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Public Axis & RTD Present MAGr No News Is Good News

After the praise that the "Laminated Looseleafs" leak received last week, Public Axis and Rock The Dub proudly present MAGr's No News Is Good News album, free of charge. NJ has always been a hotbed for fresh Hip-Hop, from Redman and Queen Latifah to Poor Righteous Teachers, Tony D, YZ, Naughty By Nature, Joe Budden and countless others. Thing is, the state stays slept on. In the last couple of years, I've seen many NJ artists get love, and MAGr's Al Mighty and DistantStarr are two talented individuals who deserve that same shine. Their sound is a futuristic throwback: while they wear their mid-90's, Jansport rockin' flavor on their sleeves, the tracks don't sound stale or played out. They take risks (not too many MCs would rock over Hudson Mohawke's instrumental that became "Buttafly"), and it still comes out dope. And even though they are aligned with the Rap Pack, they still come off as two individuals who effortlessly hold their own in the cipher. Dom P has blessed me with the pleasure of dropping this to you free of charge, and I thank him. If you are digging this, continue to support - Public Axis, the Beat Garden and RTD have plenty more where this came from!

DOWNLOAD MAGr No News Is Good News

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DaneJahRas 2019

I've not heard of URB Next 1000's Dane Jah Ras prior to receiving this e-mail, but the idea that someone drops a mixtape loosely based on Akira, down to having each track sample a piece of the movie? Definitely interested. Download the project HERE, and hit this link for some reviews on the tape. Leave your comments about this one - I'm interested!
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Danny! ft. Von Pea "Hoedown Showdown"

Danny! ft. Von Pea "Hoedown Showdown": Had to take a break from my BP3 dissection to peep this new leak from Danny!'s still-unreleased Where Is Danny?. He links up with Tanya Morgan's Von Pea on this quick taste of an album that should've been out already.

Def Jux, this isn't even funny - whattagwarn!?

previous Danny! "Sloppy Joe, Pt. 2"
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RTDLTD Podcast 002: Kantyze

Up for the second round of my RTDLTD imprint releases, France's Kantyze handles the podcast for their release, "Civilized" b/w "Steamdrain", which should be available on the 7th of September in many digital download outlets. This release is a noticeable departure from RTDLTD001, as it goes into the more neuro-side of the Drum & Bass spectrum. Kantyze has been getting tunes snapped up Freak, Obscene, Influenza Media LTD and other labels, not to mention operating their m-Atome imprint. Both of these tracks are BIG - really intense, brooding vibes on "Steamdrain" perfectly compliment the hypnotic textures in "Civilized". I've got more tunes lined up from this duo, so keep it locked!

The podcast they cooked up features a lot of their forthcoming bits, as well as some dubplates from RTDLTD. Nice and snappy!



Kantyze - Coming After Us - .shadybrain
Kantyze - Popsicles - RTDLTD
Kharm & LM1 - Inversion (Naibu Remix) - Levitated
Nympho - Follow The Signs - Vampire
Kantyze - Bell Temple - RTDLTD
Edward Oberon - Texan - RTDLTD
Hobzee and Zyon Base - Black & White Movie - ?
Spinline & Mathematics - Patois - Social Studies
Kantyze - Isphet- Basswerk files
Cern - Down and Out - Icarus
Cycom - Trophy - RTDLTD
Kantyze - Jughead - RTDLTD

Blast this out, and then keep an eye peeled - I'll let you know where you can cop RTDLTD002 when it touches down! RTDLTD is distributed by Nu Urban Music; RTDLTD001 is still available from them right now!
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Jay-Z "Ghetto Techno"

Jay-Z "Ghetto Techno" (prod. by Timbaland): So, BP3 leaked. While I won't be blogging more tracks from this, I might have to let one in particular leak. I will say this - it's not a perfect album, but the good songs are really good, while the bad ones are meh. This, however, isn't on the album... it IS, however, sans DJ (although the quality is a bit meh), and was featured in the massive .zip that some cat unleashed on the 'Net about an hour ago. Tsk tsk. Vibe out to this one, and go find that BP3 leak.

I'll be posted the BGDB review of BP3 that Enigmatik and myself wrote when it drops. For now, check out "Hate", which features Kanye West. Dre also posted "Thank You", which is one of my favorites from the album, while Meka posted "A Star Is Born", which features J. Cole, and to top it all off, Splash posted "Empire State Of Mind", which features Alicia Keys, but no Nas. And for some comedy, peep TSS breaking down Memphis Jeeves' thoughts on the BP3 leaks from last week.
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DJ AM's Death Ruled Accidental OD

DJ AM's death has been ruled an accidental overdose, not a suicide. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources directly connected with the death of DJ AM tell us that his death was the result of an accidental overdose and not a suicide -- and there is a tragic, ironic twist of fate.

Our sources say DJ AM, a recovering addict, developed a dependency to Xanax and other benzodiazepines (a group of drugs used to treat anxiety) as a direct result of the plane crash a year ago. We're told AM (aka Adam Goldstein) developed a tremendous anxiety over flying -- something he had to do frequently for his job. We're told doctors began prescribing Xanax and other anti-anxiety medications to relieve his fear, but the benzos triggered a relapse into addiction. We're told benzos are particularly dicey for recovering addicts.

Our sources say DJ AM's relapse was "recent" -- he was not abusing for a prolonged period of time before his death.

We're also told the OD had "absolutely nothing to do with his recent breakup."

Our sources say the evidence strongly indicates cause of death will be a combination of crack cocaine and benzos.

Damn, crillz and benzos. That's sad, especially since he was on the Xanax trying to keep his occupation going after that tragic plane crash. Rest in peace, AM.
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[video] Behind The Scenes: Brown Bag AllStars "Undeniable (Audible Doctor Remix)"

Here's the BTS footage from the BBAS video shoot for their "Undeniable (Audible Doctor Remix)" video:

Bonus Beats Brown Bag AllStars "Undeniable (Audible Doctor Remix)"
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Just spotted an "RIP DJ AM" on twitter, did a bit of research, and apparently TMZ is reporting that DJ AM died this morning in New York. He was 36. No word on how or anything.*

What the fuck? It's almost been a year since that tragic plane crash he lived through; I wonder what the story is behind this one.

When I get more info, I'll update this post.

*EDIT TMZ has more info:

Cops tell us DJ AM -- also known as Adam Goldstein -- was found dead this afternoon in New York City.

Law enforcement sources tell us he was found in his apartment at around 5:20 PM.

We're told DJ AM had not been seen or heard from for a few days. We're told one of his friends went to check on him, but got no response after knocking on his apartment door.

We're told the friend called the police, who broke down the door and then found DJ AM's body.

Fuck. EDIT NBC New York picked up on this, too. No new details.

Travis Barker vs. DJ AM
: Fix Your Face \ Fix Your Face Vol. 2

And for what its worth, looks like AM's last tweet was on the 25th of August.

EDIT Another TMZ update:

We're told drug paraphernalia was found at the scene.

Did he OD?

EDIT I was just reading Karen Civil, which mentioned an Intervention special (Gone Too Far) that AM did for MTV is set to air on October 5th:

“I struggled for years as a drug addict and was fortunate to get help when I asked for it. I have managed to live a clean and sober life, something that takes work and something that I pride myself on. Gone Too Far’ is my platform to help people, like I was helped by giving back in a way. … We wanted to show how real it gets and what can happen if you don’t get help.”

Promoting the show in Los Angeles earlier this summer, Adam Goldstein told TV critics, “I’ve been a recovering addict for 11 years, and the only way I view sobriety: The only way I can keep it is if I give it away.” He also said that surviving the plane crash, which killed other passengers, is “something that I struggle with every day, you know, kind of wondering. But I’ve just realized I’m never really going to know. I’m alive, and I’m here, and I have another chance. So I have to do something better with my life this time.”

I'm hoping any "drug" info is purely speculation, but who knows. If you believe the NY Post, a crack pipe and prescription pill bottles were found in the apartment. I don't even know.

This past Wednesday, Phrequency posted an interview with AM.

DJ AM LIVE at Electric Daisy Carnival 2009

Pase Rock vs. DJ AM

People Mag's posted tweets from a lot of celebs on DJ AM's death.

Warren G x Travis Barker x DJ AM LIVE At The Roxy: "Regulators"

DJ Jazzy Jeff x DJ AM

DJ AM at WMC 2009 (Pt. 1)

DJ AM at WMC 2009 (Pt. 2)

Jay-Z x DJ AM

Stretch Armstrong x DJ AM

EDIT TMZ has two new reports: a "crack pipe" were confirmed next to AM's body, with pill bottles found in the kitchen - I put "crack pipe" in quotes, because that's how its being reported; rumor is also that AM might've been devastated by a recent break-up?

The Palms pays tribute to DJ AM.

EDIT Some Saturday updates on AM's death: apparently this is a shot of Rihanna finding out about his passing. Word is Travis and Shanna Moakler, who had been beefing pretty heavy as of late, have chilled in light of AM's death. TMZ also reports that an autopsy is underway, with no word on when results will be made.
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Michael Jackson "Butterflies (A-Sides Remix)"

Michael Jackson "Butterflies (A-Sides Remix)": Had no idea this existed until @willguise hipped me to it. A-Sides goes the classic Jungle route, fattening up the bass and adding timeless Amens to the original. One of my favorite MJ tracks, hands down, and its such a throwback vibe. Happy birthday, MJ.

MP3 via bangthebox.

Bonus Beats Michael Jackson vs. A-Sides "Butterflies (RTD Edit)"
Bonus Beats A-Sides Mixcloud Session (8/13/09) [via breaksblog]

previous Makoto & The Specialist "Human Nature (VIP Mix)"

Bonus Beats Delphi Productions "MJ Tribute" [via DPD]
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What About Rosie?

I had a feeling that J Slikk was going to be heated when I spotted who Felt 3's album is a tribute to. I'm not one to call out a biting ass nigga... well, I am, but how much is too much? BPA isn't as known as Slug & Murs are, but damn. The "Dreamcatcher Revisited" CDS dropped back in June of '08, where we definitely let y'all know that it was from the Souldancer: A Tribute To Rosie Perez project that Cy Yung and Slikk were working on.

Shit sucks. And I feel bad. I just wish I had the Souldancer album in my possession.

*sigh* I guess in the end, its a testament to how fly Rosie Perez is.
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Baptazia Super Sunday DnB Rinseout

This is just pure comedy. I've spent time in the DnB room at a number of raves, and have also seen some Black Baptist churches go buck when the Spirit drops. Hilarious mash-up:

Shouts to @jose3030.

EDIT Searching DOA, I found a bunch of these. The attention to little details is what does it for me:

Hit up airloaf's YouTube page for more of this hilarity.
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Excess Bangers 41: Pablo Doe 4Ever

This week was a pretty dope week for leaks... if you missed ANY of them, pick up Highbrid Nation's latest.



01. Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, & Eminem - Forever
02. Birdman feat. Drake & Lil Wayne - Money To Blow
03. Raekwon ft. Lyfe Jennings - Catalina
04. Styles P ft. Noreaga & Uncle Murda - Pablo Doe
05. Nipsey Hussle Ft Snoop Dogg-Gangstas Life
06. Brisco Ft Ludacris - Stay Strapped Everyday
07. Jay-Z ft. Drake - Off That
08. Freeway - Love
09. Memphis Bleek - Why They Hate Me
10. Nipsey Hussle - Hussle Is My Last Name
11. Jay Rock ft. K-Dot & Absoul - I Know
12. Raekwon ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface - 10 Bricks (Prod. by J. Dilla)
13. Kurupt ft. Reed Dollaz, Tekneek & Gillie Da Kid - Tha House (rmx)
14. Memphis Bleek - Trust Me
15. Young Buck & All Star - Hit Em Up
16. Kooley High - Can’t Go Wrong
17. Living Proofe ft. Mac Miller, Jev The Ghost, Colicchie, Jasiri X - Leaders of the New School
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DJ Chorizo Funk Tweet Tape

Here's a tape from DJ Chorizo Funk, dropping a lot of gems he found on twitter.



1. Air Born ft. Bun B – The Kid Daytona
2. Dollar & a Dream – J. Cole
3. Blowin’ Up ft. Roc C – Jern Eye
4. In Check ft. Oddisee & Supastition – Kenn Starr
5. Coroners Music – Guilty Simpson
6. U-N-I – My Life
7. Who’s Hotter – Mickey Factz
8. Back to Basics – Diamond District
9. In the A.M. – Black Milk
10. Off the Late Night – Diamond District
11. Exlile – Thinking of You
12. Timeless – Finale
13. Forever – John Hope
14. Get in Line – Diamond District
15. Let’s Go – The Are
16. We On To Something – Oddisee
17. First Time – Diamond District
18. Paris 2 Dangelo – Ebrahim
19. Windows – U-N-I
20. Grown Simba – J. Cole
21. Streets won’t let me chill – Diamond District
22. Philip Michael Thompson – The Randy Watson Experience
23. Boogie – Dudley Perkins
24. Q&A – Kenn Starr ft. Oddisee
25. Let’s Start – J. Period & K’NAAN
26. The Groove – Kidd Daytona ft. Mickey Factz
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Jern Eye ft. Mistah FAB & Zion I "Get Right"

Jern Eye ft. Mistah FAB & Zion I "Get Right" (prod. by Jake One): Off the ripper, Jake One's beat is perfect for nights like this - lil' chill in the air, coastin' through the quiet city streets. If you chief, you might want to roll something serious and take a trip to this one. This is from Jern's Vision album, which drops on MYX Music on October 13th. Maybe someone will cop that for me for my birthday?
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Trends The Best Of Trends Mixtape

This tape does exactly what it says on the tin... check out 24 of Trends' best.



1) Day By Day (produced by The Beat Show)
2) I'm Too Awesome (produced by Kajmir Royale)
3) Danger Feat. Joe Thrillz (produced by Steelwaterz)
4) All Y'all (produced by Bonnie Mayfield)
5) I'm A Beast( produced by Kajmir Royale)
6) I Got Rules (produced by Steelwaterz)
7) Wet Dream feat. Sakinah (produced by Steelwaterz)
8) One feat. Signe
9) Cum on the Dance Floor (produced by Steelwaterz)
10) Don't Wanna Text U (produced by Kajmir Royale)
11) Connect (produced by Kajmir Royale)
12) No (produced by Beat Connector)
13) Across the Sky (produced by Brainbug)
14) I've Tried Everything (produced by Sinima)
15) It Aint Simple (produced by Beat Connector)
16) Let Me Be feat. Sakinah (produced by Szmytko)
17) Will You feat. Sakinah (produced by Khalid)
18) Had a lot of Girls (produced by Flawless)
19) Don't you worry
20) Move the Crowd feat. Sakinah (produced by Steelwaterz)
21) I hate niggaz (produced by Arkreatek)
22) The Invisible Man (produced by Sell beats)
23) I Try (produced by Steelwaterz)
24) (Bonus) I'm Just Playing (produced by The Beat Show)
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DJ Cable - Free To Roam Show (8/23/2009)

To celebrate the release of Mash Down Vol. 3, DJ Cable threw up the previous two Mash Down volumes in the latest episode of Free To Roam. Revisit these, and make sure you grab Vol. 3!



(Mash Down Vol. 2)
01. Intro
02. Boy Better Know - Too Many Man
03. DJ Class - I'm The Ish
04. The Count of Monte Cristal - B-More Forward
05. DJ Tameil - I Get Money
06. Diplo Feat. Rye Rye - Wassup Wassup (DJ Sega Remix)
07. Kazey & Bulldog - Big Truck
08. Dave Nada - Where Brooklyn At?
09. Roundtable Knights - Freak From Desire
10. Dillinja - Twist 'Em Out (Proper Villains Remix)
11. AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)
12. Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (2 Bit Thugs Remix)
13. Fake Blood - Mars
14. DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Radioclit Remix)
15. K.I.G. Family - Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
16. Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall
17. More Fire Crew - Oi!
18. Jammin - Go DJ + DJ Cable "Scratch Attack"
19. Skepta - Duppy
20. Benga - 26 Basslines
21. Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
22. Caspa - My Pet Monster
23. TC - Where's My Money? (Caspa Remix - Jack Beats Re-edit)
24. Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Agent X Remix)
25. Lethal Bizzle - Bizzle Bizzle

(Mash Down Vol. 1)
01. Dan Miracle - Digital Data VIP
02. Clipz - Push It Up (TC Remix)
03. Culture Shock - Imax
04. Noah D - Mash Down
05. Total Science - Bizzy Time
06. Ill Skillz - Exodus
07. Noisa - Crank
08. Distorted Minds - Ho Bass
09. Black Sun Empire - Crime Side
10. Break - Is This What You Want
11. Blame - Bring Me Down
12. Lenzman - Lose You
13. Blame - Because Of You
14. Dirtyphonics - Bonus Level
15. Culture Shock - Kronix
16. Metrik - Zero Gravity
17. Break - Surroundings

(D&B Mini Mix)
DJ Hazard - Machete
Original Sin - D For Danger
Matrix & Futurebound Feat. Cat Knight - Reflection
Total Science - Stone Love
Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down
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L.E.G.A.C.Y. "40/40"

L.E.G.A.C.Y. "40/40" (prod. by Soul Professa): Not too long after Suicide Music, Leg lets off some steam on this harpsichord-driven cut. No word on what he has stashed and ready to put out, but I have a feeling homey has some tricks up his sleeves.
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FuseBox Radio (Week of August 26th, 2009)

Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")
Direct mp3 Download Backup (right click and "save as"; via Blip.TV)

This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of August 26, 2009 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul Music, news and commentary.

Our commentary this week focused on the recent update on the passing of music legend Michael Jackson's now currently being ruled a homicide (and it's possible racial & class ramification with the current suspect, Dr. Conrad Murray), our weekend in New Jersey and NYC (especially seeing Hip-Hop Legends like Rakim & DMC of Run-DMC performing live at BB Kings) and some other things here and there.

This week we do have new Black Agenda Report segment. The Direct EFX segments will return at the end of the HBCU's college summer break period in September 2009.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast here on BlackRadioIsBack.com - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for Week of August 26, 2009 (in no particular order)

Jeru The Damaja/Invasion/Tommy Boy
Aaliyah/More Than A Woman/Virgin
Johnny Polygon/Dreams/Invasion Music Group
Mos Def feat. Slick Rick/Auditorium/Downtown
Wale/My Sweetie/White Label (http://www.myspace.com/wale)
Ed O.G. & Masta Ace are A&E/Little Young/White Label (http://www.myspace.com/mastaaceofficial & http://www.myspace.com/edogboston)
DJ Rob A feat. MF Doom/She Still Got Dimples/Rugged Soul Records
Ledisi/Everything Changes/Verve Forecast
Whitney Houston/Million Dollar Bill/J Records
Tone Trump feat. Rosco P. Coldchain & Milli Millionz/Freedom of Speech/Coast 2 Coast (http://www.myspace.com/tonetrump)
Ghostface Killah/Charlie Brown RMX/White Label (http://www.myspace.com/ghostface)
Princess of Controversy/D.O.A. RMX (Death of Automute)/MySpace.com White Label (http://www.myspace.com/princessofcontroversy)
Mary Mary feat. Ne-yo/God In Me RMX/Columbia
M.O.P. feat. Demarco/Street Life/E1 Music (http://www.mopuniverse.com)
JAY ARE (John Robinson & J. Rawls)/It's JAY ARE/Polar Entertainment
A-Alikes/Get Along/AALikes.net
Wayne Wonder/Back Biters (Move Star Riddim)/VP Records
Willie The Kid/Aviation/Aphilliates Music Group & Embassy Entertainment
Black Soultan/I Remember Love/STTS Entertainment (http://www.myspace.com/bsai)
Wordsworth/Everybody/White Label (http://www.myspace.com/wordsworth)
Tone Trump/Wifey/Coast 2 Coast (http://www.myspace.com/tonetrump)

PLUS Some Extra Special Hidden Tracks in the Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more MySpace.com Independent Music Finds

Current FuseBox Radio Broadcast Radio & Internet Affiliates (as of this week):

UrbanNetwork.com's The Mix Internet Radio Station - UN Power Jam Radio (owned by Urban Network Magazine) OKRP.com, ReeWineMusic.com/ReeWine Radio, Progressive Blend Radio, Sprint Radio Extra/mSpot (via the Worldwide Alpha Communications Network), SouthBound.FM, DeadBeat Radio, CrackAudio.com, TheBestJams.com/The Best Jams Radio, FlyTunes.FM/FlyCast ,Planet Urban (Austrailia)/PlanetUrban.com.au, AmalgamDigital.com, BlockJams.com, ConspiracyUK.com , FONYE Radio , VI Radio , DurdeeSouthRadio.com , Beyond.FM , MyBlockRadio.net, Rutgers University Radio, WRSU 88.7 FM, Stop Beefin' Start Eatin' Radio, Ceesiety Radio, Mixshow Blast Radio, Slip-N-Slide DJs Podcast, The Best Jams, ExtravaGangsta Radio, HipHopSoulRadio.com , Digiwaxx Presents: The Blast , White Folks Get Crunk for DJs, Legion Music & Media, UnderWorldMixRadio.com, MixLaWax Radio, Trunk Hustlers Online, 907 Jamz. The6.FM, Nilo Radio, 1.FM Jamz, Blayze University Radio, Blip.TV, iBlog126.com, Miro, WSOUF.com, True Fire Radio, StreetsD.com (Streets Mos Magazine Radio), Rock The Dub, Last Word Online, Soul Pitch Hustle, Black Soul Rhythms, Honey Magazine, i95.FM, The PRess Junkie, BlackCoffeeChannel.com (Coming Soon), Gutta Muzik (HD) Radio (Coming Soon)

** Most Stations/Outlets Tracked via RadioWave Monitor, Mediaguide & SoundExchange **

Subscribe to get the weekly episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah!

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One Be Lo ft. Mike Posner "The Pigs"

One Be Lo ft. Mike Posner "The Pigs" (prod. by Mike Posner) (mirror): You should be up on both of these brothers... what I'm letting you know is that One Be Lo has recently signed an album deal with MYX Music; his B.A.B.Y. album is scheduled to drop on Feb. 2010, and will feature Royce Da 5'9, Freeway, Zion I, Phonte, Jean Grae and more. "The Pigs" won't be featured on Being A Black Youth, but its a necessary tale, a heed that many black yout should memorize. Shouts to audibletreats and MYX for this one!
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Sol.ID - Another Way (Fall 2009 Mix)

Sol.ID is one cat that I always like supporting; dude's a great DJ (he seems to hit up some good strings of dates yearly, both home and abroad), and he's a talented producer as well. He has some dates lined up in September, and dropped this ill mix off on me yesterday, and I was truly blown away. Dope mix of fresh dubs alongside some newer releases. Check it out!

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


Glen E Ston - One Life (Decem Rmx) - Dub
Cern - Timeslip - Samurai
State Of Mind - Division Ten - SOM Music
Break - Headz Up - Metalheadz
Loxy & Matt-U - Between Two Worlds - Nemcron
Sol.ID & Subz - From Dark 2 Grey - Basswerk Dub
Dan Marshall - Sun Down - Dub
Alix Perez - Down The Line (Break Rmx) - Shogun
Rufige Kru - Letting Go (AI Rmx) - Metalheadz
Generic, Subtone & Sol.ID - Untitled - Dub
Noisia - Crank - Vision
Enei & Implex - Control - Dub
Alix Perez ft. Kemo - I'm Free - Shogun
Syntex & June Miller - Sleep - Dub
Edward Oberon - Void - Dub
Spectrasoul - Organizer - Critical
Survival - Hit You When You're Down - Exit
Oak - Tsunami - Tamp3cords Dub
Dan Marshall - Jazz Creature - Dub

And here are his upcoming US Tour dates:

9.16.09 Sol.ID - Monkey Bizness @ Zeppelin - Houston, TX
9.17.09 Klute & Sol.ID - Alteration @ Sullivan Room - New York, NY
9.18.09 Sol.ID @ Touch - Cleveland, OH
9.24.09 D-Star & Sol.ID - Fuzed Funk @ Fluid - Philadelphia, PA
9.30.09 Sol.ID - Crush DnB @ The Crown Room - Portland, OR
10.03.09 Mayhem & Sol.ID - Onset @ The Deep Down Lounge - Seattle, WA

If you're in any of those areas next month, make sure you're checking him out! Shouts to Dave for this one. And if you're trying to book Sol.ID, hit him via MySpace or twitter (or via e-mail - souleyedee@gmail.com or via AIM - username souleeyedee)!
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Whygee ft. DJ Brikabrak "The Drastic"

Whygee ft. DJ Brikabrak "The Drastic" (prod. by Yallzee): Yallzee's boomin' beat x Whygee's ode to quality Hip-Hop + Brikabrak's prime cuts = supreme Hip-Hop satisfaction. I'm not 100% where this cut will end up, but the above graphic should hold the key...
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DJ Concept More Than A Woman: The Best Of Aaliyah (8 Years Ago…)

Here's a mixtape that DJ Concept made a few days after Aaliyah passed back in 2001. Any fan should know these tunes by heart.



1. You Wont see Me Tonight-Nas Ft Aaliyah
2. Are You Feelin Me?
3. Try Again
4. Loose Rap-Aaliyah ft Static
5. 4 Page Letter
6. One In A Million
7. Are You That Somebody?-Aaliyah ft Mad Skillz
8. U Got Nerve
9. If You Girl Only Knew
10. Come Back In One Piece-Aaliyah ft DMX
11. Sticken Chickens-Aaliyah ft Missy
12. We Need A Resolution
13. It’s Whatever
14. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
15. Rock The Boat
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Prophit ft. D-Black "Nigga Who?!?"

Prophit ft. D-Black "Nigga Who?!?" (prod. by Kenlo): Around the end of July, Prophit's Cause When You Stop Dreaming, It's Time To Die mixtape dropped on the masses. It contained this D-Black feature, among a fresh selection of beats and featured artists. Since then, homey has been a performer on the Lollapalooza 2009 tour (in Chicago), and seems to be poised to make a whole mess of noise. If you're feeling this, grab that tape and get enlightened.

Shouts to Matik for the heads up.

Bonus Beats MeLo-X ft. Prophit "The Highest Low"

EDIT Here's some footage of Prophit at Lollapalooza:

Word is Prophit will be at the Highline Ballroom on September 3rd.
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SoulCultre Presents Aaliyah Revisited

I try to throw something on RTD on the day that Aaliyah was taken from us. Eight years? Unreal... SoulCulture put together this fresh Tribute EP, featuring a batch of talented Soul artists from the UK. You get the impeccable Marsha Ambrosius, a slick rendition of "If Your Girl Only Knew" (flipping Portishead's "Sour Times") from Sy Smith, Jesse Boykins III and many more. If you love the new Soul singers, and need some fresh takes on Aaliyah's best work, check this EP out NOW!

DOWNLOAD Aaliyah Revisited [via SoulCulture]

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Potholes In My Blog Presents Transmitting Live Vol. One

We've heard the ill leaks, and now the good folks at Potholes In My Blog present Transmitting Live Volume One, which is mixed by DJ Traumatix, featuring 29 exclusives from some of the freshest cats out there. Watch...



1- Objektiv One - Intro (Beyon3)
2- Muneshine - Heavy Hitters (feat. Fundament & D-Sisive)
3- Trek Life - As The World Turns (Unofficial) (prod. 9th Wonder)
4- DJ Traumatix - Jansport J Scratch
5- K-Murdock - Up-Rizing (feat. Real Reid & Damu The Fudgemunk)
6- Joe Kickass - Gratitude (prod. Arts the Beatdoctor)
7- The Tones & Nichelle Brown - Stay
8- King Magnetic & Elucid - Double Your Money (prod. Haj of Dumhi)
9- Debaser (Ethic & Sapient) - Shuddup
10- J Freedome & MidaZ - Return With a Mask On (prod. IMAKEMADBEATS)
11- Killing Skills - Van Dijck Brown
12- Dujeous - Open for Business (feat. Jigsaw the Puzzler) (prod. by Apex of Dujeous)
13- Jern Eye - What U Want (feat. The Regiment)
14- DJ Traumatix - Buff Fart Scratch
15- Buff1 - Good Gracious (prod. M-Phazes)
16- Keelay & Zaire - Pimp Dreams (feat. Slo Mo of Fortilive)
17- Kayo - Calling Me (feat. CooLEra & Kitda) (prod. Ritchcraft)
18- Descry - TV Customs (Swamburger & Alexandrah of Solillaquists Of Sound)
19- Blame One - Never Fit It
20- The Red Giants (Jermiside & Brickbeats) - Touchin’ You
21- Animate Objects - Look to the Sun (PV Wonder's 'Just Smile' Remix) (feat. Charles Hammond Jr.)
22- TAIS - The Gold Rush (prod. Keelay & Zaire)
23- Jon Hope - Renaissance (prod. Taktix)
24- Panacea - Reasons (feat. Drew Thomas)
25- Dela - Oblighetto
26- Alternate Reality (Dumi RIGHT & Cadence) - Lovin' That Heat
27- Big Tone - Liquor Store Counter
28- Sene - PaperPlanePushers (prod. Blu aka GODleeBarnes)
29- ESEMDEE - Hi-Tek FX Bachatiago Outro (feat. by DJ J.br0.5ki & DJ Ab-loon)

Ouch! Throw this on, all day.
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BP & OddS "The Gift"

BP & OddS "The Gift": Damn. I love getting random e-mail blasts and it being some shit I need right now. Here are two cuts from LA duo BP and OddS' album The Medium, which drops in October. You will find these on The Premium Mixtape, which will be available next month. Some really ill, soulful Hip-Hop vibes and stuff. Remember what was good about '90s Hip-Hop? A lot is found in these two cuts...

Bonus Beats BP & OddS "The Medium"
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Money First "All Star Dough II"

Money First "All Star Dough II": Shouts to Boom Blake for sending this track on through; Money First won the UMA for Best Underground Rap Group - Trenton, NJ stays high and stays fly. Congratulations to them niggas. I can imagine they blasted this and popped a few bottles in celebration. Keep doing your thing, fam.
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PANTyRAiD "Beba"

PANTyRAiD "Beba": This is a fresh cut from PANTyRAiD, aka the new outfit from The Glitch Mob and Marty Party. It combines the glitch-y wonderfunk with some chilled out, Electro-leanin' vibes. Really laidback cut that goes a bit mental at points. Marine Parade will be dropping their album, The Sauce, on September 21st, and if this is an example of what to expect, cover me in chocolate and count me a believer!

Shouts to kush for the heads up on this one!
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Azage "Goin' In"

Azage "Goin' In": Week 8 of 10 shows Azage blasting through that Drake + Weezy "Goin' In" instrumental. If you've missed ANY of these, you failed... but the Bars Outbreak mixtape will be dropping soon!
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Rob Jay "Serious Mistake"

Rob Jay "Serious Mistake": While you guys are captivated by the classic sample playing throughout this one, not to mention the ill story (which I'm told is fictional, and loosely based on Rob and his people's), I'm wondering why they teased me with those Jungle beats in the intro and only revisit them in the latter part of the track. Dude's got some skills - he teases and caresses that beat throughout the track, but still weaves an intoxicating warning of a tale effortlessly. This is taken from his Video Rob Is Dead mixtape, so take heed.

Bonus Beats Rob Jay "Vanessa"
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OB "Last Flo"

OB "Last Flo": Now I know why Digiwaxx has been sending me homey's EPK. Here's a cut from OB's Inconvenient Truth mixtape. OB reps Canada, has worked with MIMS, Stack Bundles and Peedi Crakk, and has a dope flow. Well a bunch of dope flows. Love how this track progresses. You got a crazy speakerbox in your whip? Get on this one...
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