' idiot, when niggas like Pimp C, Big Moe, DJ Screw and countless others have died off the drank, then go ahead and fucking drank yourself to death, you ignorant nigga. You sound like a real drug addict in that article, no matter how real your argument is or not. Fuck the world, fuck the industry - nigga you have kids. Stop sippin' for them. The truth is that syrup is fucking up families left and right, and I don't give a fuck if its a popular thing in the South. You have to be bigger than that.

Until you see that, keep with that "weed and syrup 'til I die" shit. And when you blow up as big as Bruce Bruce, don't go complaining, you stupid baby.

I just don't understand stupidity at this degree from niggas who are so prominent in the scene. Die, nigga, die.

Shout to E for the link.

Bonus Beats: Weezy makin' syrup

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