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Spotovsky Drops a Perfect EP for 'The Weekend'

I was recently watching Drugstore Cowboy for the first time in what feels like at least 15 years. If you haven't peeped this Gus Van Sant film, check it out. It's about these drug addicts who rob the fuck out of drugstores in the early 1970s. Anyways, the lead character, Bob (played by Matt Dillon) said a pair of things that made me think. At first, he randomly walked into a room asking what month it was. Picture that: you're so wacked out of your skull that you've not only lost the track of time, but you aren't even aware of what MONTH you're in. What's weird is, later on, he makes a comment to his wife, Diane (played by Kelly Lynch) about wanted to do some wild shit, because it was Saturday.

It made me realize: no matter how fucked up you are, even if you're a drug addict who knows nothing but wheelin' and dealin', the weekend has to still mean something to you. There's a VIBE to Saturdays and Sundays that, even if you work those days, still rings. True. That said, Spotovsky's The Weekend EP, which the Black Marble Collective recently dropped (and I missed, because it was Black Panther weekend), encapsulates that aesthetic perfectly. While both tunes embody the early '90s rave vibe, "Saturday Night" is definitely the more four-to-the-floor hyperactive bounce. "Sunday Jazz (Oh, I Love You)" dives deeper into the edited breakbeat style of classic jungle styles (live-ish bass included), and makes for a dope pair of tunes on their own.

BMC doesn't stop there, though; instead of just dropping the two bits, they grab a number of producers to breathe their own sounds into these cuts. Where Ase Manual goes for a more manic, hypnotic boom on his "Saturday Night" remix, STVY RVRE gets euphoric with their uplifting take on the same tune. Sideswipe's "Saturday Night" VIP is probably the most "current" sounding dnb/jungle vibe, and sadly, there's only one rework of "Sunday Jazz." Either way, you can stream all seven of the cuts to your delight below, and grab them for free (for a limited time) via the BMC Bandcamp page.

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