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rockthedub radio 036: The Purge

Crazy to think one of these hasn't happened since Christmas 2016. Actually, it isn't that crazy; shit's been busy around here. I did make a move recently that'll manifest itself on this here podcast...and beyond.

On this set, I did two things: one, I took my love for certain black YouTubers and constructed a narrative in the first chunk of this podcast, featuring material I've loved from Roc Marciano, Quelle Chris, Deal - The Villain, DANGERDOOM, and others. One the flipside, I felt the Purge of the first section was complimented perfectly by Son Raw's RTDMIX, which is a headfuck of a trek through the '90s hip-hop sound, but in a more underground lens. Trust we.

Stream below, download via iTunes, and check the tracklist down bottom.

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Cymarshall Law Releases ' The Rhythms & Poems of Solomon Prince'

Damn near as long as I've been blogging, I've been rocking to Cymarshall Law's music. Part of that is because we rep Jersey on the regular over here, but the flip is that he's just nice, and his new album proves it. The Rhythms & Poems of Solomon Prince is written and produced by Cy himself on some Spike Lee shit, and if you need a heavy dose of that real, he's got you covered.

No, forreal. If your zone is to get crazy blunted to refreshing loops and crispy drums all day errday, Cy's got you covered. If you need those hype lyrics, full of powerful punches with a raw delivery, Cy's got you covered. And if you want all of this for the free, Cy really has you covered.

You can download The Rhythms & Poems of Solomon Prince for free via Sendspace, or grab it via Bandcamp. Stream the full project below via SoundCloud.

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Deal - The Villain Returns With 'Beards x Beats x Kicks' EP

Over the years, artists that have been featured on this site have come and gone. And while I fuck with a fair number of them, jokers like Deal - The Villain always stand out as my favorites. Dude's whole steeze when it comes to putting pens to paper, fingers to pads, is right up my alley, and I'm amazed that he can just slide right back into the pocket like it's nothing, unleashing his Beards x Beats x Kicks EP earlier today.

Sadly, I fucked around and didn't recognize the beauty of the EP's lead-off track, "Legend Blue," when Deal dropped the video earlier this month.

Yeah, this will already be one of my favs of 2017, trust. Deal produced that track, along with a couple of others on the project, alongside S1ncere (who you should remember from his debut project, EPic), although DTV also found inspiration from the material of Knxwledge and Flying Lotus. DTV did hit me on the jack to let me know that he's going to be producing the forthcoming Beards x Beats x Kicks ALBUM from top to bottom, making this a proper "extended prelude."

To keep it a buck, I've been waiting for "Emerald Preference" since December 2015, so I'm glad this is out now. It's also refreshing to see cats know how to evolve their sound without totally sounding like some other artist. Dumb refreshing, actually, and Deal says you can expect more of the full length project to sound more like "Legend Blue" and the EP's closer, "Entrada."

You can stream the entire project below via Bandcamp, where it's available for whatever you want to pay. Shouts to the EA crew and all of the real from the Garden State. JERSEY!

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