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The Combat Jack Show: The Lil Boosie Episode

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"The Tupac of Baton Rouge was in the building looking so clean. Lil Boosie gives us this exclusive on his seven children, his relationship with Pimp C, Webbie, Bun B and Young Jeezy. How freedom feels after being out over a month. And what kept him sane all them years in jail, and where the "Boosie Fade" came from. He's doing other interviews, but you already know where his best one is coming from. Wipe me down Internets!"

J-Live ft. Sam London & Tanya Morgan - "City To City"

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New J-Live album dropping on April 29 entitled Around The Sun. This cut features Tanya Morgan, and is all kinds of fun hip-hop. Just what I needed. With the sun out, and the weather getting nicer, I might need to start my next few cookouts with this one.

GDP - "Eighteen"

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She's gotta be eighteen...

Hannibal Buress on Juan Epstein

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One of my favorite comedians on one of my favorite podcasts. The full audio is below, with 12 minutes of video after the jump.

The Combat Jack Show: The "Nigger" Episode

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Via TheCombatJackShow: "What's in a word? Obviously a lot as far as "nigger" is concerned. The media and politicians say "ban it" but how impossible is it to make the world's most dangerous word disappear from existence? And do we really know what it means? Hakim Green of Channel Live fame walks us through this black word's history, it's etymology, and explains why this word will never go away, and why we should embrace and cherish rather than shun it. Also, Sean C. and L.V. talk their musical history and why we should cop their new album 'Loud Dreams' for only $Free Ninety Nine. My lips is like an oowop as I start to spray it."

J Rocc at the Boiler Room London

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This was recorded live at the spot of the original 2010 Boiler Room location. I could watch J Rocc spin all day.