thursday mash

Nothing too crazy going on right here... more of a mash-up of things going on in my life, in my head, and in our environment.

I read today on DOA that G.C. Coleman of the mighty Winstons died recently, or was it that recent? The wikipedia page on him says that he passed in "early 2006", and I can't find a proper page online detailing his passing. In any case, my condolences go out to his family, the surviving Winstons, and all lovers of the Amen Break.

In other news, Clinton Sparks has a FREE mixtape in promotion of the new NBA 2K7 soundtrack, compiled by the mighty Dan the Automator. You have to use iTunes to dload it, but it has loads of exclusives and sick jams. Check it out, it's well worth it.

Alix Perez has made his September 1Xtra Guest Mix available for download for FREE (download : tracklisting). There is a serious load of dubplate pressure, spanning loads of sounds. Alix is one to look out for in the 2k7, get familiar.

Did anyone catch LOST last night? Probably one of the best episodes in a while... the other eps are great, but this one set the tone. Beautiful use of everyone's personalities. Full recap to come.

I start a new job tomorrow, which means I have to get up super early, which I'm not feeling, but this will be the foot in the door of a company with longevity. Soon, my son, soon.

I'll holla at you goons tomorrow with the weekly playlist... one.
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Cassidy vs. Freeway - FREESTYLE BATTLE!

You guys ever see/hear this massacre before? Cassidy and Freeway, back in the day, before both of them got in the limelight, the Full Surface and Roc-A-Fella fams locked into the studio for some shit, and Cass battled Free. Cass murks Free, don't get it twisted, and hearing his lines make me wish he can get well and get back on the mic ASAP! Peep game:

Part 1

Part 2

You gotta love how Freeway sounds like ASS acapella, asking "throw a beat on!" This is old, but you gotta love YouTube. Enjoy this.
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rat race

"Rat race!
Oh, it's a disgrace
To see the human-race
In a rat race, rat race!"

-Bob Marley

You gotta love it... I always seem to find myself in these situations, where my job is gone, and my family is going broke because of my lack of employment. This wouldn't be a problem if employers acted in their namesake and employed. I sat at a job for a year and 5 months, busting my ass, hardly sitting 30 minutes at a time in my desk due to the receptionist needing smoke breaks, all the while the work that I am supposed to be performing for 1/2 a day turns into a full days work, meaning I neglect the fucking stack of files/boxes that I was originally employed to do in the first place! Nevermind the polotics of my main supervisor being buddy buddy with a shady bitch who will smile in your face one minute and apply heel to back in the next... even to her own homegirl! Nevermind the fact that I sat next to a woman who started ordering her lunch at 10AM, and walked out of the job one day because she paid too much attention to work that was not significant, getting so frustrated over a file that she stormed out, before she "killed herself, or someone else". Nevermind the fact that they fired me over some bullshit. I can be over all of this nonsense, my so-called "lack of productivity", my "making excuses" when I was just explaining myself to them. My problem now, right now, is the fact that I either have too much experience, or not enough experience. I have a solid background in being a fast-fucking-learner, adapting to changes and new ideas in an instant; why can I not express this to employers? Why shit on the kid? And if I end up NOT receiving unemployment benefits because of some shit they put on my record, hell will rise up.

I applied for a bunch of jobs today. One company, a local insurance place, has turned me down 3 times already. I applied again, wishing it's not a #4. The last time I was there, they told me I had too much experience, and thought I wouldn't stay in the position if I got it. I mean, let's say that was a problem, is wanting to advance and get ahead a BAD thing? The thing is, I would have been perfectly comfy in that spot -- hell, I ended up doing the same thing as a temp.! I end up sending out resumes and cover letters to places that probably won't hire me, because I need to feel like I am trying. And I am trying. For I need money. This is the plight of the unemployed.

It'd be easier if I had 1) a college degree, or 2) a car. I could open up my spectrum so wide if I had at least one of those. Alas, I have neither, and end up chained to the bus route. Woop woop.

So, say a prayer for your unemployed floyd over here. I need something... anyone hiring? Hit me up, I'll flick you my resume pronto. And if someone is willing to pay me for some work-at-home shit, I'm MORE THAN READY. And now, for some videos:

The Specials "Rat Race"

Mr. Lif "Because They Made It That Way"

Sage Francis vs. Akrobatik "Super Bowl MC Battle '99"

How we went from Bob Marley to Akro, I do not know. Be safe.

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Buy me a Treo!

Well, not really, but I need something... you see, I keep losing ideas and what not for this blog, and other aspects of my life!

It's my own fault, honestly. Aside from some of my past indulgences, I just have a load of thoughts going through my head that makes it hard for me to remember everything. For example, I put all three of the "Crooklyn Dodgers" joints in my Zen and walked to the bus stop. I'm sitting there, reminiscing and digesting all that is being said, as well all that is being implied in those tracks, and their places in the spectrum of Hip-Hop history. I was really in a zone, breaking down themes, beats, recurring elements, the whole 9, and relaying that into this new track produced by 9th Wonder... and by the time I got on the bus, got to work, and sat down at the PC to piece some of it together... I lost it. I do that a lot, mainly because my best ideas come in the moment, and it's hard to resurrect that shit after the fact. When I write reviews, they are mulled over and "zingers" (cool lines or great points I come up with) are noted in advance, but the actual bulk of the post writes itself right then and there, helped by a lil libation. That's how I have always done it... and if I want to keep up this blog, I might have to switch it up.

Now, being a father of 3 at this point in my life, my money is really funny... eh, not so much funny as not in my bank account. I have found ways to combat this, but still and all, we can barely rub two stick together after all of our bills are paid, let alone going out and copping expensive things like PDAs and phone plans (gotta love Virgin Mobile). That's where you come in: what service would you like to grab, for a fee, to help me purchase a Treo? What would you like in return for helping me advance my art? Would you like a Dub Session Mixtape of your favorite "Brooklyn" tracks? A poem devoted to your loved one? Let a niggy know... and no, I am not on some "I'll give you a fish pen for your red paper clip" type shit, but I mean, if I created a series of mixes, or gave you some ad space on this here blog... what would it take for you to cop me a Treo?

Let me know... either in the comments, or hit me on the e-mail.
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LOST, Season 3: "The Glass Ballerina" [recap]

First off, I want to apologize for this recap not being up on Thursday of last week... I wasn't around Thursday to complete it, and it sat by the wayside... peep the funny thing about this recap. I had a good 3 full paragraphs done, but my son woke up. I hit the "save as draft" button on Blogger, and for some reason I lost everything! So, check out the recaps from Lostpedia and MSNBC. I apologize for this one, but I am too tired to give you a half-assed 2nd attempt at perfection (lol nah, but the zingers I had were lost). Maybe I'll get it right next week... until then, namaste.
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Mark Price year

A quarter of a century... that's how old I turned today. It's kind of crazy, you know? I mean I don't feel any older than I did yesterday, but with the way my life has changed in the last 5 years, I feel about 10 years older than my I.D. says I am.

I've seen a lot of things... from 9/11 to Flavor of Love. From Jay-Z Vs. Nas to Jay-Z signed Nas. Two Iraqi "wars", DJ Shadow going from the antithesis of commercial Hip-Hop to, well, producing commercial Hip-Hop. The birth of my son to the death of comedy's son. Life is real...

In any case, I try to model each year of my life in the mentality of a NBA player whose jersey number is the same as the number of years I have been on this earth. Mark Price is a good choice. Check his track record; then check out the fact that he sat the bench for his first year, then when he got to start, he rinsed each and every year, and holds a gang of records and is all-time NBA in a number of standings. That will be me, in this blog shit and my life. Cool and comfy on the underbelly, then exploding on the scene the next year (wait for March 2007)... follow me.

In terms of plans for tonight, LOST is on tonight (peep their first audio podcast for Season 3), and it looks to be action-packed. I'll have either a six-pack of Heineken or a 40 of Mickey's (I'm undecided), and some good family time. Loving my wife, wanna shout her out for bringing a nigga some cupcakes. And lunch. Gotta love her for that one! I do want to send a gasface to the rain out there. Very normal for my bday though. *Sigh*

Got some ish forthcoming for the blog... review of the new Hi-Tek album coming soon... interview with TEKDBZ's Hochi... possibly a review of Lloyd Banks' Rotten Apple, and some other ish under wraps. Keep it locked, and shout me a bday holler if you want.

So long, and thanks for all of the shit.

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Sabre - October 2006 Studio Mix

For those who might not be aware, there is a producer by the name of Sabre who is currently doing the damn thing on the DnB tip. He is an up and comer in terms of getting his beats out there, but the quality of his product is uncanny. He also is one hell of a DJ -- choice selection, smooth mixing, quality shit each and every. He dropped a seriously funky Studio Mix back in March of this year, and (with Intense Records) has a new one for the month of October. I was going to hold onto this one until Friday, but why not spread the word? (take from this post on DOA) (download : Intense podcast front page)



01/ L.I.S - Echo Game [Dub]
02/ Sabre - Glimpse The Prospect [Dub]
03/ Logistics - Depth Charge [Hospital]
04/ Verse + SP - Surrender [Crunch Dub]
05/ Icicle - Numbers [Dub]
06/ Konflict - Submerge [Timeless]
07/ Sabre - Damascus [Darkestral Dub]
08/ Icicle & Switch - Secret Temple [Dub]

09/ Sabre - Point Blank [Bassbin Dub]
10/ Deep Inc. - Black Jaguar [Crisis Dub]
11/ Noisia & Teebee - Moon Palace [Dub]
12/ Icicle - So Clean [Dub]
13/ Rymetyme - The Payback [DSCI4]
14/ Lynx & Malibu Rhodes - Mariachi [Dub]
15/ Skitty - Dirty South [Subtitles]
16/ Breakage - Loved You So [Digital Soundboy Dub]
17/ Alix Perez - Worlds Apart [Shogun Dub]
18/ Focus & Lomax - 5 Weeks [Dub]
19/ Sabre - Lady Fortune [Bassbin Dub]

How ill is that... dubladen, but then he drops tracks like "The Payback" and "Dirty South". Watch out for Sabre.

related links:
Sabre on MySpace
Sabre's discog on rolldabeats

Sabre's 12" on Horizons Music (HZN015) is out on promo NOW. "Language Barrier" b/w "Celler Dweller".
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Lupe Fiasco "Food & Liquor" [review]

I don't get the hype surrounding Lupe Fiasco. The talk surrounding this guy, aside from the infamous leak, all I knew was Jay-Z's praise (so much so that he helped executive produce this, for good or ill) and that verse off of Kanye's latest. The usual internet chatter had Lupe stacked as the second coming, and while this guy possesses skills on the mic, it just seemed like empty hype. I joked earlier this year in regards to what this dude invokes in my mind when I hear his music: he is Pharrell imitating Kanye. His swagger is total Chi-town, but his sound and aesthetic is that pseudo-"retro Hip-Hop" shit that Pharrell constantly preaches (giving props to ATCQ and originality while still choosing flavor of the month beats and wearing chunky fucking medallions). That mixture might invoke magic for some, but for me, it's pretty much just the same old song.

My first gripe about this album is the fact that he constantly talks about seeing the bad side of life, and growing up in Chicago, I know those streets are ROUGH. I just don't get how, when it comes to Hip-Hop, the hardest nigga out right now from the Chi is Common. Common? ... but I digress. Taking Lupe's past musical musings into light, he does know a thing or 3 about "crack rap", although he chooses to shun that to speak about things like skateboarding, his Muslim views, and fatherless homes. His hang up is that, while Jay might say he is a breath of fresh air, that air is long on flash and short on substance.

On tracks like "He Say, She Say", he literally re-rhymes the first verse on the second, in this tale of a parent and child trying to get Dad to understand what his absence from the home is doing to them. I figured that he'd have this 3rd verse where he let the father speak his piece, but no dice. So instead of us getting to see the whole picture, we are left with a mother who seemingly shouts her disdain for dad so much that her son has picked up on it. His first single (I don't know if you'd call it a hit), "Kick, Push", is about skaters who try to do things (go on dates, ride around town), and get shut down by the man. End of. I mean, OK they kick, push and then coast, but where's the joy in that? No real time to trick, they just get roadblocked all the way? Is that the message he really wants to bring? "The Cool" revisists one of my favorite breaks, James Brown's "Funky Drummer", to some success, but the storyline is muddy... apparently, this gangsta who got murked 6 months ago somehow rises from the dead and... walks around. He makes a lot of witty remarks about this dude getting robbed in the same spot he got popped and all this other flash, but the track does not have a moral, aside from the fuzzy "if you chase the cool you gonna get popped" theme, which is not really explored. Like most of his ideas.

The other problem I have with Lupe and a lot of the rappers coming out today is that everyone wants to resurrect Hip-Hop. That's all well and good if you go about it the proper way (boom bap beats, gritty rhymes, etc); you are NOT bring back that "true shit" by making throwaway Linkin Park-sounding tracks, or throwing Jay-Z on the most garbage instrumental I have ever heard. You cannot escape the trapping of commercial Rap by catering to that audience. He has the neo-soul, the Fort Minor, and the pseudo Roc fans on lock, but that real Hip-Hop? It goes about as far as the instrumental to "Kick, Push", which has just the right amount of jazz and soul to it to make it work. "I Gotcha" is an exception, because that piano sample (Monk?) that Pharrell and co. hook up is mint.

In the end, Lupe should have proofread some of this ideas. Take "American Terrorist" for example. The idea behind this track, obviously, is to show how American is just as terroristic as the guys who fly planes into buildings. The thing is, the title would have been better suited to be called just plain old "Terrorist". Throwing the "American" in there not only undermines the educated fans who know what the fuck a terrorist is, but it also indicates that there is some difference between "American terrorism" and the terrorism from places in the Middle East, for example, when in fact, terrorism is terrorism. On another tip, why do we need a 12 minute shout-outro? Did they run out of ink for your booklet? Too many missteps, not enough progress.

Look, Lupe suffers from what many others in his boat suffer from: too much seasoning, not enough experience. If this album took him years to make, maybe he should go back and let it marinate. Like Sam Jackson said in Juice: "You can't pour syrup and shit and make it pancakes". You can't throw big name supporters and flashy production ontop of underdeveloped ideas and call it revolution. While many may herald Lupe as some second-coming or the next torch-bearer for conscious Hip-Hop, he is just another bitchmade Muslim who used to rap about gat-toting to me. Until he keeps it all the way real, keep it out of my Best Buy bins.

And where the fuck in the world does being the biggest seller at Best Buy truly mean anything?!

rock the dub gives this album a 5 out of 10: sorry choruses, pointless stories and a tired, non-believable format make this one lazy collection for the true Hip-Hop listener.

related links:
official Lupe Fiasco website
Lupe Fiasco's MySpace page
Lupe Fiasco's Atlantic Records webpage (fansite)
Lupe Fiasco's hypebeast blog
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khal "Like Father, Like Son" (Sept. 2006)

Last month, my son Jayden Khristopher Davenport was born. I spent the night with my wife and my son the night he was born (Sept. 7th, 2006). I hadn't planned on being there on the 8th, a Friday, but with wifey in such pain, she felt it would be best if I stayed there with them. So I rushed home, got some stuff together, grabbed some Wendy's to munch on, and proceeded to the hospital. Once we got there, however, they were moved to a semi-private room due to overcrowding, so I was unable to stay there (hospital procedure). I went from being prepared to get the house ready to being a proper husband and father and getting there for the loves of my life, to being told I now cannot stay.

Needless to say, there was a brewing anger inside of me that I needed to get out. Aside from doing some writing and politicking that night, I got a mix done which was created to help calm my nerves, express some feelings, and just be an overall fun ride. Like the other mixes I have posted online, this is not "mixed" per se; think of it along the lines of a proper mixtape that you might make for a friend or loved one, with a collection of your favorite tracks on it. Some thought was put behind this, and it flows in a nice manner. 

This mix is literally one month old, like my son, and I feel it's time to let out this latest Dub Session.

DOWNLOAD Like Father, Like Son


02/Cut Chemist "The Garden"
03/Matisyahu "Spark Seekers"
04/Masta Killa ft. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah "It's What It Is"
05/DJ Shadow "Hindsight"
06/M.O.P. "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow"
07/J. Dilla "In The Streets"
08/The Roots "No Alibi"
09/INI "Fakin' Jax"
10/Oh No ft. Wildchild "WTF"
11/Mos Def "Life Is Real"
12/A-Trak "Knucklehead"
13/Roc C ft. Chino XL "El Capitan (Remix)"
14/Jadakiss ft. Styles P "We Gonna Make It"
15/A-Sides "Tear The Roof Off"
16/DJ Shadow "High Noon"
17/The Game ft. Busta Rhymes "Like Father, Like Son"
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LOST, Season 3: "A Tale Of Two Cities" [recap]

God damn, yo, here we go again... another new season of one of the most complex and compelling shows on TV, LOST. And they continue to pile it on THICK for us devoted fans...

This episode showed us a different side of the island, literally... we saw the random community the Others have built in the middle of the jungle. Nestled deep in the jungle, they delve into Stephen King novels (Carrie?) in book club, burn muffins, have plumbing problems, and plot to infiltrate the camps of survivors of a huge plane crash... you know, just a typical day. The main "Others" are all there, from fake beard Tom to fake Henry Gale, who has been referred to as "Ben" in this episode for the first time. There is a new female we are intro'd to, Juliette, who seems to have had some type of a falling out or disagreement with Ben, for they share sideways glances, even though he is the leader. Their peaceful day was disrupted by Oceanic Flight 815's crash, which kind of set us in the zone of seeing at least this chunk of the story through the eyes of these "Others". Ben went right into dictator mode, alerting both Goodwin and Ethan to scope the survivors, gather lists, and get plans into action. We know what happened to those two though, right?

The flashback of this episode circled around Jack's descent into lunacy over the identity of his wife's lover. He was seen stalking her, jacking numbers off of her phone and trying to find that dude. His father ended up in the mix, for Jack found out Sarah called him, seemingly for support. Jack saw his Pop on the phone, smiling and talking, which lead him to follow Dad to his AA meeting by mistake. In a fit of rage, he accused Daddy of sleeping with Sarah, which we find out is not the case. He tackles Dad and spends some time in jail -- there's goes the 50+ days of sobriety! Sarah tells Jack to give up his search with an interesting line: "it's not about who he is, but who you are not", which mirrors a comment Juliette makes to Jack...

"It's not about who we were, but who we are now". Chew that one out for a bit... speaking of present day, Jack has been separated from his friends Sawyer and Kate, and all 3 have seen some odd shit. Kate was given a shower and an oceanside breakfast with Ben, although she had to wear handcuffs. They did not match the beautiful dress she wore, though... when she asked why he was doing that for her, he bluntly told her that the next few weeks will be unpleasant, and he wants her to hold on to some good times. Did I mention how chilling dude is? He also tried to plant some seeds and dig for some love-triangle information, asking her why she put Sawyer's name first when asking about Sawyer and Jack...

Sawyer was thrown into a cage built for bears, originally, and spent the majority of the episode trying to decipher how to eat (you gotta put a rock on the step lever, then push the button, THEN hit the top lever with your shoe), which consisted of a meal of pellets, water, and a DHARMA fish biscuit. Cute. Some dude was put in the cage across the way, but somehow managed to pick his and Sawyer's locks and attempt an escape. Juliette found Sawyer in the woods and zapped him in the neck. He was properly put back in his cage, and the young dude (was he down with DHARMA?) apologized for involving Sawyer in his escape plan. Strange... after all of this commotion, Kate is then put in the cage across from Sawyer, with noticable wounds on her wrists from the handcuffs (or did they do something else to her), and Sawyer shares his biscuit. You could see her eyes being 2 seconds from total meltdown, but she held it together.

Jack, however, received the craziest time of all. He was locked in this weird room, with nothing but a table, a broken(?) communication box and some chains. The one wall was clear, but hard, for he could not kick through it. Juliette would speak to him on the other side, exchanging questions and trying to establish trust over grilled cheese. We find out that not only is she a doctor, but the Others have links to the outside world. Juliette had a fucking dossier full of info on Jack's life, from schooling on through to why he was in Sydney. He painfully asked if his wife was OK, which Juliette replied yes. During their "getting-to-know-you", we find out that the Others MIGHT have been DHARMA operatives at some point. We also know that the place where Jack and Juliette are speaking is another station, called "The Hydra", probably due to the fact that it is underwater (which Jack found out after repeatedly refusing to open the one door that held back the water, almost drowning himself and Juliette, which Ben seemed to not care about). The Others also don't live in those ragtag clothes that they wanted you to think they wore; they are definitely a lot more sophisticated about things. And they have eyes and ears all over, whether it's cameras or covert ops. All we know is that our LOSTies are in for some shit they haven't even BEGUN to understand... and some questions that still need answering (who really ARE the Others? Why do they capture and seemingly study Jack, Kate and Sawyer? what happened to Desmond? did Michael and Walt really escape? the question stream is ENDLESS!)

Now, onto the preview: we see that Saayid has concerns about where Jack and the others are, and sets to find them with Sun and Jin via sailboat. The Others had no idea they had the boat, but sends out Tom and crew to stop them. The quick cuts showed some gunfire, with Sun possibly falling from the boat/getting bucked? Who knows. It looks like we will be reacquainted with the people we grew to know and love the 1st two seasons, to see their reactions to the big BOOM from the Season 2 finale. Can't wait.

The shit has just hit the fan, people... grab your umbrellas.

Want to read some differing opinions on this season of LOST? Check the following:

LOSTpedia page on "A Tale of Two Cities", with an episode synopsis, as well as theories and trivia., which is THE SOURCE for LOST fans. Loads of galleries and info, as well as the first VIDEO podcast.
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More Virus than Virus!

How can Gridlok out 'Virus' Ed Rush & Optical? Easily... by releasing his slammin' Break The System album. Compared to their new disc, Chameleon, Gridlok might be the go-to guy for that dark, hard, grimey neuro sound. And who said stateside DnB is shit?

It's just hard to believe that guys like Ed Rush, Optical and Matrix, while showing signs of their older ways, have developed into the antithesis of what a lot of people feel their music stood for. It went from taking chances and doing it for themselves to what at least sounds like they are trying to cater to the dancefloor exclusively? For some (many?), this is a hard pill to swallow... but with albums like Gridlok's, as well as the tracks that producers from The Upbeats to SKC, Optiv to Fierce, and not to forget the mighty DNAudio crew, the true Virus sound is not dead at all. It just kind of disheartens many that the pioneers of that shit seem to not give the people what they want, or what has been rumored to be coming... gotta love that Virus Vaults album, though!
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LOST Season 3 premieres tonight!

First off, for those who missed out on the LOST Experience ARG, check out the main piece found, this video detailing some of what DHARMA is after:

If you need more information on the LOST Experience ARG, check out The Lost Experience Clues blog. Your best bet, if you want to follow it in order, is to check it out backwards.

So tonight is the big night, eh? We get to find out what Jack, Kate and Sawyer are in for with The Others. Remember, this season will be a core 6 episode start, then a hiatus, to be brought back next year with a full run, i.e. NO RERUNS AT ALL. While LOST is on hiatus, some new TV show will appear... crazy.

In any case, nobody call or message me from 9PM-10PM EST, for I will be on the island. Expect my recap sometime tomorrow.
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Proto J LIVE on Pro Co Radio (9/25/06)

Just figured I'd share this mix with the DnB/Downtempo crew. Meant to hit you guys with it the other day, but you know what it do. All exclusives, no released/regular material at all... and Proto J does his thing. Download HERE. Here's the tracklisting:

..::2 hours, 23 downtempo and d&b tracks, all unreleased dubs and exclusives::..
1. proto j - "just skratchin' the surface" - no release
2. breakage - "came to me (the 9th hand reprise/downtempo mix)" - ???
3. equinox - "a tranquil moment" - ???
4. fanusamurai - "dreams are like water" - pauze
5. fanusamurai - "hegakure" - pauze
6. naibu - "aki" - bassbin
7. bane & vertical - "summer wave" - ???
8. macc - "no turning back" - outsider
9. niskala - "context" - ???
10. atlantic connection - "remember (everything changes)" - ???
11. alaska & seba - "back from eternity" - arctic music
12. makoto - "eastern dub part 2" - good looking
13. equinox - "smoothed out" - horizons
14. eveson - "high grade" - horizons
15. seba & krazy - "pipeline" - bassbin
16. nasty habits - "shadowboxing (blumarten remix)" - 31
17. eveson - "runes" - ???
18. fanu - "my life in flames" - lightless
19. kryptic minds & leon switch - "take the pain away (tech itch's original remix)" - no release
20. dom & roland - "amen ghetto (warehouse vip)" - ???
21. fracture - "visions of amen" - subvert central
22. dom & roland - "aliens" - no release
23. equinox - "meecha" - ???
pro co radio is on monday nights @ 8pm-est on holla @ us!!!...

More archives HERE. You can check out more Proto J info at his MySpace page.
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let's remix it...

What's up world? There are a few Remix competitions I figure I'd let you guys in on:

DJ Shadow has a comp out there to remix his new single, "Enuff" ft. Q-Tip & Lateef. I think you have to use the software provided, so no .wav files for you producers out there, but check it out HERE for more info.

Paul Reset, Pyro and the good folks over at Nerve have linked up with the Mashup Militia to provide you with the pieces you need to remix Pyro's "Cho". Do it in any style you like, but get it done by October 30th. Loads of prizes, the sample pack, and other info is available HERE.

Get ya version on!
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