The Great Gazoo

I admit it - ya boy is a nerd. I watch all kinds of cartoons, but the new ish just doesn't appeal to me. I've sent numerous e-mails to Cablevision in the past, trying to get Boomerang added to my TV channel list. Well, this weekend I found out that I finally got it!

See, I like balance. I hate having my son ONLY exposed to Nickelodeon shit like Spongebob or Fairly Oddparents, which are great shows but not necessarily what he should be exposed to on the regular. And TBH, sometimes he just isn't feeling Noggin (he rides for Diego, though). I also want him to be exposed to quality classic cartoons, ish I grew up with, so he can get a bit of variety without a bunch of off-color humor that he doesn't really need to be hearing. So Boomerang it is!

And, well, I'm Nerdcore McNerdy. I need that Wacky Races fix every now and again.
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Grant Parks Picture This (A Tribute To Big L)

Big L, rest in peace. Pick up this Grant Parks-produced tribute to Big L on L's born day.

DOWNLOAD Grant Parks Picture This (A Tribute To Big L)

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[video] Dying To Learn Trailer

Wise Intelligent's Intelligent Kidz, Inc. group and Wildseed Films linked up to form INTELLIGENTSEEDZ, and created a short documentary on the effects of lead poisoning on inner city children. It looks like a grip of this (if not all) was shot in Trenton, NJ:

This will be released in July. I'm trying to see this.
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Method Man & Redman "Dangerous MCs (Cookin' Soul Remix)"

Method Man & Redman "Dangerous MCs (Cookin' Soul Remix)": Given their latest output, I didn't know what to expect from this remix - but I found what I loved from CS production in the first place! Some ill shit to rock too... wonder why they ain't freak this beat off the rip!
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LoveJones & Phys Edison Sunday Drive

I told you this would drop on May 26th; I just forgot to post it.



1. Sunday Morning (Still Thinking About Saturday Night)
2. Sunday Drive
3. New World
4. DownTime
5. Phys Edison's Brunch(10 O'clock in the Morning)
6. Sit on the Moon
7. The One(My SV Shit)
8. Sunday Drive Midnight Mix
9. Had A Dream
10. B.I.G. Dreams

Bonus Tracks
11. The Get Up
12. They Gon Hate
13. Sucka MCs
14. Roll Call (Top City)

So chill.
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Ocean's 7 3000 And 9 Shit Mixtape

Ocean's 7 = Jermaine Dupri, Johnta Austin, Trey Songz, B.Cox, Nelly, Tyrone & Q Da Kid. It might not be that interesting, but it beats the fuck out of a mixtape from R. Kelly.



01 Intro
02 Aint I
03 So Much Swag
04 That Girl
05 Wheres The Love
06 Owe Me Sex
07 Amazin
08 Day N Nite
09 Outro
10 Vegas Baby

Via Mr. X.
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Excess Bangers 28 - #UnFollowDiddy, No-Twich-Ass-Ness

That #unfollowdiddy shit cracked me up; this gets 'nuff respect over here!



01. D-Block - That’s D-Block [Clean]
02. Raekwon-Once Upon A Time In America
03. Bun B & M1 (Dead Prez) - Gangster Shit
04. Nipsey Hussle - Diamonds
05. Juelz Santana - Days of Our Lives
06. OJ Da Juiceman- I’m Living It (Prod By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
07. DMX - The Way it’s Gonna Be
08. Charles Hamilton ft. MC Lyte- New York City Girl
09. Lil Boosie ft. Hurricane Chris - Doin Our Thang
10. Saigon - Change Gon Come (Prod by Kickdrums)
11. Lord Infamous Ft. II Tone, T Rock & Chamillionare - Love My Whip
12. Oj Da Juiceman - Fuck Wit Me Dawg (Prod. By Zaytoven)
13. Raekwon ft. B-Real - R.I.P.(No DJ)
14. Killer Mike ft. Greg Street - Man Up
15. Young Buck- Cashville Solid
16. Sean Price - Broke As Fuck (prod. by Pro Logic)
17. Sir Aah ft. Crooked I & Royce Da 5′9- I Wonder if the Lord Knows
18. Boaz - Promise Land

Shouts to Highbrid Nation as per usual.
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EMS x RTD: ThrowBack Thursday 005

It's definitely Friday morning, but I still have the EMS ThrowBack to hit you with. This time, the homey Rev comes correct with a pretty interesting mixtape. I'll let him explain it:

Here is "This Is The Rev-Mix" featuring me remixing some of your favorite artists songs but doing it like you wouldn't expect. I keep them on and flip verses with my own style and make the track my own. Check it out and you'll see what I mean and get ready for "The Push-Back" Mixtape which I will be dropping later next month!!!

DOWNLOAD Revalation This Is The Rev-Mix

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KJ Eclipse The Calling Mixtape

The other day, I got hit with a batch of mixtapes and releases from a bunch of new artists. KJ Eclipse, reppin' East NY and Georgia, was one of the more engaging cats. Peep "Hip-Hop Will Rock":

Just the fact that he had a pretty cool (albeit low-budget) video, and that this nigga can RAP? Makes me think of how Jay used to flow back before Reasonable Doubt came about - not trying to say he on that level, but the flow is ill and he is actually stringing together some fresh lines. Grab the tape, and get transported back...

DOWNLOAD KJ Eclipse The Calling Mixtape
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KiNo aka Micky DiGital ANALOG

Cy Yung hit me with this project from KiNo, who is an 18 year old MC from North Carolina. KiNo linked up with BPA-fam Ivy League GFX to put out ANALOG, which serves as a precursor to KiNo's Neon LP. If you are questioning, peep what he does to "Turn It Up" on his MySpace.

DOWNLOAD KiNo aka Micky DiGital ANALOG

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Prophit Legend In My Own Mind Mixtape

Queens MC Prophit hit me with his latest mixtape, Legend In My Own Mind, which finds him rippin' beats from cats like Jansport J to Madlib and J Dilla; he told me he put this together in like 24 hours, which is something that always intrigues me. Dude definitely has some ill things going on here - dope introduction to what should be more to come!

DOWNLOAD Prophit Legend In My Own Mind Mixtape

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FuseBox Radio (Week of May 27th, 2009)

Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")

Direct mp3 Download Backup (right click and "save as"; via Blip.TV)

This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of May 27, 2009 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul Music, news and commentary.

This week's commentary focused on how the mainstream & independent media has covered the accidental and tragic passing of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson's daughter this week, the recent news story of 29 Year Old Man with 21 Kids (ridiculous) and some other things here and there.

The syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast was honored to have a great interview with one of the MCs in the legendary Hip-Hop crew, The Fat Boys (http://www.originalfatboys.com), Kool Rock Ski (http://www.koolrockski.com).

During the interview, we covered everything from Kool Rock Ski's beginning history with Hip-Hop & the founding of the Fat Boys, the evolution of how the music industry has treated Hip-Hop, especially when it started getting popular (and folks reaching for pop music status) & how it affected The Fat Boy's career, the passing of Buffy the Human Beat Box, Kool Rock Ski's triumph with weight issues, The Fat Boy's upcoming music & community projects and a lot more!

Due to the length of this week's interview, we do not have new Black Agenda Report or Direct EFX segments this week.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast here on BlackRadioIsBack.com - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for Week of May 20, 2009 (all Old School Hip-Hop & R&B due to this week's interview - in no particular order)

Boogie Down Productions/Jack of Spades/Jive
The Genius/Phony As You Wanna Be/Cold Chillin'
Beastie Boys/Finger Lickin' Good/Capitol
Gwen Gunthrie/Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent/Polygram
Soul II Soul/Keep On Movin' (Teddy Riley's RubaDub RMX)/Virgin
The Fat Boys/The Fat Boys Are Back/Sutra
The Fat Boys/All You Can Eat/WB
The Fat Boys/Place To Be/Sutra
The Fat Boys/Human Beatbox/Sutra
The Fat Boys/Human Beatbox Part 2/Sutra
The Fat Boys/Stick 'Em/Sutra
Kool Rock Ski feat. Jay-Z/Can We Talk/Uncle Louie Music Group
Sybil/Don' t Make Me Over/Next Plateau
De La Soul/Jenifa (Taught Me)/Tommy Boy
24-7 Spyz/Jungle Boogie/In Effect
Barbara Mason/Anotha Man/West End
Brand New Heavies/Never Stop
Public Enemy/Revolutionary Generation/Def Jam
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo/On The Run/Cold Chillin'
Just-Ice/Latoya/Fresh Records
Schooly D/PSK/Jive
Captain Rock/Cosmic Blast/Enjoy Records
Kurtis Blow/Daydreamin'/Def Jam
Double D & Steinski/Lesson #1/White Label
Herbie Hancock feat. D.S.T./Megamix/White Label
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo/Ill Street Blues (inst.)/Cold Chillin'
Divine Styler/Free Styler (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/Get Up On It (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/The Last Black House On The Left (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/It's A Black Thing (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/Play It For Divine (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/Koxistin D4ria (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/Ain't Sayin Nothin (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/Divinity Stylistics (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/Tongue Of Labyrinth (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/In Divine Style (inst.)/Epic
Divine Styler/Word Power (inst.)/Epic

Current FuseBox Radio Broadcast Radio & Internet Affiliates (as of this week):

UrbanNetwork.com's The Mix Internet Radio Station - UN Power Jam Radio (owned by Urban Network Magazine) OKRP.com, ReeWineMusic.com/ReeWine Radio, Progressive Blend Radio, Sprint Radio Extra/mSpot (via the Worldwide Alpha Communications Network), SouthBound.FM, DeadBeat Radio, CrackAudio.com, TheBestJams.com/The Best Jams Radio, FlyTunes.FM/FlyCast ,Planet Urban (Austrailia)/PlanetUrban.com.au, AmalgamDigital.com, BlockJams.com, ConspiracyUK.com , FONYE Radio , VI Radio , DurdeeSouthRadio.com , Beyond.FM , MyBlockRadio.net, Rutgers University Radio, WRSU 88.7 FM, Stop Beefin' Start Eatin' Radio, Ceesiety Radio, Mixshow Blast Radio, Slip-N-Slide DJs Podcast, The Best Jams, ExtravaGangsta Radio, HipHopSoulRadio.com , Digiwaxx Presents: The Blast , White Folks Get Crunk for DJs, Legion Music & Media, UnderWorldMixRadio.com, MixLaWax Radio, Trunk Hustlers Online, 907 Jamz. The6.FM, Nilo Radio, 1.FM Jamz, Blayze University Radio, Blip.TV, iBlog126.com, Miro, WSOUF.com, True Fire Radio, StreetsD.com (Streets Mos Magazine Radio), Rock The Dub, Last Word Online, Soul Pitch Hustle, Black Soul Rhythms, Honey Magazine, i95.FM (Coming Soon), The PRess Junkie (coming soon), BlackCoffeeChannel.com (Coming Soon), Gutta Muzik (HD) Radio (Coming Soon)

** Most Stations/Outlets Tracked via RadioWave Monitor, Mediaguide & SoundExchange **

Subscribe to get the weekly episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah!

Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion) - FuseBox Radio Broadcast w/ DJ Fusion & Jon Judah - FuseBox Radio Broadcast w/ DJ Fusion & Jon JudahXML
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Serius Jones Why So Serius Mixtape

Serius Jones is one of those NJ spitters that I wish I heard more from on a consistent basis, so when new material of his drops, I'm all over it. If you're not familiar with his work, grab this right now then smack the SHIT out of yourself. One for the whip, no doubt.

DOWNLOAD Serius Jones Why So Serius Mixtape

Via Mr. X.
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Milly July Sneak Chamber Mixtape

"This ain't Hip-Hop, this is something else" is the e-mail I got this morning; yesterday, Milly July dropped her Sneak Chamber mixtape, and after a listen on the busride to work today, I tend to agree with that notion. I was immediately floored by track 1 ("Sneak Chamber"), and got caught up in some of the cuts ("No Paper", "Summer", etc.)... this 23 year old Bmore rapstress has some things going on. It's definitely not the regular shit you hear from a male OR female, but that's its charm. Leftfield beat selections, rhymes that make you think a bit (while not being so overly wordy OR complicated) and an overall appreciation for being ill - its also executive produced by Judah, so you should already know. I also had no idea homegirl wrote for hypebeast. Nice one. Another DMV banger.

DOWNLOAD Milly July Sneak Chamber
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Soul Khan "Knuckle Puck"

Soul Khan ft. KONCEPT, Homeboy Sandman & 8thW1 "Knuckle Puck" (prod. by J57): Them Brown Bag niggas ain't playin'! Onward and upward we go with Brown Bag Season as they link up with AOK, spitting so sick over a fly beat. Do you truly need more!?!?!
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Elucid "My Mayor Is A Billionaire (BBC)"

Elucid "My Mayor Is A Billionaire (BBC)": Let me tell you - I've been WAITING to get this one out to the heads out there. With Elucid's Sub Bass Diet project nearing completion, I'm finally able to share some of these hybrid treats with all of you! Here, Gutta speaks on the financial crisis that has hit a lot of people in the last, oh, 6-8 months, highlighting one of the truly glaring ironies with these situations: the fuckers who are out here debating and trying to fix these financial problems we deal with are motherfuckers who don't even get affected! Hopping atop a bouncy cut from Joker, Elucid created a true anti-establishment anthem in these monetarily difficult times we live in. Blast this one the next time you see some rich, suit-wearing ass politician telling you how he is gonna help you and your plight.

previous Elucid "Laser Days"
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Fokis "Internet Going Nuts"

Fokis "Internet Going Nuts" (prod. by d.C.): Fokis definitely has his 'Net game on lock. This track is a perfect example of how he gets his digital grind on. Maybe you MCs/producers looking for a how-to should study this one.

How he ain't throw RTD in this track is beyond me, but I'm not mad.
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Sean Wyze The Sunday LP

You know what happens on Sundays? If you're a party person, you are probably resting up from merkin' your mental on Friday and Saturday. Sean Wyze's The Sunday LP (presented by Cali So Live) is something you can knock from Friday and go through to Sunday, from the high to the mellow to the cool out. Grab it for free HERE: the homey Jansport J did like 3 tracks off there, including my favorite "LA". Don't sleep... even if Wyze is!
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