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Friday, February 22nd 2008 playlist

Odd week. Oddly odd week. Just runnin' on fumes. Check the tunes:


leaks o' da week:

I've been on my grisly with the leaked albums/mixtapes this last week:
You should also check out DJ Cable's Weekly Mix: The 80's Edition, for that classic funk.


That's all ya boy got for the week - check out this in studio video of DJ MK of the UK, rockin' on Kiss FM with Percee P & Guilty Simpson from the 21st of Feb.:

Enjoy your weekend, fam.


starski said...

waz crackin... good lookin out on adding my joint with the Cool Kids on the leaks of the week... i'm glad folks is feelin it -- it's not a new single or anything like that, just some studio fun we recorded a while back that we'd thought would be cool to share...



khal said...

keep me posted on your new shit whenever. khaldub@gmail.com

i had this bump all last night.