Paging Donald Blake...

I'm always on the hunt for new, refreshing and exciting music, and I love the fact that I haven't had to leave the comfort of my state to do it... DJ Nappy has the thugstep thing on lock, and has also helped usher in the Wired Weird era... he has now introduced me to one of the nicest producers I've heard in a while, NJ's own J. Past, through a mixtape he has compiled entitled Introducing Dr. Donald Blake (which can be downloaded for free HERE). He's a younger cat, not even legal drinking age yet, but his production is on point. This collection, from what I understand, is his first forray into giving the public free mixtape loveliness, and boy is it an interesting bag.

First off, you guys might be wondering, "what in the hell is a Donald Blake, and why is Thor on the cover of his mixtape?" Well, wonder no more: the extension is more than that, though. In the vein of artists like Kool Keith, MF Doom, Madlib and others who are known to shapeshift to fit other personalities, J has crafted Donnie Blake to represent another side of his evolving musical personas, and the story told in this mix helps build the mystique. With nicely chosen samples from old school Thor tales on wax, the mixtape is ushered along nicely. And that selection...

When you peep the tracklist, you might be inclined to peg J with crews like Caps & Jones or Sound Advice, units that are known for mashing up all genres in all shapes and sizes into one interesting mix. You actually wouldn't be far from the truth, in that respect, but the feeling behind Donald Blake is a bit more Hip-Hop than some of their efforts. He still manages to throw Jay-Z over "Rock Me Amadeus", but this collection sees the world through gazelles, not aviators. Plus, the tracks truly play off of the interludes: there's one section where Don Blake visits his lady in the hospital, and the interlude is talking about him trying to figure out what was going on in his absence, and then it delves into tracks dealing with struggle and such. My personal favorite, however, is where J. Past gets to flex his beautiful production chops on "Deadly Combination Remix", where he flips 3 of his illest beats under the 2Pac/Big L/Biggie collabo of "Deadly Combination". Wonderful stuff.

In speaking to J about this compilation, he just wants to be heard. His motivation? Well, he is just vibing off the music that he enjoys. This is his first forray into creating projects of this nature, and he just hopes to get enough heads out there feeling his work to create a new one. It's good to have cats who are purely just looking for people to listen, react, then build, as opposed to trying to "get on", making tracks or mixes to get gigs or radio shows or whatever the fuck. I mean, if that happens, so be it, but don't let that be what makes you create. It has to be deeper than that, and its really surprising to have someone understand that early on, and continue to better themselves...

At the end of the day, we are given an interesting blend of tracks, interwoven in a solid narrative, all of which paints a portrait of an up and coming producer that definitely needs to be heard. If you sleep on this, you're missing out. Remember who told you first...

if you are looking for more DJ J. Past info, check the following links:
J Past.com
J Past's MySpace Page
Donnie Blake's MySpace Page
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dubplate digest: the story so far...

Well, back in September of 2006, I started up the dubplate digest, my blog dedicated soley to "upfront DNB news". My ideas behind DPD was to try and fill a void that is obviously in the DNB realm: a spot where true, constantly updated DNB news can be found. Has it been a success? Compared to the numbers, not really: with averages of under 30 hits a day, its not really having the success I imagined then. Do I think it should be doing better? Mos def... I also know that Rome was not built in a day.

In any case, I want to highlight some of the gems and jewels, the big things that have been going down over at the DPD:

  • The FIRST spot to give you exclusive news on Perpetuum's forthcoming album...
  • My "For Your Listening Pleasure" series, which highlights the best and brightest mixes from some of the nicest DJs in the scene...
  • My "Free DNB MP3" series, letting you know some of the FREE, 320KBPS MP3 gems that the illest producers have given away...

That's just some of the gems we are giving to the masses over at the DPD. I want to start bringing you exclusive articles with some of the hottest producers, DJs and label heads in the scene... I am just trying to figure out the best way to package it. More info on that when it develops.

So, check me out. For you RSS heads, our feed is LIVE. Even if my counter only shows another 10 hits per day, hopefully more heads will start to see the shine we are giving to the DNB community. And if you have any news bits/mixes/free DNB MP3 links or whatever, let me know!

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Chrome Children 2

Stones Throw currently has uploaded the Chrome Children 2 album to their website for FREE... for a month, if memory serves me correctly. Grab the .zip now and eat it up.

Tracks include artists like Madlib, Oh No, MED, Roc C, J.Rocc and others. Get it while it's free.

Don't ask for a review, I haven't even unzipped the beast, but if you are a fan of Stones Throw, I highly doubt you being disappointed... just kind of surprised there's no Dilla on here.
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[rock the dub Interview]: SoL

You've seen the interview with SoL Tha Analyst's parter in rhyme, Kontakt, so it's only right that we now bring you SoL's solo Q&A. The man's got a lot on his mind, and is not afraid to speak it. Let's get it...

khal: You go by the name SoL, but you have tagged onto that “Tha Analyst”, and your name is an anagram for “Slave of Logic”. Explain that to the people – how does that moniker fit you?

SoL: Yes, SoL is an anagram for “Slave of Logic” but SoL also describes how I live with the SoL of an old school 70s cat coupled with SoL being an adjective of my objective to spit respectfully with the fire of the torch lit by the Great Hip-Hop Emcees that we honor or should honor today! One thing about me is that most of the things I say have a double meaning if possible….just to make you think. “Tha Analyst” refers to how I approach life…THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. The high school that I went to, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, had a staff that prepared you for life and the real world while giving you a science or an engineering college level education. Critical thinking was taught as survival all the way down to the janitor. You had to be analytical in everything you did, every decision. The wisdoms learned here along with the guidance of my brother, fam, coaches, and all the ups & downs of mistakes of life formed experience to personal declaration! I indulge in connecting with people for higher wisdom. I officially became SoL tha Analyst while vibing in the studio wit Wordsmith and Kontact during the making of Forgery Complete.

khal: I see that you’ve been a student of Hip-Hop for damn near 20 years or so! What is it about Hip-Hop that draws you in, and in turn, makes you want to create your own music?

SoL: I love this question and it always makes me think about the movie Brown Sugar. This movie understands this question and so do I. I am drawn in by feeling Hip-Hop gives me when I hear it. The creativity, the fire lyrics, the artistry of people who are not afraid to tell their side of life’s story their way …MAN it just does something to ya. I am big on intelligent and clever rhyme combinations. The love of the craft and the art of being an Emcee was sparked after Wordsmith invited Kontact and I to rehearse and perform wit him down in Houston at the Toc Bar. I have always loved Music especially Hip-Hop. I have lived a wild lifetime in my short life span and this gives me a lot to speak about. Plus …there is nothing like finishing up a track that you put that hard Hip-Hop work into and receiving opinions about what you created either positive or negative.

khal: I’ve only just heard of you in the last year or so, but you’ve known Wordsmith for a while right? How did you guys meet, and how did your initial friendship turn into him taking you under his wing with this Hip-Hop?

SoL: Jyeah, I have known Word almost ten years now. I met Word at Salisbury University’s football camp my sophomore year in college. He was a new transfer from Morgan State. God formed a union that day with Word and I that was always meant to be and I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that. We have remained friends through everything since we have met and have always been there for each other if need be. My man Word called me up and told me bout a show he was gonna do down in Houston, Texas at the Toc Bar in November 06’. I was shocked that he asked me if I wouldn’t mind helping him out, backing him up on stage along with another person. He said it's gonna be a lot of hard work but it will be worth it. Learning Word’s music, rehearsing and performing the show burned a fire in me that pushed me to emcee. Well, Word shoved a little too. I had been messing around with Word every now and again on the mic but none of that prepared me for the world of the artist’s ear …no longer the listener’s ear. The Toc Bar Show spawned Wordsmith’s Statements and Stipulations tour where Kontact and I backed Word up and gained the hunger to begin what was soon to be Forgery Complete. Word allowed me to get my feet wet on the tour by letting me write a verse remixing "Hydraulic Theory" from Wordsmith’s Statements and Stipulations. This was my first attempt to be an emcee. I was willing to humble myself and learn all that Word wanted to teach. He pulled an emcee out of me that I never thought I could be. See ... I am not afraid to admit my adolescence at being an emcee. I will hope that I have a progression as the years go on to better represent Hip-Hop. I see this as a blessing because of how my career in professional football was fading. You will see what I mean when Word drops Redemption ???? ... sorry can't give the whole thing.

khal: Your mixtape album, Forgery Complete, showcases your union with MC Kontakt. What is it about the two of you that makes you fit as a unit?

SoL: I believe it’s the differences in our style, voice, pitch that makes us potent when we mesh. It’s also the chemistry we have when we create music together. You will most def see the chemistry in '07. I think our styles compliment one another. Not to mention the grind that we went through together to become emcees worthy enough to make Forgery Complete. As far as MCing goes we started at the same time and I believe that added to the chemistry.

khal: I notice on your solo track “Night After Night” that you get kind of raunchy without being too X-rated. Do you consider yourself a Casanova? What was the basis behind that track?

SoL: This track made SoL come to life. This was my first attempt at a solo track and I wanted to make it relative to both men and women as well as write the track as a single. A Casanova …nah …one step from being a porn star…MAYBE..hahaha. Nah but truthfully, I was giving an example of what to expect night after night with Tha Analyst and seeing how many nasty freaks feel the same when they have that #1-3 status on your partners all-time list….think bout it. The first verse is straight forward but the second verse has 12 positions of the Karma Sutra. I did a little research for them, too, because I wanted to explain different positions, but in a clever fashion. Word has taught me not to be afraid to make the listeners find out what you are saying if he or she doesn’t get it. Mad props to my brother Deedaman for rocking the end.

khal: It seems that every year there are a whole slew of new MCs, new crews and a lot of cluttered spaces in Hip-Hop. You are aligned with the Nu Revolution camp. What is it about your bredren that sets you apart from the rest of the Hip-Hop community? Do you think, if given the opportunity, you guys could shine like Dipset or the Roc did years ago?

SoL: I believe it’s the maturity of the camp. Money is not the motive for what we are doing, the love of music and Hip-Hop is. Hip-Hop history and homage is our foundation and professionalism is how we present our selves. Everybody works hard in the camp, knows their role and respects one another. We are not afraid to let our music speak for itself and not copy, fake it, or sell out by having people write and/or rape our stuff. I believe with the right opportunity Wordsmith could turn what he built for him and us into something very special. I see our group more like a Wu-Tang Clan. Hardworking grinding assembly of talented diverse dudes for the common cause of fun music and Hip-Hop..Hip-Hop!!

khal: What five MCs are you feeling right now, on skills alone, and why?

SoL: Ludacris- he is so ridiculous no matter what beat ..what track .. he keeps the fire and rips it. Very clever on the mic. T.I.- his lyrical ability and delivery is smooth and sick. His flow is fluid with any beat plus his character and personality on the mic sets off his style. Lil Wayne- his growth as an emcee is both respected and recognized. Funny, witty metaphors and similes, plus I like the word combos he puts together. He def spits dat heat! Nas- One of the great emcee storytellers of Hip-Hop, Nas' creative intellect is vicious. Fresh knowledge spittin', always respect for his delivery and tone at the mic. Jay-Z- One of the most lyrical cats to rock the mic. I have respect for his business savy. The verses are always heated with flow flippin' confidence and the mic voice that the streets feed on… but I miss the Reasonable Doubt Jay. His flo on that CD …..DAMN….. I'm feelin' it!

khal: What else do you get into, aside from writing and getting better at your MC skills?

SoL: Jyeah ..easy: I have 3 yr old twins, Jordan n Jada, they keep me busy, but if no music and no kids …eating, exercising, sports, relaxing, having fun, trippin' n chillin'. I am a laid back dude.

khal: Seeing as though you are at home dropping more seductive tracks like “Night After Night” as well as more underground flavored tracks like “Microphone Bully 3”, which do you prefer?

SoL: I don’t really have a preference. I allow the beat to tell me its story and then find the best way to relate SoL to it. I am not sure yet but I think I like telling stories the most.

khal: If someone were to ask you “which song or verse defines you right now”, which would it be and why?

SoL: Probably my verse for Wordsmith’s "Legion of the Lyricists". My verse explains how Kontact and I became emcees and where we are trying to go.

khal: What do you have planned for the future, whether it’s tours/mixtapes/albums/etc?

SoL: I will be grinding with the camp, performing at every show we get a chance to. As far as albums goes the camp will be dropping something each month (full list in Kontakt's interview).

khal: Do you have any shouts or final words to give the people in closing?

SoL: My first shout is to God n then ……to you, khal, for the interview. Mad luv to JoJa, Wordsmith and the Nu Revo Camp, my family, my friends, Duece and Four Quarters, BMORE, R. motions from Officialheat.com, Mr CRF from Critical Beatdown Magazine. Unison Collective, Work, D Coy, my RRC fam, MicrophoneBully.com, and anyone else who aided in the belief of the music! Thank you so much. Mad luv..Peace
for more info on SoL Tha Analyst and the Nu Revolution Camp, check out the following links:
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[rock the dub Interview]: Kontakt

A year or so ago, I interviewed a cat by the name of Wordsmith. In that interview, he spoke on setting up his own label, Nu Revolution, which has since grown into a pretty stable crew of artists. Over the time between that interview and this blog starting up, Words has always hit me with info on what's been going on, and about 2 months ago he sent me links to this mixtape, Forgery Complete, a mixtape album by one of his Nu Revolution groups, Kontakt & SoL. Their blending of introspective, real life tales, club bangers and underground mic mangling sessions are something that many crews might wish to accomplish, but don't necessarily complete fully. Both of these budding MCs represent Maryland, and while their linking up produces fire, they are both interesting individuals in their own right. So, in the honor of giving everyone their own light to shine, we are going to be bringing you a group interview in two parts: one for Kontakt, the other for SoL. Here is the first installment, with the one like Kontakt...

khal: First off, in one sentence, what does Kontact bring to the Hip-Hop game that other MCs aren't currently dropping?

Kontakt: First I would just like to say thank you for the interview. I think I bring to the game a fresh, original sound. The unique thing about me, I believe, is that I am not afraid to do or try different things with my music. I started out singing so I always try to incorporate that into the music that I do. I like to find the melody in a track and use that to give the track a little more feeling.

khal: How did you get to where you are today? Where are you from, how did you get into music initially, and what keeps you motivated?

Kontakt: I started out as a young cat in a church choir. I think that is where I got my love for music. Also my Pops can sing very well. Seriously, I think that he could have been one of the Temptations or a member of Earth, Wind, and Fire. That's who he raised my listening to. As far as Hip-Hop goes I was introduced to the real essence of Hip-Hop one day outside of school with Word when we were young at a freestyle battle. Now I am still with him as a soldier of the Nu Revolution Camp.

khal: I know Wordsmith has been doing his thing for a bit now, getting his buzz in various avenues. How long have you been rolling with Words?

Kontakt: Word has been rapping for as long as I can remember and we became friends in middle school. That one day after school we were in a big crowd of people and Word asked me to beat box. Word and this Jamaican cat went back and forth freestyling over my beat. It was crazy. It is to this day wild to see how far we have come. From that one day back in school to starting this Nu Revolution movement.

khal: I saw on your MySpace page that you started out as an R&B singer, and got into MCing. How long have you been rhyming? Was it a hard transition? Were you able to apply your skills in singing to your rhyming?

Kontakt: Yeah, I started out singing and really still love too. I have been seriously MCing for over a year now. I am really still a rookie. The transition has been good. I have many excellent partners to work with. I have learned so much from Word that it is crazy. Getting to see Wordsmith the Great master his craft first hand, has been the biggest help and influence on me as an MC.

khal: Your recent mixtape, Forgery Complete, is billed with SoL. Are you two trying to come out as a duo? If so, what makes you two fit so well?

Kontakt: That is definitely what we are doing. SoL tha Analyst is my partner in crime. We have become really close and our chemistry has grown so much. Check out one of our shows and you will see what I am talking about. I believe what makes us fit is that we both have very a open mind when it comes to music. We try to think outside of the box and try to come up with sounds and concepts that are really different than what is out today. Which is basically one the goals of the Nu Revolution camp.

khal: You have a few tracks, like "U", which seem to draw heavily from your own life. In these days, it's hard to find MCs who will truly spit about their own life, or be real about themselves. What draws you to such introspective material?

Kontakt: I just try to be real. I feel that if I am real, true to what I say, and pull from my life to make my music than people will listen and be able to relate. That track "U" is pulled straight from my life. It goes through how I met my fiancée, shout out to Nancy. How I had my heart broke before and wasn't going to get seriously involved again. But, I met her and she captured my heart. I make songs like that because I know a lot of people can relate to those types of situations.

khal: Who are some of your influences? Have you tried to emulate any of the emcees who have been important in your maturation?

Kontakt: My main influence would be Wordsmith. I have had the privilege of watching him grow as an artist. So, I have taken that opportunity to study his work and come up with the best way to express my self musically. Word and other artists like Ludacris are MCs that continue to grow and it is evident that they work and study their craft. That is what I strive to do.

khal: In the last year, your crew Nu Revolution has been building pretty strongly. What do you think sets you guys apart from other crews that are prominent in the game today? Do you think Nu Revolu will be on par with super groups like Wu-Tang or the Juice Crew?

Kontakt: I definitely hope that we can make Nu Revolution as big as those names. I think we certainly have the people to do it. Nu Revolution means ---Breaking through the mold of the repetitive nature of today's Hip-Hop to bring an entirely new and exclusive sound. That's exactly what sets us apart from all of the other crews out right now.

khal: I know you guys went on tour with Words during his Statements & Stipulations tour. How do you try to make your music truly make noise during a live show? What do you bring to the stage that would make someone want to come back?

Kontakt: Man, these days dudes don't perform. We are definitely trying to bring back the performance part of a show. Not just spiting your lyrics. When you come to one of our shows we are going to make sure we entertain you. When you leave our show we want you to remember things that we did, from chorography to props. We will do what ever it takes for you to enjoy, remember, and walk away saying "that was a show."

khal: I know one thing that both you and SoL spoke of about your mix album was the fact that it contained both bangers AND more backpack-flavored bits. Do you dig one style more than the other, and if so, why?

Kontakt: Naw, I don't think we dig one style more than another, we enjoy it all. We love to do deep songs that make you think about a certain situation for example: "Call of Duty". Then the underground bangers like "We Got This". Then feel good joints like "Music". So we just try and stay well-rounded in our music. We are always trying to make something for everybody.

khal: What's going to be going on with you in 2007 and the next couple of years? Are you working on any solo projects? Any tours? What's really good?

Kontakt: We are definitely going to be doing some shows bringing Forgery Complete to the stage. So keep checking the website for upcoming dates. I have a solo EP, Sol Tha Analyst Presents Kontact "The Enigma of Love: Scriptures for an Intense Attraction" dropping (April 3rd, 2007). Also check for Kontakt & SoL Featuring Black Knight "The Variety Show" Mix Album dropping (June 19th, 2007)

Other dates for the camp:
-92Q Jamz "Konan" Presents Wordsmith "The Next Level Series" Volume 1 Mixed by DJ Vega (2007)
-The Nu Revolution Camp Presents Wordsmith "The 2006 Mixshow Wrap-Up" (January 16th, 2007)
-Wordsmith Presents RhymeZwell "Cave Sessions" EP (February 13th, 2007)
-Wordsmith Presents Professa "The Last Chariot" Instrumental CD (February 27th, 2007)
-All-Biz "The Underground Explosion" Mix Album (March 13th, 2007)
-Kontact Presents Sol tha Analyst "Paragon of Virtue" EP ( May 15th, 2007)
-Wordsmith "The Soundscape Project" Mix Album (June 5th, 2007)
-Rhymezwell "Unititled" Mix Album (July 3rd, 2007)
-Chubb Rock & Wordsmith "The Generation Gap" (2007)
-Wordsmith Presents Black Knight "The Allure" Mix Album (August 14th, 2007)
-Wordsmith & Rhymezwell "Wordswell & Rhymesmith" EP (September 11th, 2007)
-Wordsmith "The Next Level Series" Volume 2 (December 25th, 2007)

khal: Do you have any shout outs or final thoughts that you'd like to hit the people with before we end this?

Kontakt: Special thanks to the man up a stair for give me the talent and ability to do what I do. To the whole Nu Revolution Camp, "lets keep it moving." Shout out to Wordsmith for being the great leader that he is. To my partner in crime SoL for keep me on my toes. To my family and my fiancée love you all. Kontact "Lets Go!"
for more information on Kontakt and the Nu Revolution Camp, check out the following links:
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THUGSTEP Extensions

Just wanted to let you DJ Nappy/THUGSTEP lovers out there that big Napp has put out another .rar, featuring 20 tracks, the majority of which have extended intros/outros for DJ play. Check out this post on his MySpace Blog:

if you got the original pack you might wanna snag this one as well a couple extra tracks were thrown in. these all have extended intros/outros for dj play.

click EDIT: sendspace link


allstar cashville prince - tear it up f. yo gotti (nappy vs el rakkas extended dubstep mix)
b dub - do whatcha do f. bun b (nappy vs. boxcutter extended dubstep mix)
big cas - check my feet (nappy vs. hijak extended dubstep mix)
big kuntry king - throwback f. ti (nappy vs. reform extended dubstep mix)
boo - miss me with that rap shit f. young jeezy (nappy vs trg extended dubstep mix)
cherish - do it to it f. sean paul (nappy vs slaughter mob extended dubstep mix)
khalifah - light a fire f. bun b (nappy vs ekaj extended dubstep mix)
lil jon - act a fool (nappy vs coki mix) f. three 6 mafia
lil scrappy - be real (nappy vs. quarta330 extended dubstep mix)
lil wayne - go dj (nappy vs benga dubstep mix)
omarion - ice box (nappy vs. tes la rok dubstep mix)
richboy - throw some d's (nappy vs benga extended dubstep mix)
slim thug - like a boss (nappy vs. vexd extended dubstep mix)
smitty - lil haiti (nappy vs. burial dubstep extended mix)
trillville - neva eva remix f. twista (nappy vs. pinch extended dubstep mix)
unk - 2 step (nappy vs. genetic krew extended dubstep mix)
young dro - shoulder lean (nappy vs. deadly habit extended dubstep mix)
young jeezy - take it to the floor f. bonecrusher (nappy vs tes la rok extended dubstep mix)
young joc - going down (nappy vs juju extended mix)

and if it doesnt say 'extended' the acapella and dubstep track end at the
same time.


I'm going to be re-uploading the .rar to sendspace, and will be linking it here. Might up it to a few spots as well, just to ease up the use of the direct linkage. And peep that "Ice Box" thugstep mashup... fucking SERIOUS!
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the shuffle. [1/27/07]

Hell, I need to tear myself away from this skateboard stuff for just a bit. Wifey bought me Tony Hawk Project 8 a few weeks ago, and in between bouts of The Da Vinci Code for PS2 and job hunting, I've been getting my skate on. Virtually, of course. I wanna shout out my boy SBK for putting me on to the skate scene - I think I'm gonna be getting into more of these vids in the near future. Right now, I've been checking out almost's "Cheese and Crackers", which shows some INSANE tricks from Chris Haslam and Daewon Song. Beautiful stuff. If you guys are into that kind of stuff, let me know some other boarders I should be on the lookout for...

I also just made up some of my own slang - I am going to start calling bad white wine "white weasel". I just had to pour out a full bottle - the shit looked like pee in the glass, and tasted like ass. Ugh.

Shuffle time, let's go!

01/With the Super Bowl popping off in about a week, there have been a few interesting news stories regarding, surprisingly, pregnancy and "Da' Bears". The first is about this wife who is a real trooper, for lack of a better term. She opted for an early inducement on a Friday so her husband could go to the Saints-Bears playoff game last Sunday. I love my wife, and I saw what she had to go through with her inducement of my son - I am already in debt to her for the rest of my life. If she actually chose to induce so I could then leave her side and go to a fucking football game? She deserves a HEAP of medals... especially since the Bears are probably getting WAXED next week. The 2nd involves a mother-to-be who is a Bears fan and wants to get to the big game. She isn't trying to whore herself out, or do something ridiculous like swallow a box of nails to go to the game, no: she wants to get some tickets in exchange for painted on ads on her belly. Now, this might sound interesting at first, but what if this chick doesn't get on TV during the big game? I mean, an event like the Super Bowl is strict in terms of TV time, what with the millions of dollars spent on each new commercial... you have to have a tight window of time so your sponsors can get it cracking. She might end up on her local station, but we'll see about her making that big game. Good luck to her, and good luck to 'Da Bears'. I still want Peyton Manning and those Colts to win it, but any championship game where both coaches are Black is a win in the history books for a guy like me.

02/While most of you guys are worrying about getting murked in gunfire, the government is hard at work making a ray gun that makes a bitch feel like he's on fire. They call the shit a "non-lethal" weapon, b/c it shouldn't make you die, but who knows. I mean, fuck a taser, if I see a beam of light and it makes me feel like my arm is about to char and bake, yeah I'm dropping my piece. Now, the thing that bothers me is the comments about "oh, we should be using this in Iraq or Afghanistan". No, no. That's convoluted thinking. In the Middle East and other spots, they will chop off your hand for stealing. We already hung Saddam for his sadistic ways, shouldn't we be a bit more biting in our treatment to the guys who had a hand in dropping the towers? "You drop planes into our towers, we shoot you with a beam that makes you drop you gun" doesn't sound like "winning a war" to me. Then again, look at the admin we are under right now...

03/Speaking of gats and war, this Bloods member had me spitting out my morning cup of water this week. His lawyers tried to interpolate the famous "battered woman syndrome" defense, which helps women who have murdered someone who had been assaulting/abusing/etc them. My man's lawyers tried to come up with the "battered gangster syndrome" defense, which sounds like the most ridiculous pile of legal bullshit this side of the Trenton Makes. The thing that cracks me up is, niggas SWEAR they are hard, and will pistol whip and buck their guns any which way they can, but when they get put in the bing, and the clock is on them, and they see their ridiculous actions spell MAD YEARS for them in the pen, all of the sudden they were shook b/c a nigga was going to beat them up if they didn't throw a malatov cocktail? Nigga, get a life. Or get a pussy. If you are in a situation where you knowingly choose to roll with a gang, cool, do you, but when you get caught, be a fucking man, own up to your shit, and if you want to live in the prison, don't snitch. Other than that, don't pull that ho bullshit, "oh he was going to cut my face up again!" You sound like a herb, and you need to leave that alone.

04/Here's one reason why I'll never set foot in Texas: the white students at Tarleton State decided to put on a "MLK party", mocking Black stereotypes, including drinking 40s, performaning "step shows", and wearing afro wigs and fake gold teeth. I mean, OK, you want to mock Black people, do you. I can mock White people on the regular. I think what gets under my collar is the fact that you associate that stuff with MLK, as if any of that has a damn thing to do with MLK. If I was to have a "JFK Party" where we all wore Brookes Brothers suits and snorted coke off of the breasts of blonde white freaks in mini skirts, I'd be Saddam'd already (or worse, Saddam's half-brother'd)l I wonder what will happen to these kids, though.

05/Speaking of Texas... one of the first openly gay rappers, Deadlee, has his "Homo Hip-Hop Tour" rolling through a load of dates in Texas in the '07. You have to respect a guy who is that open in this homophobic genre, esp. when he bills his style of Hip-Hop as "Gayngsta" or "Homohop". He's even beefing with MCs, like 50 Cent, who he tells to "suck on his gun", and calls Eminem out for his lyrics on "Criminal", saying that he "knew all of the subcultures" and says "he might be a fag". I love when someone tries to make a name for themselves off the backs of others... I mean, that's how 50 got on, no? He got signed off his skills, but niggas remember him for his Ja Rule beef. The thing is, aside from the gay/lesbian community, Deadlee is going to have to step it up and come correct. At the end of the day, Hip-Hop will live or die off of skills, and if his image and M.O. is just being gay and calling people out, that shit will die a quick death. If he has mic skills to back that up -- who knows, maybe he will hit the big leagues.

06/Speaking of Hip-Hop and Black Entertainment, I have a bunch of quick shots to buck at you guys, get ready: when he's not getting into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Grandmaster Melle Mel is pursuing a career in the WWE. Now, he might have some muscle to him, and he went to wrestling school, this a wrestler does not make. Dude is what, 45? Slow down, get your paper, and just cool out man... The hearing for DJ Drama and Don Cannon was postponed this week. How these guys are being brought up on racketeering charges is beyond me; how you can be considered to be blackmailing someone who you are ultimately helping not only get cred in the street (which is the most important place for a current Hip-Hop artist to be), but also helping make money, is beyond me... For you fans of the Wu-Tang Clan, their first LP since 2001's Iron Flag, 8th Diagram, is scheduled to drop this summer on SRC, a label that is headed up by the same cat who was the head of Loud Records back when the Wu was originally singed to their group deal. This album is said to include a tribute to ODB, as well as a live performance from the ol Dirt Dog. Hopefully all of these cats will be on their pen game when this one drops... your favorite NOLA sex offender Mystikal was released from prison, sort of; it looks like niggas thought him serving the length of his tax evasion charges meant he'd be getting out, and they forgot about the whole ordeal with the forced oral sex on tape. And to think, I downloaded "Danger" for nothing... everyone's favorite G-Unit MC, Young Buck, was arrested this week on old driver's license charges. I guess he had to get in the news again before Buck The World drops... depending on how you see it, Diddy is either milking BIG for all he is worth or kicking a dead horse: Rizoh @ TRU let it be known that Bad Boy is set to drop a "Greatest Hits" package of BIG's songs, which I could personally make for you for $5 (sans hi-quality cover). Why we need a "Greatest Hits" package when BIG hardly had enough material to warrant a true, retail GH CD is beyond me. I could see if Diddy just opened the vaults and put all of BIG's shit out on a 3 or 4 disc set; I'd gladly lay down loot for hi-quality versions of all of the Biggie joints Bad Boy ever created, but we won't get that, no. We get "Nasty Girl" and tracks we've already grown to love and grow old with. Fix up, Puff... RIP Disco D, who produced Trick Daddy's "I Pop", which was great news to me...

07/Here is one reason why I don't go to the movies anymore: the trailer for the upcoming Ghost Rider film. Forget the fact that I used to read the comic when I was a shorty (I came from the Daniel Ketch era of GR), or the fact that I am a sucker for comic movies, but this movie doesn't even seem appealing. I thought Nicholas Cage was a good look for the role, but then I saw him act, and his delivery is all wrong for the tone of the series. And Eva Mendes? She has a dope body, but something about her face just irks me... I think it's her nose. In any case, we need less of this.

08/In a move that I applaud and wish had been going on back in the Mike Tyson glory days, HBO is set to debut a "tie-in" reality series that will lead up to the much-anticipated battle between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., which takes place this May. De La Hoya/Mayweather 24/7 is set to premiere on April the 15th, and looks like it will be a 4 part series. I doubt there will be much "grit" and realness in the series, as each has an image to uphold, but imagine if this takes off - who WOULDN'T want to see some of these characters in their daily lives? And imagine the stories the cam would tell if they could have followed Tyson in his prime... I shudder at the thought.

09/Finally, I want to send a huge RIP to the man like Bam Bam Bigelow; he was orignally from Asbury Park, NJ, and while he reached star status in WWE, ECW and in Japan wrestling organization, his depression and drug abuse has been well documented. Jim Ross blogged about him, and drops knowledge on the man. I mean, anyone who can top 400 pounds and still come from the top rope nightly is a force to be reckoned with. Many remember his WWF days, where he went from an unknown mastadon to a highly successful and larger-than-life figure (his face in video games and that bald head didn't hurt either); it's just a shame to see the wrestling world lose another hero. You are missed, Bam Bam.

That's the way the cookie crumbles, folks. Not the most exciting week of news, but we deal with the hand we are dealt. Hope you enjoyed, and check back for the next installment. I will leave you with this video, the new single from Stephen Marley ft. Damien Marley, a track entitled "The Traffic Jam" which my wife HATES. That beatbox is dope IMO. Check it out:

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Friday, Jan. 26th 2007 playlist

So I don't know if I got that job I interviewed for last Friday - should be hearing today about it... I hope. Job market is a cold bitch these days - seems like I'm putting my resume out everywhere, and for one reason or another, a nig can't get in. I got them BEATS, though. Peep game:


01/Perpetuum "Urban Afterglow VIP" [dubplate status, sorry. not sure when this will be out, but if/when it drops, grab it. Perp steps up the original's sultry feel with some aggresive drums, turning the sweet love-making to some sweaty, funky fuckfest fun. Holla. Get ready for his LP, btw...]
02/Styles P ft. Sheek Louch "Walk By" [nicely done track, even if Sheek only does the choruses. D BLOCK!]
03/Sean Price "King Kong" [Sean Price doesn't stop. From Jesus Price, Superstar, which should be out next week...]
04/No I.D. ft. Dug Infinite & Syndicate "Fate or Destiny" [One of my favorite underground Hip-Hop cuts of all time. If you aren't up on No ID, you should be... or you probably are. He not only produced Common's "I Used To Love H.E.R.", he did a lot of Common's early shit. Check out this wiki about him...]
05/Gym Class Heroes "Everyday's Forecast" [I only knew these cats from their video that has been getting much burn in the last couple of months, but I got intrigued and grabbed a few of their discs. Interesting stuff, at times, even if dude has a fucking Monroe. This one is really smooth. Not my usual cup of tea, but I like this track a lot.]
06/Trae ft. Lil' Boss "Bitches Ain't Shit" ["Trae da truth" kills it over that classic Dr. Dre beat. Check that 2xCD set, it's the truth.]
07/Slim Thug "Like A Boss (Nappy vs. Vex'd Dubstep Mix)" [you guys should already know about those THUGSTEP refixes I told you about earlier this week. Its funny how the original had bounce, but the dubstep brings in a new element. You can't tell me these shits ain't proper.]
08/Redman "Lost One Freestyle" [only version of this being passed around is a CLEAN one, so forgive me, but Redman murders this beat. His flow is that shit, most cats can't even get with it like they should. Where's his LP at?!!?!?]
09/Raekwon "My Corner" [I can't place the original sample in this, but I know I know it. This might be the first piece of the OB4CL2 LP... we'll see.]
10/Prodigy "Stuck On You" [nothing much to say about this one, aside from the fact that P + ALC = QUALITY. Can't wait for that Return of The Mac.]
11/Little Brother ft. Talib Kweli & Mos Def "Let It Go (Remix)" [some Mick Boogie mix CD shit from a few of the underground's most well-known niggas. That beat is slick, gotta love 9th with his sampling. Mos rocks it everytime over a tight beat, so you can't front on that. Who said Mos rhymes 2nd is crazy, though...]


You guys know Disco D passed recently, so here's a link to some of his productions. RIP...


For a final thought, I figured I'd mix things up a bit:

50 Cent "Ski Mask Way" [prod. by Disco D]:

Dom found this video mashup of his track "Imagination" and the movie Tron:

Slick Rick "Hey Young World" (was on VH1 Soul yesterday...)

peep Arsenio Hall diggin' into Vanilla Ice's ass back in the day:

RIP Bam Bam Bigelow: here is Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow on classic ECW:
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Americal Idol 6, week 2 [recap/thoughts]

I'm going to make this post a bit more pointed, because while I am enjoying watching this season so far, I am noticing something that does not make me happy...

Over the 4 shows that make up Season 6, I am getting more and more miffed. It seems as though too much time is being spent on making the losers feel like winners, or giving them their 15 minutes of fame. While I am all for seeing Ian Benardo act like a jerk-off for a 2nd time (my family watches So You Think You Can Dance, too), wait, I'm sorry, "exuberate fantasticism", and watching that Ashanti Johnson get all melodramatic on the judges (she took that "Broadway" comment a bit too far, no?), I am missing one thing: good singing. Mind you, we do get to see some OK singers from time to time. I honestly don't think we've seen many who will make it past Hollywood week, which bothers me...

I remember years ago seeing people like Ruben Studdard (who I actually pegged to win the competition off his initial audition) and Carrie Underwood and saying "wow, these cats can BLOW!", and feeling good when they actually make it further and further. I don't get that feeling at all. I understand that they want to cater to that audience who loves seeing people fail, which really, is everyone, otherwise reality TV would be making NO ENDS!

Please Idol, for me, just start showing more of the people you flash at the end with the yellow papers, instead of making us wait for these horrendous auditions to be over with...
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AI Tidbits (Jan. 23rd, 2007)

Just a few things to ponder while waiting for the premiere of American Idol week 2 tonight:

-Thomas Daniels, one of the best singers from last week's premiere, alredy has his criminal record being exposed to the US. It looks like in 2004, dude had a DUI from Oregon. The funny thing is, not only did he pay the $680 fine, but he also completed his meetings and counselor stuff - and this was supposed to be wiped from his record. He chalked this up to being "young and dumb", as he told TMZ.com, but he apparently didn't learn for he had another conviction in Dec. 2005. He got arrested again, and didn't appear for his courtdate for some odd reason. They asked him if he told Fox about his record, and he gave a no comment, which might lead one to believe that he won't be seen that much longer, which is a crying shame, b/c after reportedly three tries, he killed his audition. Good luck to T. Daniels.

-There have been a lot of idiotic reports saying that this season seems to be harsher than most. The Idol crew came out and said "get your ears cleaned!" Randy and others let it be known that these contestants are told to be aware of the possibility of tough criticism. I think the fact that comments like calling that bush baby a bush baby come from frustration of the situation. In any case, lighten up - you guys wouldn't be watching if you weren't waiting for that heat. Grow up or change the channel.

8PM tonight!
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DJ Nappy presents: Thugstep (refixes package 1)

If you've been a frequent reader of rock the dub, you'd know that I've been linking to the hip-hop/dubstep mashups that my boy DJ Nappy has been creating over the last couple of months. And I must say, these have been causing a bit of a stir around the dubstep crews, with producers in the scene getting turned on to the interesting mash of sub-loving dubstep grooves and, for lack of a better phrase, crunked out rhymes. I know guys on the dubstepforum are upset over the lack of "intelligent lyrics"... this isn't about putting the most intricate lyrics over the deep bass. This is about feeling, which is the heart of dubstep. Fans of dubstep know that it's not like DNB, where many heads are praising production qualities and "what you used" to make your sounds; dubstep is all about the way the bass flows, and getting the crowd into the pocket with heavy grooves. And, from what I understand, the crunk-tastic MCs flow much better over the beats.

In any case, Nappy has created the "thugstep refixes package 1"*, a .rar full of FREE, full versions of his rap/dubstep mashups, in 320kbps glory. Top selectors, dubstep DJs looking for some interesting, different sounds to throw into their sets, I say grab these PRONTO and peep the steelo. Here is the list of tracks included in the rar (I marked my favs with asterisks):

allstar cashville prince f. yo gotti - tear it up (nappy vs el rakkas dubstep mix)
b dub - do whatcha do f. bun b (nappy vs. boxcutter dubstep mix)
*big kuntry king - throwback f. t.i. (nappy vs. reform dubstep mix)
*cherish - do it to it f. sean paul (nappy vs slaughter mob dubstep mix)
*lil jon - act a fool (nappy vs. coki remix) f. three 6 mafia
lil scrappy - be real (nappy vs. quarta330 dubstep mix)
*richboy - throw some d's (nappy vs benga dubstep mix)
slim thug - like a boss (nappy vs. vexd dubstep mix)
twista - neva eva remix f. twista (nappy vs. pinch dubstep mix)
unk - 2 step (nappy vs. genetic krew dubstep mix)
young jeezy - take it to the floor f. bonecrusher (nappy vs tes la rok dubstep mix)
*young dro - shoulder lean (nappy vs deadly habit dubstep mix)

That doesn't mean I dislike the others, but those carrying the * are some of my favs Nappy has done... there's plenty more, though. You know you want to peep it. As Nappy said, feedback is unimportant. And, as per usual, these are all brought to you by the number khal.

Seriously. If it wasn't for me telling Nappy to get onto this dub thing, I don't think the "Act A Fool" Mashup would have been created. It's all my fault. I love the monster I helped create.

More to come in the not too distant future. All I will say is, if you dig these, keep your ears/eyes peeled to Nappy's MySpace page, as well as to this blog.

*EDIT: here's a sendspace link for you guys. That download got some SERIOUS numbers, so it was properly rinsed and this will be up until another proper link is available. If any of you guys are down for hosting this, let me know.
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fate or destiny...

Right now, I'm listening to a CD I forgot about... it's a decade old this year, by producer No ID, famous for his work on Common's older LPs. The track: "Fate Or Destiny" (maybe I'll up it later this week)...

It just has me thinking on something my wife was asking me earlier tonight: she wanted to know my feelings on fatherhood. I mean, for those who don't know, I've been a father for the last 4+ years, what with my two teenage daughters (17 next month and 16 in July...), but with lil' man, I'm actually seeing this lil' human being grow up - discover new flavors (he's back and forth with the candy cane), learning how to laugh and giggle, and all the other little things that shape his ever-evolving personality. The thing is, it's hitting me, but I might not be showing it - mainly because it's so natural.

Whether it be fate or destiny, I'm here, taking things on like a champ if I do say so myself. The shoes feel worn, and comfy. I'm walking in these footsteps that seem foreign but I'm treading like a dog in the ocean. And surviving... I may be terrible at finding a new job, I might not get the stuff going on my blog the way I like, hell, I might not be the best person I can be at times, but I know what the time is with my son. And no matter how big he smiles at moms when she comes in after a long day at work, he knows what time it is with pops...

fate or destiny, I have no clue, but I like what this is doing to me.
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the shuffle. [1/20/07]

I interrupt this shuffle for the following PSA: when I'm not spending time trying to get this blog post going, I'm having to deal with idiots bugging about labels who give away their releases for free on the 'Net. Think about how retarded of a topic that is. For everyone who is constantly badgering the music industry for free tunes, you go on and diss the people who make it a point to give EVERYTHING away? And that just shits on people like exegene and plainaudio, who are putting out quality beats, free of charge. This is a note to idiots who like to talk shit about free shit: grow the fuck up.

In any case, some crazy things have happened this week, no? From Obama to DJ Drama... wildness all over the place. Before I go into that madness, I want to give my wife a special birthday shoutout: I love you, and I am so glad I am with you. I know you aren't big on celebrating birthdays, so we will keep it chill. Much love. And I also want to big up the heads who've voted for me in this "Help me blog for 1 year" comp going on: you can still vote, btw. Special shouts to DOA and the other forums who've helped keep me at #1. Finally, I want to let those out there who were asking about my interview on Friday: it was kind of quick, but I think it went well. What they were asking me to do is not out of the realm of skills I have. I should hear something by Friday... wish me luck!

Let's do like MC Serch and handle this shuffle thing...

01/While most of us were celebrating the birthday of MLK, Newsweek helped us remember the atrocity that was OJ Simpson's "fictional" book about the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. He tried putting off on a ghostwriter who depicted a "hypothetical" spin on the murders, but dog, no one believes you. And finally, the judges did what they should have done more than a decade ago, and ordering that shiftless negro stop spending so extravagantly. You'd think they would have done this a while ago, but I guess the fact that celebrity books can make CAKE, they figured now was a good a time as any to get that nigga on a leash. I for one applaud them on that, but the thing is, how is he still caking off like that? I heard he was living off the NFL pensions and whatever chump change he made with appearances and autographs, but National Enquirer always runs picks of him on golf courses, with fat cigars, and headlines like "OJ Sniffs Up All Of Peru", or something to that effect.

02/The RIAA is on a roll this week, trying to stamp out "piracy" and other illegals in reference to the declining CD sales reported a few weeks ago. The biggest news was the raid over at the Aphilliates HQ, which resulted in the arrests of DJ Drama and Don Cannon, and including seizures of thousands of CDs, whips, and other unmentionables (no drugs or anything illegal reported, yet...): it's just hilarious how they went about things. They started calling the mixtapes Drama and co. produce "pirated discs", and turned their whole operation into something that they figure is designed to undercut the retail sales - when most of the mixtapes they do shed light on the very albums the RIAA is worried about! From being hosted by the top MCs, to dropping release dates and bigging up the radio singles, its more of a marketing tool these days than anything, especially when you consider the sheer amount of artists getting signed off that mixtape/underground hustle: 50 Cent, Sam Scarfo, Saigon, Papoose, and most recently, Serius Jones... the list does go on though. Both Drama & Cannon were released the next day, but the damage has already been done, but the questions still remain: is the RIAA trying to shut down Hip-Hop? Were they set up? And most importantly: is this the end of the raids? On a different note, XM Radio has been hit with a lawsuit over their XM+MP3 service, which lets subscribers store libraries of tunes in mp3 format. The record labels think that this service will eliminate the need for users to purchase songs, but really, that's like saying the invention of recording to cassette tape resulted in the decline of album purchases. A drought is a drought, and at the end of the day, when you have an industry that is built on popular singles, and artists end up making hot SONGS instead of concentrating on worthwhile albums, you get the situation we are in now: iTunes making a killing on $0.99 singles, and people downloading everything under the sun, b/c at the end of the day, the album isn't worth the CD it's burnt on.

03/The Democratic Party has received the much-needed "power candidates" they needed back in 2004: both Barack Obama AND Hillary Clinton threw their hats into the 2008 Presidential campaign this week. Hillary came in hard, with her "I'm in it to win it" speech, while Obama snuck in, starting out by gathering up an 'exploratory committee', which basically means neph set up a crew to start soliciting funds for his campaign. I'm personally torn between the two: while I have the uptmost respect for Hillary and the Clinton Clan, the thought of the first Black president does sound crazy monumentus to a Black man like me. To be fair, though, I don't see him winning before a white woman. White women and Black people are some of the most oppressed, looked-over human beings in the US, so at the end of the day, I will be happy for both: I think my vote won't be decided until I have to hit the button. It's still a long way off, for primaries haven't even popped off yet, but I can't wait to see how they start to crush each other.

04/You ever hear about those shock jocks who tend to go to far to get ratings, like they will somehow become the next Howard Stern? Well, some of those idiots ended up killing a mom trying to compete for a Wii for her kids. The "contest" was to see who could drink the most water without going to the bathroom, and during the "contest", a nurse called to let them know that ingesting that much water causes you to die from water intoxication. You know these assholes had the nerve to bring up the signed release forms, and made some ridiculous comments about not caring and shit. I remember seeing the Dateline NBC episode where they talked about this kid dying from water intoxication during a frat hazing nightmare gone wrong, so that shit is real. Well, the family is officially suing the radio station, and I hope they rape those bastards for as much as they can get. It's disgusting that these guys try to take quality, funny morning radio and turn it into a tragic situation. A little fucking Google search would have saved these idiots their job, and their radio station a lawsuit. I guess this is what happens when you hire monkeys to play a gorilla's game.

05/There was a discussion on the DOA boards about this fiasco involving Timbaland possibly ripping this guy's track. The Timbaland song in question is Nelly Furtado's "Do It", which is said to have ripped of this track entitled "Acid Jazzed Evening", which was entered into a Finnish competition in 2000. The thing about this situation is that, aside from the people who say that dude used a preset on his synth anyways (which kind of defeats his entire argument), is the fact that the track was never released commercially, which begs me to question: does sampling a free track mean you have to pay royalties to the original producer? I would assume this is not any different than jacking something from a free beat CD or something? I mean, let's say I am on a major label and I jacked your track and made it my own, and was like "OK let me pay this person", but you didn't sign it, how would my label go about giving you the loot? At the end of the day, dude might have a case, but Timbaland's parent company might reverse lawsuit dude (kind of like the situation Ras Kass is in), so it would be pointless to sue. There's a YTMND site dedicated to this which tells the story better than I ever can, but the fact of the matter is, intellectual property aside, the shit is free. And by shit, I mean piece of crap, disposable music, whether it's a Commodore64 mod or a Nelly Furtado track. Get over yourselves.

06/In an interesting, Nell-like story, this Cambodian lady, who was perceived to have been eaten by animals (per fellow villagers), is having a hard time adjusting to "normal" human life after being rescued from her life living in the jungle as an animal would. I mean, she was out there for 18 years - she can hardly say words, and cries a lot. She is out of her element; ask some teenagers of today to go through a week without cell phone, MySpace, TV or video games. Some of those kids will lose their shit at the sounds of silence. Sad as it might be, this is one of those situations where you either have to break those 18 years of jungle life out of her, or return her. I wouldn't want her going through unfamiliar situations if she was rejecting them. And she is rejecting them. Hopefully, we will hear more about this crazy situation...

07/Frank Hargrove, a legislator out of Virginia, got on a lot of niggas' nerves this week, when he essentially told them to "get over slavery". It might be uncharacteristic of me, but I think he might be on to something. From reading that article, most of those crybabies are the same niggas who truly think they deserve reparations for the pain our ancestors have gone through. While I am disgusted with the actions taken against my people in the past, and the ridiculous situations we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, I cannot continue to keep falling back on the idea that I should be getting paid for their suffering. If it were an immediate uncle or grandmother, that's one thing... I couldn't tell you the names of my slave ancestors, and I wouldn't want to. It's like people want no segregation, but want to cash in on shit when it counts. Now, the legislator might have made those comments in the wrong setting, in the wrong context, but fuck it, he has a point. If you want to deal with race, you can't scream outrage anytime someone says something that might be seen as offensive, when it really is just making a point. And a damn good one.

08/Immensely popular celeb gossip website, TMZ.com, is going to have a TV show on Fox, bringing it's brand of up-to-the-minute "news" to the masses. Why they decided on THIS website is a no-brainer: if you want that scandalous celeb video, you plug right into TMZ and you're in there with the newest latest. My thing is, this site is pretty much a glorified blog, so I want to know which blog is the next blog to get their own show. Could you imagine a rock the dub TV show, on like MTV2 or some shit? Interviews, reviews, crazy video: someone needs to make it happen!

09/Shouts go out to The Fader Mag for letting the world know that DJ Stretch Armstrong, the man on the wheels of steel for the classic "Stretch & Bob" Hip-Hop Radio show that had so many household names on before they got put on that it's hard to make a concise list, has his own blog, and is linking to his old shows. Any Hip-Hop enthusiast should run over there, for he is posting up classic material, like the battle between Busy Bee & Kool Moe Dee back in 1982, (Rev) Run on WBLS back in 1987, as well as a 1994 show featuring Mobb Deep AND Roc Raida. True heads know what time it is. Check it out, and if you have tapes, Stretch needs them: hit him with an e-mail.

10/Parents of America, if you have a teen in your house, you have someone on MySpace. And while it's hard to police everything your youngster does, MySpace is working on trying to get a notification system in place to make parents aware of certain aspects that seem to rely on a) age and b) where your kid logs in from, which seems kind of silly. The Washington Post reported that this software should be able to tell if a 14 year old is trying to masquerade as an 18 year old, but it does not specify HOW this would be ascertained, which bothers me, because this would have to mean that MySpace would have to obtain a certain amount of info on you and/or your kid to know what their real age/info is, no? They also said it will be able to make sure a kid can't make drastic changes to their profile, or maintain a few profiles (one to show mom & pop that you're good, another to show just to friends), which in both instances, a notification would be sent to the parent, but, to quote the article, "the tool won't work if a profile is accessed entirely away from home". What good is it then? Teens spend the night at each others' houses... why limit the possibilities of this software? Is this going to be an external program, or something built within the MySpace website? It's hard enough trying to police my kid's use of the Internet - don't make it harder for me to get a handle of their goings-on.

11/I know I've received phishing e-mails, trying to fake me out and make me enter my sensitive info into a fake website for their own twisted dealings, but never in my days did I think that some cat who has been scamming AOLers for years is now on the verge of getting 101 years in the slammer over his scheme. His operation was kind of basic and pretty old school, but it worked, with him scamming thousands of heads with his setup. Now, this is fraud, right? How do they end up with a possible punishment of 101 years? Cats are getting less time for murder. I can see the severity of his crime, but does the punishment fit that?

12/Before I wrap this shuffle up, I do have a few various things to let you guys know about, all of this happening in Black American Entertainment: if you've heard Prodigy of Mobb Deep rhyming lately, while he says some weird shit, his flow is back to where it was on that HNIC LP. Well, he has two albums of material he is trying to get out soon. One will be a follow-up to the HNIC album, while the 2nd will serve as a prelude to HNIC2, entitled Return of the Mac, which features "Mac 10 Handle", a fucking DIME of a track. The best part? He's realigned with The Alchemist, so you KNOW it's going to be sick... trying to find James Brown's body is like playing Where's Waldo, apparently: they moved his body somewhere, and his attorney ain't telling. Not only is that bad, but they still don't know where his remains will be laid to rest. This ABC News article mentioned that his family is in the talks with the people who set up Graceland, which, if they did this for James, will turn out to be the biggest infestation of niggas and ignorance since the Source Awards. Now, I would hope they'd just do something tasteful, but this extravaganza is not over by a longshot... rapper Sean Price dropped a pretty sick interview for Format, where he let's it be known that Nas is pretty much crazy for saying "hip-hop is dead"; well, crazy or he just ain't picked up Monkey Barz. New Sean Price LP dropping very soon, I suggest you check it out btw... And finally, Isaiah Washington, the black dude from Grey's Anatomy, came out his face at the Golden Globes and said "I didn't call dude a faggot", talking about the alleged blow-up on set with Patrick Dempsey that turned out to involve TR Knight, who apparently wasn't out until that situation. Well, TR went on Ellen and said, yeah, he def. called me a faggot. Which prompted Isaiah to go on to say that he was sorry for saying the word "faggot" that night at the Globes. Dude, did you call him a fag on set? With all of this Michael Richards/Mel Gibson nonsense, we don't need you to be the dumb nigga to make us look even more ridiculous. Stand up, be a man, and face the music. I highly doubt you'll be blackballed from Hollywood - they just won't tell you anything important.

So, that's my shuffle, and I'm sticking to it.

PS: I wanna shout out Inaya, who put me on to this "Do The Heizman" craze that's currently bubblin' on a below-the-radar steeze. Da Heizman Boiz seem to be the ones behind this, and there's even an instructional video for the dance:

Crazy. Catch you lot next week.
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Friday, Jan. 19th 2007 playlist

Word. Got a job interview later on today; wish me luck. Check these beats, buy them if you got a buck (or dload if I got a link).


01/J Dilla "Wild" [from the forthcoming reissue of Ruff Draft dropped on Stones Throw soon. All about the lil boy in the chorus with his "come on feel the noise" shit.]
02/Kool G Rap "What's More Realer Than That" [what's more ignorant than that title? New G Rap LP dropping soon...]
03/Raekwon ft. Mathematics "Trees" [taken from Natural Selection 2.0, Rae namechecking mad weed references in this one. Where is his album? (shouts to eskay on the link)]
04/Trae ft. Styles P "Smile" [lovely track. Shouts to Rizoh on the link -- very deep, somber tracks. I slept on Trae's lp and now I need to give it a once over...]
05/KRS-One "Nas Tribute" [like everyone asked, what does he mean by beef between Nas & Jada... who knows. Marley Marl produced, sick track.]
06/MC Serch "Handle It" [shouts to Serch, he's always been the man. From his forthcoming "lost" album, this track is bananas. Conscious, but it also has that head snapping beat. Can him and Doom possibly link up and recreate some of the old school days?]
07/Swizz Beatz "It's Me Bitches" [Swizzy sounds like fucking Fatman Scoop or DJ Kool on this one... don't know if that's good or bad, but that beat is ready to have some shorties breaking their backs in the club.]

Drum & Bass/Jungle:

01/KJ Sawka "Sapphire" [if you're not up on KJ, check out this post from earlier this week... BANANAS!]
02/Dylan & Skitty "Disguised As An Angle of Light" [from Dylan's new label, Bastard Child, this one is a dark dub damager. I swear, with tracks like this and "Preacherman" from last year, I think Dylan wants to drop a Deadly Dub album lol. Peep the rewind sounds from Dylan's "Junglism" days...]
03/Electrosoul System "Purple Sky (Lomax Remix)" [first of 2 Lomax remixes featured this week. Loving that bass in this one... danceable, but deep, kind of like when those Cambridge boys drop the darker styles.]
04/Autumn "It's Always About The Girl (Lomax Remix)" [Lomax took my fav track by the Autumn crew and made it smooth. Not that the original was a slouch, but this one is a nice revamp for a new year.]
05/Dub Alley "Sheltered Gangsta" [sometimes, I just need some mindless DnB to tide me over...]
06/The Funktastics "Angel Story" [not sure who the Funktastics are, but I've been rocking this Shogun LTD 12" all week. Both sides.]
07/Phace "Crevice" [Psycho is out on promo, IF YOU CAN FIND IT, and it is fucking SICK. this is my fav so far - I'm sure I'll have a new fav next week. Review coming soon - where, who knows...]

Now, some videos:

DJ Marky going buckwild with the tablism over DNB:

DJ FU going wild for 16mins:

Finally, Big L's "MVP" video, just for old time sakes:

Aiight, then! One love, catch you guys on the flip...
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DnBTV love

I just want to shout out Grayfox and the good folks over at DrumnBassTV.com for adding me to their frontpage. I know they are fans of my interviews with DnB luminaries, and Gray decided to show me some love. That's what it is.

If you aren't up on DnBTV.com btw, you are missing out. Aside from DNBA's videos, DnBTV.com is your one-stop shop for DnB-related videos, whether it be DJ Sets from the likes of DJ Marky, Infiltrata, Hive and others, video interviews, or DnB music videos. They also have links to many live sets from many sick DJs, as well as DnBTV Radio and a host of other bits. It's truly a site for those who want to get more in-depth with their favorite DnB artists.

So, we here at rock the dub want to give massive respect to DnBTV for their highlighting of us, and all of their hard work. Keep it comin'!
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