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The Observation Deck (30th March 2008)

  • Concrete Loop has pics up of the Hollywood Biggie & Faith. What do you think?
  • Do you remember this video of Pauly Shore wondering why certain comedians are funny? Here are some responses from Vivica A. Fox, Charlie Murphy, Katt Williams and others. And, as many of you believed, it was a joke.
  • Beanie Sigel just got sentenced to three months in jail over dirty piss. Damn shame, especially given that the nigga is saying he only gets $0.14 an album. Crying shame. Koch, pick up the phone!
  • So Papoose and Remy Ma really are a) a couple and b) getting married. Hopefully they have their nuptials before she gets locked up.
  • Miss Info has copies of letters that L.A. Times reporter Chuck Philips wrote to inmates trying to secure interviews on his Biggie/Pac stories. interesting read...
  • Ric Flair has been inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame last night. End of an era, no doubt.
  • What's good with all this Max B got robbed/shot malarky? Super sketch on those details... like how a nigga in critical condition- at home!?!
So glad I have off tomorrow... enjoy your Sunday!

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xplosive said...

Here's the working link to the Pauly Shore response video from Charlie Murphy, Katt Williams, Vivica A. Fox and more.