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Reef The Lost Cauze "Jersey Shore"

Jersey Shore is one of my guilty pleasures, and to have a nigga like Reef The Lost Cauze body both the show and the beat (his talking about "beating the beat" in the intro is priceless) is the shit. Too fucking good. Need more Reef in 2010.

Shouts to Haj of Dumhi for this one. You can preview/download the track HERE.
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Dre' Rock "Lovely World"

Dre' Rock "Lovely World" (prod. by Cynergy Soundz): BPA's own Cynergy Soundz hit me with this earlier today, and told me dude had a funky vibe, and not to say that I doubted him, but I didn't realize how true the statement was! This is a cut taken from Dre' Rock's Monstah Phunk, which is set to drop on Tuesday (check out the credits HERE). Cy says he'll have more for 2010, as does J Slikk and the rest of the clique. Keep it locked!
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Revalation The Revalation Will Be Televised: Commercial Interruption

We've been hyping this one up for a bit, and now it's time to unleash Revalation's The Revalation Will Be Televised: Commercial Interruption mixtape, which is presented by Refined Hype, Dot Got It and Rock The Dub. In Rev's words, "I wanted this tape to embody the idea that media and social media is currently taking over our whole way of life. With that being said I decided to make a tape over all "industry" beats or beats that had a "commercial" appeal. This was my way of showing versatility and but without sacrificing my creativity. If you listen to the songs, they all have that appeal but lyrically, I haven't changed a thing, I'm just as raw, creative and humorous as usual just with a more "mainstream" sound on this one". I'm glad to have been reppin' for the EMS Productions crew throughout 2009, and to end it on this note is a blessing. Enjoy your New Year's, and be on the lookout for Rev's next project, Emergency Broadcast!

DOWNLOAD Revalation The Revalation Will Be Televised: Commercial Interruption

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Daniel Joseph "Gone In 60 Seconds"

Daniel Joseph "Gone In 60 Seconds": Espee just posted this cut on twitter, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. If you slept on Pretty / Ugly in 2009, don't do the same in 2010. His mixtape should be out today... right?

EDIT Here's some words from D. Jo about comments made on the title of the mixtape (Gone Fishin') and why its not out yet:

Yes, I did Acknowledge the fact that The Cool Kids have a mixtape wit the same name AFTER THE FACT. To anyone thinking I'm "biting" - you have a right to feel that way BUT Judge me on the music and not the name. The (POPULAR TERM) "Gone Fishin" is serving a purpose in the title. We should all know that Cliche Terms are going to be thrown around and shared - unintentionally - in the hip hop world FOREVER. On Another note: The Mixtape was supposed to drop today (New Years Eve) so anyone who was waiting on it - I apologize. Here's another joint from project "Gone in 60" enjoy - Daniel Joseph
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DJ Mayday When It's All Said & Done

I was going to try and organize some "Best of 2009" mixes like I did for 2008, but it didn't pan out. Oddly enough, my girl/DOA Asst. Editor DJ Mayday (who killed it last year) hit ME up to do a mix for RTD...

While picking tracks, I got to thinking and realized when I went back in my head some 10+ years that I don’t think I have been this excited about Jungle/Drum & Bass in a long time, quite possibly not since I first started listening to it. 2009 breathed new life into me as a DJ, a writer/reviewer, and most importantly as a listener.

Fave tunes of the year:
Shimon, Moving Fusion & Ant Miles’ - ‘Pimp Slap’
Arclight ft. Jocasta – Over Me
And an honorable mention goes to the Break remix of DJ Die’s ‘Clear Skyz’.

Viper’s Acts of Mad Man
Logistics - Crash Bang Wallop
VibrationTherapy EP

Anyways, here’s what I was bangin’ walls too on the whole in 2009.
Watch out for the 19 minute mark…whoa.

So, without further adieu, here's Mayday's 2009 DnB retrospective!

DOWNLOAD [mirror - right click, 'Save As']


[01] Shimon, Moving Fusion & Ant Miles – Pimp Slap
[02] Moby – One Time We Lived [Matrix and Futurebound Dub Mix]
[03] KG – Runaway
[04]Polar Bear – DC Breaks
[05] Sigma – Hi Top [Ed Rush and Optical Remix]
[06]Friction and K.Tee – Set It Off
[07] Brookes Brothers – Crackdown [Shock One Remix]
[08] Basement Jaxx – Twerk
[09] Inside Info – Ticker
[10] Optiv - Sodium
[11] The Upbeats – Ghost Radio
[12] Technical Itch and Kemal – The Calling [Evol Intent vs Ewun Remix]
[13] D.Kay and Lee – Tuning [D.Kay Remix]
[14] Commix and Rufige Crew – Envious
[15] Fresh – Fantasia [Hard Mix]
[16] Arclight ft Jocasta – Over Me
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Cyrano Presents The Formula 4 '09 Mixtape

Words from Cy Yung: "Formula 409: The Mixtape features the most posted and heavily rotated songs off of my 2009 mixtapes with producers CENTRIC and JSLIKK, features I did for 2009 mixtapes with RockTheDub.com and Rapcypher.com, and producers Kid Hum and DJ LEAGUES, and a few choice freestyles I put together to show off a little. 2010 looks to be a breakthrough year for me, as I'm prepped to release 2 completed albums: Back 2 Lyfe, entirely produced by CENTRIC for Free At Last Music Group and Soul Train Dancer, entirely produced by JSLIKK for Backpackers Anonymous Music Group. The singles for both albums will be released through my websites early 2010, plus I'm finishing up the loose ends on a EP completely produced by Kid Hum entitled SOBEIT. Come take a ride wit me in 2010 and witness the chrysalis open..."

DOWNLOAD [mirror]


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O. Smith "High Resolution"

O. Smith "High Resolution" (prod. by Chase Sudlah): And on the last day of '09, we bring you another leak from The Escape Tape from DeepSpace, which I believe they are trying to drop on 1/25/2010. No more info on that as of yet, but it should be a monster. Dip into your spaceship and stab out to this one.

previous O. Smith "Lemon"
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Mass Production - The Mix

The Mix by massproduction


01. Mass Production - Infectious Stuff
>>> Easy Lover Remix
>>> Crank That Remix
02. Lynx & Kemo - Global Enemies (Mass Production Remix)
03. Mass Production - DMT (VIP Mix)
04. Mass Production - Djinn
05. Mass Production - Untitled v2
06. Mass Production - Koukkukäsi
>>> Moving Fusion - Chilli Pepper
>>> Shy FX - Bambaata (Dillinja Remix)
07. Mass Production - Ultimatum

Number of these are set to drop on RTDLTD in 2010...
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Mike Classic "Fabric Of Our Lives (Remix)"

Mike Classic "Fabric Of Our Lives (The Remix)": Lately, I've either been into shit that harks back to the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, or ill futuristic flavors. Mike Classic definitely wears his surname well, as this reminds me of the jazzy jams from yesteryear, with his buttery smooth lyricism bouncing right atop that loop. Where Amazing Happens, his next mixtape, is set to drop 1Q 2010, so be on the look out for it... and peep this as a nice teaser.

Bonus Beats Mike Classic & RealGood "Via Celebrity"
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O. Smith "Lemon"

O. Smith "Lemon": Been a minute since I've posted some material from the DeepSpace crew, but that's definitely going to change. January 2010 will mark the return of DeepSpace with their The Escape Tape, which will be dropping on RTD. O. Smith will be showcasing a lot of his lyrical skill, and this dismantling of Gucci's beat is just a taste. You've been warned.
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FuseBox Radio (Week of December 29th, 2009)

Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")
Direct mp3 Download Backup (right click and "save as"; via Blip.TV)

This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of December 29, 2009 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul Music, news and commentary.

Our commentary this week focused on the upcoming New Year of 2010, the steroids controversy with boxers Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquito, the latest airline terrorist incident and how that could possible affect Black People worldwide who follow Islam (& in general) and some other things here and there.

We had another great interview this week with Kansas City/NYC independent Hip-Hop MC & songwriter Ms. FeFe (http://www.myspace.com/MsFeFe; http://ElegantHoodness.ning.com).

Some of the topics we've touched base on included Ms FeFe's musical & family background, comparisons of the NYC and Kansas City Music scenes, personal politics of the music business, her upcoming projects, how she connected with the N.A.N./Elegant Hoodness movement and a lot more!

There is a new episode of Black Agenda Report for this week's broadcast but none for Direct EFX (due to holiday break period for colleges).

There is a new episode of Black Agenda Report this week but no new Direct EFX segment (did not receive before broadcast recording time).

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast over at our official blog, BlackRadioIsBack.com - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for the Week of December 29, 2009 (in no particular order)

Killarmy/Allah Sees Everything/Loud
Camp Lo/Black Connect 3/Soul Fever (http://www.myspace.com/therealcamplo)
Sade/Solider of Love/Epic
Yoshi feat. Marvin Hawkins/Dance Tonight/Raw Fusion Records
Roy Hamilton III/The Invizible Man/RoyHamiltonIII.com
Statik Selektah feat. Bahamadia/Do What I Believe/Show Off & Brick Records
Johnny Griffith Inc./Love Is Just A Word/BBE
Maxwell feat. Nas/Help Somebody RMX/Columbia
Jay Electronica/Exhibit C/Decon
Mos Def/24 Hour Karate School/White Label (http://www.myspace.com/MosDef)
B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars/Nothin' On You/Grand Hustle & Atlantic
St. Joe Louis/Good Morning/Upstart Media Group (http://www.myspace.com/StJoeLouis)
Elucid/Stacey (Sucker for Love)/Loosie Music (http://www.myspace.com/ElucidMusic)
Ms. Fefe/Reign Supreme/N.A.B. & Elegant Hoodness
Nucci Rey-o/Day's Like This/GState Ent.
Ms. Fefe/Reparations/N.A.B. & Elegant Hoodness
The Carps/It's Raining In The Projects/URBNet Records (http://www.myspace.com/TheCarps)
Slum Village/Money Right/Barak Records

PLUS Some Extra Special Hidden Tracks in the Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more MySpace.com Independent Music Finds

Current FuseBox Radio Broadcast Radio & Internet Affiliates (as of this week):

UrbanNetwork.com's The Mix Internet Radio Station - UN Power Jam Radio (owned by Urban Network Magazine) OKRP.com, ReeWineMusic.com/ReeWine Radio, Progressive Blend Radio, Sprint Radio Extra/mSpot (via the Worldwide Alpha Communications Network), SouthBound.FM, DeadBeat Radio, CrackAudio.com, TheBestJams.com/The Best Jams Radio, Radio CPR 97.5 FM, FlyTunes.FM/FlyCast ,Planet Urban (Austrailia)/PlanetUrban.com.au, AmalgamDigital.com, BlockJams.com, ConspiracyUK.com , FONYE Radio , VI Radio , DurdeeSouthRadio.com , Beyond.FM , MyBlockRadio.net, Rutgers University Radio, WRSU 88.7 FM, Stop Beefin' Start Eatin' Radio, Ceesiety Radio, Mixshow Blast Radio, Slip-N-Slide DJs Podcast, The Best Jams, ExtravaGangsta Radio, HipHopSoulRadio.com , Digiwaxx Presents: The Blast , White Folks Get Crunk for DJs, Legion Music & Media, UnderWorldMixRadio.com, MixLaWax Radio, Trunk Hustlers Online, 907 Jamz. The6.FM, Nilo Radio, 1.FM Jamz, Blayze University Radio, Blip.TV, iBlog126.com, Miro, WSOUF.com, True Fire Radio, StreetsD.com (Streets Mos Magazine Radio), Rock The Dub, Last Word Online, Soul Pitch Hustle, Black Soul Rhythms, Honey Magazine, i95.FM, The PRess Junkie, Planet Ill, Ground Up Radio, BlackCoffeeChannel.com (Coming Soon), Gutta Muzik (HD) Radio (Coming Soon)

** Most Stations/Outlets Tracked via RadioWave Monitor, Mediaguide & SoundExchange **

Subscribe to get the weekly episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah!

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Trackstar The DJ Boogie Bang 22

The homey Trackstar ends 2009 correctly - with the 22nd edition of his Boogie Bang series, this time hosted by Sha Stimuli. Dude's moved from strength to strength each year out, so I wanna thank him for doing his thing. Enjoy this mix!

DOWNLOAD Trackstar The DJ Boogie Bang 22

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Deadpool Team-Up #894 Teaser

Deadpool x Frankencastle? Should be crazy... I figured they'd team Wade up with older/more under-used characters, not something like this recent Punisher-incarnation. #897 isn't out yet, so I guess this is out in April?

Via Deadpool Bugle.
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Khi Kobane The Big Bane Theory

I told you guys The Big Bane Theory was on the way, and DTV just let me know I could pull the trigger. On this introduction to the Elite Assembly's own Khi Kobane, he did it all dolo - wrote his raps, produced his beats, and what you get is a shining example of not only what EA and New Jersey have to offer, but a slice of where Hip-Hop should be going. 2010 is going to be a surprising year, believe me.

DOWNLOAD Khi Kobane The Big Bane Theory

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Nimrod "Unibrow (Eddie Munster)"

Nimrod "Unibrow (Eddie Munster)": Damn. When I was in high school, the fall/winter was my time of year. There's nothing like walking in crispy air, bundled up and living in your headphones. Back then, all I listened to was instrumental Hip-Hop (DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, etc.) and anything on Ninja Tune, and this free release from Colorado beatsmith's Nimrod, Stupid Fresh, puts me in that zone. No crazy zany samples or vocal snippets, just dope beats. Grab the 23-track opus via his Bandcamp page, and go live life in your headphones.

Bonus Beats Nimrod "Ode To The B-Boy"
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O.I.S.D. ft. BBAS "L.O.T.T.S. (Live From The...)"

O.I.S.D. ft. BBAS "L.O.T.T.S. (Live From The...)": The Operation Industry Shut Down crew and the Brown Bag AllStars link up for the first cut off of OISD's Leaders of the True School project, which just dropped the other day. Has a nice vibe to it - both that hook sounds vintage, and that beat is the truth from the drop. Shouts to J57 for the heads up.
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A Disturbing New Trend "Affiliate's Theme"

A Disturbing New Trend "Affiliate's Theme": Ever since I posted "Year of the Carnivore", I'd been waiting for more of this nasty shit from ADNT. What's ill about this shit is that, for most of the Rock/Hip-Hop shit, the lyrics don't really go off or sound like normal Rap shit. This cat is spitting, just over some really grimey, fuzzy headbangin' riffs. This is the kind of music I need every once in a while - a jolt to the system. The kind of shit that makes you want to kick a few old people down a flight of stairs. Then beat them with their canes.
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Jay-Z x Fly Boy Viz x The Who The Whoprint

Shouts to Quest MCODY for putting me onto this mixtape from Fly Boy Viz, who's taken some Hov acapellas and threw them over The Who-sampled beats. Taking it back to the essence with some of the loops - give this one a whirl.

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Skillz "2009 Rap-Up"

Skillz "2009 Rap-Up": Skillz keeps it real in what's now a seven-year institution in Hip-Hop. The debate will rage on, and dude couldn't get this to be a "trendy topic" (dear Black twitterati: it's trendING topic!), but I'm glad we got this. Favorite thing of the year-end lists and other usual end-of-year hoopla.

"Can you say FAIL?!"

MP3 (and lyrics) via OnSMASH.

Bonus Beats Bekay "2009 Year In Review"

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Smokers Jacket ft. Wes Restless "Skully"

U CANT FIND ME Mix2 by pugsatomz

Smokers Jacket = Pugs Atomz + Awdazcate, and they have an album set to drop on Valentine's Day 2010. This cut is produced by Selfish and features backing vocals by Wes Restless. "This song is a tribute to the people that don't understand when the relationship is over....and they still want to be where you are. This album is sponsored by Blind I for the kids and some other special guest. For more Smokers Jacket Check them out this tuesday in Chicago at the Darkroom 10pm."
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Money First "Superb"

Money First "Superb" [clean \ dirty]: Here's some feel-good music from Trenton's finest. Money First had a great year, capped off by winning a UMA for Best Rap Group. I have a feeling 2010 will be a bigger year than '09 was, so pop a bottle of bubbly and toast to another dope group on the come-up. All versions included for you DJs out there.

Bonus Beats Money First "Superb (instrumental)"
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Beat Drop: Best Of 2009

Yesterday, Metal Lungies dropped Part 1 of their Best of 2009 Beat Drop, featuring MCs and producers showing what they loved in 2K9. Today, Part 2 dropped, which features bloggers and other heads giving their favorites. I contributed (although my comments on "D.O.A." were thrown in under "Run This Town"), but it looks like two of my picks were cut - hopefully they throw them in an outtakes post. Shouts to everyone who shared their favorites. My list ruled.
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Quest MCODY Ctrl + Alt + Delete 2 Mixtape

Here's the newest latest mixtape from Quest MCODY, which dropped on Christmas Day. There was talk about this dropping on RTD, but that didn't happen - still gotta support that rowdy shit from the D, and who knows, we might just have something else up our sleeves for the future... Not only does Quest merk industry beats from the likes of Lil' Wayne, but he's got a lot of new heat, including niggas like Kuniva, Nametag and the MAJOR "Fade Back" remix that features Royce, Guilty Simpson AND Marvwon! Stream/download this from DatPiff (or via this link) RIGHT NOW!

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The Legends Of Hip-Hop (2/05/2010)

I might need to be up in here. That line-up is too dope to miss, you feel me? Ticket prices are $35.00, $45.00, and $75.00 (VIP, Includes Meet & Greet). Hit up www.thewarmemorial.com or www.tickets.com to purchase, or call 800-955-5566 from 9AM to Midnight, 7 days a week!

EDIT Looks like the show was cancelled; can't find any info on that.

EDIT Game on.
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Excess Bangers 58: XMas Bangers Christmas

That new-new from Highbrid Nation for this Christmas holiday.



01. Snoop Dogg ft. Crooked I, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, Ras Kass & Styles P – I Wanna Rock (September 7th Mix)
02. Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne – Move the Damn Thing
03. Drake – It’s Been A Pleasure
04. Crooked I ft. Raekwon, EDI & ConiYac – That’s My Word
05. Young Jeezy – 4 My Town (rmx)
06. Wale – The Meeting
07. Styles P – Soldier Of Love
08. Kendrick Lamar – The Relevant
09. Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def – Just Begun
10. Young Buck & JT the Bigga Figga – Gang Injunction
11. Cassidy ft. Trav & Lloyd Banks – Ride the Wave
12. Teriyaki Boyz ft. Jay-Z – Living The Life
13. Crooked I – Fear Freestyle
14. Kendrick Lamar ft. Ab-Soul – For the Girlfriends
15. Young Buck – Raindrops
16. Nino Bless – Buffalo Bill (52 Bars)
17. Illogic – Graveyard
18. Divine Seven, R-Sin, Jon Quest - Wish List (This Xmas) Produced By Mysterious
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DJ Solo Xmas Pack

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