Jay Electronica: Don't Believe The Hype?

I knew there was something about Jay Electronica I didn't like. I'm normally not one to fall victim to hype machines, especially with a dude with that wack of a name. I mean, if 10,000 bloggers are calling this cat the Second Coming, and even Nas bigs him up (although he does end up turning the convo on himself), isn't dude the truth? I just didn't realize he was Living With Baduizm. So basically, all of the hype, all of the accolades, are only going to a) go to his head and b) result in him producing an album of epic hype that will probably end up being a big mindfuck/"huh?" to the community as a whole, and he will be destined to collaborate with The Roots and Talib Kweli but never truly realize his own illness.

I know what you're saying: "damn, khal, why you got to be so mean?" I know, I know - I'm not even well versed in dude's music. What I've heard I've been on the fence with - what I like from him, I love, but the shit I don't like, I really don't like. Thing is, when I read performance reviews like these, it's hard to hold out hope for dude. When I read shit like "Jay gets angry and threatens the crowd by saying Mos won’t perform if they don’t listen", I look at neph as more of a confused father, trying to gain some footing, and not an overwhelmingly gifted MC who is trying to connect. How you gonna complain and try and scold niggas when Mos Def isn't even in the fucking building?

Or maybe dude just needs to step his performance game up. Second performance or not, with all of the hype, you would think this nigga was a bit more polished. Time will tell, though.
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[video] Joell Ortiz vs. DJ Mentat

From the YouTube page:

A little exclusive Behind-The-Scenes taster from a forthcoming Joell Ortiz collabo with DJ Mentat. partly shot at the Jump Off studio in London. The vocals were laid down about 20minutes before we shot the video on Green Screen. Obviously, this hasn't been edited yet. I say Behind-The-Scenes because we're putting it out there with the Green Screen still there so when it drops on TV you can say "raaahhh.... i seen that online, shit was all green n shit!"

Check it out:

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[video] Joulz Il "How Cool Is He" (Making Of)

It's good to know my boy Joulz Il is out there in the D, back in the studio with Entity. Check out the making of a new track, "How Cool Is He" (ft. Original Soul):

Bonus Beats:

"R&B Beef & Vocoders"

"It's Not Your Year"

"Freestyle (October 2007)"

Keep it locked to Joulz Il TV.
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[video] Lupe Fiasco "Paris, Tokyo" (Live @ Spring Break)

One of the only tracks I like off of The Cool ("Gold Watch" is my shit), check this live performance of "Paris Tokyo" by Lupe Fiasco at MTV's Spring Break (via Nah Right):

Is that white boy Matthew Santos? If so, when did the nigga singing the hook become the hypeman? And when did suspenders come back in style?

Bonus Beats: Lupe will be playing at S.O.B.'s on May the 14th; it's to be an intimate set, so get focused.

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DJ Cable - Weekly Mini Mix #10

DJ Cable is out there doing his thing - he's even started a blog (I see you too, Tipz)! Check out his latest Mini Mix:



01. Kid Sister - Switch Board
02. Chamillionaire Feat. Krayzie Bone - Ridin'
03. Ludacris Feat. Shawnna & Lil' Fate - P-Poppin'
04. Timbaland - Oh Timbaland
05. Dizzee Rascal Feat. UGK - Where Da G's
06. Rick Ross - Hustlin'
07. Mr. Oizo - Stunt
08. Paul Wall Feat. Bun B - They Don't Know

Took it Down South for a taste - I likes!
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[video] "Trusted (Lying Bitch)"

From the Lidget Green Project, featuring Guilty Simpson:

Not an official video, but that beat is bangin'. Shouts to DMB Records hittin' me with this. You can cop this track on Amazon MP3, iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic and other retailers right now. Word is LGP's next single ("Sick Day" ft. Craig G) will hit this summer, with an official video being shot in L.A. - keep it locked!
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Memphis Bleek Feed The Streets Part 3

Get Low Records & Pain In Da Ass linked up for this brand new Memphis Bleek tape:



01 Pain In Da Ass Intro
02 G.O.D. Freestyle
03 Pain In Da Ass Skit
04 Doing Me
05 Speedin
06 Cash Flow
07 FUck With Me
08 Do My Thing
09 Gettin Money (Exclusive)
10 Pain In Da Ass Skit
11 My Life
12 White Girl
13 Imma Hug
14 I’m the Underboss
15 Gotta Come Up f. Uncle Murda
16 Get Rite 2 It
17 Leather So Soft
18 The Game Don’t Wait
19 Get a Couple
20 Smoke Wit Me
21 Pain In Da Ass Skit
22 New Day
23 Getlow Outro

Again, via 2DB.
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I’ve Already Outshined Your Favorite Rapper

Busta Rhymes is that dude - always has been, and still continues to do the damn thing, after all the flash and hype. Check out this new mixtape he did with Superstar Jay:



01 Intro
02 Do It Big
03 You Dont Want
04 Its Over
05 God Help You
06 Lights Camera Action
07 On Top
08 Interlude
09 The Rulership
10 Shine f. Focus & Bishop Lamont
11 Red Wine
12 Survive f. Big Lou & Reek Da Villian
13 They Know
14 Ching A Ling Remix f. Missy Elliot & Ciara
15 Speedin Remix f. Rick Ross, Flo-rida, Lil Wayne, Baby, Plies, Brisco & Fat Joe
16 Crying Remix f. Mario)
17 Feedback Remix f. Janet Jackson)
18 Outro

Via 2DB.
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Pitbull stays CRUNK!

Do you see this tour bus? This is Pitbull's CRUNK! bus. CRUNK! is holding a contest that will net you a CRUNK! Trunk (and get your pic up on CRUNK!'s blog) if you are selected. All you have to do is this: find Pitbull's CRUNK! bus, snap a pic of it, and upload it to Flickr & add it to the Pitbull CRUNK!!! Bus Contest group. CRUNK! picks your pic and you get notified. Simple. So, head on over to Pitbull's MySpace page for tour details, and get to snappin'!
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Punchin' Flour

Choppa was spotted at a recent birthday party for Shaq looking in desperate need of some cocoa butter. I mean, damn, if you know you finna chunk the deuce and cameras will be there, why not just take the 30 seconds and deashify yourself? Via YBF.
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Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #51.5"

Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #51.5 (Lollipop Freestyle)": Almost done with this 52 week freestyle odyssey. I haven't bumped all of them, but you can't deny that dude has talent. Shake also posted the previous 51 for you guppies who weren't keeping up... and it sounds like #52 will be something special.
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B.A.G.I. ft. Kool G Rap & P.A. "Hoodfellaz"

B.A.G.I. ft. Kool G Rap & P.A. "Hoodfellaz" (prod. by Danetic) [mirror]: Dope, big sounding underground gully rap. Something special for your mixes and mixtapes, or just for your home stereo sound system. Shouts to Write Just Media for the heads up!

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The Drought Is Over 5 (Grand Closing)

The last in the series. Thank God. Shouts to Enigmatik for the heads up:



1. Lil Wayne - Carter 3 Is Coming(Grand Closing)
2. Lil Wayne - I
3. Lil Wayne - Walk It Off
4. Lil Wayne - Open Shop
5. Lil Wayne - Done It
6. Lil Wayne - Introducing Milli
7. Lil Wayne - Milli
8. Lil Wayne - Damn Im Cold
9. Lil Wayne - Im A Dog Ya(Freesytle)
10. Lil Wayne - Stunt When I See You
11. Lil Wayne - We Hustle
12. Lil Wayne - I Got My
13. Lil Wayne - Lollipop
14. Lil Wayne - Certified
15. Lil Wayne - Girls All Around
16. Lil Wayne - Single Again
17. Lil Wayne - Drought Is Finally Over
18. Lil Wayne Ft. Lil Chuckie - To Clean
19. Lil Wayne Feat. Wale - Nike Boots(Official Remix)

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Hanif-Jamiyl Krushed Grapes [review]

One third of Masspyke, Hanif-Jamiyl's Krushed Grapes is the kind of Hip-Hop album you put on when you go shopping for lace undergarments for your lady friend. The kind of album you put on when you need to get into the zone of "I'm gonna get me some ass tonight". Or, at least, it tries to be...

"Take It Off"
OK, so homeboy is coaxing his girl to take her panties off with a piano loop. Have YOU ladies ever had your grapes crushed before? Yeah, I don't know what's going on here either...

"Krushed Grapes"
Wow, dude's voice sounds like a pimp with a stuffy nose. And he comes off like a nerd who just got his first nut and fashions himself as the ultimate player. Sad thing is, dude is serious...

"Yes U R"
This one is more like it - the ultimate cocky nigga in the club track. This nigga is actually letting you know that, even if you think you aren't trying to get with him, you really are. Although any nigga who says he prefers wine to beer, I immediately have a puzzled look. This flow sounds like Q-Tip circa The Love Movement.

"Insatiable Rose"
Why is dude trying to be Andre 3000 imitating Prince? Like, everything about fucking doesn't have to be "honey dripped lips" and all that pseudo-poetry slam malarky. Oh, this beat is fucking horrendous.

And just when I thought dude was going to get off the "player" shit, a track entitled "Alone" is about what he'd do for the chick that's alone... with him. Yawn, already, damn!

This is a track that's to make you ladies get on the floor and, you know, gyrate. Thing is, this is like a dance track for the incense burning crowd. And his lyrics are questionably un-incense burning. Mark, you've been missed.

"My Lament"
Christ, we're halfway through this and I'm thoroughly bored.

Even the interludes are boring. And unnecessary, even if it includes a Lauryn Hill sample.

"Wet Dream"
You know he be dreaming, right? Maybe he should have hit the snooze button and kept this track on the cutting room floor...

"Let Him Go"
I am with him on this. Any of your females who are stressing over ain't-shit niggas, stop that shit. Let them niggas go. And go find some better CDs.

"Lonely Girl"
Dude letting his girl know that, no, he wasn't out trickin', he was in the studio making wack tracks about fuckin' and relationships. This feels like an episode of Maury...

"She Got It All"
What do you get for the girl that has it all? Definitely not Krushed Grapes...

"Just A Nut (beware of dog)"
Probably the best beat on here, which isn't saying a lot. Dude half-singing to a bitch, letting her know that she's nothing more than a nut.

Dude's rhymes aren't that bad on this one. Or maybe I am just glad that this album is over.

Wow. I didn't think I could dislike an album this much. Maybe it's just me, but this Pharrell for the 30 and up crowd is just not poppin' for me. I don't believe that dude is a player, I am tired of him sounding like other rappers, and it was just an overall boring experience.

rock the dub gives Krushed Grapes 1 out of 5 stars. Unbelievably dull CD about one of the most exciting acts in the world - sex.

Burn Deez: n/a

Krushed Grapes is out either NOW or on May 6th, depending on which site you hit up.

[video] Hanif-Jamiyl "Wet Dream"
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S.O.UL. Purpose The Construction [review]

You gotta love when dope MCs come from your home state. Jersey City's S.O.U.L. Purpose is just that cat for New Jersey. We're a state that already boasts Poor Righteous Teachers, Redman, Queen Latifah, Joe Budden and a plethora of other MCs, and they all come correct. S.O.U.L. keeps this trend going on this new disc, The Construction; it's another sober Friday, so let's give this a track-by-track breakdown:

"Step Up (Intro)"
This intro cut is short but has that 1995 feel to it, from that classic loop to the flows that get bounced back and forth. Lovin' that vintage sound.

"The Product (ft. Block McCloud)"
Right off the rip, that old spy-movie sample gets you movin'. When the beat drops, it is kind of predictable, but I like the skittery drums thrown under that sample. The hook, with the words being matched to the sample, is not my thing, but it definitely works. As for the content, yeah get out of my area, this is my spot, I got what you need. Next.

"Cut The Rug"
One thing today's Rap Radio is full of is tracks with dances already built in. This one is a bit different - it's about a cat trying to just dance with the ladies. Well, he does get a bit sexual, but that's the shit you are thinking about when you are in the club, trying to get your swerve on with the females. I love that breakdown that comes in and out - such a dope track.

"Way That We Live"
Another heater. Music with a message, and speaking about something most cats only complain about: our people. You might fight, fuck, struggle and love your people, but you gotta cherish your people. Sometimes, your people are all you got.

"Tonelle Ave."
An old-school feeling beat showcasing his block. Chilltown swing, forreal. The ill thing about this track is dude makes me feel like he's talking about MY hood. You can hear the passion and love for his block in his stories.

"1 & 9 (ft. Special K & Big Zoo)"
Another track about the old days, but this one goes a bit further into the grimier side, although he doesn't sound like he loathes his past - this is just letting you know what's good (or not so good) in the Garden State. It ain't all tomatoes and pizza pies.

"Concrete Jungle"
Nice mixture of sounds on here, although I think it might veer into Timbaland-territory if they don't watch it. Some dope rhymes on this one, dude really goes in on the flows.

"Boob Tube"
Straight up and down, this cut is one of the iller tracks on here. Remember GZA's "Labels" track, and the various other tracks where he takes a theme and does whole verse about them? This is just like that, only with TV show titles used throughout. Some interesting uses as well, although I think the beat could have been a bit more upbeat. And it's almost too short...

"No Good"
'You don't even know the half of the half', eh? I'm honestly not feelin' this one. The beat is cool, but isn't that exciting, and I got lost in what he was rhymin' about after the first verse.

"I'm Pacin'"
This one jacks Soul II Soul's "back to life" refrain, but don't let that deter you: this one has a smooth groove to it. Different play on the drums, with a thumpin' kick setting the pace with some repeated horns and other flourishes. Nice summertime night vibe on this one.

"Knucklehead (ft. Poison Pen)"
Fuzzbox anthem to those niggas who just don't give a what. Nothing but braggin' rhymes and head-noddin' funk.

"Universal Condition (ft. Murs)"
For someone I've not heard of before, this cat is pulling some dope features on this CD. This one takes our country to task, trying to decipher what the fuck is going on in our country on many levels - while this doesn't change the world, its good to hear people still trying to get the people motivated to strive for change. Nice march-y vibe to this, I could see this being a smooth protest cut.

"Porno Star"
I was always a sucker for chicks making orgasm noises on tracks. I'll give you 1 guess on what this track is about. Kickin' that NC-17 subject matter on this one.

"Lemons (ft. Urban Sun & Redskin)"
The congas and organs make the beat sound like a leftover from What's Going On, but that's all I can really get into with this one. Just not my thing.

"Real O.G.'s"
ROFL @ "break yo' self, fool!"... this cut is just a big track. Cocky raps, lovin' that hook. Almost a late 90s feel to that basic beat and trunk-rattlin' bass. One for the jeeps.

"Rampage (ft. C-Rayz Walz & Pace)" (bonus track)
Yes, they flipped the EPMD "Rampage" beat and feel. Yes, this is one of my favorite cuts off the CD. Just that thick, classic feel in that loop, and all 3 cats make sure they went right in on their pens.

"Dry Spells (ft. Wordsworth)" (bonus track)
LOL @ "she grabbed my Goldberg, so we had to make Whoopi"; S.O.U.L. & Words go in on times when you can't get some coochie. Really funny track when you get what they are talkin' about...

"The Other White Meat (ft. Immortal Technique)" (bonus track)
Fuck the police, that's my word. Immortal Tech on anything is certified truth, and that beat is the hot shit. One would wish all anti-cop songs were this aggressive, lyrically, but that funky on the production.

Damn. For those of you who think Hip-Hop is dead, shut the fuck up and grab this disc. This has everything you need: comedy, social commentary, hardcore braggadocio, ill beats, hot flows, and an overall love for the music. I am not a fan of this because dude is reppin' Jersey City: I am that much more in love with the disc for that reason. Fans of good music, don't sleep on this one.

rock the dub gives The Construction 4 out of 5 stars. While there are some missteps, this disc is sure to grow on those who need something to take from the crib to the whip to the job and back again. Different flavors for every fan.

Burn Deez: "The Other White Meat", "Cut The Rug", "Dry Spells", "Rampage", Universal Condition"

The Construction is available NOW. You can cop it as digital download via Amazon MP3, and it looks like you can pre-order it from FYE.

Bonus Beats: here's the video for "The Way We Live"
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[video] Three 6 Mafia: KarmaloopTV Interview

Three 6 Mafia sat down with Clinton Sparks for an interview for KarmaloopTV, and they bug out talking about where their TV show went, where their Academy Awards are, and just bring the funny in their own unique style:

Part 1:

Part 2:

These niggas is wild. Their new album, Last 2 Walk, is in stores on June 24th, 2008.

Shouts to Chelsea for the links!
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The Cool Kids @ S.O.B.'s (April 6, 2008)

Yes, that's right. The Hip-Hop Blogosphere's current favorite MCs, The Cool Kids, are lined up for their first headlining gig in NYC at S.O.B.'s on April 6th. Another current blogosphere fav, Mickey Factz, will be on the bill as well. Should be an interesting gig to say the least.

"Black Mags" still gets me open.
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Mariah Carey E=MC² Cover

I smell another hit. Mariah Carey's E=MC² is in stores on April 15th; Rolling Stone posted a preview on this album last month, with a preliminary tracklist and some thoughts on a few of the tracks and collaborators (I want to hear that track with Young Jeezy). Oh, the official remix of "Touch My Body" with The Dream AND Rick Ross is available NOW from iTunes (I also believe you can pre-order the album from iTunes, too). Or you can grab it from this link, for however long its up (I previously posted up the unofficial remix, as well as the video, but you guys already knew that).

Again, I smell a winner.
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OHHLA Logo Design Contest

Hip-Hoppers surfing the 'Net, looking for the lyrics to that bomb-ass 2Pac song, have long surfed The Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive (OHHLA) and found their just due - or at least, they did. Tons of crappy, ad-drenched sites have sneaked in over the last years and taken their spot. Well, OHHLA has been working with Rafi, trying to give the site a much-needed makeover, and he is at the point where the above logo is in need of an overhaul. So, a contest has been presented. Any of you budding designers need to head on over to Oh Word and get the details, submit your logos, and if you win, a cool $150 will be given to you! Some cats have already submitted their works in that post's comments section, so get in on it!
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On That Leak: Beyonce "Beautiful Nitemare"

Beyonce "Beautiful Nitemare" (prod. by Polow Da Don): New cut from her as-yet-untitled next album, rumored to be released later this year? Who knows, but this fits into that "electro-pop" sound that has been big over the last year (thank you, Rihanna, Kanye West and all of you other Urban Popsters who are embracing sounds we loved 20 years ago). I'm on the fence with this one - if this had come out in, say, 2006, I would be all over this just for the fact that it's a pretty big departure from B's previous hits. But with everyone from Danity Kane to Janet Jackson putting out albums with this sound right now, it's almost like she hopped on the bandwagon. I do like her vocal on this, and I could see this growing on the clubs, especially with a dope guest verse from a Kanye or someone who could spit some cool spunk over that beat.
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On That Leak: Trina "Look Back At Me"

Trina ft. Killer Mike "Look Back At Me": Damn. I didn't know a bitch could come wilder than Lil' Kim. I mean, not to say the raunch-meter has been raised, but homegirl's first verse is just... damn. Take the kids to bed before you put this one on. I like how they screwed the words on this one, nice touch. I could see Eve strippin' to this one.
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Purple Codeine 16

New mixtape out there for you syrup sippers... or you lovers of Rap with a slight Southern twist. This is compiled by DJ Drama, Tapemasters Inc. & DJ Envy, and has a slew of the freshest cuts out there:



1. DJ Drama, Tapemasters Inc. And DJ Envy - Intro
2. Rick Ross - Luxury Tax (Feat. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy And Trick Daddy)
3. Rick Ross - Maybach Music (Feat. Jay-Z)
4. Lil Wayne - Nigga Wit' Money
5. Young Jeezy - Ya Girl
6. Plies - My Burna
7. Bun B - The South (Feat. Suger Tongue Slim)
8. Slim Thug, Snoop Dogg And J.R. Reid - Treez
9. Young Buck - Hit 'Em Up
10. Lil Wayne - Drama Boyz
11. Rick Ross - 24 Hours To Live
12. Rick Ross - Change Hoes
13. Ace - Cash Flow (Feat. Rick Ross And T-Pain)
14. Bun B - Go Mode
15. Trick Daddy And Gorilla Zoe - Block Boyz
16. DJ Drama - Interlude
17. Willie The Kid And LA The Darkman - Dumpin' The Ruger
18. Lil Boosie - How I Roll
19. Gorilla Zoe - G Move
20. Rocko - Just Like Me (Feat. Jim Jones)
21. B.G. - Sucka For Nothin'
22. Webbie - I Know (Feat. Young Dro)
23. Webbie - A Miracle (Feat. Birdman And Rick Ross)
24. Flo Rida - American Superstar (Feat. Lil Wayne)
25. Shawty Lo - Foolish
26. Big Kuntry - Anthem (Feat. B.G. And Twista)
27. Trae And Hurricane Chris - Freestyle (5000 Ones)
28. Yung Ralph - Look Like Money (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross)
29. Suger Tongue Slim - Cloud Of End
30. Young Buck And Lil Boosie - 'Bout Mine
31. Young Buck - Strip Club
32. Diego - Put 'Em On The Line (Feat. Rick Ross)
33. Young Dro - All That Money
34. Trina - U Ain't Ready (Feat. Paul Wall)
35. YV - I Got A Dollar (Feat. Polow Da Don)
36. DJ Drama - Outro

"Luxury Tax" is my shit right about now.
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What Does It All Mean?

Do you know your Hip-Hop history? Are you a true fan of cut-up music? Then you have to know about Steinski who, with Double Dee, created a trifecta known to bootleggers and historians alike as "The Lessons", a three-part series of cut-up classics that directly influenced artists like DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, alongside Fatboy Slim and many others. Their first lesson, "The Payoff Mix", won a nationwide remix contest conducted by Tommy Boy Records, and was a Top 10 staple across the US urban radio stations. The three "Lessons" are still bootlegged to this day, and are both very influential - and very illegal. I mean, if you've heard DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's "Lesson 4", Cut's "Lesson 6", and a host of other sequels, you've been a part of something magical. Steinski has since seen his career blossom, ranging from work done for MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Ninja Tune, NME and many other organizations.

With all of that said, now's a good a time as any for a retrospective on Steinski's career, no? On May 27th, 2008, a double-disc collection entitled What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective will be released on Illegal Art, and will be the one (and only) collection of its kind. Check out the tracklist:

CD 1 (Retrospective):

01. The Payoff Mix
02. Lesson 2 (James Brown Mix)
03. Lesson 3 (History of Hip Hop)
04. Jazz
05. Voice Mail (Sugar Hill Suite)
06. The Motorcade Sped On
07. It’s Up To You (Television Mix)
08. I’m Wild About That Thing
09. The Big Man Laughs
10. Vox Apostolica
11. Is We Going Under?
12, Ain’t No Thing
13. Everything’s Disappeared
14. Number Three On Flight Eleven

CD 2 (Nothing To Fear):

01. Tonight From NY Intro
02. Swingset
03. Opening Credits
04. Greatest Man Alive
05. The Id
06. Let’s Get It On
07. Hit The Disco
08. Lolita
09. Hot Spot
10. It’s A Funky Thing Pt. 1
11. Bboy Breakdown
12. B-beat Classic
13. Funk Construction
14. Them That’s Not
15. Swan Lake
16. Here We Come
17. Product Of The Environment
18. By Any Means Necessary
19. The Art Of Getting Jumped
20. I Like It Like That
21. Solid Air
22. Country Grammar
23. Let’s Get It On (Reprise)
24. Muscles
25. Easin’ In
26. It’s Time To Testify
27. The Acid Test
28. Silent Partner

If you are a fan of Hip-Hop, sample-based production, studio wizardry or social commentary, you need to pick up this compilation. It's a true testament to one of the pioneers in the music scene that isn't as heralded as the Dr. Dres and DJ Premiers. Here's to you, Steinski!
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Really Doe ft. Kanye West "Plastic"

Props to Andrew for the exclusive leak of this over at Fake Shore Drive. You guys remember Really Doe, right? He came super-correct on Kanye West's "We Major". Dude spit that ill hook (I guess it was a hook?)... In any case, here's the 1st single from his forthcoming album, First Impression:

Really Doe ft. Kanye West "Plastic"

What do you guys think? Pan or Jam? EDIT: FSD was advised to make this track stream-only, so if you didn't get the MP3, I don't know what to tell you...
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Remy Ma: Guilty

Today is seriously court day for Rappers. Thing is, while T.I. is pleading guilty to get a super-reduced sentence, Remy Ma is facing 25 years in the bing for gatting her friend in the gut:

Bronx rapper Remy Ma was convicted on four charges of assault and today (Mar 27) by a Manhattan Supreme Court grand jury. The rapper faces up to 25 years in jail.

The decision just two days after attorneys for both the defense and prosecution delivered their closing statements.

Remy Ma was convicted of two counts of first-degree assault, attempted coercion, and criminal possession of a weapon.

She was found not guilty of gang assault and witness tampering.

Now, I hate to say this, but it serves her right. This is the hoodrat punishment. Think about it: if Remy is dumb enough to befriend a hoodrat that she has to shoot for going into her purse, it serves her right. There's tons of snakes out there, your job as a rapper (well, aside from rapping), is to make sure your team is tight. I don't care if its $20, if I am "friends" with someone who is quick to rob me of my loot, they get removed from the inner circle. And if I do happen to shoot them, they will not make it to testify against me, ya dig?

EDIT: Looks like, one day after Papoose tried to free his shorty, Remy Ma got sentenced to 8 years. Thank God - 8 years, free of wack Remy Ma albums! Hopefully...
EDIT: Eskay has posted links of both Remy Ma and the chick she shot speaking to Miss Jones about the verdict.
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T.I. Cops A Plea?

So XXL is reporting that T.I. is set to plead guilty in a deal that will bring his sentence down to 12 months in prison, as opposed to the 10 years he was looking at. After seeing him, Tiny and their family this past Easter Sunday, that is probably the best bet for both Tip and his fam. Hopefully this will go through, and Tip gets his life right and keeps it all the way legit in the future. I don't condone him copping guns, but I'm not him - I don't know what the fuck he was or is going through. Keep your head up, bruh.

When I get more info, I'll update this post with it.

UPDATE: Looks like Tip is set to plead guilty around 1:30PM EST. I just read the article, and I'm wondering - what's to do with Tip's snitching bodyguard? You think he's still on the Grand Hustle payroll? In any case, 1500 hours of community service (speaking to the youth, so they sya) and 1 year in prison on these charges = a hefty payday for the Tip Harris Legal Dream Team.

UPDATE: T.I. has entered his plea. He'll have to serve his 1,500 hrs. of community service in the year it will take before he is sentenced. Depending on his behavior, his time could be reduced... or increased. The judge still has to approve the deal. We'll see what happens.

UPDATE: Eskay posted the US Attorney's statement that says that Tip also got 3 years of probation, as well as a $100K fine. Small price to pay, no? Although I don't necessarily agree with Tip being called a snitch, I mean the bodyguard is the ultimate snitch. I would think the public, or your average Rap fan, in looking at the situation, will see Tip as making a good deal, given the charges and his rap sheet. Who knows... public opinion is a bitch.
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Danny! ft. Von Pea "I Don't Know"

Danny! ft. Von Pea "I Don't Know": Peep this piano-happy cut from Danny!'s forthcoming album, And I Love H.E.R., which drops on April 15th. You probably heard the previously leaked "Guess Who's Back" sometime last week... check out the tracklist of this LP:

1. Intro
2. Guess Who’s Back (feat. Naledge)
3. I Want H.E.R. (She’s So Heavy) (feat. Collette)
4. At What Price (feat. Maria)
5. Jet Set
6. The Groove
7. Not The One (feat. Kid Syc)
8. Misery (feat. Branden M. Collins)
9. Intermission (interlude)
10. Wanderland
11. Where You Goin’ (feat. Maria)
12. Never Change (feat. Kid Syc and Branden M. Collins)
13. I Don’t Know (feat. Von Pea and Stephanie Mae)
14. Yoko Ono (feat. Che Grand)
15. Do You
16. After The Love Has Gone (feat. Collette)
17. Keep Dreamin’

Had no idea Che Grand was on this, too! Looks interesting. What do you lot thing? And how come I didn't know this cat was signed to Def Jux?

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Fuck Chuck Philips

Big up to The Smoking Gun for posting this in-depth piece on the latest L.A. Times piece on 2Pac's shooting at Quad Studios in NY. Looks like some cat James Sabatino, who is a storied forgerer, has concocted some heinous stories, and Chuck Philips ate it all up. Why? Because he seems to have some deep-seeded hatred towards Biggie Smalls, I guess. Whatever way you slice it, dude took the word of a bold-faced liar than the scores of those who said BIG, Diddy and others had nothing to do with the shooting. Why Philips didn't pour over his sources to make sure that shit stuck is beyond me...

Spotted over at Nah Right.

EDIT: Looks like Chuck Philips and the L.A. Times have apologized for their fuck up. At least he was man enough to admit he was wrong. Still a bitch ass nigga in my book.
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RIP Eazy E

Damn, I had no idea today was the 13 year anniversary of Eazy E's untimely demise due to complications stemming from AIDS. Dude is a legend in every sense of the word, from his rapid rise to fame, his ear for talent (without Eazy, where would Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and, hell, COMPTON, be right now?), and his tragic death to an uncurable disease.

Head on over to The Boom for some videos as well as some words from Eazy before he passed.
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No Bitch Ass Ness Tees!

Now you too can support Diddy's No Bitchassness campaign by copping a $30 t-shirt from Sean John. Sizes range from M through XXXL. Does that shop support Paypal?

EDIT: Looks like Diddy did this PSA to combat the bootleggers out there (I saw them bitchass eBayers sellin' these. Don't support them):

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The Best of The Neptunes

Dope producer/MC out of St. Louis, Tech Supreme, has put together a slick mixtape featuring the BEST of The Neptunes. Loads of modern classics from the last 10 years or so in Hip-Hop. The usual suspects, you know? Be sure to peep that cover as well - Tech is mean with the graphics game.

DOWNLOAD The Best of The Neptunes
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The Roots Axe "Birthday Girl"

Eskay reported that The Roots have removed "Birthday Girl" from the tracklisting on Rising Down, and are now offering it as both the international single and an iTunes exclusive. Sounds like they listened to Noz.
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Janet Jackson "Feedback (Remix)"

Janet Jackson ft. Ciara, Busta Rhymes & Fabolous "Feedback (Remix)": I believe I leaked this one Friday or another ago, but I just got this re-sent to me, and figured some of you Janet fans might want this remix. Check out my review of her latest album, Discipline, as well.
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[video] Kid Sister - DJ Enuff Interview

Hot 97's DJ Enuff sits down with Kid Sister, of "Pro Nails" and "Beeper" fame:

Speaking of "Beeper", over at the MySpace page for The Count & Sinden, there's an exclusive remix of "Beeper" by Detboi up for download. Go grab that thang, early! EDIT: Discobelle has uploaded the MP3 to zShare. Props.
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DJ Trackstar presents Still Dreamin'

My boy Trackstar the DJ is just straight killin' it as of late. This one is a special treat: he told me he was working on a "classic"-filled mixtape, and it looks like this is the fruits of his labor. Jams from Kanye West, David Ruffin, Bilal, Marvin Gaye, Digable Planets, Lupe Fiasco and many more sit side by side on this one. Really cool, really chilled and all the way live.


Oh, and be on the look out for these forthcoming mixtapes: Boogie Bang 13, hosted by Vandalyzm & Chaundon, the 9th Wonders Mixtape with NYOil, and Trackstar The DJ presents John Hill - 3:16. Dude is way busy - respect his fresh!

PS: Did you miss Boogie Bang 12 with NYOil, or Boogie Bang 11 with DJ Drama, Willie Da Kid & La Da Darkman? What about volumes 01-10 of his Boogie Bang series? Get your late pass!
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Kareem On Obama

Until my boy Enigmatik hit me with this link, I had no idea Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a blogger. And a damn fine writer as well. Check out his views on this whole Barack Obama/Rev. Wright fiasco, with a bit of Black History involving Emmitt Till thrown in there.

Oh and by the way, Have You Seen Me Dunk?
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DJ Leagues An Extraordinary Gentleman Mixtape

Shouts to my nigga Cyrano (aka Cy Yung) of the BPA for putting me onto this new mixtape from Brisbane's DJ Leagues. It's a pretty dope mixture of classic Hip-Hop (and a bit of R&B) right alongside some new school cuts as well. Cyrano hosts the mixtape, and contributes a few cuts as well (FYI: "Reel Hip-Hop" has been earmarked for the forthcoming rock the dub compilation), including the Leagues-produced "Hip-Hop's Forever". You gotta love when DJs take a chance to basically throw down the jams they love, as opposed to trying to hit you with exclusive fi exclusive.

Grab this mix and pump it while you're at work, in the whip, getting ready for the club or out doing whatever:

DOWNLOAD: mirror 1 / mirror 2 / mirror 3

(click for larger image)

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DJ Cable: Mini Mix + A Refix

DJ Cable took this latest mini mix and put a Dance Hall vibe to it. REWIND SELEKTAH!



01. Mr Vegas Feat. Kat De Luna & Lil Kim – Tek Weh Yuh Self Again
02. Collie Buddz - Mamacita
03. Beenie Man - Cock It Up
04. Erup – Click Mi Finger
05. Tony Matterhorn – Hey Gal
06. Vybz Kartel – Weh Di Gal
07. Beenie Man – Buffer Zone
08. Bling Dog Feat. Brick N Lace – Any Time Yu Call
09. Shane O – Drop Ah Gun
10. De Marco Feat. Styles P – Tell Dem Already
11. Jah Cure & Jnr Reid – Hot Long Time
12. Sean Paul Feat. Busta Rhymes & Busy Signal – Gun Dem Bark (Remix)

Top selection, seen!

Bonus Beats: The Temptations "Get Ready (Cable's B'More Refix)"
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Cocaine Blunts

Sorry Noz, I had to.

Politricks is a funny game. I had no idea that Former NY Gov. Spitzer was out there spending $4K on pretty ho's who liked to sing the R&B until a few weeks ago. I also didn't know that Blind Nigga Paterson was the Lt. Governor of NY, and heir to the throne (at least for the time being) until that time as well. Now, Paterson gets placed in the big boy chair and not only do I know that he and his wife fucked around on each other, but that he used to smoke and snort back 30 years ago. Why do we have to know all of this about this man? I mean, while I keep thinking that Paterson is a light-skinned Ray Charles, I could honestly care less if he smoked some herb, or that his marriage was in shambles. I applaud Paterson for being really real with his past, but why the fuck is this news NOW!? To quote the Beastie Boys, it's "SABOTAGE!"...

Any bets on how long he will be in office before he gets forcibly removed?
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rock the dub radio: episode 017

This week's episode of rock the dub radio is sandwiched between two slabs of Fat Joe. Just in that kind of mood. No frills on this one, just split it up - went a lil' more underground-ish in the first half, and got a lil' ignant for hour 2. That's where my mind was at. Featured a few MCs/cuts from the forthcoming rock the dub compilation, and offered up some hot new bangers that have scorched the internets for the last few weeks. Check me out:

rock the dub radio: episode 017

(direct MP3 dload)


01/Fat Joe "That White"
02/Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #49 (That White Freestyle)"
03/interlude: "Barack Obama '74"
04/Dizzee Rascal ft. UGK "Where Da G's (El-P Remix)"
05/Praverb "Urban Legends"
06/Fat Ray & Black Milk ft. Nametag "Lookout"
07/Wale ft. Bun B, Pusha T & Tre of UCB "Back In The Go-Go"
08/eMC ft. Little Brother "Traffic"
09/Drama ft. Outkast & Marsha Ambrosious "The Art Of Storytellin' Pt. 4"
10/Big Boi ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon "Royal Flush"
11/Outkast ft. Raekwon "Skew It On The Bar-B"
12/Verbal Threat "Reality Check"
13/Ghostface Killah "Clips"
14/Rakim ft. Lil' Fame "I'm Back"
15/Big Jus "Resilient"
16/interlude: "Bust It Gangsta, Gangsta"
17/Playaz Circle ft. Gucci Mane "Can You Feel Me"
18/Rick Ross ft. Lil' Wayne, Fabolous, Red Cafe & T-Pain "The Boss (Remix)"
19/Juelz Santana & Lil' Wayne "Do My Thing"
20/SIN ft. Shelly B "Bottles In The Air"
21/Teriyaki Boyz ft. Pharrell & Busta Rhymes "Zock On!"
22/Arlis Michaels "Young Ghetto Nigga Wit A Big Ass Chain"
23/Ray Cash "Itz Me (Whop It Out)"
24/Jimi Jump ft. Juvenile & Mouse "2 Pieces (Remix)"
25/Sugar Tongue Slim "Funky Ass Bitch"
26/Rsonist ft. Peedi Crakk & Jae Millz "Back 2 Business"
27/Nefew ft. Torae "I Don't Care"
28/The Roots ft. Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk & DJ Jazzy Jeff "Get Busy"
29/Wafeek "Cocaine Flow"
30/Guilty Simpson "The Real Me"
31/Big Pooh "The Fever"
32/Fat Joe ft. KRS-One "My Conscience"

I hope you guys enjoy it. This is done for the people. If you have any thoughts/suggestions/etc., feel free to hit me up on the bat-phone and break bread.

rock the dub radio: URL / RSS / iTunes
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Naphta Long Time Burning [review]

Dublin, Ireland: not necessarily the spot where you would expect the classic sounds of Jungle and Dance Hall would thrive, but Naphta has concocted an album full of dubby, waist-winding cuts that aim to bring back that old time feelin'. I've had this disc in my possession for a minute, and for one reason or another, didn't get around to reviewing it. I'm sober and awake, so let'er rip!

"Can't Stop"
From the intro's "ready for it!" loop to the Luther Vandross samples, right alongside the crazy Amens and expertly-dropped piano loops, this one is just a beautiful Jungle gem. You almost hate for albums to come out swinging this hard, because the assumption is it can't get better than this...

"Won't Stop"
...then it does. Naphta creates an addendum to "Can't Stop", mashing up various elements of the track and creating newer, deeper riddims out of seemingly random snippets of sound, creating a hard-hitting Dance Hall tempo expedition.

"Prince Trojan"
This one showcases how Naphta is so def, he can hone in on those jazzy melodies and make them work in both a hardcore Dance Hall vibe into a more Jungle style tune. Loads of fun riding with this one.

"I Need U (Draw Near)"
This one is more of the classic, seductive Jungle vibes. Big, warm basslines, classic roots vocal samples and chanting in the background, and lovely edits to classic breaks, this is one is a time machine to 1995 Ragga styles.

"Bagman Skank"
This one reminds me of Congo Natty's Drum & Bass output circa 2000, when he started moving into the more steppin' style of DnB while still keeping his large sample library in tune to the sound.

"Jungle Republic"
Nice, mid-tempo track that dabbles in a DnB/Jungle BPM but maintains a nice, dubby vibe throughout. Love that melody in there. Just a nice, vibing cut.

"Babylon Babies"
This is an interesting tune; I want to say it's an interlude, due to the length, and the fact that it's not as fleshed out as the other cuts, but it skanks along just the same.

This track sets up the next one nicely, establishing a brooding mood over the horizon, kind of like riding in one of those boats from Apocalypse Now, with the murky waters and fog and such...

"Copy Rider"
...then the ride starts getting a bit choppy, and you start seeing natives in the woods, holding spears, and all of the sudden its a battle between you and them. Weapons thrown, weapons shot, as you're paddling faster, trying to find your way out of this deep, dark nightmare...

"My Heart Beating"
...and you awake in a cold sweat to realize it was all a dream. You slept with the DVD player on all night, and your roots CD playing in a loop, over and over. What a night.

"All Kinda Style"
This track is the sounds of the tribes in the deepest parts of the wild, putting on centuries-old ceremonies, full of syncopated congas and chanting...

"Street Dancing"
...and out comes the tom-toms, and it's a full-on dance party! This cut is one of my favorites. While the bassline would fit so perfectly with a disgusting Amen rinseout kind of vibe, the tempo is more on a Breaks-style of vibe. Interesting twist.

"Soundclash 1 (VIP Mix)"
One of the other anticipated cuts is this VIP of Naphta's release for Fanu's Lightless label. This is the amen tearer that we were waiting for, and it'd delivered to perfection, aided by a wash of synths and some fat, dubby bass. Ultimate satisfaction.

"Long Story"
And the story ends. We get into the helicopter and leave this crazy Dublin town to its own wild nights and ragga stylings.

I must say, being that I am so deep into the sounds of Jungle, Dub and Dance Hall, this disc was a no-brainer. The fact is I didn't expect it to be SO varied, and was definitely impressed with how well the tracks worked off of each other. Naphta has a gift of creating these tracks that can go in so many different directions, but he also knows when to just establish that groove and ride that bitch to the end. If you are a fan of Dub in all of its differing formations, I suggest grabbing this, early.

rock the dub gives Long Time Burning 4.5 out of 5 stars. Solid execution of the styles within, and a great example of a multi-talented producer making great music and enjoying the art of manipulating sound.

Burn Deez: "Can't Stop", "I Need U (Draw Near)", "Soundclash 1 (VIP Mix)", "Street Dancing"

Naphta's Long Time Burning is available NOW for purchase. Hit up THE FEAR STORE for more details.

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Janet Jackson Discipline [review]

You gotta love how Janet Jackson came out the gate with her first Island Def Jam release, Discipline, and hit #1 in its first week. Was it truly a #1 album, though? Let's rock a sober track-fi-track on this album:

Quick intro. Kind of on some futuristic shit, but it's essentially Janet typing into a PC and getting the album going. What's the point, though - Janet on that next level?

Sadly, this just misses the mark for me. That "first day period" line was just a tad too raunchy, kind of like when Michael Jackson dropped that "kike" line years back. Can't help it - it's hard to see these stars grow old when you still see reruns of Janet as Penny on Good Times... this is kind of like NC-17 Ciara.

This one hits me nicer. Nice electro-bop to this one, Darkchild did the damn thing on this one. You would wish that more artists would tempt that new-er sound but still maintain their singular personality, and I think Janet hits this one on the mark.

Why does Janet keep doing these less-than-ten-seconds interludes?

Sounds like all of the similies and lines 50 Cent didn't use in "Amusement Park" made it into this track.

"Bathroom Break"
Janet and her girls talkin' girl-talk in the potty. "What yo' name is?"

"Rock With U"
"Sensual Seduction" + 4/4 kicks - the wit and soul = "Rock With U". Kind of surprised she didn't invoke MJ, who had a classic jam of the same name.

Another electro-infused number. You'd think after a few of these not working, Janet would decide to try something different. Hopefully we get more sounds in the later tracks...

"Can't B Good"
Weird track, lyrically. Homegirl is fallin' in love, and the assumption is that she's been hurt before, so she's telling herself this feeling just isn't right. I like that take on it, because you don't hear those emotions dropped so simply, especially over such a cool, calm track like this.

"4 Words"
Another short interlude. Yawn.

"Never Letchu Go"
And another yawn at a snoozer of a track. That Isley Brothers/Santana-lite guitar in the beginning was unnecessary, and the rest of the track comes off like Timbaland trying to be Prince. Just a waste of space.

"Truth Or Dare"
While I'd love to play truth or dare with Janet, I don't need an interlude for this...

"Greatest X"
The-Dream and "Tricky" Stewart contribute to this project, and it's definitely not as hot as lot of the tracks they've done in the past. Janet lamenting on a great ex doesn't really amount to much, especially since there's no real resolution come the end of the track.

"Good Morning Janet"
Wakey, wakey Janet. Stop doing these asinine interludes.

"So Much Betta"
This is the track for the chicks who are the other woman in a relationship. Jermaine Dupri produces a minimal track that I actually felt right from the jump. It's not in the liner notes, but I swear that loop throughout the track is from Daft Punk's first CD. This one is a bit different - still on the current sound, but twisted a bit for the average listener. I wish it was a bit longer, too, but so be it...

"Play Selection"
Hi computer person, end interlude.

"The 1 (ft. Missy Elliott)"
Kind of a subdued version of Amerie's "1 Thing", this one could be a lot hotter than this, it seems. I like the percussion, and I even dig Janet's playful vocals bouncing all over, but it just feels like it's missing something.

"What's Ur Name"
Janet talkin' that slick talk to the nameless cat walking down the street. Oh God, she said swag. Next.

"The Meaning"
What's the meaning of discipline? Janet gives you her favorites. I wish she could discipline herself to stop making pointless interludes.

Lyrically, this one plays like a Penthouse letter - teasing, enticing and, for lack of a better term, cum-drenched. Seductive pace, all slow and heavy, with twinkling keys and beautiful harmonies. Sad thing is, you'd wish she did more tracks like this...

The last interlude. Thank God.

Simple bounce on this one. Janet hitting that higher octave nicely over a basic bop. The metaphor of the show is a nice touch.

At the end of the day, while I admire Janet for stepping up and really trying to come out with the sound of now, it comes off as forced and uninspired. The reason tracks like "Umbrella" or the Justin Timberlake/Timbaland collaborations work is because they sound more fun that "attempts to make money". We get glimpses of that here, but with a CD that's packed with these mid-to-up-tempo electro Pop tracks, it just doesn't work as a Janet Jackson CD. It does get it right a few times, and that is appreciated.

rock the dub gives Discipline a 3 out of 5 stars. What it gets right, it gets all the way right. And while more tracks miss the mark than they should, they can still be enjoyable for the diehard Janet fan. But those interludes have got to go!

Burn Deez:
"So Much Betta", "Can't B Good", "Discipline", "Curtains"

Janet Jackson's Discipline is available in stores now.

Bonus Beats: Discipline DVD preview

"Feedback" LIVE on Good Morning America:

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