MC Serch vs. Khia

Subscribing to MySpace blogs is so essential. Last night, I peeped this VH1 interview with Khia, speaking on her early dismissal from Miss Rap Supreme this week. I thought it was odd that she was quick to call everyone a hater, when she was the one who spit a written that must have been crazy easy to find. I've seen notes YN posts, showing a few spots where she has ended up talking about her short tenure on the show. Leave it to MC Serch to be able to kill her with kindness, school those who don't know, and thank her for the publicity, all in one great post. Here's a sample:

I have also heard you say that I am a hater. This is far from the truth. I am not a hater at all. I was really happy to see you on the show, trying out and getting on. The things these women could have learned from you, being that you were a solo artist, no camp surrounding you, and had the success that you did is unheard of in the rap game. Little did I know that you would wind up being a crazy loonytoon who even as a professional rapper, could not put a rhyme together in 60 minutes and had to resort to reciting something that was two years old. C'mon ma, really?!? Really?!? I mean at least Lionezz tried to write and she can barely speak English, well, you have a hard time with the English language as well but at least it's your native tongue. This competition is for EMCEES, not rappers, which you are. Like I said earlier before, check please.

And that's just one point he takes to task. Gotta love it. This ain't even beef, it's reciprocal love. Khia went on there to up her status, and in doing what she did, has her name on the lips of many heads... or, at least, that's the story she's selling today.

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