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Trick Or Beats: Halloween 2016 Playlist

Image via Buzzfeed
With a wild, non-Halloween related lack of sleep last night, taking part of my day to deal with my son's class and their Halloween shenanigans already has me tired af. For those of you who are more young and spry than I, Halloween might be a night for all kinds of turnt debauchery...which needs a soundtrack. That's where we come in.

In this collection of 13 sounds, we've tried to hit you with a number of ghoulish sounds. From RL Grime's recently-released "Halloween V" mix to a quick noodle of a beat from J57 to a cut from Figure's latest Halloween-themed released, we've got a number of bits that have dropped within the month that are perfect for a number of freakish moods.

Sink all of your fangs into this playlist; let our curation satisfy any hungers you have going on this evening.


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