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RayDawn Controlled Chaos 2

Good Lord - I'm SO glad to be on the other side of that Blogger outage. I had ish scheduled for yesterday, and wanted to post a grip today, but I'm just glad I can access my ish. Felt lonely. ANYWAYS, today was the day that RayDawn's long-awaited Controlled Chaos 2 dropped, and while I posted it on the tumblr, I wanted to give some words for it here. Alongside SMKA and YNotMyDream, I'm proud to present a tough tape from a young up-and-comer. Ray reps the PA area, and isn't afraid of a grind. He's not someone who is beating you over the head with metaphors and crazy rhyme patterns - he finds that pocket and rides the fuck out of it. And with his choice selection of trunk rattlers on the beats, that's all that's needed. This is the soundtrack to your cruising to the club, or your mackin' on a chick when you get home from the club. Some shit to piff up and ball out to, you feel me? Soundtrack to some drunken follies, fitted low. Enjoy that. You're welcome.

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