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danny brown's new single cured my depression (10/18/2023)

i kid; that depression been here and stays here. but it does help me remember that, sometimes, good stuff happens.

anyways, i got word the other day that Danny Brown was due to drop his next album, Quaranta, on Nov. 17 (digital) / Jan. 19 (physical), and i was ready. a few months ago i started making a Danny Brown playlist with my favorite songs from his career—didn't realize i was making it in anticipation for the album that The Alchemist produced. or that it would be a "spiritual book-end" to his 2011 opus XXX. yeah. it's that kind of party. 

pre-orders for Quaranta are available now; you can get a t-shirt and stuff. peep the video for "Tantor" below.

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