[rock the dub Intervew]: Lucy Diamonds

In the last couple of weeks, there has been a rumbling online regarding one woman: Lucy Diamonds. Her name has been thrown around a lot in situation regarding some major figures: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Oprah, Kentucky Fried Chicken... and many heads might not know who she is -- yet. She dropped a video response to many of these controversies and beefs (part 1 and part 2), and she agreed to speak with rock the dub on these points, as well as shed some light on who she is as a person, her burgeoning career, and the state of the game today...

khal: Many heads out there only know you for your KFC boycott or the various rumors regarding you and cats like Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and others. Many might not know Lucy Diamonds, the MC. How did you first get into spitting?

Lucy Diamonds: I've been writing my whole life, but really only got into spitting four years ago.

khal: You are based now in Atlanta, but I know you also claim Louisville. Do you feel as though your place on the map can directly affect your style of rhyming or production? If so, how?

Lucy Diamonds: It can definitely affect your style of rhyming if you pay attention to what is going on in those areas… I never pay attention. I never really listen to hip hop on the radio, so I don't get influenced much. I could be anywhere in the world and it would still sound like me. Not only am I an emcee, but I am also very much a producer.

khal: Now, there is no secret that your recent video interview answered a lot of questions about your past (present?) beefs and run-ins with a lot of large figures in the game. How does it feel to be getting so much shine over so much drama and "he say/she say"? Does it hurt to get more play off that stuff than your skills?

Lucy Diamonds: It definitely doesn't hurt. You can't take what people say to heart. That, and the fact that once they do hear the music, most people give me a lot of love for my skills. I definitely don't want the focus to stay on "he say/she say" stuff but as long as it drives people to listen to my music, I can't complain.

khal: One of the biggest stories regarding you is the back and forth between yourself and Jay-Z over various issues, from the signing of Lady Sovereign to the whole "Jay's mom is a lesbian" stuff. If you could do anything differently in regards to that situation, what would it be and why? Also, you made comments regarding portraying a certain role to get on back then… do you know if that's something that goes on/is going on currently?

Lucy Diamonds: I wouldn't change anything that has been said or done, however I have apologized to Jay-Z's mother, Gloria Carter for my disrespectful actions. As far as portraying a certain role, that's something that I watch a lot of artists do, especially trying to get on. Hip-Hop is in a sad state right now. No one really lets music speak for itself, and it's rare to find artists who really break out on their own based solely on their music. They either had some producer with a big name, or a big name feature, or some beef with someone, or they're the first of their kind to attempt their genre of music, something like that. It's never just, "hey wow, this person makes really GREAT music, let's give them a deal and push it." And what's really sad is that that's how it should be. The two most recent artists I can think of, to really break out from great music are John Mayer and Alicia Keys. As far as hip-hop goes, Lupe Fiasco and The Roots are really hot.

khal: Yo, on your track "Check To Check", you said you still rock VHS tapes. Now I won't front, I have a trash bag full of VHS joints in my basement… but you mean to tell me that you haven't gotten into the DVD game yet? How hard is the plight of the MC who is barely making it? Has there ever been an instance where you wanted to quit?

Lucy Diamonds: No, I have a good size DVD collection now. When I wrote 'Check to Check,' I was living in my car, homeless, and sleeping at rest areas throughout Florida. I was completely broke. I had nothing. I even pawned my VHS and CD collections for gas money. That song is about every run-down apartment I've lived in, my situation at the time, and I added a little inspiration from the Outkast lyric I used as the hook for the song. "At the end of the week, I live by the beat, like you live check to check, if you don't move your feet, then I don't eat, so we're like neck to neck." Also, we are working out all the details with Outkast and Chrysalis to have the lyrics and sample cleared for commercial release.

khal: Now, you have an album forthcoming entitled Poor Dream Redemption. What can people expect to hear on this long player? Is this coming out independently or are you currently signed?

Lucy Diamonds: I'm signed. My record label is a little upset at my recent publicity so I will keep them quiet.

khal: From peeping your MySpace page, you're linked to both Roc Raida and Jay's former signee Amil. How did you link up with these two? What MCs/producers/singers/etc. would you like to work with, and why?

Lucy Diamonds: I hooked up with Amil by fate. I had a long list of 'this person can hook you up with this person' and most so-called connections never panned out, until eventually one did. And if I've ever met someone who was completely real in this game, it's Amil. She and I are very much alike, and that's why it just worked with us. And she's still a dear friend of mine, even though she is upset with me over this whole Jay-Z thing too.
I met Roc Raida through a mutual friend, and was so excited to be able to add that element of his wizardry. A lot of people don't realize what talent it takes to really freak a turntable, and Raida is just plain ill! He's a great guy too- totally humble, totally cool. He's the best DJ in the world!

khal: Based on your hustle, you've been covered predominately online. Do you feel as though your current exposure is a plus or a minus when you go to drop an album?

Lucy Diamonds: Definitely a plus- any exposure is a plus while you're breaking out. You just never want to get overexposed like 50 Cent where people can't stand to hear what you have to say. Like Eminem said, 'and when you're run is over just admit when it's at its end...' And seeing as how I'm just beginning, everything's really working out in my favor. And as far as online goes that is where everything is happening. The digital revolution is here. People are talking… Like Paul Wall said, I got the internet going nuts!

khal: In terms of sales, you can have a large hype online that does not come back to fill your pockets when your album drops. What are your feelings regarding how much exposure you need to obtain offline to make this thing worth your while? Are you motivated to stack paper off of your mic skills, or is there a higher calling for you?

Lucy Diamonds: I'm not looking to fill my pockets. I believe music is a gift, and it was given to me, so why shouldn't I give it to others? I give away a lot of my music- mixtapes, promo cd's, all kinds of stuff. People will give me an address, and I'll just mail it to them. I just want them to hear it, and what makes it worthwhile is that they enjoy it.

khal: To step outside of yourself and your career for a bit, what do you see as being "wrong" with the industry currently? If you could be Jay and own a large Hip-Hop label, what do you think you would do differently to help benefit the consumer?

Lucy Diamonds: First of all, Jay said, 'I'm overcharging the industry for what they did to the Cold Crush.' Yet he just pockets the money and didn't give it back to the Cold Crush, and the other hip-hop pioneers that paved the way for current hip-hop. You never see him trying to help support, or put on our pioneers. But all that needs to change. I encourage every rap artist to give back. We owe it to the originators who took the pilgrimage for us to be who we are. We need to protect our roots, how else can we continue to grow?

khal: In the past, as mentioned before, you were involved in a KFC boycott. How long have you held these views in regards to KFC's practices? Are you going to address these further on the album?

Lucy Diamonds: I've been with PETA for about a year and a half. A big part of what PETA does is to not only actively strive for change in the way animals are treated, but to educate. The people, who do nothing, are one of two people, they either don't care or they simply don't know. PETA is a great organization that strives to educate people about animal abuse, and then encourage them to make a difference by active participation or simply just supporting PETA's efforts. There are so many little things people can do in their everyday lives to help support, it's not all huge protests and campaigns. At www.petaworld.com you can find tons of ways to help support PETA and get involved.

khal: Outside of Hip-Hop and being an activist, how does Lucy Diamonds spend the rest of her time? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or so?

Lucy Diamonds: Activist... I like that. Someone at my label just told me I was becoming more of an activist than an artist. Good! There is no faith without actions, so get up and go do something worthwhile. I'm really getting into the Bible lately, so hopefully in 5 years or so, I'll be able to use my activist-like nature to help spread the Word of God.

khal: Are you going to be touring for the album? If so, where can people catch you?

Lucy Diamonds: I signed with a top booking agency who is actively putting together a North American tour. I also plan on touring the UK and Australia real soon. Keep checking my website for tour dates, tour diaries, etc.

khal: Do you have any final thoughts or pieces of advice to give to MCs who might be trying to get more shine?

Lucy Diamonds: Don't listen to what anyone says, and don't let anything influence what you feel you need to do, period.

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Pimp Down!

Never in my life have I wanted to get a perm more than while watching Katt do his thing.

Most people know Katt Williams from his "Money Mike" role, made popular in the "Friday" movies, which is the reason why I still refer to him as "Money Mike" to my boys at work. He has, as of late, been seen on the wildy popular "Wild'n Out" TV Show, letting people know that he is blessed with mic skills. He has also been seen on ComicView, and was recently signed to Cam'Ron's Dipset Records... he even dissed the Young Gunz on a track with The Game!

The reason for this post, however, is to highlight his recent stand-up special for HBO, The Pimp Chronicles, Pt. 1. The man keeps it real about everything: his weed habit, his lack of political knowledge, and other topics, but more importantly, pimpin' preaches "keep it real" in every breath. He says some hilarious shit, but the shit he says is spot on. Especially when he went off on Michael Jackson ("smelling like little boys bootie holes!")... just raw and uncut. Peep his bit about haters...

Crazy, but that shit is the truth. The fuck is you mad about?

He's going to be on Def Comedy Jam soon enough... can't wait to see him tear that shit up. Keep an eye out for Katt, he's in the building! Hell, he's even A Pimp Named Slickback...

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the long wait

What the hell are DnB fans doing, quitting (or pondering quitting) the scene like it's a job? Forget the fact that the majority of the posts on forums around the world are attention seeking manifestos on the "state of the dnb union", but the thing that gets my goat is the reasoning... sometimes, like in Sykophiend's case, he was having trouble with labels and feeling like he was jerked. I can respect that to a degree. There are others, though, who keep mentioning that they are "waiting". They never really break down what it is they are expecting to come or happen or whatever, just that the wait is on.

I can only figure that this wait is in reference to a dreamed-on emergence of a new front, if you will. Back in the late 90s, with the emergence of heavy hitters liked Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company and many more, the dark, neurofunk/techstep style was rearing it's ugly head. It was a welcome change from a scene that focused on movie samples, edited breakbeats and a reggae aesthetic. It helped usher in a whole slew of new fans (for good or ill), and opened up what could be done sonically with this thing of ours. Is a front like that being prayed upon, like Christians waiting for the occurances that were brought up in the Book of Revelation?

I can also understand people being tired of what I will call popular DnB. The guys like Pendulum, TC, High Contrast, Subfocus, etc. can seem to dominate the airwaves, big raves and other places the sound is played. I don't always like it, but then again, I can tolerate good music. My disdain for certain tracks in no way kills my love for the scene as a whole. As a genre of music, DnB is probably the most forward thinking, balls to the wall of sound genre out there. You can't flip as many styles in other genres as you can with DnB. Most of the time, it comes off as being pretentious or just plain muddled. Tweaked right, you can mash up country vocals and polka vibes into a DnB tune if you wanted, and it could still come out funky. And if you search hard enough, you will in fact find your DJ Scratchy Balls, the polkastep kingpin. True lovers would do that...

Which leads me to my point. I think the lack of love for DnB is pretty dominant in these posts and proclamations about the scene as of right now. If you get married to someone, are you going to get a divorce because you do not like the way they make their eggs? Or the way they brush their teeth? Or their handwriting? I didn't think so. Why quit from DnB because you feel things are same-y, or stale? Why not try and work things out first? I spoke with Perpetuum a bit ago about the state of the scene, but I never did ask him if he was quitting. Judging by the amount of tracks he has forthcoming, I doubt he really would want to quit. The difference between Perpetuum and some of these other peeps? He is doing something about it. He does not like the way the scene is turning? He makes music he feels should be put to the forefront.

Essentially, at the end of the day, the truth will come to the light, and true art and soul will always shine brighter than manufactured hogwash. For those who say they cannot find what they are looking for, I say try harder. Or open up. If you cannot do either of those things, don't say you loved this thing of ours. You were just visiting...
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Survivor Race War, week 1.

My vote might be in jeopardy. Based on tonight's episode, those Asians are NO JOKE! That dude Cao Boi (pronounced "cow boy") looks like a little monkey anyways, but the group that surprised me were the Hispanics. They put that boat together like WHOA, and did their thing. I predict that if their crew loses at some point, fat ass Billy is out of there.

And I know, many people might not be surprised, but my Black people lost. I hate niggas like Sekou, btw. You know the type: older cats who think they know everything, but end up doing the least amount of work. Shiftless niggas like that make me sick. I knew his punk ass was out of there.

My vote for the White crew might be in jeopardy... they pulled in at 3rd place on tonight's challenge, and they have that idiot bitch "Flicka" on their who lost the chickens. Not looking good for them!

We are still holding the poll for an undetermined amount of time. If you haven't casted your vote yet, you can do so below... wait for next week!

Which race will win the next Survivor season?
White People
Black People
Asian People
Hispanic People
Free polls from Pollhost.com

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poetry heads in the house?

I started this forum back 2 years ago or so... eyeBored v.2. It was based on this old forum that was entitled something like eYe told him it was art, but just got laughed at based on a track by Latyrx and EL-P. It was mainly a site for my people's who wrote (poetry/rhymes/etc), as well as myself, to keep out shit out there online. It's died down a lot, which doesn't help that I don't write that stuff anymore, but hopefully we will be able to revitalize it. Or get some new heads out there. In any case, just figured I'd give it a shout.

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2Pac: 10 Year Anniversary

Just wanted to let those who don't know that Pac passed away 10 years ago today. I won't go into a big writing, XXL already took care of that. His death is also still unsolved, but we know the science around that. Peep some YouTube vids I have accumulated:

1: Pac freestyling down the streets of NY

2: Scarface ft. 2Pac "Smile"

3: 2Pac "Changes"

4: 2Pac "When My Homies Call (Live on Yo! MTV Raps)"

5: 2Pac "To Live And Die In L.A."

6: Chappelle's Show sketch on the new 2Pac track...

RIP Pac. You are sorely missed by fans worldwide. Your legacy lives on.
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Jayden Smiles

It's things like this that help brighten our days... I can't wait 'til he gets home.
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America The Ugly: The Mixtape (Sept. 2006)

Yes, this is a continuation of my "America The Ugly" post from July 4th, 2006, as well as my "food for thought" post from 7-03-2006. I've been working on the mixtape tip, trying to get my thoughts and feelings across through song, and it's coming along like gang busters. You guys dug "How To Speak 'Hip'", so we bring you another chapter of my Dub Sessions chambers.

This one is chock full of Hip-Hop. Loads of artists are referenced, from Pharoahe Monch to Company Flow to James Brown to Saul Williams to Nas to Jay Dee to J. Rawls to Mos Def, with many other artists and thoughts sprinkled in. No, this is not solely about the lose of life from 9/11; this mixtape touches on various points in America that piss me off and touch many lives every day.

If anyone has a problem with this, so be it. We cherish our freedom, but we also wish that our leaders would take us seriously, not as a race or as a gender, but as a united people. America, fufill your promise and get us us free!

DOWNLOAD America: The Ugly (The Mixtape)


01/Dubya's Foreword (intro)
02/Public Enemy "Fight The Power (Extended Mix)"
03/Jay Dee ft. Word Perphect "Fuck The Police (Remix)"
04/DJ Green Lantern ft. dead prez, Saigon, Immortal Technique & Just Blaze "Impeach The President"
05/James Brown "Funky President"
06/Saul Williams Interview (interlude)
07/Mos Def "Dollar Day for New Orleans (Katrina Klap)"
08/Mos Def "Beef"
09/Nas ft. Kelis "American Way"
10/Jadakiss Ft. Styles P, Common, Nas & Anthony Hamilton "Why (Remix)"
11/Malcolm X "By Any Means Necessary" / Oh No "WTF (Instrumental)" (interlude)
12/J. Rawls "America, Fufill Your Promise"
13/Chris Rock "Crackers" / Blackstar "Brown Skin Lady (Instrumental)" (interlude)
14/J. Dilla "Anti-American Graffiti"
15/Company Flow "Patriotism"
16/The Perceptionists "Memorial Day"
17/Pharoahe Monch "Book of Judges"
18/Dubya's Afterword / RJD2 "Seven Light Years (Instrumental)" / RJD2 "Fuck A Soundcheck (Instrumental)" (outro)
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my little mixtape

So yes, my son was born on September 7th, 2006 at 6:02PM. He weighed in at 7lbs. and 14oz., at 21 inches long.

He is my little mixtape... seeing as though I am African American (with some Native American, German, and whatever else in me), and my wife is Part Puerto Rican, Part Polish, part Irish, and whatever else, he is a total mutt, a true combination of styles. He is a beautiful mixtape. He is also not home as of yet... jaundice has set in, so they are using blue lights (phototherapy) to get his bilirubin numbers down, so that he will be able to come home. His life has been hard so far, from getting snipped to getting pricked in his heel numerous times... hell, he was vacuumed out! My wife is sore, we are both tired, and my little mixtape is not making any true noise (well, except when he is hungry, then you best to feed him). Soon come, though, soon come.

So in the effort to get past the suffering and worrying, I have uploaded loads of pictures of him since the day of his birth, as well as some video from earlier today...

Jayden's photobucket stash

I also loaded up 4 viddys of my boy on YouTube:

Sept. 10th, 2006 Pt. 1:

Sept. 10th, 2006 Pt. 2:

Sept. 10, 2006 Pt. 3:

Sept. 10, 2006 Pt. 4:

You'll be home soon, lil' man. And we can't wait.
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The Vicious Circle of Ignorance

Sometimes, you never realize how wide of a scope your blog is on. I got an e-mail from reader Brandon M, who said I forgot to mention something in the latest edition of the shuffle, I forgot to mention the gigantic piece that Nigo (who, for those who don't know, is the creator and owner of BAPE) was wearing to the VMA's... check his blog post on that shit.

How crazy is that shit? Now, the more I thought about this shit, the more I realized how crazy the circle of ignorance is... think about it. We create Hip-Hop, Japan creates PS2 and other electronic shit that we (don't) need. Now, not only do we have lil things on our hips that beep and bloop whenever we need a reminder or to speak to some ignorant person about ignorant shit, but then it turns into a new form of ignorance... the Bruce Lee-roy of ignorance. Basically, it ain't just niggas wearing their pants hangin' down... it's niggas wearing their pants hangin' down with fucking SIDEKICKS and other nonsense. And now, this Japanese dude has gone the extra mile... not only has he been influenced by Hip-Hop's love for dookie chains and loud colors, but he has now topped us, turning our love of excess into a gigantic fucking statement -- iced out monetary symbols. If that ain't Pop art, I don't know what is.

I also have a few more examples of current nigga-rance, in video form:

This pickaninny shit has got to stop. Niggas don't want to be called coon or jiggaboo, but then come out with a fucking dance that looks like some watermelon patch nonsense. What's next, the Ramen Cup Dance?

Thanks for converting a lil diddy youngin's sing about big ears into some bullshit about bling and excess. Thanks a lot, Jibbs.

Fucking ignorant ass niggas, man... can't handle it!
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The Good, The Def, and the SuFi

Yesterday was a geeky labor day for me... for those who don't have digital cable or HBO On Demand, you probably don't care, but HBO has been my favorite channel since I was a shorty, so getting the jump on the new shows is always a plus for me. Yesterday, not only did the new episode of The Wire premiere On Demand (more on that in the near future), but the newest season of Def Comedy Jam, hosted by Mike Epps, also premiered On Demand. I was excited... but then I watched it.

You see, HBO was a haven for bright, young comedians. Some of my favorite specials have ranged from Robert Townsend providing both sketch comedy and stand-up to seeing Whoopi on stage doing her characters to Sinbad being his G-rated self to George Carlin being George Carlin... there have been many highlights, and lately, many lowlights. Def Comedy Jam started out as one of the bright lights...

Hosted by Martin Lawrence, it was a raw, edgey spot for Black comedians to really let loose and not worry about having to restrict or censor themselves on national TV. Loads of stars (D.L. Hughley, Bernie Mac, Cedric The Entertainer, Sommore, Adele Givens, Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Joe Torry, Bill Bellamy, the list goes on) got their first national exposure on that very show. The thing is, with the vulgar nature of some of the C-list comedians, the show began to morph into a caricature of itself, where most of the later episodes were stale mimicry of tired jokes. It was no suprise when it got canceled in the late 90's. Yet, for some reason, HBO felt the need to bring this shit back...

Hosted by "DayDay" Mike Epps, who himself is great at impersonations but kind of juvenile with his original jokes, it does not stray too far from the original setup. The episode they have on there features Tony Rock (Chris' brother), Sommore and some gray suit wearing ass nigga named Capone. Tony Rock tried to be everyone but himself... he dressed like any random hip-hop comedian, told jokes like any random hip-hop comedian, but tried to bridge the gap by adding some political shit in there (immigrants, gay rights, etc), but instead of playing the smart role and injecting real issue into it, he diverted to tacos and dicks, which brought laughs from the audiene, but made his routine weak. Sommore was her usual golddigger self, playing that role to a "T", but the outfit she had on (odd green top sans bra) made me wish they could blur out her saggy chest. I got love for her, she is a Trenton native, but the look just took my mind off the jokes. Capone was a yelling ass suit wearing ass nigga, but his jokes about sex were actually true... it was the delivery that got me. Everything had to be yelled and mean mugged instead of being as suave as his on stage persona (Shaq hat included) would have set him to be. Mike Epps told some remedial jokes, which was normal, and kind of ran out on stage to intro each comedian like a 4 year old running to tell Mom & 'em that John-John was down the street getting into something. Odd all around --- maybe Russell knows what he's doing, but this episode does not really stand up to even the worst shit sandwiches that were lapped up in the original runs' day.

Now on to Dane Cook, who's Tourgasm was the first of his multi-project deal with HBO. The first of (possibly) many specials for HBO, Vicious Circle, premiered last night, and it was a mix of yelling and tangents. New ways to say things and saying the same old shit over again. Dane's kind of comedy is appealing for a few different reasons: he appeals to a very large white college kid crowd, I guess for his stories of one night stands and drunken escapades. He talks about everyday shit, and makes you realize that "hey, I've done that too!", which can be kind of neat, at times. I personally like the way he enunciates and pronounces words, it always keeps you guessing... even if it can be overkill. He does tend to go off the deep end with never-ending jokes, beating the shit out of you with joke fi joke fi joke fi joke, to the point where I think he seriously forgets where he started off. It's comedy for the MTV generation, even to the quick ass cuts and no-attention-span feel of some of his pieces. His storytelling is phenomenal, the way he can pick up on the most minute detail and focus your attention on that piece. That can sometimes outweigh the bad. I think my favorite parts of his Retaliation CD were those bits, the 10-15 minute stories he would tell. I did NOT appreciate him ending his set with fucking DJ Diddles, while funny as shit the first time you hear it, is (at least) a year old... and it's on your fucking CD! I mean, the fans out there already know this bit inside and out. Why subject them to that old material again? I was pissed at Tourgasm for the same thing... I don't think I heard more than one instance where Dane told new jokes. Get with it; this is not TV, this is HBO. The people will scrutinize (and tire) of your old material. Was it that hard to fill the 1hr 45min time slot? And don't think I didn't catch that "black people at the movies" remark you made,doggy... I didn't think you rolled that way, but your true colors have been shown.

In any case, maybe HBO Comedy is going to get better... Katt Williams, aka "Money Mike" and neph from Wild'n Out, has a new special airing this month. Roseanne Barr has one, too, but who gives a shit. We'll see...

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"How To Speak 'Hip'" (Aug. 2006 Mix)

Here's a mix I did for my boy Akzel's "The Unexpected" webradio show down in Brazil. He wanted some proper Hip-Hop, so I gave it to him. It's not mixed, persay, but thrown into a nice stew via Acid, with some classic '50s hipster lingo record jammed throughout. Peep the tracklisting:

khal - How To Speak ‘Hip’ (August 2006)

01/”Basic Hip” Intro
02/Das EFX “Microphone Master (Dome Cracker Remix Instrumental)”
03/”Vocabulary Building”
04/Jay Dee “Fuck The Police”
05/L.E.G.A.C.Y. “Crouching Writer”
06/”The Hang Up”
07/The Alchemist ft. Nas & Prodigy “Tick Tock”
09/The Herbaliser ft. Phi Life Cypher “Distinguished Jamaican English”
10/”Field Trip #1″
11/Company Flow “World of Garbage”
12/Bedouin Ascent “Broadway Boogie Woogie”
13/”Field Trip #2″
14/Styles P “Switch My Style”
15/”Field Trip #3″
16/Buckshot & 9th Wonder “Side Talk”
17/Clipse ft. Sandman & Ab Liva “Daytona 500 (Freestyle)”
18/PackFM “Clik, Clak & Spray”
19/Nas “The World Is Yours”
20/”Put On, Put Down, Come On, Come Down”
21/DJ Krush ft. Shawn J Period “Listen”
22/Busta Rhymes “Ping”

You can dload a high quality (192kbps) mp3 here (right click, 'Save As')*. The post on their blog has a mix that Ak did for that show, which is a load of tech-dnb. I highly recommend it.

Shouts out to Dr. Akzel and the Sub Musica crew. Check out Akzel's "The Unexpected" weekly on Submusica on Fridays (check the website for time and stuff).

Out. *Note: if you right click and Save As, dload the entire file, it might finish dloading as "click.php"... the proper filename is "khal-how_to_speak_hip_(aug_2006).mp3", so if you rename it to that you should be A-OK. This is Dub Sessions, vol. 1... vol. 2 on the way!
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rock the dub presents... dubplate digest.

dubplate digest.

I got tired of having to dig through various websites, newsletters, and AIM chats to find out the most upfront dnb news, as I figure many of you heads are.

I told myself I would do something to help combat that. the dubplate digest is the first step in that direction.

I am trying to grab the newest/freshest dnb news (releases/tracks/tours/etc) from one of the most innovative and diverse genres of music out there. It's needed, honestly. No disrespect to DOA or DNBA or any of the other spots, but I feel as though there is a void that I might have a chance filling.

If you are a label, producer, DJ, promoter, or affiliated with anyone and have some fresh dnb news that needs spreading, hit me up. If you are a fan of the site, spread the URL around. I would appreciate it.

I inted to keep this as up-to-date as possible, so definitely check out the blog everyday for new bits.

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Akrobatik's new label: PlayAktion

taken from his MySpace bulletin:

September 1, 2006

For Immediate Release -

Boston-based hip-hop artist Akrobatik has inked a deal with Raptivism/Imperial Records for distribution through Caroline/EMI. The label will be called PlayAktion Recordings, and will serve as an outlet for Akrobatik to release his back catalogue as well as new projects from artists to be signed starting in 2007.

With a huge catalogue of music dating back to 1998, as well as an ever-growing fanbase, the deal couldn't have come at a better time for Akro. With the services of Imperial, PlayAktion Recordings will be able to offer top notch recording quality, competitive marketing and promotional budgets, as well as in-house tour booking and photography.

This has been a busy 2006 for Akrobatik, who is also about to embark on a 30-city tour in preparation for an early 2007 release of his Fat Beats Records album, titled Absolute Value. The album will feature appearances from Little Brother, Bumpy Knuckles, Chuck D., B-Real, and Mr. Lif, among others. His 2005 effort as a member of the Perceptionists, Black Dialogue, was named one of
Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 50 Records of the Year.

For more info on Akrobatik, log on to
www.akrobatik.com or www.myspace.com/therealakrobatik

As you may remember, Akrobatik was the 1st Interview on rock the dub. Check it out HERE to get info on his new album, as well as other points of interest. Good luck to him.
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