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[video] Kesan Suckerpunches E6

I won't lie, I watched From G's To Gents, and I did think that cat Kesan got booted out on some bullshit. He fucked up, because his temper be crazy, but I think they played up their "fear" a bit too much on some bitch shit to get him removed. Now, I didn't know video like this existed, but this is clearly E6 rapping for some camera, and Kesan rollin' in the background and sneakin' E6:

WOW! I wonder how this happened? Kesan has connects in the industry - did he set E6 up to be in a spot where he knew he could get him? Someone hit me with some info on this one!

EDIT: It looks like this took place backstage at MTV Studios, during the taping of the From G's To Gents reunion special? E6 shoulda known - he tried to kick his bars for Irv Gotti and looked like a fool, why he thinks MTV was trying to hear that is beyond me! How did I not know about the reunion show!?!?

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