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Mick Boogie x Terry Urban - Cornerstone Mixtape #112

Here's a best of 2008 mixtape from the homey Mick Boogie and Terry Urban.



Intro (6th Sense)
So Fly (Slim f Biggie - Mick Boogie Mix)
Announcement (Common f Biggie - Mick Boogie Mix)
I Luv Your Girl (Dream f Jay-Z MB/TU Mix)
Paper Planes (MIA - Terry Urban Mix)
Swagger Like Us (Jay-Z - Mick Boogie Transition)
Jockin My Wonderwalls (Jay-Z & Oasis)
Diamond Girl (Ryan Leslie f Kanye West - Mick Boogie Mix)
Paris Tokyo (Lupe Fiasco f CL Smooth - Mick Boogie Mix)
Girls Around (Lloyd f Rakim - MB/TU Mix)
Drivin Down The Block (Kidz In The Hall f/ El-P)
Gettin Up (Q-Tip)
Milli (Lil Wayne - Wonder/Excel Mix)
Love Lockdown (Kanye West f LMFAO)
Falsetto (Dream - Terry Urban Mix)
Day N Night (Kid Cudi f Jay-Z - Terry Urban Mix)
Lollirock (Lil Wayne & Kanye West - Kickdrums Remix)
Dangerous (Kardinal f Akon)
The Boss (Rick Ross f Lil Wayne - Mick Boogie Mix)
Out Here Grindin (Khaled)
My President (Young Jeezy f Nas)
Black President (Nas f Young Jeezy)
American Boy (Estelle f Jay-Z and NERD - Terry Urban Mix)
Everyone Knows (NERD - Sammy Bananas Remix)
Dont Touch Me Remix (Busta Rhymes f Nas)
Magic (Robin Thicke f Jay-Z - Mick Boogie Mix)
The Light 08 (Common)
How We Rock (Termanology f Bun B)
Rising Down (The Roots f Mos Def & Styles)
Viagra (88 Keys and Kanye West)
Midnight 08 (Q-Tip)
Go All Out (9th Wonder and Buckshot)

I'd say this is pretty much all that needs to be said. Via ThePressPlayShow.
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Wordsmith The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap Mixtape

Wordsmith is like the epitome of gridning. Dude is consistently out there, making moves, putting out that good music, and getting loads of love. For his latest mixtape with HipHopDX, he goes in on a host of cuts he released throughout the year. If this is your first time getting into Words, get ready to have a perfect mix of thought and funk thrown at you, all expertly mixed by DJ Dublee.



01 The First 6 Months (prod. Capish)
02 Not A Second to Waste (prod. Street Level)
03 Senor Wordsmith (prod. Strada)
04 Hip Hop’s Cold Shoulder f. Black Knight & Excetera (of The Camp) (prod. Strada)
05 The Mic Breaker f. Kontact & Black Knight (prod. Professa)
06 Judged in Da Cipha f. RhymeZwell & Black Knight (prod. Professa)
07 Game, Set, Point f. Skyzoo, UnLearn, Donny Goines & RAtheMC (prod. Street Level)
08 Levitation f. D-Dub, Kontact & Black Knight (prod. Professa)
09 The Ghost In My Dreams (prod. Guilty J)
10 That Feel Good Flow 2: The Goodness (prod. Rednaz Beats)
11 Peaceful Journey: Blue Waters f. Kimia Collins (prod. Strada)
12 Wordz for Remediez (rmx) 2004 (prod. Wigged Wax) [BONUS]

Via HipHopDX.
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K-Murdock The Producer's Showcase EP

Here's a free EP of cuts from Panacea's K-Murdock, brought to you by Funkadelic Freestyles & Start.Of.The.Line. jben.ok got the OK to post these cuts for free, and he's blessed us with this teaser to the forthcoming Panacea remix album (The Re-Route), which drops on Jan. 20th.



1. Nicolay & Kay - As The Wheel Turns (K-Murdock Remix feat. Raw Poetic)
2. 51 Band - Spiritbomb (feat. Raw Poetic) [Prod. by K-Murdock]
3. Jay-Z - Say Hello (K-Murdock Streets of Rage Remix)
4. Random - The Beatdown [Prod. by K-Murdock]
5. Braille - Playing My Role [Prod. by K-Murdock and Cuts by Damu]
6. Ebony Bed - Skyscraper [Prod. by K-Murdock]

Don't even try to sleep on this!
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Entity Starr Production Sampler 4Q

Entity Starr is one producer you should not be sleeping on, and one that I hope gets more shine in 2009. She uploaded a sampler on the 19th, and I forgot to post it. Here it is.
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DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #52

The homey DJ Cable has done it; he's flipped a mix for every week of 2008, in varying styles, and has done it well. I have to say, my nudging him to do a DnB mix is how this one came about. He drops some of the years best (including the mighty "Tear You Down"), and does it in fine quality.



01. Auld Lang Syne Intro....
02. DJ Hazard - Machete
03. Original Sin - D For Danger
04. Matrix & Futurebound Feat. Cat Knight - Reflection
05. Total Science - Stone Love
06. Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down
07. Agent Alvin Feat. Fiasco - Don't Look Back
08. High Contrast - Magic
09. Lenzman - String City
10. Nu: Tone Feat. Natalie Williams - System (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
11. Brookes Brothers Vs. Futurebound - Dawn Treader
12. Chase & Status - Take Me Away

All you need, really. Big up again to the one like Cable; 2009 will be even more fresh, I'm sure!
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rock the dub presents DJ Mayday

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I ended up a) becoming the Editor over at Dogs On Acid, and b) needing an Assistant Editor. My boy Jeryl put me on to this magnificent writer straight out of Canada by the name of Cara. She hooks up the ill feature work, as well as reviews, but I then found out that homegirl is a DJ by the name of Mayday. She flips all styles, and one of them happens to be Drum & Bass. Over the last few months, Cara and I have become fast friends, helping each other out, trading music and the like. She hit me off with this quick mix of her favorite picks for 2008, focusing on the DnB side of things, and she's hooked up some top selections!

DOWNLOAD DJ Mayday - Better Late Than Never


[01] Top Cat - The Sweetest Thing (Benny Page and Marcus Visionary Mix)
[02] Chase and Status - Music Club
[03] Dope Ammo and Shortston - Better Believe (Muffler Remix)
[04] Clipz - Loud and Dirty feat Shiv
[05] Cause for Concern - Never Acid Again (*Mayday's Pick for Tune of the Year*)
[06] Break - Is This What You Want?
[07] Shimon and Sparfunk - The Smoker
[08] Fortress - Captivity
[09] Noisia - Stigma
[10] Dieselboy, Evol Intent and Ewun - Midnight Express

Once again, thanks to DJ Mayday for this nice and tidy mix; massive respect to Uriela for the cover art; cap off your New Year's Eve funkery with this one!
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Mikkey Halsted ft. Kaye Fox "Karma"

Mikkey Halsted ft. Kaye Fox "Karma" (prod. by No I.D.): Shouts to Andrew FSD for hooking up this latest leak from Halsted's forthcoming Chicago: The Photo Album debut. Word is a video for this cut will be dropping sometime this week. Shouts to FSD for consistently dropping that Chicago heat, whether its fresh exclusives like this or vaulted gems that no one else is putting out there.
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rock the dub presents Just Jeryl

My "Best of" 2008 series would hardly be complete without some Drum & Bass. One of the cats who I consider as a mentor is the one like Jeryl. He's helped me get my foot into the DnB journalism (hey, stop snickering!) door, and is probably one of THEE voices in terms of what's hot or not, whether you like it or not. So, asking him to hit me with a mix of his favorite cuts of 2008 is no nonsense - I know the quality is there. Now, instead of me blabbing on about him and this mix, let me just hit you with his words about each track...

01. Bjork - All Is Full of Love (Chris.SU Remix)

This isn't out yet, but it got sent to me in 2008 and it's literally one of the most beautiful tracks I've heard in a long time. Hungary's finest export since, um, whatever else the hell Hungary exports, slides in a smoothed out reese bass and subtle trance elements with Bjork's inimitable vocal stylings floating over the top. Stunning.

02. Break - Destiny Comes Ringing

Easily one of my favourite producers of the year, Break knows how to throw down proper dance floor destroying drum & bass that never delves into cheese. This piece on Commercial Suicide was a cornerstone of my sets from the moment I got my hands on a TP.

03. Chase & Status - Streetlife

These boys know a thing or two about diversity and this track from their debut album 'More Than Alot' is without doubt one of my favourites. Simple but highly effective, the bassline is deadly deep!

04. Alix Perez - Stray

I've loved Alix' tunes for a long time but something about 'Stray' grabbed me more than usual for some reason. Maybe it's the pure simplicity, the effortless class that seems to drizzle itself over the edges of this track. Who knows, or cares? Beautiful music.

05. Spectrasoul - Alibi

My boys Spectrasoul have been on fire for a good while now. 'Alibi' is easily their best tune in my opinion though, it's just got absolutely everything you could want, a touch of soul, nice production and some filthy bass. This one dropped on Kasra's Critical Music label earlier this year.

06. Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down

Oh lord! Easily the biggest drum & bass track of the year, played by everyone and their mother including daytime playlisting on Radio 1, this track is a fat slab of unashamed dancefloor goodness. Brimming with hefty beats and bass all topped with a slight sprinkling of cheese which is enough to get your mum bopping along to it while not turning your stomach in disgust.

07. Telemetrik & Black Sun Empire - Magnet

I nearly pissed my pants when I first heard this beauty. Released on Telemetrik's debut album 'My Lightyear', this one is absolutely disgusting and features more twists and turns than a labyrinth designed by Escher.

08. Break - Is This What You Want?

I wanted to add a track from Break's rather awesome album and this one instantly stood up and begged to be included. The bass on this one when it drops is just stupid, so incredibly heavy it's not even funny.

09. Unknown - Greater Love

I heard this track on one of Kasra's studio mixes ages and ages ago but it finally came out on a sneaky white label this year and it practically made me moist with excitement. Such a great little bootleg, now, if someone could just remind me what the original is, it's been doing my head in for weeks!

10. Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box (Sigma Remix)

Without doubt one of the finest updates of a track I've heard in a long time. When I first heard "Music Box remix..." and "Sigma" in the same sentence I was a little concerned as I'd only heard quite in your face dancefloor tracks from them, which is fine, but not what you want in a remix of a jungle classic. Thankfully they completely respected the original and worked out a tidy little rework that supposedly closes the book on the Full Cycle release schedule for good.

11. D.Kay - Wax'd (Remix)

My favourite Austrian steps up with a massive rework of 'Wax'd' for the Metalheadz Platinum Series album, and it doesn't disappoint. So many good tracks on that LP but this one overshadows them all for pure amen and LFO bassline fun. Dutty like Ken (that one's for you, XO).

12. Zero T ft. Steo - Walk Away

Literally made sex mess in my pants when I first heard it. The sampler to Zero T's incredibly Irish debut album 'Cheap Shots' released on CIA earlier this year, this one is all about that incredible vocal and warm, warm bass notes. Slick liquid business.


I only made this mix 12 tracks long for a few reasons, firstly because I'm marginally lazy, secondly because I thought it was rather neat that it represented a different track for each month of the year, but thirdly because there were so many other great tunes I just couldn't fit in for one reason or another, either they just didn't mix in key or the vibes were too different etc. So to finish things up I want to shout out to Apex and the Lifted Music crew, definitely wanted to slip something from them in, and Blame for 'Stay Forever', I didn't even include any of my Westbay releases so a big shout to Nathan and all the family. Can't wait to hear my favourite tunes of 2009!
DOWNLOAD rockthedub presents Just Jeryl

Those of you who don't know how to keep up with Jeryl, I'd suggest becoming a fan of him, and of the Westbay Music Group, which he runs with Atlantic Connection. If you want to learn more about Jeryl , check out this "anti-interview" a lot of us did with him earlier this year. Once again, my homegirl Uri did the awesome cover art; hit up her new blog to see more of her sick designs, and get info on how to request her services. Enjoy!
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Big S.I.N. "Arab Money Freestyle"

Big S.I.N. "Arab Money Freestyle": My homey S.I.N. goes in over that "Arab Money". He stupid for that "you could give me welfare money, I'll be good". Mind Of A Mad Man is set to drop Jan. 200Shine. He's doing big things (movies included); keep it locked for a forthcoming RTD interview with the god.

Bonus Beats Brandy ft. Big S.I.N. "Right Here (Remix)"
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Jadakiss "Letter To B.I.G."

Jadakiss ft. Faith Evans "Letter To B.I.G." (prod. by Needlz) [clean / dirty]: Shake liberated the Dirty/CDQ version of Jada's kite to Christopher Wallace. This is some real talk shit; I almost feel like I shouldn't be hearing it. From the forthcoming Notorious soundtrack.

EDIT Clockwork Music blasted the clean and dirty versions in this thread. Holla!

Bonus Beats The Notorious B.I.G. "Microphone Murderer (radio rip)" [via Nah Right]
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[rock the dub Interview]: Kosha Dillz

I get a lot of interview requests, and have been slacking on getting them done/posted. Here is one I have had finished for about a month, and just haven't gotten to. If you've not heard Freestyle vs Written from C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz, you're missing out on some ill Hip-Hop. Kosha grew up in NJ, is doing his thing in Cali, and is getting some crazy press. Get on this bandwagon early, for the train will be flying out of here ASAP...

khal: First off, how did you get started out within Hip-Hop? Were you always trying to be an MC, or was it something you just fell into?

Kosha Dillz: I’d say in high school, from the parties. The freestyle session. People reciting Wu-Tang lyrics. I was never tryin’ to be an MC, I was tryin’ to be in a band. I did want the attention of a band or a guy in front of a crowd. I got that a lot as I wrestled in high school. One-on-one competition in front of lots of people. With rapping, I found myself in battles a lot.

khal: I know you're reppin' Beverly Hills, but I just found out that you are Jersey born and went to Rutgers. What was it about Rutgers U that drew you in? What are your thoughts on the NJ Hip-Hop scene?

Kosha Dillz: Ha I’m actually rapping in Beverly Hills. I’m going to the studio right now. I’m posted up in Koreatown, Los Angeles on a couch. I’m in the studio all day recording the Beverly Dillz album with Belief while promoting Freestyle vs Written, the album I have with C-Rayz Walz. Rutgers U drew me in from its education prestige, wrestling program, and proximity to home of Edison, NJ. The NJ Hip-Hop scene is very spread out. You can do a show in New Brunswick, North NJ, South NJ: I would not know about it. Princeton. NJ is quite big. It just has not filtered; the only scene to be North NJ and New Brunswick. Pace Won. Yak Ballz is here. Mr. Green. Cymarshall Law. Silent Knight. These guys are getting super amounts of burn locally in NY and globally. 8thW1 as well, but I know lots of us migrate to NYC for the show.

khal: I know many heads have just been introduced to you via the Freestyle vs Written disc, but how long have you been releasing music?

Kosha Dillz: This is my first release. I know how to make music. What worked with ourselves and Modular Moods was that we came together to present it.

khal: Let's get into the FvW CD; how did you first meet C-Rayz, and how did that meeting spark you guys doing a full project together?

Kosha Dillz: Ive known C-Rayz for a long time I met him 9 years ago and bought a cd off of him (The Prelude). He saw me drunk many times on stage making a fool of myself. He saw me get booed. I saw him perform many a few times in NYC. I started booking shows for him and getting on like that. I continued to get better, and when I kept getting better I approached him at a sort of time where myself and Kentron Da Mastodon thought we needed to make a move. The good thing is, we approached him and asked him to do something he never did before. If anyone knows him, they know he is the type of guy not to turn down a challenge, although I feel like he excels best in freestyle, especially after seeing him do it all over the USA.

khal: Now the title is a pretty obvious nod to how you guys worked, i.e. Walz freestyled all of his rhymes, while you wrote yours, and I read this came about due to his situation at the time, needing to get the project done. How did the recording actually work – did you have your parts done, with Walz filling in the gaps, or vice versa?

Kosha Dillz: We had like 3 sessions. One day it was an EP we did 6 songs in like 7 hours. The next time we went to Belief's and he did 4 more songs in 4 hours. Our last session was a mixing session and we ended up freestyling two songs on the spot. I had a vision for this project and wanted to make a custom collabo project to introduce a new vision that can bring me out and bring him out, and Kentron as well. It benefited everyone, including the engineer. As someone who has been very impulsive, I felt this could equally benefit us all with its cultural diversity and conceptual format.

khal: How does it feel to be getting feedback from magazines like Spin and URB? Were you expecting this project to get that kind of shine?

Kosha Dillz: It feels great. We worked very hard to get this project and I must thank the help of Diwon and Y love, my label mates form Modular Moods/Shemspeed. They really pushed for us all as a team to get out in to the mainstream. We are the only rappers in that section, besides the obvious Charles Hamilton and B.o.B.. That was from the grind though.

khal: Any plans for a future project with Walz?

Kosha Dillz: No plans, but we both are not people who have been known to make plans.

khal: Now, your name is definitely a play on your Jewish heritage. Do you feel like you're pigeonholed as being a "Jewish rapper" as opposed to just being a rapper?

Kosha Dillz: No. I'd rather be that though. I think that makes me who I am. And if I am good enough to be in magazines and tour the world with my music, and places like rock the dub interview me, than I am not pigeonholed! I am on lots of Jewish press and more so mainstream press. Lots of my friends are like "the Jewish rapper." Only non-jews say that though... haha. Jewish people don't; funny right?

khal: Who are some of your favorite MCs and producers going down right now?

Kosha Dillz: Belief, Bishop Lamont, Black Milk (3 b's hahah), U-N-I and my homies; basically Yak Ballz, Flex Mathews out of DC and this kid Roebus One who I'm bringing up. Yak's new album is gonna be sick; Murs of course, Aesop Rock and Grayskul. And Shi 360 of Israel. These are people I have performed with and they are truly the stage energy I'd like to bring to the table.

khal: What's next up for Kosha Dillz? Word has it you're working on a sample-free project with Belief?

Kosha Dillz: Yeah, Beverly Dillz. Strictly for the movies. Its very musical and it will for sure shock many people with the stuff I'm doing. I like being shocking. Finally I have been getting to do it in a good way. Shocking like "hey I'm Beverly Dillz!", not shocking like 4 years ago, "hey mom I'm in jail... again... and again... and again..."

khal: Where would you like to see your music career be in the next, say, 5 years?

Kosha Dillz: I'll have broke the mainstream, for sure. Be on top of the world and continue to better myself on every album that is presented to the public. Count Bass D told me to just make the music and make all of the people come to you. I like that mentality.

khal: Do you have any final thoughts or shout outs before we wrap this up?

Kosha Dillz: Freestyle vs Written is an incredible album. Please buy it at the links below here. rock the dub will put them here and click away, what do you say, hey! Oy vey! Shalom yo... now it's off of this person's Mac and to Belief's studio.

koshadillz.blogspot.com \ www.myspace.com/koshadillz4life \ www.koshadillzmusic.com
www.freestylevswritten.com \ www.myspace/com/freestylevswritten \ www.modularmoods.com

Make sure you cop Freestyle vs Written from the following outlets:
Amazon \ UGHH \ HipHopSite.com
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Trackstar the DJ x RTD 1993 x 2008

I'd have to go through my Gmail, but I'm honestly not sure of where I first got introduced to Trackstar. I think he hit me up on the random about some Hip-Hop, but it doesn't matter, we're cool now. And I've covered an ish-load of his mixes over the last year or so (and I am normally one of the first); dude has a great grasp of great Hip-Hop, whether it's that current fire or that classic flavor. Track has also introduced me to some of St. Louis' finest, including heads like Wafeek, Tech Supreme and Tef Poe, just to name a few. He is a hard-worker, too - both myself and Track share a love of ideas... whether they pan out is another story, but the journey from idea to completion is the best part, no?

This compilation here is all Track's idea. I hit him up about the "Best of 2008" series, just saying "hey, throw in your favorite 2008 tracks", but he flipped the idea: he realized that so many artists from 1993 dropped dope tracks and/or albums in 2008, and decided to explore this in depth. I loved the idea, and when I got the final mix, I was estatic. Superb selection that really shows homeboy's ear for the essense of this thing of ours. I present to you 1993 x 2008...

DOWNLOAD Trackstar the DJ 1993 x 2008


01 Q-Tip "Move"
02 A Tribe Called Quest "Oh My God"
03 Oddisee ft. Buckshot "Where I Be At"
04 Black Moon "I Got Cha Open"
05 Ice Cube "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It"
06 Ice Cube "Check Yo Self (remix)"
07 Common "Gladiator"
08 Common Sense "Soul By the Pound (remix)"
09 Pete Rock "Don't Be Mad"
10 Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth "Lots of Lovin'"
11 Method Man & Redman "Broken Language 2008"
12 Wu-Tang Clan "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man"
13 Redman ft. Oh No "Lay You Out"
14 Redman "Tonite's Da Nite"
15 Scarface "High Powered"
16 Scarface "I'm Black"
17 The Alchemist ft. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss & Pusha T "Lose Your Life"
18 Snoop Doggy Dogg "Gz and Hustlers"
19 Saigon ft. Lil' Fame "World War IV"
20 M.O.P. "How About Some Hardcore"

Once again, massive props to Uri for the sick covers. And once again, 'nuff respect due to Trackstar for this work, and his other sick mixes. The Lou is in the building!
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Pugs Atoms ft. Wes Restless "Sunset"

Pugs Atoms ft. Wes Restless "Sunset" (prod. by Grant Parks): This is off a forthcoming compilation produced solely by Grant Parks entitled Thou Shall Not Hate - A Change Has Come - Part 3; this is the first of four free weekly downloads from this compilation, which will be released in its entirety on January 20th, 2009. Keep an eye out for Coalmine and Grant Parks' sites, as they will be the main spots to peep on that date. Chicago looks like its ready to rock in 2009!

related KRS One ft. Twista, Syleena Johnson, Phil G, Crucial Conflict, Kenny Bogus, Straw & Pugs Atomz "Self Destruction 2009" (prod. by Grant Parks)
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[video] One Day Trailer

Taken from the press release: Premiering at the Galaxy Theatre in Raleigh N.C., Becauseus Films in association with M.E.C.C.A. Records presents "One Day". This biopic chronicles a day in the life of the emerging N.C. rap group. The film includes exclusive live performance footage and studio sessions with some of the industries most notable figures like Skyzoo and 9th Wonder. This film will give fans to get an inside look on this groups grind to the top and the blood sweat and tears that went into their debut album "The High Life" set to drop in the 1st quarter of '09.

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RiotControl Fourteen

Here's a note about the latest edition of the RiotControl NYC podcast:


During our holiday vacation to the beautiful beaches of Brooklyn, NY, we put our daiquiris down just long enough to bring RiotControl 14 to you in all of its tropical glory. We think this is the perfect theme music to accompany pool basketball, limbo competitions, shuffleboard, and sunset drinks under a bar made of palm branches. Just insert RC 14 and go.

Actually RC 14 has very little in common with the islands except for shared high temperatures (did we really just write that?). That must be our minds wandering amidst the frigidness of NYC right now. Actually, this is a great new episode that we’re very excited about and it's now available for your listening pleasure.



RiotControl Theme - Burt Fox
Lightworks RMX - Flying Lotus
Oops RMX - Hudson Mohawke
Untitled - Burt Fox
Poison Dart - The Bug and Warrior Queen
Gully Brook Lane - Joker
Cruisin - Short Dawg
Boyz N Da Hood - Eazy E
Everlasting Bass - Rodney O
It's Funky Enough - The D.O.C.
Salota - The Very Best (ft. BLK JKS)
Misdemeanor INSTR - Foster Sylvers (Mr K RMX)
Return To The Planet Of The Bass - Maggotron
Get Busy - Wink D f Candy Fresh
Red Alert - DJ Laz
Rap Da Felicidade - Cidinho and Doca
Township Funk - DJ Mujava
Run - Simian Mobile Disco (White Label)
Something - Lord Skywave
Bodium - Mikkel Metal
Estrangé - Shed
Death (Crystal Castles RMX) - White Lies
Police In Helicopter Dub - John Holt

Straight to the MP3 player. Shouts to the RiotControl fam.
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Excess Bangers 6: Untitled

Highbrid Nation done done it again with the latest edition of their Excess Bangers series...



1. Busta Rhymes Feat. Ron Browz, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones & Jadakiss - Arab Money (Part 3)
2. Fat Joe Feat. Ron Browz & Lil Wayne - Winding On Me
3. 50 Cent Feat. Ciara - Slow Down (Remix)
4. Mims Feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - Bread N Butter
5. Freeway - Diesel
6. Stat Quo - In California
7. Keri Hilson Feat. Busta Rhymes - Turnin Me On (Remix)
8. Ron Browz Feat. N.O.R.E. - Jumping Out The Window (Remix)
9. Swizz Beats Feat. Fat Man Scoop - Get Loose
10. Joell Ortiz Feat. Joe Budden - Move On
11. Jim Jones - Scarz
12. Termanology Feat. Big Pooh, Chaundon & Joe Scudda - Pay Jay
13. Termanology - Circulate
14. Young Chris - Status Of The Game
15. Curren$y Feat. Mistah FAB - Life’s A Bitch
16. Mims Feat. Letoya Tuckett - Love Rollercoaster
17. Freeway - Long Money
18. Freeway feat. Hesikiya - As I Ever Been
19. Freeway Feat. Neesh - For The Better
20. Royce Da 5′ 9” - Part Of Me
21. Jay Electronica - Swagger Jackson’s Revenge

I laugh everytime I hear Ron Browz say "ether boooooy", b/c with the tear he's on right now, no one is even realizing that he produced "Ether"!
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T-Pain "Can't Believe It (rock the dub VIP)"

T-Pain ft. Akon, Kardinal Offishall & Busy Signal "Can't Believe It (rock the dub VIP)": I'm making some CDs for my family and hooked this blend up for my weed-smoking cousin. It's pretty simple: one part "Konvict Remix", one part "Smoke Some High Grade". Enjoy that.
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rock the dub presents Nick Argon

 Here's the next installment of my "Best of 2008" mix series. Nick Argon is the head of Argon Records, one of dubstep's finest, most consistent labels. I believe I got put on to Argon first via Skynet's dubstep releases, when I was first really trying to listen to all the dubstep I could. Since then, he's had a bunch of talents cats drop sick productions on Argon; I'm talking heads like Tes La Rok, Babylon System, 12th Planet, Cotti and others, including Matty G, who released his Take You Back album on Argon this year. Argon is one of those spots where there is no real "defined" sound... they just put out quality music, fullstop.

I think Nick was kind of shocked that I asked him to be a part of this "Best of 2008" series, but I had featured a few episodes of Argon Radio, and loved his take on dubstep mixing. What he did was throw up some released and forthcoming Argon material into a slick 30 minute dubstep journey, exclusive for the RTD dubsteppas. Check it out...

DOWNLOAD rockthedub presents Nick Argon


1. clouds featuring tiiu - under the dancing feet - argon 14a
2. uncle sam - round the world girls (tes la rok vip mix) argon 17a
3. clouds - worms - argon 14b
4. clouds featuring tiiu - under the dancing feet (tes la rok remix) - argon 17b
5. babylon system & spl - shevil - argon 15b
6. 12th planet - element 16 (sulfur) - argon 16a
7. cotti vs mr. party featuring jammer - dem fi know - argon 18a
8. tes la rok & desto - low - argon 20a
9. babylon system & noah d - examination of time - argon 15a
10. babylon system & antiserum - california style - argon 19b
11. matty g - cuttin' n scratchin' - argon lp01a

I want to shout out Uri for knockin' out the beautiful artwork that accompanies this mix. You'll be seeing more from her on this site and in my other ventures. And once again, shouts to Nick Argon, and cheers to Argon Records. We wish you nothing but continued success in 2009, and beyond.
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Wafeek "Bad Check"

Wafeek "Bad Check": The homey Wafeek dropped this onto my on Christmas Day. This is taken from a forthcoming project he's working on entitled The Flux Capacitor, which will feature 'Feek over a boatload of of beats (he sent over two more tracks he flipped, using instrumentals from 808s & Heartbreak); yes, there will be some Auto-Tune on it. This is Wafeek coasting over DJ Shadow's "High Noon". Its the shit. Enjoy it!

related TSS x Trackstar x Wafeek The Aristocats Mixtape
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L.E.G.A.C.Y. & DJ Flash The NC Chainsaw Massacre

This is one I've been definitely waiting on; the homey L.E.G.A.C.Y. hit me with his long-awaited mixtape, and its the shit. Mixed by the one like DJ Flash, we get a host of new material (including two joints I've leaked), featuring production from the homey Khrysis, K Hill, Soul Professa and others, with MCs like Spec Boogie, Sean Boog, Joe Scudda, Median and many more thrown in to boot. Don't even attempt to sleep on this one!



1.Intro produced by Soul Professa
2.Off The Man f/K Hill,Panama G.A.T. produced by Khrysis
4.That Me Shit f/Sean Boog produced by Khrysis
5.Heat Rises f/KAZE,Nervous Reck produced by Khrysis
6.I'm A Star(remix) f/Joe Scudda,Chaundon,Median produced by 9th Wonder
7.No Regrets pt 2 f/Lunatic Messiah,Spec Boogie,Dynas produced by K Hill
8.4 Cornered Room produced by Khrysis
10.The Underworld pt 2 produced by Soul Professa
12.Man Next Door produced by Dox
13.14 Grams produced by Khrysis

Perfect soundtrack to Black Friday II. SIN MUSIC GROUP!
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RIP Eartha Kitt

When you want to talk about mixed-race Americans making a mark in the Entertainment field, Eartha Kitt's name better be one you mention. I think I remember her most as the older seductress in Boomerang, as well as her turn as Catwoman in the classic Batman TV series, but I mean, I was rocking to "Santa Baby" with my wife just the other day. Truly a gifted, talented woman, and one that will be sorely missed in the Black community. Rest in power, ma.
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Little Jinder "Polyhedron (Konrad Old Money Remix)"

Little Jinder "Polyhedron (Konrad Old Money Remix)": Here's some fuzzy Electro-infused numbers to help you wake up on what the media is called Black Friday II. Hopefully you guys picked up that Scarepeutic EP!

Bonus Beats Donnis "Party Works (Konrad Old Money Remix)"
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Biancardi Dj - Breakbeat Session

This mix is exactly what it says on the tin...



#01-A-skillz - Happiness
#02-Minuit - Fuji (Funkinslocuts remix)
#03-Krafty Kuts ft. Dynamite MC - There they go
#04-Slyde - You're my fix (Utah Saints remix)
#05-Stanton Warriors - Pop ya virus
#06-Slyde - Vibrate to this (Trouble soup! mix)
#07-The Ragga Twins vs Dj Go - Everybody hype
#08-Aquasky - Overneath
#09-Deekline Wizard - Angels (Napt remix)
#10-Elite Force - Cross the line
#11-Deibeat - Time to rock (Drumattic Twins remix)
#12-Drumattic Twins - Hyperspeed
#13-Rennie Pilgrem & Arthur Baker - Dancin in my head
#14-The Rouge Element - Backbreaker
#15-Slyke - Kiss kiss bang bang
#16-Dj Icey - Cross eyed sally (Robotic Ragga mix)
#17-Ed Solo & Skool of Thoughts - Babylon breaks
#18-Aquasky vs Master Blaster - 777
#19-Krafty Kuts - Lock the hype
#20-Splitloop - Both knees (Breakfastaz remix)
#21-Breakfastaz - Girl money drink and drug
#22-Hustle Athletics - Lekker

For those unaware, Hustle Athletics = Noisia. Enjoy this! And hit Biancardi Dj's website for more like it.
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Junclassic "Reel Raw"

Junclassic "Reel Raw" (prod. by Iron Curtain): Jun hit me with this cut last night; I saw it on 2DB, and realized I didn't have the shit! This is off the forthcoming Iron Soul EP, which drops in the new year. Jun hit me with a cut for a project I'm working on, and it hits harder than the hobgoblin. You've been warned!
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Dollar Store Santa (December 2008)

Hot on the heels of "That Dilla's Crazy" is the 14th edition of my Dub Sessions series. It was really brought on by a few things: my finding DZ's "What You Won't Do For Love", DJ Food's "The Breaks Of Wrath" and Cookin' Soul's "Home Alone Riddim". The rest of the mix came about kind of quickly, and is just a patchwork of shit I love, but haven't thrown in mixes for whatever reason. It's scatterbrained by design, as this is also a replica of how I get down when I'm kind of tipsy, although none of this was made while under the influence. You get a lot of shit when you cop from the dollar store, nahmean?

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


01/intro: Katt Williams / Cookin' Soul "Home Alone Riddim"
02/DZ "What You Won't Do For Love"
03/SPKTRM "Machine March" / Saul Williams "Sha-Clack-Clack"
04/Saul Williams "Ohm"
05/Edward Oberon "Jackson"
06/Edward Oberon "Mr. Smith"
07/Charlie Murphy "Rick James Sketch Origin" / Mr. Scruff ft. Danny Breaks "Bang The Floor"
08/Coki vs. Movado "Gangsta 4 Life (Remix)"
09/Richard Pryor "Freebase" / Gridlok "Gutterfuker (Ground Down Mix)"
10/DJ Food "The Breaks Of Wrath"
11/The Chemical Brothers "(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up"
12/Coldcut "More Beats & Pieces (Beans & Pizzas StrictlyKidTeeba Jam)"
13/Brittany Bosco "Glitch"
14/Dwizz "Good Times"
15/outro: Larry Davis x Leon / Cookin' Soul "Home Alone Riddim"

Merry Christmas, fam. You like how I threw in some older joints in there alongside some of that fresh freshness... some ill cuts to sip on some rum, get a plate of good food and vibe with.
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C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz "Holiday (Remix)"

C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz "Holiday (Remix)": Here's a remix of "Holiday", from the C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz album Freestyle vs. Written. I still need to post this finished Q&A I did with Dillz - next week, I'm positive. Enjoy this one!
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Cookin Soul & Santa Claus Merry Little Xmas (Rap The Carols Edition)

Cookin' Soul is building on the "Home Alone Riddim" featured this weekend, but dropping an entire mixtape (in conjunction with the NMC) of Christmas carols hooked up by the CS fam. Grab these, hit the studio, and get your rhyme on!

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Brenda Lee x DJ Cable

Brenda Lee "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Cable's Quick Bmore Edit)": If you hit up the recently posted Xmas Mix from DJ Cable, you'd have heard this quick bootleg Cable hooked up. I loved it so much I asked, and he hit me with the special Xmas Eve present! Props to him!
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Crack Music 2

It's been about a month since I dropped the first edition of Crack Music; if you remember, that selection focused on Kanye West's tracks where he is the main attraction. Crack Music 2 goes in on some of my favorite Kanye West productions, as well as some featured MC work on original tracks as well as remixes. Some varying styles here, showing the flipside of Kanye's artistry...

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


02/Jay-Z "Lucifer"
03/T.I. ft. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil' Wayne "Swagga Like Us"
04/J Dilla ft. Frank-N-Dank "We F'd Up"
05/Lil' Wayne "Let The Beat Build"
06/Beanie Sigel "The Truth"
07/Scarface ft. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel "Guess Who's Back"
08/Keyshia Cole "I Changed My Mind"
09/Alicia Keys "You Don't Know My Name"
10/The Game ft. Common "Angel"
11/Shyne "More Or Less"
12/Diddy ft. Nas & Cee-Lo "Everything I Love"
13/Talib Kweli ft. Kanye West & Roy Ayers "In The Mood"
14/Usher ft. Shyne, Kanye West & Twista "Confessions II"
15/T-Pain ft. Kanye West, UGK & Trey Songz "Buy U A Drank (Remix)"
16/E-40 ft. Kanye West, Ice Cube & The Game "Tell Me When To Go (Remix)"
17/Estelle ft. Kanye West "American Boy"
18/Kid Sister ft. Kanye West "Pro Nails"
19/N.E.R.D. ft. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco & Pusha T "Everybody Nose (Remix)"

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this trek through Kanye West's pre-808's output. Hopefully his forthcoming material will continue on these paths...

related Crack Music: The Music Of Kanye West
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A Funkadelic Christmas

Here's a compilation from Funkadelic Freestyles, That Real Ish & DC to BC. I love comps like this, and had seen this on a few spots; the homey jben.ok let me know this has hit 1100 downloads in a little over 36 hours. Pick this one up, and hotbox the whip to this soundtrack...



Present 01. Sufjan Stevens - The Winter Solstice
Present 02. James Brown - It's Christmas Time
Present 03. Tony! Toni! Tone! - My Christmas
Present 04. Weezer - The Christmas Song
Present 05. Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time Is Here
Present 06. Snoop Dogg - Santa Claus Is Going Straight To The Ghetto
Present 07. De La Soul - Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa I
Present 08. The Roots - Millie Pulled A Pistol on Santa II
Present 09. Christmas Is Cancelled?
Present 10. The Jackson 5 - Give Love On Christmas Day
Present 11. The Temptations - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Present 12. Killer Mike - A Christmas Grind
Present 13. Ludacris - Ludacrismas
Present 14. Bing Crosby - White Christmas
Present 15. Sufjan Stevens - Jingle Bells With The Simpsons
Present 16. Daniel Merriweather - Wonderful Christmas Time

Peep this drop on Funkadelic Freestyles for more info.
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Egg Nog Pimpin'

The homey Kid Hum hit me with these mixes, spotted over on Colorado Rap Report, that feature some pretty ill Hip-Hop Christmas tracks. Two mixes of that FUNK:

Volume 1: Egg Nog Pimpin'

01 - Reverend Run and the Christmas All Stars - Santa Baby
02 - Run DMC - Christmas in Hollis
03 - Jim Jones - Bad Santa Intro
04 - Outkast - Players Ball
05 - De La Soul - Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa
06 - Ludacris - Ludacrismas
07 - Eazy-E - Merry Muthafuckin’ Christmas
08 - Dipset - Dipset X-Mas Time
09 - Snoop Dogg - Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto
10 - David Banner - It’s Christmas Time
11 - Mel Matrix, Riz, and Shoota - Christmas Like This
12 - Killer Mike - A Christmas Grind
13 - Busta Rhymes ft. Jim Carrey - The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
14 - Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg - The Night Before Christmas
15 - Ying Yang Twins - Ho! Ho! Ho!
16 - Jim Jones - Christmas Eve
17 - Run DMC - Christmas Is
18 - Dirty Boyz - All I Want For Christmas
19 - OFTB - Christmas In The Ghetto
20 - Ras Kass - Jack Frost
21 - Ghostface – Ghostface X-Mas

Volume 2: Three Ho's Like Santa

01 - Rudy Ray Moore - Merry Christmas Baby
02 - Kurtis Blow - X-Mas Rappin’
03 - Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie - XXX-Mas
04 - Jim Jones - Have a Happy X-Mas
05 - Master P - X-Mas in the Ghetto
06 - Dana Dane - Dana Dane is Coming to Town
07 - Juelz Santana - X-Mas Song
08 - Spyder-D - Ghetto Santa
09 - The Dogg Pound - I Wish
10 - King Sun - Christmas in the City
11 - Jim Jones - Ballin’ On X-Mas
12 - Starr ft. Juelz Santana - Jingle Bellz
13 - Treacherous Three - Christmas Rap
14 - Jim Jones - If Every Day Was X Mas
15 - Disco 4 - He’s Santa Claus
16 - Sweet Tee - Let the Jingle Bells Rock
17 - Three Six Mafia ft. UGK - On Some Chrome
18 - Jim Jones - Wish List
19 - Princess Superstar - I Hope I Sell A Lot of Records This Christmas

Pop open some of that egg nog and enjoy yourselves!
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Fat Joe ft. Ron Browz & Lil' Wayne "Winding On Me"

Fat Joe ft. Ron Browz & Lil' Wayne "Winding On Me" (prod. by Ron Browz): Skraight from OnSMASH HQ is this fresh new cut from Joey Crillz. Some chill shit on this one, Joey straight coasts over another Browz Auto-Tuned banger. Enjoy?
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Black Santa's Soulful Christmas

Last week, my mom asked me to make her a Christmas CD (she even e-mailed me the tracklist - a first). Now, ever since I got a CD burner for my HS graduation gift, I always flipped mix discs for ma dukes, whether it was Mother's Day or some random Wednesday. The CD came out kind of fresh, and I think readers who grew up in Black households will hold some of these Christmas gems dear, with some jawns you've probably heard but never gotten identified before...



01/Whitney Houston "Joy To The World"
02/The Whispers "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
03/Donny Hathaway "This Christmas"
04/The Whispers "Happy Holidays To You"
05/Luther Vandross "At Christmas Time"
06/Sounds Of Blackness "Soul Holidays"
07/Salsoul Orchestra "Merry Christmas All"
08/Boyz II Men "Let It Snow"
09/Nat King Cole "The Christmas Song"
10/The Emotions "What Do The Lonely DO At Christmas"
11/Marvin Sapp "Never Would Have Made It Without You"
12/Quincy Jones & Various Artists "Hallelujah!"

Enjoy these, burn it for your parents, uncles, aunties, grandparents and third cousins. Merry Christmas, bitches.
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Dre is a Lucky Nigga

Yes, that is Cool & Dre's Dre with his chick, Christina Milian. Yes, that is his hand on her beautiful ass. Miami niggas get to have all the fun.

Pic via The YBF.
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DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #51

DJ Cable drops his 51st Weekly Mix just in time for Christmas, and its a special Christmas throwdown. I bet you've seen a bunch of these... well, so what, it's Christmas time!

DOWNLOAD DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #51


01. Frank Sinatra - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
02. Eazy-E - Merry Muthaf---in' Xmas
03. Run-DMC - Christmas in Hollis
04. Jim Jones - Ballin' On Xmas
05. The New 2 Live Crew - 2 Live Christmas
06. Poison Clan - Christmas Spliff
07. Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin'
08. Disco 4 - He's Santa Claus
09. Treacherous Three - Xmas Rap
10. 69 Boyz, K-Nock & Quad City DJs - What You Want For Christmas
11. James Brown - Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto
12. Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Cable's Quick Bmore Edit)
13. Dirty Boyz - All I Want For Christmas Is To Get Crunk
14. Ludacris - Ludacrismas

Yes, Cable, I'm definitely gonna need that Brenda Lee Bmore refix! Happy Holidays to you and yours... $20 to whomever gets Grandma to rumpshake to this one!
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Pandemonium Jones Splendid Moments 2008

I've known Pandemonium Jones for a little over a decade. While we haven't been the kind of friends who are trading IMs and e-mails every day, we definitely have a special bond; hell, without him initially schooling me in Drum & Bass & Jungle, I might be in the position I am today.

Now, if the name Pandemonium Jones rings a bell, you definitely know about Caps & Jones, the DJ duo who have received critical acclaim for their multi-genre mixes, remix work and exciting club performances. For the end of 2008, I asked some of my favorite DJs (and good friends) to do some "best of 2008" mixes for me. This is the premier mix, and while its not on some Hippity-Hoppity, nor is it on some thugdubsteppery, it has, in Panda's words, "some well regarded joints that sound good together". Grab this one, and be prepared for the other mixes I'm set to drop before 2008 comes to an end...

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


01. Soy Un Caballo - Robin
02. SALEM - Streets Of Philadelphia
03. Kanye West - Say You Will
04. Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains
05. Black Mountain - Wucan
06. Portishead - Magic Doors
07. No Age - Eraser
08. Atlas Sound - On Guard
09. Animal Collective - Cobwebs
10. Hot Chip - We're Looking For A Lot Of Love
11. Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine (Pocketknife's Odd Beauty Remix)
12. Cut Copy - Strangers In The Wind
13. Hercules & Love Affair - Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
14. Amadou & Miriam - Sabali
15. Bon Iver - Lump Sum
16. Benoit Pioulard - Idyll
17. Wolf Parade - Language City
18. Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened
19. M83 - Graveyard Girl
20. Beach House - Gila
21. Fennesz - Grey Scale
22. Grouper - Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping
23. Mount Eerie With Julie Doiron - Voice In Headphones

Hit up Jones' post about this mix, as some other info, including the Caps & Jones throwdown at Savalas for NYE 2008:

Caps & Jones
NYE 2008
@ Savalas
285 Bedford Ave Between S1st and Grand St
21+ 10pm - 6am (!) $10
RSVP to CNJNYE2009@GMAIL.COM for free entry all night

Enjoy! And shouts to Panda Jones for the serious sounds, as per usual!
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Pugs Atomz "Roof Top"

Pugs Atomz "Roof Top" (prod. by DJ Vadim): Here's the latest leak from Pugs himself; this is taken from his forthcoming album, Roof Top. If you dig this combination (which you should: beatfreaks know Vadim is a legend, and Pugs is cooked coke on the mic), wait for Vadim's LP on BBE, which Pugs rocks a three-peat on. Chicago bull, forreal.
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DJ ?uestlove At SOB's (Dec. 29th 2008)

EDIT I'm bringing this to the top because, the fam over at Urban Prestige is allowing heads a $5 rebate on this event; just send and e-mail to urbaneprestige@gmail.com with the subject RSVP (be sure to include your full name in the e-mail). This is a beautiful deal, and one of the treats for checking out rock the dub! Shouts to Ruel.
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