[rock the dub Interview]: Jus Ske

I get passed a decent amount of music, not on the level of some of the big bloggers, but then again, I'm a different type of cat. When Mike over at Keepin' It Right shot me an e-mail with this My Mind's Playin' Tricks On Me mixtape by a dude named DJ Jus Ske, I wasn't ready. I knew, by the cover, that it'd have something to do with Pharrell's In My Mind, but the fact that this dude blended so many instrumentals, and really took his time to craft a solid mix, I was impressed. I was then given the URL to his website, and was cracking up at the design and the way he used familiar pages to introduce his stuff. I had to get some words from this guy, just to see where his head was at. He might be short and sweet with his answers, but really, DJs speak more with their hands. Use this as a tool to get familiar with one of the nicest DJs you've been sleepin' on.

khal: Alright, so as many now know, you've dropped a pretty tight mixtape full of blends with Pharrell's In My Mind acapellas, entitled My Mind's Playin' Tricks On Me. I know you've been on tour as P's DJ, but how did you come up with the idea of taking his rhymes and crafting these
intricately laced blends underneath them?

Jus Ske: Orignally we were doing a mixtape pre-album so I came up with a bunch of chops and loops and instrumentals for Pharrell to freestyle and sing over to promote the album. Through our busy schedules we never got to it and the album dropped. I later asked Pharrell for the acapellas so I could try to work them into the music from the mixtape. And then I added some more stuff and that's what it is.

khal: There's a load of beats rollin' in and out of each blend on the CD. How long did it take you to craft each track, and what made you choose the diverse selection of beats you used on the mix?

Jus Ske: Each track varied, the whole thing took me about two weeks worth of hours. And I just felt it out. For instance, the song "I Really Like You Girl" on Pharrell's album I felt was the 2006 version of Stevie Wonder's "That Girl" and I was just inspired to put the two together. The mash up didn't come out as I expected but I still felt that it was cool. And I LOVE both songs separately so I wanted to hear what they'd sounds like as one.

khal: From checking your track record, you're a seriously international DJ, having played from NY to Paris. Can you briefly take us on a tour of your DJing career: how long have you been rocking the 'tables, and how did it turn into you playing all of these major events and being so in

Jus Ske: I've been DJing for a little under ten years and I'm still really passionate about it. In the beginning, I started getting good at my craft and then through word of mouth people started hearing about Jus Ske and my song selection it started to take off. I don't really scratch much but I can rock a party. I'm also looking to take over the world (haha).

khal: What is it about DJing that keeps you coming back? I imagine you must be making a decent living, judging from where you've spun and who've you spun for – do you look at your DJing as a career or your calling?

Jus Ske: I can't live without music, I love playing it for people and getting a reaction from them.

khal: You've got a lot of events and nights all over NYC that you spin at, right? Do you go into each night with the same style or assortment of tracks? What's your favorite spot to spin at?

Jus Ske: I have certain sets I do but I like to try different things at night. And my favorite spots in NYC are Marquee, Butter and Stereo.

khal: I know you've probably run the gamut with great nights, wild nights, weird nights, and just downright awful nights. What was the WILDEST thing you've ever seen while spinning?

Jus Ske: People having sex in the club.

khal: I notice that you are affiliated with Mark Ronson's Allido Records. What exactly is your situation like with them? Are you going to be putting out your own projects or what?

Jus Ske: I am managed by them and I intend to put out my own projects very soon.

khal: What are 10 records that never leave your bin and why?

Jus Ske: 1. I Just Wanna Love U- Jay-Z Neptunes
2. Michael Jackson--"Dont Stop Til You Get Enough"/"Wanna Be Starting Something"/ Billly Jean"
3. Prince--"Kiss"/"1999"/"When Doves Cry"
4. Stevie Wonder--"Master Blaster"/"Do I Do"
5. "Sweet Home Alabama"
6. BonJovi--"Livin On A Prayer"
7. Marvin Gaye--"Got To Give It Up"
8. Guns 'N' Roses--"Sweet Child of Mine"
9. Nirvana--"Smells Like Teen Spirit"
10. ACDC--"Shook Me All Night Long"
11. Gary Glitter--"Rock & Roll Part II"
12. Madonna---"Holiday"
These songs are classics that work good in a club.

khal: Seeing as though you are one of the tastemakers in one of the biggest markets in the world, what do you think is going to be the next big thing in 2007, and why?

Jus Ske: Fusion of different genres of music. And more live music and more electro-ish. One extreme to the next, the real live acoustic stuff and on the other end of the spectrum the digital, electric sounding vibes.

khal: One thing I have to ask: how did you get the concept for your website? How long did it take to recreate all of those other, popular pages?

Jus Ske: I just wanted to be creative and I thought it was a great way of expressing my creativity. I hope I don't get sued. In essence, I feel like I am promoting all those companies while promoting myself--just works.

khal: Now that you're garnering more exposure with the mix CD, what's next for Jus Ske? Are you going to be branching out into different avenues?

Jus Ske: YES. I want to do it all.

khal: Do you have any shout outs or final words for the people out there?

Jus Ske: I wanna shout out Allido Records, Star Trak, Danucht Clothing (pronounced 'thenewshit'), OSO, ENCORE, and RE5 Energy Drinks, jusske.com, prilabs.com, Butter Restaurant, Ty-Ku, Marquee NYC, Stereo.

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LOST, Season 3: "Exposé" [recap]

What a beautifully done throwaway episode. And I mean that with the utmost adoration for the creative medium that is television and story telling. I like how series are given the chance to tell a story that might not progress the entire saga, but is interesting and exciting all the same (think of the "Pine Barrens" episode of The Sopranos).

Now I was under the impression that someone was going to die in this episode. That was something that boggled me, b/c that Twilight Zone (sup, Rafi!)/Hitchcock style ending, with them only being paralyzed, makes me think that we are going to see Nikki & Paulo again. In any case, its an interesting dynamic, because if the survivors actually killed these guys, that's the first time they killed one of their own, right?

This episode just had a bunch of interesting/ironic comments in it. Let me share some of my favorites:
  • Nikki's convo with Zuckerman about the whole "being a guest star" thing, and Zuckerman saying he'd bring her back.
  • Nikki saying she didn't want her and Paulo turning out to be Shannon & Boone, even though they not only were bickering, but they both (seemingly) died on the island.
  • The fact that they just stumbled on a wealth of shit, like The Pearl station, the plane that Boone fell in, and other points/situations we did not know then.

There's so much more, but I'd end up referencing the entire episode.

I do want to point out that I was kind of let down; I figured that Sun would be trying to murder Charlie and/or Sawyer, but she's smart: Jin would murk anyone who he thought was harming her, esp. now with her being preggers. She gets much respect for that. I can only wonder though, just like with the possibility of Nikki and Paulo pulling a move from "The Bride" and clawing out from their graves: is this the last we'll see of that situation?

Now on to next week: Kate & Juliet, duking it out in the rain? Are they fighting for their mutual feelings towards Jack, or what? I don't see Juliet being particularly tough/strong, but who knows. She is smart. Looks interesting, nonetheless. I can't wait to see how last week's events play this week.

That's it for now... until then, namaste.

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LOST, Season 3: "Exposé" [precap]

So yeah, last week I said I knew a bit about what was going on. I admit, I got my info from the info button on my trusty DVR box (gotta love preset recordings), and it said that Sun finally learns the secret behind the whole "kidnapping" from last season, when Sawyer conspired with Charlie to get the gats and (try) to take control. I think that's why she looks to start wylin' out. My wife also brought up an interesting thought: could she be somehow mixed in with Charlie's impending doom, as predicted by Desmond? Food for thought!

This episode is going to deal with flashbacks featuring Nikki and Paolo, and even features Billy Dee Williams, Mr. Colt 45 himself, as Mr. LaShade. Who? Who knows... also check out the familiar faces from the past that are to be showing up this week. I won't let that loose, but if you know the internets, you can find out.

The new official LOST podcast is also up, rehashing "The Man from Tallahassee", and "prehashing" "Exposé":

03.26.07 - Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse expose "The Man
From Tallahassee" and preview "Exposé" (3/28/07). Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway talk about playing ping pong behind the scenes.

Enjoy. And check my blog for a recap in the next few days of tonight's episode.
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Monday Evening Quarterback

Wow. What a difference a day makes.

Not only did I fucking miss eskay linking the Sirius Invasion mixtape from DJ Green Lantern (which might become my fav. mixtape of this year, like Alive on Arrival was last year), but I missed out on the trailer to the last 9 episodes of Season 6 of The Sopranos:

(forgive the audio, it's off a lil')

How ill does that look? More conflict between T and Carm? Carm getting @ Chrissy for something? The feds arresting T? Carm's "you had it coming" comment? Looks intense... Can't wait. April 8th, baby!

Can't wait. Now if I could just secure a job, shit'd be ill as FUCK! LOL.
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LOST, Season 3: "The Man from Tallahasse" [recap]

Before I dig into Locke's fuck-up of the cut, AKA the jolt this season needed, I must apologize for no coverage of "Par Avion". The week I had last week was not to be tested. Never materialized. To recap, either check out the LostPedia page, or know that Jack's father did in fact father Claire. And Mikhail got got, finally.

Anyways, this might be my favorite episode of this season, so far. It's the one that truly blew open the possibilities of this island, and finally made me look at John Locke as a cool-ass mofo. I mean, not only did dude steal C4 from the Flame, he admitted to both killing Mikhail AND had his eyes set on destroying the submarine, which we are being told is the only way for the Others to get off the island (I have beef with this line Ben fed Locke, because we all know that Walt and Michael supposedly left on a boat back at the end of Season 2 -- did they truly leave!?)... and he had no qualms at all. That's bad ass. Especially after the life he's lived. I mean to have the dude you think is your pops (I have reservations about this, too) jack your kidney, then try to murk you from 8 stories up? How fucking intense is that!?

I liked the Locke/Ben back and forth, and with the whole Adam Seward/Anthony Cooper guy appearing to be in that random ass room(!!!!), bound and gagged, I think Ben is doing what he can do to recruit Locke into the fold. Speaking of the random room, what's good with this whole "really large box" that Ben was speaking of? I mean, if the island can make a paralyzed man (Locke) walk the instant he is on it, I can't doubt what else can be done, but imagining something and it just magically appearing? Something is a bit odd about this, and I am both intrigued and dreading what the meaning is behind it. Their back and forth, and the ultimate piece of their conversation (not wanting people to leave the island) has got to be one of the most interesting pieces I have seen on this show as of yet. The idea that this island, which, for all of its kookiness, is still such a mystery to seemingly everyone on it, it sure as hell ain't time to bounce...yet.

I also was perturbed by Jack's whole demeanor during this episode. I understand that he was doing it for dolo at this point, which is so out of character for him, but something fishy was going on with him, as a person. Being watched never got him so shook before, this is the man who cut Ben's vital organs and made them release his friends! Why the sudden 180? Was it something like when guys are about to be paroled, so they want to be on their best behavior before being released? I don't know, I don't see it, but there is something working underneath all of that... and on top of it, dude can play the piano!?

This episode set up what I am guessing will be the final threads of story for this season. Think about it: for all we know, there is no communication with the outside world, AND there is no way to even get off this island. They could be set to live in some random vortex, on this island full of "monsters" and Hostiles, mystery and fear. And next week's episode looks like a doosie: what's good with Sun seemingly attacking some of the people she has grown to live with? I know, but will not spill the beans on that... yet. Maybe in a prehash of next week's ep...

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Dub Sessions, vol. 3: "Live Ammunition"

Another year, another installment of my "Dub Sessions" mixtapes.

I think this one is a nice addition, focusing on the "live" aspect of music, for the most part.

I got inspiration by two live versions of tracks from The Roots. The first is the first cut on this mix, a dub/reggae take on their "Break You Off" from their last releases on Geffen, while the last is the awesome rendition of "You Got Me" from Dave Chappelle's Block Party concert/documentary, featuring Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. I was captivated by how they could recreate the tracks on two different levels, one just dubbing the tune out but still maintaining the Hip-Hop edge, and the 2nd going into some psychedelic/tribal affair with "You Got Me", complete with both singers going ballistic over the pulsating riddim. Awe-inspiring.

So the mix was built based on those bookends. Some reggae, some live/'alternative' Hip-Hop (for lack of a better word), and even some John Mayer. Shut up, I love that JMT version of "I Got A Woman". Peep the tracklisting:

02/The Roots "Break You Off (Dub/Sound Check At Bogart's Cincinnati, OH 2003)"
03/King Tubby "Hungering Dub"
04/Stephen Marley ft. Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley & Buju Banton "The Traffic Jam"
05/Easy Star All-Stars ft. Citizen Cope "Karma Police"
06/Too $hort ft. Erick Sermon, Kool-Ace & MC Breed "Buy You Some"
07/Outkast "Spottieottiedopaliscious"
08/[interlude]: Jay-Z "Poem (Live)"
09/Jungle Brothers "Brain"
10/No I.D. ft. Dug Infinite & Syndicate "Fate Or Destiny"
11/James Brown "Funky Drummer"
12/Gym Class Heroes "Everyday's Forecast"
13/Alicia Keys ft. Mos Def & Common "Love It Or Leave It Alone (Live)"
14/John Mayer Trio "I Got A Woman (Live)"
15/The Roots ft. Erykah Badu & Jill Scott "You Got Me (Live)"

time: 74:54
size: 105mb

sendspace link : zSHARE link coming soon! Feel free to leave a message with any comments/suggestions/mirrors(!!). And thanks for listening.
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LOST, Season 3: "Par Avion" [precap]

Word. Never done a precap before. Not even sure what a precap is.

Wanna know a lil bit about what's going on tonight? Read the ABC press release for "Par Avion", tonight's brand new ep.

Wanna see the preview of this week's ep? Go register to Watch LOST, which posts up the episodes after they air in Windows Media format, and holler at this thread.

Also, give a listen to this week's Official LOST podcast, featuring Michael Emerson (aka "Ben"), one of the producers griping about filming in Hawaii, and the prehash of "Par Avion".

I'm gonna be out tonight, but will catch this episode and give a recap ASAP.

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DJ Nappy - THUGSTEP Mix (Part 1 of 2)

listen/download HERE. tracklisting:

01. young jeezy - take it to the floor f. bonecrusher (nappy vs tes la rok dubstep mix) 02. big kuntry king - throwback f. ti (nappy vs. reform dubstep mix)
03. slim thug - like a boss (nappy vs vex'd dubstep mix)
04. slim thug - diamonds (remix) f. young jeezy, sick pulla, killa (nappy vs emelkay dubstep mix)
05. jase - go hard
06. boss-n-over - self made f. bun b (nappy vs skream dubstep mix)
07. lil wayne - go dj (nappy vs benga dubstep mix)
08. big cas - check my feet (nappy vs. hijak extended dubstep mix)
09. allstar cashville prince f. yo gotti - tear it up (nappy vs el rakkas dubstep mix)
10. brisco - opa-locka (feat. rick ross)
11. 8ball - anotha level
12. riskay - dope girl (nappy vs. reform dubstep mix)
13. the game - dreams (nappy vs paradigmx dubstep mix)
14. 2vm - placita
15. the twilight singers - love

90.4 MB

The culmination of a lot of fucking hate, a load of sick dubstep tracks and some crunk ass acapellas is sitting in that link (with some straight electro/rap tracks thrown in for good measure).

If you are confused as to what THUGSTEP sounds like, peep that link.

If you already know and want to hear the tracks in the mix by a dope DJ, click that link.

If you hate, keep doing your job.

I do want to say, the way cats act on the DubstepForum and in other capacities regarding shit they don't understand/are threatened by, you guys make me not even want to listen to the shit. I already knew that your shit was essentially Dub with new-school production techniques (just ask Juju, he knows you guys are just recreating Dub), but at the end of the day, your scene will stay tiny due to your lack of forward thinking, your ridiculous need to guard your scene from shit that you think is "taking the piss" or negating your sales, and your just overall silly attitude(s).

In any case, here is a video giving you a glimpse at who DJ Nappy is and what he stands for. In it are clips from the night THUGSTEP came alive at the Killing Center, some interview spots, and other bits, some funny, some interesting, all dope. Just take a look for yourself:

THUGSTEP or die.
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Still hatin' on THUGSTEP

Check out the dubstepforum's convoluted feelings towards DJ Nappy and THUGSTEP.

Why they still think THUGSTEP is a genre we are trying to create is ludicrous. Why they continue to hate on it is even more ridiculous.

"Fuck them other niggas, 'cause I'm down for my niggas."

EDIT: At the end of the day, though, Katt Williams said it best: you need haters. They are doing their job, so Nappy, let them hate.
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One More Chance

I've been getting hit with a few more Biggie-related joints, so here is a list of what's been going on since I posted about BIG this morning:

We'll always love you, BIG.
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We'll Always Love BIG Poppa

I can't believe it's been 10 years ago today that Christopher Wallace, the man known as the Notorious B.I.G. (AKA Biggie Smalls AKA BIG Poppa aka The Black Frank White and affectionately (and accurately) known as the Greatest of All Time) was gunned down in a still-unsolved murder in Los Angeles. I don't have enough webspace to break down how often I listen to his music, how much he is missed worldwide, and how fucked up his catalogue hasn't been as big as Pac's or others who are deemed the greatest. Canibus said it best when he said "the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th", and here we are, 10 years later, still reminiscing. Add this post to the canon, as I plan on linking to a bunch of things going on in memory of BIG on this day:

That's all I'm seeing right now that's truly of interest, aside from telling you to go grab that Greatest Hits package, just to have all of them joints on one proper CD. Or not, most of you know all of them shits by heart anyways lol.

Just one more thing to link... The Lox's "We'll Alway Love Big Poppa", which is randomly not on Youtube properly for some odd reason. Check it out:

The L.O.X. - We'll always love big poppa

Add to My Profile More Videos

We'll always love you, BIG.
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POI [3/07/2007]

Just a few points of interest I want to hit you guys with whilst I wait for my son to get home, my daughter to have her root canal, LOST to come on tonight, and me to finally land a job:

  • There are some DJ NAPPY T-Shirts floating about. $25 will get you in the official wears (in men's and women's styles) of the THUGSTEP King. I'm copping a XXL in the next week or so. Don't sleep.
  • Speaking of DJ Nappy, DJ K. Ross of the Sound Advice click has done him the honors of linking to Nappy's ill THUGSTEP refix of Wes Fif's "Haterz Everywhere" and Skream's "Stagger" (grab it HERE). I've personally bore witness to this track crushing the dance hall.
  • Speaking of Nappy's refixes, there's an ill one involving Lil Jon and J Dilla that I cannot share right now, but trust when I say, it gets shit done. Fucking beautiful.
  • DNB artist Submerged's new LP is going to be dropping on April 27th, 2007, and he posted up clips of every track on DOA. Serious sounds.
  • The latest LOST podcast is up and live. Grab it HERE. Ever since my Zen Xtra went shit on me, I haven't even wanted to listen to one. I have a new mp3 player coming in the mail though, so one shall see...
  • Dasit, AKA the first white rapper to quit from The (white) Rapper Show has a diss track out, talking shit on MC Serch, Persia, $hamrock, and other, all in his best Eminem voice. What a herb. ("Hater 2" dirty : clean - right click, 'Save As')
  • I was #8 in Tony Hawk's Project 8, but I just earned the #5 spot. To celebrate that, here's an ill snippet from Skatemore featuring Daewon Song.

That's all that's on my mind that's not my family. Keep it locked.

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THUGSTEP came alive...

As I hinted at last night, I was out of town on Saturday. My boy DJ Nappy was throwing down the inaugural THUGSTEP set at The Killing Center (AKA some random, small basement in Rutgers town). All I knew for a week or two was that this was going to be a house party and that loads of people were going to be there. I figured OK, let's get it, especially since I had sadly never seen my boy throw down.

I didn't know what I was in for.

You have to understand that, while this wasn't even set to go off until 10PM, Nappy and crew (which included Cousin Nick Evelation, Definate, and this dude from Dan from 51:51) scooped me up around 7PM to be on our way up, b/c from what I understood, we had to run to grab Nick's whip, grab J Past and his mixer (which almost single-handedly fucked up the cut, more on that later) and grab some eats before all things thugsteppery, which included a special appearance from the one like Pandamonium Jones, of Caps & Jones fame. First, though, we had to traverse through NJ, blasting Hip-Hop I figured Nappy was up on, and grab some random McDonald's.

In any case, I hadn't been in a college town on a party night in a while, so I don't think I was ready for the just randomness that occurs at these shindigs. We arrived at the spot about 9PM or so to drop off Nappy's equipment and get the wonderful mixer set up. When we walk in, this lil ass dog is there barking. Dude who ran the event, who I found out goes by the moniker Machine!!!, told us to not pet the pooch b/c it bites. I see 4 cats huddled around a laptop, while watching something featuring David Bowie on the TV in what I guess was the living room. That room was about as big as my laundry room, but whatever. We go down the worst set of stairs in the world (complete with a shady first step and no lights) to enter the best place to hear grimey music in the east coast, aka their cramped basement. Two rooms, one complete with bad plumbing, a dishwasher, and 2 kegs that I hardly touched (gotta love 12 packs of Heineken). We set up, pass out some Wes Fif mixtape fliers, and then dip to get some eats from a number of the best places to eat in New Brunswick, although no one in New Brunswick can agree on which place is the best, so in a given night, you might be told that each and every eatery in that area is, in fact, THE BEST spot for tacos or wraps or whatever.

So after about 20 minutes of driving in circles, trying to find parking spots, and losing Cousin Nick and Dan a few times, we finally get some eats, pick up the Serato records that got left in J Past's whip, and get back to the party for a rousing mix of gay ass house music and garage nonsense. If you know me, 4 to the floor and crappy vocals don't really sit well with me, so with people filing in and me hearing that James Definate was upstairs, I left the best basement in New Brunswick to go lounge in the "living room", which I later found out doubled as the waiting area for the bathroom. We shot the shit for a bit, discussed Wes Fif's budding career, and I got happy b/c Nick came in with a few Heinekens for me to partake in (I can't get with keg beer, I realized). After about, oh, 45 minutes of this, we get word that Nappy is manning the decks. WHOA!

The crowd was hyped and ready to get into some heavy beats, and Nappy started his set out with a nice mix of dubstep and ill beats. The speakers weren't the best, but being as the room was so small (Definate is a big dude, and was almost on the 'tilt neck' all night due to the low ceiling), it was not a bad look at all. Loads of bass. About 10 minutes into the set, Nappy went to switch and realized that everything was backwards. I am not 100% sure, but from what he told me Sunday afternoon, all kinds of faders and gains and knobs and shit were backwards. At one point I had to borrow a pen and paper so he could make arrows on the mixer, just so he knew where everything was going. I yelled at him to "spin it fucked up", but I don't think he heard me.

Now, I like going to see cats spin in elements where the vibe is kind of raw. This was one of those nights. No real posturing or cats trying to put on airs. And they knew that Nappy was spinning these ill refixes, but I don't think they really knew the FYI on THUGSTEP like we know, so it also opened it up for the crowd to be truly amazed. And once Nappy's refix of Big Kuntry & T.I.'s "Throwback" dropped, and we heard that now-infamous "dee jay... nappy" in the intro, it was a WRAP! Bass shook the room, bodies started reacting to the beats, and one of the crunkest parties I've been to in a while commensed.

I can't even begin to break down how sick it was to not only hear these tracks I've been championing for the past few months on a good rig, with a good crowd, but the sheer volume of shit that got spun. Refixes included cats like Slim Thug, Omarion, Tes La Rok, Big Boi & the Purple Ribbon All-Stars, Wes Fif, and loads of others sat alongside tracks I had no idea people would get off on, like R.A. The Rugged Man's old school anthem, "On The Block", among others. I know most of the college kids were drunk/high and just shaking to the beat, but shit, for all of the THUGSTEP HATERS out there, I think they forget that in trying to "secure their scene", they are shutting people out who would be just as ready to bug out to GOOD MUSIC. Everyone likes to party, so why shit on some blended/mashed up refixed beats?

Oh, and J Past poked me in the eye. We were going back and forth during the "Kryptonite" mashup, and he pointed at me and poked me in the eye. I was OK, but damn. Some other highlights: homegirl rocking the fucking Nintendo Power Glove (wtf's with that?!); seeing the son of my old computer science teacher in high school, getting his on the dancefloor; me trying to pass out Wes Fif fliers to niggas on the floor, and them throwing them back on the dj booth; seeing 60 year old white dudes in Bentleys pumpin' 50 Cent down New Brunswick blocks; me rocking out and turning around to see Panda Jones standing right behind me; me actually being able to request a track and it get played like right then (gotta love being down with the selector); the fact that my "Make Dub, Not War" t-shirt arrived like 2 days after I ordered it; the random, cracked out dude who was saying he'd punch out any of these youngsters in front of one of those greatest eateries in New Brunswick; J Past telling Definate he couldn't throw away this tin plate in Qdoba, and James powering that thing in like it was nothing... I could go on.

At the end, when a DJ gets to spin an extra hour after the requested end time, you gotta realize that, no matter what the haters (who are everywhere) think, something must be right about this movement. And oh yes, it's a movement. Roll with it or get rolled over.

I want to shout out my boy, my mellow DJ Nappy; Nick Evelation for trying to get me on the stumble bumble (no I did NOT drink 10 Heinekens; maybe I had 7 or 8?); James Definate for the ride(s) - you still have that CD in your whip, dogs; J Past for the eye poke and the crunk vibes, and the almost-night destroying mixer; Machine!!! and the Visits (Tuesdays, Marita's Cantina in New Brunswick, 21+ 10pm-1am, NO COVER) crew for putting it on; the crowd for being receptive and CRUNK; and me, for single handedly getting the crowd hype. I take full credit for bringing the dub to the venue. Or maybe I am dreaming...

For more on THUGSTEP, check Nappy's MySpace page, or just keep it locked to this blog forever...

PS: I am being told that video will be crunk and runnin' tonight. Apparently they have shots of me wylin' out in the street. I don't believe it, but I will post everything I get when I get it.
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LOST, Season 3: "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" [recap]

Not a whole lot to recap here, eh? I mean, this episode was more about character development than true LOST lore, which is not necessarily a bad thing... it just leaves me devoid of LOADS of points to discuss. I guess after episodes like last week's, we can afford to chill for a bit.

Some interesting observations, in reading over the LostPedia rehash though:
  • I wonder how much of the bribed psychic's babble was bull... I mean, did Hurley's pops make her come out with the "there is death surrounding you... and more to come" stuff? Why scare your kid like that if you are trying to help him; or was that just to help draw him in to the "cure"?
  • What the hell is a VW Bus doing on the island? And is it a coincidence that it played the same song (on 8 track, no less) that Hurley played as a young boy?
  • I noticed Hurley's pop's motorcycle was a YAMAHA, but it was missing letters, reading only as "AMAH". In doing my usual 2 second Google research, I find that there is a Hong Kong legend having to do with a wife waiting for her husband at an Amah Rock. Nice touch...
  • What exactly was going on with the map that was in the VW Bus?
  • What exactly did Desmond mean when he told Charlie that "it didn't work like that" in reference to telling him when he was going to die? Desmond can see the future, right? Does he think that Charlie would try and stop his own death, even though Desmond told him that Charlie would end up getting got some other way at some other time?
  • What the hell has Vincent been doing on the island since Walt & Michael left?

So many questions, and no real answers...

I do like all of Sawyer's 'return to form' jokes at everyone, but his comment regarding Jin's English ("well, guess who's Hooked On Phonics") had me and the Mrs. DYING!

I am kind of relieved that Rousseau's journey is going to be coming to a head, because I do not like her and wish she would go away as quickly as possible. With Kate, Sayid and John on the Jack hunt, it looks like next week's ep will bring us back into island mysteriousness. Seeing "Patchy" really got me intrigued, b/c I've been wanting to know who dude was since last season.

Until next week... namaste.

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