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Friday, April 4th 2008 playlist

I told Enigmatik that this week was gonna be wild with the leaks. He questioned me at first, but by like Wednesday afternoon he was all "you was right". I'm the oracle of that shit, yo. I seen it.


leaks o' da week!


We're giving late passes for all of you late asses:

*phew* Did you get all of that?


OK, so I don't have MTV Jams anymore, but I've loved how MTV Hits has been playing blocks of classic Hip-Hop videos and performances, in celebration of Yo! MTV Raps. I think they need to bring it back. In any case, I watched this performance last night, and it just struck me as being what I truly miss in today's Rap scene...

Public Enemy "Don't Believe The Hype" (LIVE on MTV):

Classic, even if I don't get the Knicks/Pirates combo Chuck D had on. Regardless, sift through those cuts, enjoy them, and enjoy your weekend!