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[video] Pauly Shore: Wishing He Was Black?

Pauly Shore talking about how if he was a Black comedian he would be making money:

This pussy doesn't realize that, while Black comics might make loot in terms of movie roles, it's the White comedians who get the long-running sitcoms (King Of Queens, Everybody Hates Raymond, The Drew Carey Show) as well as Deal Or No Deal and the other game shows. Katt Williams ain't gettin' no sitcom anytime soon.

Shore, you're broke b/c your movies suck and you are just unfunny. Once you stopped that "hey buddy" shit, it was a wrap. Get over yourself.

I'm not even 100% sure he is being serious, but I hope not...


J. Slikk said...

I'll be the only one who goes on record and say is.... Im pretty well certain mr Shore was bullshittin'. This dude came up his whole career with black folk... as much as we didn't pay attention to it, he did. I mean this cat was involved in some behind the scenes shit on in living color... fam.... IN LIVING COLOR. We cant forget his infamous cameo in the cult classic Kid n Play movie "Class Act"... his cameo in Limp Bizkit, Method Man and Premo's "N2Gether now" video... His scene in "The Wash" plus not to mention him rollin with Snoop and Dre at times during that era. The evidence points waaaaaaay too much to the "I was just kidding" side and shouldn't really be taken seriously... If i'm wrong, then oh well, but Paulie Shore never struck me as that Michael Richards kinda dude.

khal said...

1) I feel what you're saying, and know Pauly's history, but

2) That was back when Shore could get a buck. Since these instances, what has he been doing? He did that Pauly Shore I Dead movie, an episode of Wild'n Out and had a failed TBS show. I'm not saying dude is a Michael Richards, but I could see why he was pissed b/c he can't get no money.