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Friday, March 28th 2008 playlist

I'm off on Monday, so consider this playlist a sampling of my weekend fight music. Or fuck music. Or just lounging around the crib music. Chea!


leaks of tha week!


Do you need a late pass on the rest of rock the dub's download posts? Here it comes:

How's that for mo' free music & mixes?

That's about it for this week, unless someone has something they need to chuck at me. Any DJs/MCs/Press Agents/etc. wanting their music featured on rock the dub, feel free to get at me so we can chop it up.

I leave you this week with the video for Blu & Exile's "Blue Collar Workers":

I need this on MP3. Someone hook it up. Enjoy this last weekend in March!



jon jon said...

yo' good lookin on that Carps/Cool KIds jump


Trackstar the DJ said...

Great playlist as always. You just gave me like 20 minutes of tonight's set lol...

Tipz said...

fuckin hell khal ur bloggin game if fuckin serious!!!!!!

khal said...

no doubt man. its so not a game lol