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Friday, April 24th 2009 playlist

What's good fam? Got a tiny lil' feature in this post - still working out the kinks. Hopefully you guys dig it. And the tunes. Thanks for your support.


And here's the newest latest addition...

DOWNLOAD RTD_PLAYLIST_(4-17-2009-4-23-09); here's a .rar that's ~500MB, containing most of the tracks from the playlist (I left some out, included some that aren't in the list). This WILL be a continuing thing. Shouts to the few heads who asked for this - its yours!



Looks like this is going to be an ill weekend in the Tri-State area. Here's one of my favorite tracks to play on beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoons:

Naughty By Nature "Feel Me Flow"

Enjoy yourselves - I know I will (try) to!

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admin said...

whatup whatup.. this is gudo from NoVA Infinite

Thanks for playin our joints.. much appreciated..