Big Makk Has Reportedly Died in a Car Accident

Word is hitting the bass music scene that Big Makk, a producer straight out of Florida who's dropped material on Mad Decent, Main Course, and Slow Roast, has passed away. While there isn't concrete info out on this as of yet, Your EDM is reporting that he died in a car accident that left two other people dead.

While I didn't know MAKK, I'd ran into him and his work on these Internets, especially during the DoAndroidsDance days. Not only did we run with a Big Makk Mondays series, but he even dropped a dope mix for the DAD Mix series. He helped run Shake N Bass with the homegirl Ma-less, who I imagine is broken up about this, and based on the love I'm seeing on social media, Makk will be sorely missed.

Will update this with more info once I get it. RIP, Makk.

UPDATE This is reportedly the car crash that took Big Makk's life. Word is Makk (real name Samisoni Koroitamudu) was the passenger, and the driver was Alexander Rivera; the third occupant's name has not been released. It also looks like a GoFundMe was set up for Makk's funeral. Ookay also made a tune for Makk.


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