Mr. Carmack Aims to Inspire (and Aid) With His New Release 'Rekindling'


As that turkey is digesting inside of you,one has to imagine that you're thinking (read: plotting) your next move. Whether it's sparking an L with that cousin you take walks to the store with or getting right for the club, you need something to turn up to. Shouts to Mr. Carmack, who knows the feels and decided to drop this nine-track release, Rekindling.

Instead of just trying to snatch your dollars, Carmack's latest release has a message: " this album is a thank you, and a stern reminder to take this holiday season to revisit and rekindle the flame in you. to take more of an active part in the world and not lie dormant. you work to survive. but, what in your heart is your end goal?" Also, 100% of the music profits Rekindling takes in go to supporting #NODAPL.

The full release isn't available for streaming, but he's dropping two tracks (including one featuring Gladitor) on his SoundCloud. Listen to both of those below, and grab the full release via Bandcamp.

UPDATE 11/26/2016: It looks like Carmack has already pulled in $5,000 (shouts to RL Grime).


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