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Lil' Wayne ft. Jay-Z "Mr. Carter"

Lil' Wayne ft. Jay-Z "Mr. Carter" (prod. by Just Blaze): Not my favorite Just Blaze beat, but this is the start of that Tha Carter III leak. Props to Trackstar for the heads up.
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[video] Doo Wop's Response To Lil' Wayne

Doo Wop GOES IN on Lil' Wayne's recent "fuck you" to mixtape DJs. The Gremlins bit is the best. Via Nah Right.

Weezy is deep. I'm guessing his reasoning for saying that is because there might be some unauthorized mixtapes out there with his name on it - but saying "fuck the bootleggin' DJs" and "fuck all mixtape DJs" is a big gap... especially with his album dropping soon.
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El-P - Camu Tao Tribute Mix

Via El-P's Blog:


a few choice verses from one of the illest motherfuckers ever to touch a mic. one medley of many to come.

-first verse is from his MHZ debut “world premier”
-second is from an s.a. smash song i produced called “the harvest”
-third verse is from the “nighthawks” concept record he did with cage where they assumed the personas of crooked cops

RIP Camu. Spotted over at GRANDGOOD.
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Mic Terror "Detention"

Mic Terror "Detention": I seriously thought this was over after "Class Dimissed", but no, here's Mic's latest diss aimed at Mazzi, going in for 6 minutes over some classic Public Enemy. What's odd is, I always look at the Cool Kids and Jay Electronica like "don't believe the hype". This rhyme is better than the other one, I'll admit. I hope this one isn't over!

Via FSD.
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Aubrey O'Day's J'Adore Cover

I think Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day, when not looking like a complete hoochie, can take some great pics. This pictoral is an example. I've never read J'Adore, and probably won't, but you can peep the Aubrey pics here.
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Dunkin' Donuts Jihad

Can't make shit like this up: a recent Rachel Ray/Dunkin' Donuts ad has been pulled because the scarf Rachel is wearing around her neck is similar to a kiffiyieh. Apparently this can be seen as a symbol of terrorism, because Yasser Arafat has been photographed mad times with one on.

Are you serious? Talk about letting terrorism win. Are people truly wylin' out, like war vets who were IN Iraq, like "oh shit, Rachel Ray has a WMD"? I highly doubt it - the government hardly has time to track, follow and help out our war heroes. No, Rachel is slingin' coffee (which you'd think they would be proud of, with the price of gas), but you know how it goes. Take the pristine, cute spokeswoman and turn her into a terrorist. What's next? Mickey Mouse is a pedophile?
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The Fixxers Street Masterpiece Cover+Tracklist

DJ Quik & AMG's Fixxers material has been long overdue, and we're finally getting some heat in the form of their Street Masterpiece album, which drops on Amaglam on June 17th:

01. Quik Talk
02. Masterpiece Intro
03. Do I Love Her
04. Born N Raised
05. Get Down Ft. Chingy
06. Black P*ssy
07. Get Nakkid Ft. Mausberg
08. Down Down Down
09. Pitch N On A Party
10. Tonight
11. U'Z A Gansta
12. Let's Get Down
13. Me Wanna Rip U'R Girl
14. Bombudd
15. Bombudd 2
16. Intro From Roger
17. Trouble
18. Trouble (Remix)
19. Trust No Bitch
20. Murda 1 Case
21. Just Lyke Compton
22. Hand N Hand
23. Black Mercedes
24. Well Ft. Raphael Saadiq & Mausberg
25. Fandango ft. B Real
26. Dollars N Sense
27. Quik's Groove
28. Change The Game
29. U Ain't Fresh
30. Don't Eat The P*ssy
31. I Use To Know Her
32. Can U Werk Witdat (Remix) ft. Jim Jones
33. So Good Ft. Rich Boy
34. Flip It Ft. Kay L
35. Go To Work Ft. Kay L

30+ tracks?!?! How wild is that? "So Good" is a banger though.
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Lil Kim Ms. G.O.A.T. Cover+Tracklist

Lil' Kim is back, fresh for the summer. Her street album, Ms. G.O.A.T., is set to drop on Amaglam Entertainment on June 3rd. Here's the tracklist:

01. "Hood Newz - Lil' Kim Free"
02. "Ms. G.O.A.T."
03. "Mis-Education of Lil' Kim"
04. "I Get It"
05. "Wrath Of Kim's Madness"
06. "Chillin' Tonite"
07. "Need A Bitch" feat. Nate Dogg
08. "2 Hatin' Bitches Skit"
09. "It's Kim Bitches (Get That Money)"
10. "Fuck You"
11. "Rock On Wit Yo Bad Self"
12. "Queen Bitch 101″
13. "Kim Gets Deeper"
14. "Wanna Lick Magic Stick pt. 2″ feat. 50 Cent
15. "Thang On Me" feat. Maino & Sha
16. "It Ain't My Fault" feat. Sha
17. "Kimme More" feat. Britney Spears
18. "Salute The Women of Hip-Hop (skit)"
19. "Keyshia Cole feat. Lil' Kim & Missy - Let It Go"
20. "Mr. Cee Speaks"
21. "Gucci Mane feat. Lil' Kim - Freaky Gurl (remix)"
22. "Outro"
23. "Alicia Keys feat. Lil' Kim - No One (remix)"

I really hope this one comes out dope.
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Popa Wu Visions Of The 10th Chamber Pt. II Cover+Tracklist

This is one of three street albums that Amaglam will be dropping in June. This one is for the diehard Wu heads:


01. Freedom or Death ft. Popa Wu
02. S.O.D. Part 2 ft. Free Murda
03. Black Germ (still Tricknology)
04. Popa Wu righteous Chamber
05. Hallz of Justice
06. Choppen Block
07. Phone Tap – entamishun
08. Abdullah
09. Spyz in the Palace
10. Powder (Yacub's Faktory)
11. Broken Bladez ft. Dungeon Masta
12. Medachevits (OH NO)
13. Generatorz
14. Virus (like we do)
15. Love Hell or Right ft. Angela S.
16. Revenge of the 7 Archorz
17. P.E.A.C.E. ft. A Special Guest
Bonus Track: Osirius

Out on June 3rd. Shouts to Matt for the info.
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The Hood Internet vs. Chicago

Mash-up mavens The Hood Internet has a new 23-track mash-up extravaganza, flipping strictly Chi-town artists. Oh, and it's free:

DOWNLOAD: full mix via zShare \ full mix via megaupload \ 192kbps split MP3s via sendspace \ 320kbps split MP3s via sendspace

STREAM: imeem


01. Pro Nails Forever (Kid Sister vs Walter Meego)
02. Frog Minutes (Shawnna vs LMNOP)
03. Cakeicide (Hollywood Holt vs Prairie Cartel)
04. Juke And Pop (Mic Terror vs Green Velvet)
05. Superbowl Jesus (Kanye West + 1985 Bears vs Wilco)
06. Trenchache (Juice vs Liz Phair)
07. 80s Problems (Tha Basix vs Mahjongg)
08. When Baby Mamas Collide (Qualo vs Chin Up Chin Up)
09. Simple X-plosion (Diverse vs Andrew Bird)
10. Your Love Iz What It Iz (The Cool Kids vs Frankie Knuckles)
11. Sisters Of Chicago-Rillas (Rhymefest vs The Changes)
12. I Ain't That Bowie (Twista vs The Sea And Cake)
13. Hay Electric (Crucial Conflict vs Reds and Blue)
14. Watch My Big Feet Jump (Dude N Nem + Twista vs Office)
15. Ten-Day High (Do Or Die + Kanye West vs Tortoise)
16. Eatchyo Stigmata (Yea Big + Kid Static vs Ministry)
17. Smash That There (Yung Berg vs The Smashing Pumpkins)
18. Stages Of Standby (Psalm One vs Kleenex Girl Wonder)
19. Can You Eat Some More Heavy Fists Of Love? (Kanye West + GLC vs Bumps + Terminal 4 + Big Black)
20. I Used To Love The Blue Line (Common vs Bang! Bang!)
21. I Gotcha Trees (Lupe Fiasco vs May Or May Not)
22. What Chu Like, Old Mare? (Da Brat vs Sleep Out)
23. Kells-Tone For The Painfully In Love (R. Kelly vs Casiotone For The Painfully Alone)

Gotta love these "tribute to where we come from" mixtapes.

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Warning Shot Wednesday: "E! Channel"

Elucid "E! Channel": After a much-needed vacation, Elucid is back with his own true life tales, spinning lurid project window tales of lust and lies over Suzanne Vega's classic "Tom's Diner". Listening to this takes you into the bedroom, where you can feel the sweat and smell the sex in the air.

Stay strapped. Get reacquainted.
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C0² "Scream Train"

C0² "Scream Train": C0² = DJ Orion Garcia (aka Orangutan) and Cee Monsta, and come with the zany. The track starts out unassuming enough, but then goes to the double time on the chorus, with a host of flips in the lyrics and flows. Will they release an album? Who knows... they've been together for almost a decade, but if some of their other output sounds like this, sign me up!

Watch out for the weird call & response at the end of the track. Zany, I tell you!
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H.B. Monte ft. Jarvis "Hood Fly"

H.B. Monte ft. Jarvis "Hood Fly": Slinky guitar flavors for the summer from BX's Havboy. If someone is going to try and impact radio, they could do way worse than this track, which sounds like it would go down well with the top dropped and a fly skimmy on your arm. By the way, Jarvis is a new signee to Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace camp.

Bonus Beats: H.B. Monte & Cory Gunz "South Bronx Freestyle"
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The Food Chain

Got some early-morning independent Hip-Hop from DC for you guys. Some interesting sounds within this, from the mid-90's flyness of the GeeDubz remix of "ROY" to early-Anticon feel of "Spring Cleaning" from Teddy Faley. There's something in this for everyone, especially for those who love their Hip-Hop subversive...



01. Cubbiebear - Ink
02. Ardaplus - Gasoline Tears
03. Caverns - Turkish Bathouse Armageddon
04. Educated Consumers - Roaring Flood
05. Flex Mathews - ROY (GeeDubz Remix)
06. Mathpanda - Bazaar
07. Jade Fox - Got 'Em Like
08. Blak Lungz - Best I Can
09. Future - Sons of Man
10. Cuer - Note to Self
11. Teddy Faley - Spring Cleaning
12. Rosetta Stoned - Last Supper

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Double Dee & Steinski: The Lessons

I hope you guys weren't sleeping 2 months ago when I told you that the 2xCD retrospective on Steinski entitled What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective was out today. Well, it's out, and it's the jam. To celebrate, a staple in Hip-Hop history, Hip-Hop production and sampling in general are being made available for you, for free:

Check out Steinski speaking on the origin of The Lessons:

I actually had a few of these jammin' this weekend. If you are a fan of cut-up music, Hip-Hop History, and audio art in general, you should pick this up. I highly recommend it, if not for all of these gems on one disc, but for the 2nd disc's 28-track extravoganza, "Nothing To Fear", which, in true Solid Steel flavor, takes tracks you've definitely heard before (including cuts from J-Live, Marvin Gaye & Foxy Brown), and throws in a perfect snippet of sound that ends up turning the track on its ear, without diverting you from the groove. A truly stunning back catalogue that, while not something that made Dee or Steinski millionaires, definitely made their mark on the scene and should be within the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame.

In an added treat, check out "The Lessons Live" from 2000, featuring Steinski with Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow (Part 1 \ Part 2).

What Does It All Mean? is available NOW from the Illegal Art shop for $13. Can't beat that! You can even download this sampler, and hear more tracks from other Illegal Art releases.

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Still Dreamin' Vol. 2

I put you guys up on this two weeks ago with the teaser, and now this opus is here. Trackstar the DJ continues on the smooth, throwback groove that he established with Vol. 1, and now Black Spade has accompanied him as the host on this next adventure. Not too many DJs can throw on a mix that features Method Man, DJ Krush, Latyrx, Dwele, Jay-Z, O.C., Al Green, Main Ingredient and others, and still make it fly for your lady to rock to.

DOWNLOAD Still Dreamin' Vol. 2, pour a bit of wine and snuggle up with that special someone.


01. Gil Scott-Heron-Home is Where the Hatred Is
02. Mos Def-Brown Sugar (Fine)
03. Bilal/Mos Def/Common-Reminisce
04. Erykah Badu-Soldier
05. Common/Jill Scott-Funky for You
06. John Legend-Refuge (When it'd Cold Outside)
07. Coultrain-Lost in Translation
08. D'Angelo-Me and Those Dreamin Eyes of Mine
09. Dwele-Flywun
10. Tony Williams-Dreamin of Your Love
11. Donny Hathaway-Little Ghetto Boy
12. Jay-Z-Dear Summer
13. Stephen Marley/Mos Def-Hey Baby
14. Pete Rock/CL Smooth-Lots of Lovin
15. O.C.-Stronjay
16. Method Man/D'Angelo-Break Ups to Make Ups
17. Esthero-That Girl
18. A-Bex/Wafeek/Azeem-You Should Know
19. DJ Krush/Monday Michuru-Keeping the Motion
20. Latyrx-Lady Don't Tek No
21. Koffee Brown-After Party
22. Al Green-You Oughta Be With Me
23. Black Spade-She's the One (20s Love Song)
24. Main Ingredient-Prove My Love to You
25. Heavy-She Who Knows

Don't even try to sleep.
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Lil' Wayne Tha Carter III Tracklist

The first thing I'm thinking when seeing the tracklist for Tha Carter III is "damn, Weezy is callin' in a gang of favors to try and make this his firstfront to back banger"; I guess all of that guest work is paying off:

1. 3 Peat
2. Mr. Carter (Feat. Jay-Z)
3. A Milli
4. Got Money (Feat. T-Pain)
5. Comfortable (Feat. Babyface)
6. Dr. Carter
7. Phone Home
8. Tie My Hands (Feat. Robin Thicke)
9. Mrs. Officer (Feat. Bobby Valentine)
10. Let The Beat Build
11. Shoot Me Down (Feat. D. Smith)
12. Lollipop (Feat. Static Major)
13. La La (Feat Brisco, Busta Rhymes)
14. Playing With Fire (Feat. Betty Wright)
15. You Aint Got Nuthin’ on Me (Feat Fabolous & Juelz Santana)
16. Don't Get It (Misunderstood)

Side note: the name "Bangladesh" strikes me as a dope name for a producer. Via 2DB.
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Mikkey Halsted "Success"

Mikkey Halsted "Success": Damn. It kind of sucks that an MC like Mikkey can murk a beat like this, but it will be remembered for Jigga and Nas rhymes.

He said "bitches become gangstas when Pro Tools pops up". Wow. Shouts to Andrew for hitting me with this. Check out his interview with Mikkey here.
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Xzibit: Our Condolences

The loss of a baby is one of the toughest losses you can take. Xzibit recently lost his newborn son, Xavier, due to a problem with his lungs. I almost felt that pain a month after my son was born, and it's a rough ordeal. A man is measured by situations like this, and X, you are a big man for your words in that post. Hold your head.
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DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #18

Cable's on it:



01. Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead
02. Daft Punk - Robot Rock
03. Joe Budden Feat. Busta Rhymes - Fire
04. DJ Khaled - We Taking Over
05. DJ Cable - MJ's Taking Over
06. Busta Rhymes Feat. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil Wayne, Nas, The Game & Big Daddy Kane - Don't Touch Me (Remix)
07. Wale - W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.

Wild mix, no? Nice Hip-Hop/Electro vibe throughout.
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RIP Camu Tao

Camu Tao succumbed to his two-year bout with cancer. UGHH heads know what time it was with the MHz/Weathermen crew. So blast some S.A. Smash or any of Camu's other bangers and reminisce on this day of Memorial.
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ghetto mini blog

Setting up a mini blog in Blogger is retardo. So I didn't do it. But if you hit the sidebar, there's a new menu entitled "pint size dub". Those are links that I feel are very choice. Keep your eyes on it, as I will be updating it a few times a day.
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Myk Dyaleks "Sound Alikes (All Rappers)"

Myk Dyaleks "Sound Alikes (All Rappers)": 1/3 of Brokn.Englsh, Myk is setting up some marvelous shit for his forthcoming album project. This is just a taster - drop this during a warm Saturday afternoon and just zone out, vibe off those "good ol' days".

Shouts to J-Dub for the heads up.
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Fitzroy Paradise Low

Fitzroy's Paradise Low debut album is a thing of beauty. From reflective, intellectual lyrics to a heavy assortment of leftfield beats, this is Hip-Hop for those who think outside of the box. And for a limited time, he's offering up the album for free. No bullshit. This link will allow you to download Paradise Low for free; act quick, though - the link becomes inactive on May 26th (Monday). I highly recommend it - essential cuts include deep bounce of "Badman", "The Way I Move" and "Her", but you should sample it fi yaself and get involved. Then thank the man for offering it up to you.

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Sparkle ID's R. Kelly

You niggas remember Sparkle right? She did that cut "Be Careful", of the lone album R. Kelly produced and wrote for her. Word is that the chick that Robert "allegedly" pissed on an fucked at a young age is one of Sparkle's relatives, and that Sparkle ID'd Robert in the videotape with her alleged niece. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that shit got hot in the courtroom today, and Sparkle ended up in a shouting match with Kelly's defense. Crazy shit.

That "Be Careful" song could be some serious foreshadowing shit, given the behind the scenes relationship Sparkle and Kells could have had.
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Slick Rick Receives Pardon

Good for Ricky D. I swear, though, when I saw the e-mail this came in, I couldn't see the whole title, and I foolishly thought Shyne was getting pardoned. Or Remy Ma. Silly khal.

EDIT: Shouts to jon jon in the comments for reminding me that NY's gov is a blind nigga. I guess niggas with eye patches and legally blind niggas gotta stick together!
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illRoots & Notherground Music Presents Wildhead Portibeast

I'm guessing you heard Wildabeast's "Machine Gun" remix, right? Well, the good folks over at illRoots and Notherground put out this dope project, flippin' Portishead beats with Wildabeast rhymes. Download it, and peep the video below that (sort of) explains the project:



01. Is It All It Seems
02. Pedestal
03. Machine Gun (ft. 6th Sense)
04. Damn
05. Timetomoveover (prod. by 6th Sense)
06. What The Truth Should Be
07. It's True
08. Stranger (ft. 6th Sense)
09. All For Nothing
10. How Can I Carry On (At This Point)

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Tone Tank The Black Six Sessions EP

Tone Tank does the damn thing. I was actually looking for some Hip-Hop with that harder edge to it. Here's some info on this FREE EP:

One half of rap duo Iller Than Theirs as well member of the collective Nuclear Family celebrates the release of his free solo EP 'The Black Six Sessions', which is made up of old school hardcore punk-rock breaks and samples with production from Doc Strange, Scott Thorough and J.Howells Werthman.

Don't even sleep. Reminds me of the punk rock bands I went to HS with; they were into Hip-Hop, but aside from a random sampler on stage, all of their licks were coming from guitars and drums. "Only In America" is my shit. Hit this link to download The Black Six Sessions, early.
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Saigon ft. Red 5ive "Believe It"

Saigon ft. Red 5ive "Believe It" [clean \ dirty]: Just Blaze let it be known earlier today that both he and Sai Giddy have been quietly working on getting Sai off of Atlantic. He's since been 100% released, and retained their masters, and while that sounds like an amazing feat, given the business that gets done in the music industry today, it doesn't sound like Atlantic was trying to release a Saigon album anytime soon. Sounds like a clean break to me.

2008 Hip-Hop success = not on a major label. One question, though: Justin Blaze had his Fort Knox label through Atlantic, right? Saigon was signed through Fort Knox/Atlantic, no? Did Fort Knox bounce from Atlantic too, or just Saigon?
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Quivver "Surin"

Quivver "Surin": Here's a moody progressive house number from Quivver's forthcoming album, Dirty Nails And Vapour Trails, which drops on his Boz Boz label on July 26th. Quivver, aka John Graham, might be more familiar to Jungle/Drum & Bass heads as the man behind the Skanna guise. He created some captivating music under that moniker, and he has a cut on this album entitled "Chasin' A Feeling" that got major spins at this year's WMC, as well as being dropped by Pete Tong on Radio 1 last month. Here's the tracklist for this longplayer that's set to feature new cuts from Quivver in house, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Chill Out and other sounds:

1. “Intro”
2. “Surin”
3. “Chasin A Feeling”
4. “What’s Not Going On”
5. “Tick Tick”
6. “2 Notes ‘N’ A Beat”
7. “Dancing In Dark Rooms”
8. “Fallin’”
9. “Ghosts”
10. “These Are The Days”

Be on the look out for this one. And know where you heard about it first!

Shouts to Justin for the heads up.
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I brought you guys the outtakes from this hilarious shoot last month, but now it is time for THE iNTERNETS PREMIERE!!

The Internets Celebrities (Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam) go in for an investigative report on Check-Cashing. Themes explored include usury, economic instability, commercial banks and their profit line, and the cycle of poverty.

Oh yeah, it's a comedy.

The video is shot on location in Bushwick and Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, New York. Also stars special guest Internets Celebrity Ben Popken of Consumerist.com.

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot by Ian Savage, Josh Weisbrot
Music by El Keter; instrumental from song "The Bottom Line" off Sankofa's album The Tortoise Hustle. Used with full permission.

So glad this is finally out there. I have been seeing rough cuts for the past month or so, and I commend these guys on their work. Possibly the best video of theirs I've seen. Ever.
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Aaliyah U R Missed Mix, Pts 1 & 2

To help commemorate The Fader's 4th annual ICON issue (which features a tribute to Aaliyah), DJ Caps dropped an exclusive mix of Aaliyah treats for your consumption. This is something I meant to post last week but didn't get around to doing. Check it...

DJ Caps Aaliyah U R Missed Mix (Part 1 \ Part 2)

Rest in power, ma.
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Phil Of Da Future

Damn. This DJ Jazzy Jeff artist is being co-signed by Mick Boogie AND illRoots.com? I don't think much more needs to be said - check him out!

Phil Nash x Mick Boogie x illRoots.com - Phil Of The Future

More info, and an interview, over at illRoots.
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Soulbrotha Exodus Mixtape

Props to Soulbrotha for hitting my inbox with this stunning mixtape, Exodus, which is mixed by the one like DJ Fusion. With production from cats like J-Zone, Don Cannon and Hurricane Ivan (!), as well as the one like B-live and many other heads being featured on this, real Hip-Hop is still alive. Don't sleep:

DOWNLOAD: .zip / .mp3


01. Intro (prod. by Andre Jackson)
02. Born for a purpose (prod. by Mahjik, scratches by Jodo)
03. Illuminate (prod. by Hurricane Ivan)
04. Karizma feat. Rukus (prod. by K-V)
05. Naija Tin (arranged by Doug Funny)
06. Be great now or later (prod. by J-Zone)
07. '06 till Infinity
08. 85' Get down (prod. by B-live)
09. Word in yo' life
10. Wahala feat. Rukus & Mercy (prod. by Marciano beats)
11. After (the afterparty) feat. Rukus (prod. by Andre Jackson)
12. Naijaluvthing feat. Keno (prod. by Erik Rico)
13. Never let up feat. Plussign (B-live & Soulbrotha) (prod. by Infekt)
14. It's what you do (prod. by B-live)
15. Song of Sorrows feat. Mercy (prod. by Random)
16. Just a dream (prod. by DJ Don Cannon)
17. Shy Groovin' feat. Alexis (prod. by Doug Funny)
18. Lord Thanks gifterlude
19. Outro (prod. by Andre Jackson)

He's also hit me with the video for "Born For A Purpose":
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Nino Bless Untold Scriptures Mixtape

I kept tellin' you guys this was coming, I even told you today. And now, it's here. Props to Shake for hitting me with the link to this, then posting it up himself. Fire, forreal.

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


1.) Intro by DJ Lennox (produced by Veterano)
2.) Da Livest (produced by Yes Sur)
3.) Peep Game (Freestyle)
4.) Times Are Hard f/Joe Budden (produced by Focus)
5.) My Piano (Freestyle)
6.) Means Of Survival (produced by Scram Jones)
7.) Going In (Freestyle) f/Grafh
8.) Name Dropping (produced by Sivey)
9.) 3rd Degree f/Saigon and Crooked I (produced by Scram Jones)
10.) When It Rains (Freestyle)
11.) Urban Legends (produced by Veterano)
12.) Ever So Subtle (produced by Gunz N Butter)
13.) Cause Of Influence (Nick’s Story) (produced by Veterano)
14.) Blame It On Hip-Hop (Freestyle)
15.) 4 In The Clip f/Joell Ortiz, Styles P & Kool G Rap (produced by Veterano)
16.) Bright Lights (Freestyle)
17.) Won’t Change (produced by Frado)
18.) Going In Pt.2 (Freestyle)
19.) My Story (produced by Blackout Movement)

Enjoy. And don't forget, special "limited edition" versions of this project are being sold, both physically and digitally; matter of fact, hit up beatsource.com if you are trying to support the artist.
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Who Said Gangsters Don't Dance ?!?!

Ryan Durkin, who I previously featured on this Black ELement post, has concocted a quick Remix EP of Jay-Z's American Gangster. Who Said Gangsters Don't Dance ?!?! mixes up Jigga rhymes with some faster tempos, dipping into a House/Techno vibe.



01. Durkin's Intro
02. Jay-Z "Party Life (Ryan Durkin Remix)"
03. Jay-Z "I Know (Ryan Durkin Remix)"
04. Jay-Z "Pray (Ryan Durkin Remix)"
05. Jay-Z "Roc Boys (Ryan Durkin Remix)"

To be honest, I think "Party Life" and "I Know" work very well with the hyper beats, especially "I Know", where he flips the beat from the 4x4 kicks to the slower beat. I recommend this for DJs who like spinning Hip-Hop and Club beats and need some WMDs (whattup low-bee?) for their sets.

Shouts to Black EL for the heads up.
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Nino Bless "Name Droppin'"

Nino Bless "Name Droppin'": Untold Scriptures drops today. Cuts by Scram Jones.

Big up to Matt, as per usual.
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[video] Mike Tyson Cannes Press Conference

Don't know if you guys are aware, but Mike Tyson has a new movie out about his life; recent comments he's made while promoting it hit the 'Net, and I just see that IFC has uploaded video from his Cannes press conference; check it out:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
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Usher ft. Jay-Z "Best Thing"

Usher ft. Jay-Z "Best Thing" (prod. by Jermaine Dupri No ID, as per Andrew's confirmation): Taken from Usher's forthcoming Here I Stand, I think this would have been a doper lead single, especially given that both have recently been married. How the fuck did JD cook up this beat... was No ID sitting over his shoulder?!

Via Eskay.

I guess this is what was being recorded during this video:

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Nas "N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)"

Nas "N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)": I know, I know, I'm done with Esco. It's just that, hearing tracks like this, that are so exactly what I thought Nigger was going to be about, it just upsets me that dude is now doubling back on the title. That title + this content = what the fuck the game needs now, not some egotistical cock stroke.

Via Shake, by way of Legend, AKA the New Music Niggers.
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DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #17

I could imagine this mix bumpin' in the club:



01. Rick James - Superfreak
02. MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
03. DJ Spider - I'd Rather Get Some Head
04. Usher Vs. DJ Danny Diggz - Bass In This Club
05. Dynamite MC - Rush The DJ
06. Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back
07. 69 Boyz - Tootsie Roll

DJ Cable does it again.
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