the shuffle. [9/30/06]

What's really good, fam? Another week down, another batch of heat in terms of news stories. And, I copped a pretty dope shirt at Walmart, long-sleeved Batman jawn. Old school logo and all. Holla.

My shorty is growin' like a real man should. Chubby ass cheeks, the shit is surreal. You have to love the miracle of life. You might not love the lack of sleep, but you know how that goes... baby has to eat, so you gotta get up and feed him. I keep promising more pics to everyone, and they are comin', just let me be on that. Chuuch.

Let's get it.

01/Possibly the biggest story of the week is the Terrell Owens suicide watch. The initial reports said that T.O. tried to murk himself by ODing on sleeping pills, but he is saying that he was not attempting self-murkage. He is not named in the police report, but his publicist chick reported to many news outlets that she called that shit in. My thing is, how the fuck does the police have a report on your ass if you just had an allergic reaction? I mean, I hope he didn't try to kill himself, that's serious shit, but I smell a rat. Did he fabricate this whole fiasco to get hype for tomorrow's game, which I will probably be watching? Funny fucking nigga. Funny ass dude. In the end, as long as he is doing his thing in terms of catching that pigskin, no one can say shit about his off-field antics... but the nigga ain't even doing that. We shall see.

02/Speaking of niggas on some bullshit, did you guys hear about The Game? Dude went from being on Dr. Dre's Aftermath label through G-Unit to beefing with 50 and eventually getting booted from both G-Unit AND Aftermath to Geffen (although, in the latest XXL Magazine, he claims to be in some kind of limbo he isn't even aware of what label his LP will come out on), he is now shouting 50 out on NY radio (audio here)?! I mean, he went from "Oh, see if Dre on the album when you cop it" to fully acknowledging that there is no Dre on this album? How did the man who penned vicious diss tracks like "300 Bars & Runnin'" become such a pussy? Something else is going on there... something like The Game been runnin' his mouth too much and is about to get dropped, quick. Wait 'til November comes... see if his shit comes out correct.

03/You gotta love it when the chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus is instant messaging boys, asking them to take off their boxers and shit. Mike Foley, a Republican down in Florida, apparently bounced in a HURRY after ABC News asked him about his ways with lil boys over the 'Net. What kind of sick shit is this? Do they not screen these motherfuckers before letting them run things? First FEMA, now this. Well, first Dubya, then FEMA...

04/I want to send my heartfelt condolences to Reverend Run & his family over the loss of their newborn. Although Run is putting on a good face in this tragic situation, I know he is hurting. That's hard, no matter how the baby dies... now, while this was going on, the rest of the Run DMC trio's beefs went from silent ruminations to full-blown beef! Word is DMC hasn't really been coming around to JMJ's family's house, and Momma JMJ felt the need to air this out, in front of the whole crowd at this Milestones Awards show. I mean, she says things like JMJ would have laced DMC's fam with money if DMC was the one who got murked, but that's not really concrete, you feel me? I feel her though, that shit's fucked up. Support ya boy... but then again, you have to look at the flipside: Run has crazy loot, while DMC is doing VH1 shows and other bullshit TV spots to make dough. I mean maybe he couldn't drop duckets, but he should have dropped by.

05/Image is everything in Hip-Hop. This week, noz exposed Lupe Fiasco's fake ass, by letting us in on a pretty unknown track Lupe did 3 years back, called "Pop Pop", and laced with a bunch of crack rap and bragadaccio. Fucking bitchmade Muslim. He is skateboarding and preaching kill Whitey now, but back then he was nothing more than a wannabe Clipse. Sad state of affairs; no wonder you didn't even push 100K your first week out.

06/There's a boatload of Hip-Hop set to drop in the coming months, and Sacha over @ OhWord dropped his predictions on how each album will do. Paul Wall spoke to MTV this week on how his new album is going to be more mature, even though his subject matter seems to still be the exact same. How you guys can get married and have kids and still rhyme about females is questionable in my book... Eve also waxed poetic on her upcoming album, which is a joint venture between Swizz Beatz & his Full Surface label, and Dre's Aftermath. What she's doing singing is ANYONE's guess, but I hope she does well. She's been under wraps for a minute, and I'd rather see her in videos than putting out "Fetish" wear... Clipse's Pusha T went on the record and seemed to try to make amends for his comments about his record label last week. Dude, if you're frustrated, don't apologize! You know full fucking well you need to have been out a while ago, and not pushed back everytime Jive feels like it. Stand your ground, nigga. Oh, and winner for the illest interview ever is Beanie Sigel, who bared his soul a bit for The Fader in this in depth piece about his dealings now with Jay, Dame, State Property and his contract at Def Jam. Check it out.

07/On the Publicity Stunt side of things, Aaron Carter broke off his week long engagement to a Playboy Playmate his brother used to bone. Now, I had no idea he was rocking sloppy seconds from his brother, but then I hear that they have a reality show on E! set to debut this month? Fuck that, we don't believe you! Silly bastard.

08/It looks like "The Boondocks" might not be returning to the newspapers that made it so nationally known. Six months ago, Aaron McGruder, the strip's creator, said he was taking a hiatus to give his brain a recharge (he was also in the midst of completing the cartoon version), and his 6 month siesta was to end like now. Damn shame, his strips were fucking MINT! I own a few of the collections; so witty, so biting... but then again, as long as the show is coming back, I can't hate. It's almost as if the strip lead to the show, which is probably the best show of it's kind on right now.

09/Those bitches at Apple are funny. This week, they announced that they are not wanting anyone to use the term "podcast" anymore, which mirrors their previous gripe about people using the word "pod" when it relates to anything musical. I think that one is outright bologna. I mean, yes, I understand iPod accesories not sanctioned by Apple being pulled for using the company name, or something that reflects it. Podcasts are (normally) free, and 9 times out of 10, people who provide podcasts ask you to use iTunes software to acquire it! Are they wanting to shoot themselves in the foot now? And think about it... podcasts are so fucking large now, it's going to be hard fucking word to eradicate that term from the tech language now. Good job, dumbasses. In related news, there is more info on Microsoft's "Zune" player out. Word is this jammy is set to retail for $250, and will be dropping on November 14th. Can't wait to see what you Apple-haters will say when this drops.

10/So "Screech" is in a sex tape now, eh? Not only is this fucker getting royalties from Saved By The Smell, he apparently filmed it himself, I guess trying to save money to keep his crib. The people watching and buying this travesty of good taste must be sick in the head, or really big fans of the Zack Attack.

11/It worked for Spider-Man and Batman, putting a clean-cut, non-athletic dude in the role of a superhero, and now they hope this works for the upcoming Ironman movie, with Robert Downey Jr. stepping into the iron suit as Tony Starks. I'm actually feeling this: it is a good look, having guys who can act playing these roles, as opposed to Hugh Jackman.

12/I know some of you guys THINK you can act crazy, but you don't know how to do it until you read this article. Try this shit out and let me know what it do, I have some things I need to get accomplished...

13/You have to love it when outside companies fix Microsoft's problems before they get a patch out. How fucking sad is this?! When will they start paying these guys to do professional work for them? I mean it's proposterous that niggas will pay money for an OS as buggy as Windows and then have to wait for them to drop a "legit" piece of software to fix old problems.

14/People over in Illinois don't play -- word is this chick murked an acquaintance and her kids, cut out the lady's baby from the womb, and stuffed the other 3 kids in the fucking washer and dryer. How sick is that? And for what, to have the kid end up stillborn and have a funeral like this is really your seed? I mean, she at least fessed up, but what if the cards were dealt another way... the baby lives, and she has to go through life with that shit on her chest. Sickening, yo. And idiotic. Go adopt or some shit.

15/Do you get the sniffles when you are around cats? Go cop the sneeze-free jawns. Again, this is a dope concept, but shit, CURE SOME OTHER SHIT FIRST! AIDS, cancer, fucking SARS, West Nile. Fuck some hypoallergenic cats.

16/B.I.G. update: LA has given Volleta back her $50K, and there is a new B.I.G. doll forthcoming. RIP Biggie Smalls, you are still alive over here. Need to throw some of your shit on RIGHT NOW! Holla.

17/In one final note of stupidity, Anna Nicole Smith had a fake marriage in Nassau. She married this dude without a formal ceremony, nor was it legally binding. What's the point, you ask? She needed a fucking pick-me-up. Yes, she lost her son who was on Methadone for an as-yet-undetermined "illness" (one word: smack), but she also just gave birth. My wife gave birth almost a month ago, and yes she might have some emotional feelings going on, but she didn't ask to remarry. You just have to focus and deal. They also don't even know who the daddy is! Take her ass to Maury, you'll find out in like a day or 2. Duh.

OK word, that's all the ish I have for you lot this week. Tune in next week for more insanity and wit. One.

Oh, one more thing:

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Friday, Sept. 29th 2006 playlist

This week has been all work, no sleep. No real DnB rocking, but a good size amount of Hip-Hop. I do have a mix you all NEED to check out, and some pretty dope links for you as well... peep game.


01/9th Wonder ft. Mos Def, Jean Grae, Memphis Bleek & DJ Premier "Crooklyn Dodgers 3" [never mind the fact that both Preem and 9th are not even FROM NY, but this shit is John Blaze. forthcoming on 9th's solo album, Mos kills his verse. Jean holds her own.. and Memph is Memph. Best 9th Wonder beat by a mile.]
02/Diddy ft. Nas & Cee-Lo "Everything I Love" [from Diddy's Press Play album, this one is dope. Kanye on the beat, Nas writing the whole fucking thing (come on, Diddy... hearing you talk about "spittin' ether" is just not even sensical... Cee-Lo's wailing on the chorus is not really necessary, but it could be a lot worse.]
03/Hi-Tek ft. Nas "Music For Life" [now THIS is the NAS I like to hear. very introspective over Hi's groovy beat. that Hi-Tek LP is going to be dope as hell.]
04/Shawn J Period "Places Everyone" [no idea where this one is coming out. dope instrumental Hip-Hop -- don't sleep!]
05/Ludacris ft. Field Mob "Ultimate Satisfaction" [ig'nant rap at it's best! loads of bass and bragadaccio; infectious, really. dunno how I feel about those Field Mob niggas, but whatever.]
06/40 Glocc ft. Ras Kass & The Alchemist "Flashlight" [from ALC's No Days Off mixtape, this is a fucking jam! Nice reworking of the classic P-Funk sound, and some TOUGH rhymes. Pick of the week. Also check out Prodigy's solo track on that mixtape, "Legends".]
07/Craggz & Parallel Forces "Keep Me Real (Live)" [their debut album is forthcoming on Valve... I heard the CD version, which is a 2xCD affair, with the 2nd disc highlighting their CPF LIVE BAND! Jungle Drummer and some other London Elektricity alum join the fray for that project. RUNNIN']


* DJ XO hit the world up with his "Four Four Play" 60 minute DnB mix. Peep the tracklisting HERE, and let XO know what you think! NOTE: he also made mention of a label he starting up called "XPOSURE"?? More on that in the future, I hope...

Final Thought:

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[rock the dub Intervew]: Lucy Diamonds

In the last couple of weeks, there has been a rumbling online regarding one woman: Lucy Diamonds. Her name has been thrown around a lot in situation regarding some major figures: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Oprah, Kentucky Fried Chicken... and many heads might not know who she is -- yet. She dropped a video response to many of these controversies and beefs (part 1 and part 2), and she agreed to speak with rock the dub on these points, as well as shed some light on who she is as a person, her burgeoning career, and the state of the game today...

khal: Many heads out there only know you for your KFC boycott or the various rumors regarding you and cats like Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and others. Many might not know Lucy Diamonds, the MC. How did you first get into spitting?

Lucy Diamonds: I've been writing my whole life, but really only got into spitting four years ago.

khal: You are based now in Atlanta, but I know you also claim Louisville. Do you feel as though your place on the map can directly affect your style of rhyming or production? If so, how?

Lucy Diamonds: It can definitely affect your style of rhyming if you pay attention to what is going on in those areas… I never pay attention. I never really listen to hip hop on the radio, so I don't get influenced much. I could be anywhere in the world and it would still sound like me. Not only am I an emcee, but I am also very much a producer.

khal: Now, there is no secret that your recent video interview answered a lot of questions about your past (present?) beefs and run-ins with a lot of large figures in the game. How does it feel to be getting so much shine over so much drama and "he say/she say"? Does it hurt to get more play off that stuff than your skills?

Lucy Diamonds: It definitely doesn't hurt. You can't take what people say to heart. That, and the fact that once they do hear the music, most people give me a lot of love for my skills. I definitely don't want the focus to stay on "he say/she say" stuff but as long as it drives people to listen to my music, I can't complain.

khal: One of the biggest stories regarding you is the back and forth between yourself and Jay-Z over various issues, from the signing of Lady Sovereign to the whole "Jay's mom is a lesbian" stuff. If you could do anything differently in regards to that situation, what would it be and why? Also, you made comments regarding portraying a certain role to get on back then… do you know if that's something that goes on/is going on currently?

Lucy Diamonds: I wouldn't change anything that has been said or done, however I have apologized to Jay-Z's mother, Gloria Carter for my disrespectful actions. As far as portraying a certain role, that's something that I watch a lot of artists do, especially trying to get on. Hip-Hop is in a sad state right now. No one really lets music speak for itself, and it's rare to find artists who really break out on their own based solely on their music. They either had some producer with a big name, or a big name feature, or some beef with someone, or they're the first of their kind to attempt their genre of music, something like that. It's never just, "hey wow, this person makes really GREAT music, let's give them a deal and push it." And what's really sad is that that's how it should be. The two most recent artists I can think of, to really break out from great music are John Mayer and Alicia Keys. As far as hip-hop goes, Lupe Fiasco and The Roots are really hot.

khal: Yo, on your track "Check To Check", you said you still rock VHS tapes. Now I won't front, I have a trash bag full of VHS joints in my basement… but you mean to tell me that you haven't gotten into the DVD game yet? How hard is the plight of the MC who is barely making it? Has there ever been an instance where you wanted to quit?

Lucy Diamonds: No, I have a good size DVD collection now. When I wrote 'Check to Check,' I was living in my car, homeless, and sleeping at rest areas throughout Florida. I was completely broke. I had nothing. I even pawned my VHS and CD collections for gas money. That song is about every run-down apartment I've lived in, my situation at the time, and I added a little inspiration from the Outkast lyric I used as the hook for the song. "At the end of the week, I live by the beat, like you live check to check, if you don't move your feet, then I don't eat, so we're like neck to neck." Also, we are working out all the details with Outkast and Chrysalis to have the lyrics and sample cleared for commercial release.

khal: Now, you have an album forthcoming entitled Poor Dream Redemption. What can people expect to hear on this long player? Is this coming out independently or are you currently signed?

Lucy Diamonds: I'm signed. My record label is a little upset at my recent publicity so I will keep them quiet.

khal: From peeping your MySpace page, you're linked to both Roc Raida and Jay's former signee Amil. How did you link up with these two? What MCs/producers/singers/etc. would you like to work with, and why?

Lucy Diamonds: I hooked up with Amil by fate. I had a long list of 'this person can hook you up with this person' and most so-called connections never panned out, until eventually one did. And if I've ever met someone who was completely real in this game, it's Amil. She and I are very much alike, and that's why it just worked with us. And she's still a dear friend of mine, even though she is upset with me over this whole Jay-Z thing too.
I met Roc Raida through a mutual friend, and was so excited to be able to add that element of his wizardry. A lot of people don't realize what talent it takes to really freak a turntable, and Raida is just plain ill! He's a great guy too- totally humble, totally cool. He's the best DJ in the world!

khal: Based on your hustle, you've been covered predominately online. Do you feel as though your current exposure is a plus or a minus when you go to drop an album?

Lucy Diamonds: Definitely a plus- any exposure is a plus while you're breaking out. You just never want to get overexposed like 50 Cent where people can't stand to hear what you have to say. Like Eminem said, 'and when you're run is over just admit when it's at its end...' And seeing as how I'm just beginning, everything's really working out in my favor. And as far as online goes that is where everything is happening. The digital revolution is here. People are talking… Like Paul Wall said, I got the internet going nuts!

khal: In terms of sales, you can have a large hype online that does not come back to fill your pockets when your album drops. What are your feelings regarding how much exposure you need to obtain offline to make this thing worth your while? Are you motivated to stack paper off of your mic skills, or is there a higher calling for you?

Lucy Diamonds: I'm not looking to fill my pockets. I believe music is a gift, and it was given to me, so why shouldn't I give it to others? I give away a lot of my music- mixtapes, promo cd's, all kinds of stuff. People will give me an address, and I'll just mail it to them. I just want them to hear it, and what makes it worthwhile is that they enjoy it.

khal: To step outside of yourself and your career for a bit, what do you see as being "wrong" with the industry currently? If you could be Jay and own a large Hip-Hop label, what do you think you would do differently to help benefit the consumer?

Lucy Diamonds: First of all, Jay said, 'I'm overcharging the industry for what they did to the Cold Crush.' Yet he just pockets the money and didn't give it back to the Cold Crush, and the other hip-hop pioneers that paved the way for current hip-hop. You never see him trying to help support, or put on our pioneers. But all that needs to change. I encourage every rap artist to give back. We owe it to the originators who took the pilgrimage for us to be who we are. We need to protect our roots, how else can we continue to grow?

khal: In the past, as mentioned before, you were involved in a KFC boycott. How long have you held these views in regards to KFC's practices? Are you going to address these further on the album?

Lucy Diamonds: I've been with PETA for about a year and a half. A big part of what PETA does is to not only actively strive for change in the way animals are treated, but to educate. The people, who do nothing, are one of two people, they either don't care or they simply don't know. PETA is a great organization that strives to educate people about animal abuse, and then encourage them to make a difference by active participation or simply just supporting PETA's efforts. There are so many little things people can do in their everyday lives to help support, it's not all huge protests and campaigns. At you can find tons of ways to help support PETA and get involved.

khal: Outside of Hip-Hop and being an activist, how does Lucy Diamonds spend the rest of her time? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or so?

Lucy Diamonds: Activist... I like that. Someone at my label just told me I was becoming more of an activist than an artist. Good! There is no faith without actions, so get up and go do something worthwhile. I'm really getting into the Bible lately, so hopefully in 5 years or so, I'll be able to use my activist-like nature to help spread the Word of God.

khal: Are you going to be touring for the album? If so, where can people catch you?

Lucy Diamonds: I signed with a top booking agency who is actively putting together a North American tour. I also plan on touring the UK and Australia real soon. Keep checking my website for tour dates, tour diaries, etc.

khal: Do you have any final thoughts or pieces of advice to give to MCs who might be trying to get more shine?

Lucy Diamonds: Don't listen to what anyone says, and don't let anything influence what you feel you need to do, period.

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the shuffle. [9/23/06]

Trying to do 2 things at once is bad enough... try being a writer, a father, an employee and a regular dude at one time. Shit's kind of crazy. Add a twist of Heineken, and it's a bit worse! In any case, big tings are going on around here... I just have to get off my ass and "git R done!" Soon enough...

Today is the first day of Autumn... I am working on a mix to compliment the return of Autumn. Watch this space...

I've been having a crazy week... getting used to the little man and all. I am trying to juggle, y'all. I have some mixes coming, some interviews coming, a whole gang of shit on the horizon. Hopefully, we can get this rock the dub thang moving strong. Soon come, as per usual...

Oh, and I HAVE to big up XXL on their new DVD, which I watched last night and today and absolutely LOVE. I don't get into the "hood DVDs" too much, but what I've seen on YouTube and other places do not compare to the slick design of this one right here. From watching Raekwon smoke that L right on the charter bus to seeing 50 act like a fruitcake, talking about how he pondered the looks of "Hot" Rod before meeting him, to Fat Joe and TV Johnny dicing it up, that shit was official.

In any case, lets' get on to this shuffle thing of ours...

01/In the Not Shocked file for this week, Willie Nelson got busted for drug possession, and pics of the stash have hit the 'Net. He has under a pound of 'shrooms, and a pound of herb. At 73, you'd think his old ass would be slowing down. He's going to catch a heart attack in the next 5 years, watch.

02/Speaking of fucked up celebs, Lindsay Lohan fractured her wrist earlier this week. It sounds like homegirl is wigging out. The site reported that Lindsay was seen beefing with her mom's, then stormed out, leaving her mom to play Lindsay and do dumb shit like throw fortune cookies at people and not leave a tip. I guess some people aren't cut for Hollywood.

03/Keeping it Hollywood for a mite, the rumor going around is that Brad Pitt is replacing Tom Cruise in the next installment of the Mission Impossible movies. I never watched a second of any of the shits, but they say that Tom's character is to just be an afterthought, and Pitt is to play some new cat. After watching Brad do the spy shit in Mr. & Mrs. Jones, I'd prefer him than goofy ass Scientologist Tom.

04/With the monetary success of flicks like The Passion of The Christ and Chronicles of Narnia, Fox has set up a new division to produce and distro religious flicks. The interesting part of this FoxFaith venture is that they plan on putting out this flick I heard about a bit ago, where Christ is portrayed as a Black man. "Colors of The Cross" suggests that Jesus died not for what he was trying to do to the population at large, but because he was a nigga. I don't think this is documented anywhere but in the minds of shiftless Negroes, but it's an interesting idea. I mean I've never heard anyone say that just because Christ is depicted as a black man in the Bible that everyone else was white... how does that work, exactly? I mean, based on the makeup of people in Iraq and the Middle East, where the original Bible times geographically took place, those peoples are of color... where does the white man fit in? Ponder that one...

05/Spaceballs is one of my most favorite guilty pleasures. A send-up on all things scifi, Mel Brooks created a masterpiece of malarky. Now, he is bringing this model to the G4 network as a cartoon, lampooning current events and even more pop culture. I'm not sure if I get that channel, but I need to make it a part of my life. Or just grab the torrents...

06/In the UK, the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards ceremony took place... and Jay-Z won an award, for "Best International Male". What the fuck kind of category is that for a music awards show? I don't know, I applaud the UK heads for thinking of Black people and giving us our own awards show over there, but it sounds like any old hodge podge show, whether it's the BET Awards or the Vibe Awards. They are all wannabe's and knockoffs, and lack the power and drive to truly fill the void left by popular (White) media. Maybe I need to come up with my own awards show?

07/Back in the states, Oscar-winning crew Three 6 Mafia is the latest batch of coons to get their own reality TV show. These niggas are trying to establish themselves as "Hollywood players", which can either mean they want to get more Hollywood $$ or more Hollywood pussy. The fact that Asthon Kutcher is producing this is kind of odd, but I guess money talks and Bobby Brown walks.

08/I don't know if you guys have ever asked this question yourselves, but someone had the audacity to throw this up on Yahoo: are animals gay... the answer? Possibly! Word is, there's two Brokeback penguins who fuck each other and ignore the females. I honestly never thought of animals as being gay, but you know, that's some interesting shit. Sort of. I wonder which guys have to sit there and study these gay animals. Like, is that a course of action the heads of the department seriously ponder over? And how does one get funding to research penguins who dig in each other's boootyhole? No WONDER there's no cure for cancer! Too fucking preoccupied of Moe and Joe Monkey are an item.

09/The most disgusting story of the past week is contained right here... apparently, this unfit mother went out one night, got toasted on gin, then went to the shelter she lived at with her 3 month old seed, threw up 6 inches of vomit in a bucket, and passed out... only to awaken to her child having drowned in the bucket. She should be made to swim in a vat of bile and Seagram's, fucking bitch. Get a hold of yourself. Hopefully she changes her life around in jail. Oh, and before I end this item, how the FUCK did she throw up that much vomit to drown a child? Is that even possible?

10/Is Clay Aiken really gay or just tired of people bashing him? This week, he spoke with Dianne Sawyer, and it was reported that he basically says "I am not gay", but there's another story with him on the back pedal, giving the timeless comment of "you bitches don't even need to know who I fuck", which is respectable, but does not lessen the cloud of suspicion over him. My thing is, the accuser, who's blog is suspiciously amended by now, said Clay fucked him raw in the asshole for 90 minutes. What? Was he on E? What man has 90 minute anal sex with ANYONE?!!?? How do you let something penetrate your ass for 90 minutes straight?

11/How in the FUCK does punk as Aaron "Mom and Dad, they be gettin' on my nerves" Carter get to marry THIS FINE ASS CHICK!? Is he that paid off that bullshit "career" of his?

12/This was an interesting week for Hip-Hop interviews... Ras Kass discusses his altercation with The Game for XXL, and The Game breaks bread over at All Hip-Hop about the same altercation and his new album; Talib Kweli mixes it up about his past career, present standing, and future aspirations over at All Hip-Hop (parts 1 and 2); DJ Shadow speaks on The Outsider, trying to convince the masses that it is not a big piece of shit, too.

13/Hip-Hop also had some odd moves and shakes this week, all starting off with Onyx's Fredro Starr (AKA Malachi from Save The Last Dance) trying to strike it rich, twice, with his new group, "Yung Onyx"... nigga, please! "Your time has come..." A prosectuor in Detroit says that Proof only pulled his piece because the bouncer squeezed off a warning shot himself; hell, he just got picked up on weapon's charges! I mean, if someone is shooting at you, what the fuck do you expect them to do, lay down? Nah, not if you yourself are strapped. Think about it for a bit. Speaking of Detroit, Eminem is hard at work on his "official mixtape" which went from being a regular hood thing to this big retail extravaganza. No one wanted that, they wanted Eminem going back to 97 and spitting that raw. I can't hate on him for trying to make more corporate bread, but maybe that divorce shit has his mind taken over. I mean, he now has a mediator to help Kim and himself chop that shit up, for good or ill. On the White boy tip, 'Wierd Al' jacked Chamillionaire's steeze and created "White & Nerdy"... classic! For some grimey, real shit, the Clipse's album got pushed back another month, and those niggas ain't happy! Anytime you talk about lynching your whole label, you need to just be able to do your own shit. Jive is going to feel real dumb when Clipse do their numbers, esp. with the Neptunes behind the boards. And for those who want to know, Chuck D kicks the ballistics on DRM files and policy. Nice to have him in our corner, somewhat. And on a dope note, the guys over at A Salute To Weed Carriers have got their antics in print! Big up to them!

14/Did you realize schools in the US are cutting back on recess? How the fuck do you expect kids to stay awake for the 2nd half of the day if they don't get a break? I had recess all through elementary school, and I did fairly well in my studies back then. When I had no recess? I actually did a bit worse... now, they only get like 20 minutes for lunch AND recess? That's some deep shit. Now, if we make it so the fucking TEACHERS get no breaks, you KNOW their punk asses will be ballin'! And don't even get me started on the theory of obesity and lack of excercise in our schools...

15/Gotta love how Justin Timberlake's subpar sophmore album hits #1 when it comes out. Don't get me wrong, JT can do his thing, he just fails to do it on this outting. You also have to love Gwen Stefani wanting to get her 2nd album out by year's end. She is doing her thing, especially with a 4 month old running around. But ma, Akon? Don't stretch too far...

16/Remember the exclusive Mork & Mindy NIke Dunk SB? Well, there is a Pee Wee Herman SB Dunk that has been spotted this week... I like the color scheme, I just don't wear hi-tops. I wonder how scarse these jammies will be. Get ya game on!

17/As if we needed this, Fisher Price is dropping the 10th anniversary "Tickle Me" Elmo doll, dubbed the "TMX" (no, he is not a Muslim), making sure punk ass kids will be bugging out this Christmas. Place your orders now. My thing is, what's the point of a convulsing doll? Is that really a good time? Shit doesn't even seem fun to me. Maybe I have to be 2 to understand.

That's all I have for this week. As per usual, keep your ears peeled and your eyes open. And check out our final thought...

Beautiful. Uno.
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Friday, Sept. 22, 2006 playlist

You know what, this week has been kind of decent in terms of music. Not a lot on many fronts, but then again, I've been kind of caught up with my seed, so ch-checking for the newest/latest tracks out there hasn't been on the top of my pops. I have gotten a few new bits, however, so let's peep game... pardon my digging:

Drum & Bass/Jungle:
01/Aspect & Perpetuum "Bleeps" [dub]
02/The Riot "Build & Destroy" [barcode]
03/Lemon D "Revelations" [valve]
04/Mutt "Blue (Logistics Remix)" [crisis]
05/Logistics ft. The Ananda Project "Cascades of Colour" [hospital]
06/Zero Tolerance & Beta2 "Round Table" [advanced]
07/Mutt "Salt" [crisis]
08/Digital "Smokin' Dub" [function]
09/Amit "Gatecrasher" [metalheadz]
10/A-Sides "Tear The Roof Off" [eastside]

01/Matisyahu "Spark Seekers" [taken from his Youth Dub limited edition CD. Bill Laswell is a god!]
02/Jay-Z "My 1st Song (DJ Nappy Mix)" [my boy does the damn thing. gotta love how those classic blues-y samples roll perfectly with Jay's vocals.]
03/AG "Hip Hop Quottable" [prod. by J Dilla, forthcoming on AG's new LP. Quite a combo!]
04/Ludacris ft. Beanie Sigel, Pimp C & C-Murder "Do Your Time" [to all those locked down, do your time, don't let your time do you!]
05/Roc C ft. Chino XL "El Capitan (Remix)" [gotta love them. Chino is one of Jersey's most slept on MCs.]
06/Portishead "It Could Be Sweet" [from their first LP, Dummy. classic Bristol sound...]


* My boy clone hooked me up with "Evil Meaning Fresh", a quality mix from DJ Scott Evil. A nice mixup of Turntablism and Hip-Hop, the cuts on this one are so intense.

* Masheen dropped his "Within The Void" mix this week. Very heavy on the tech side of DnB, with some choice selections in there.

* Big ups to ESB for dropping this All-German special on his Detuned Radio show from the 15th of September. SOLID, very deep selection from the one like ESB.

* The Flatline Audio crew present a new promo mix from the Custom Soldierz. They even did us the favor of doing up a pretty dope tracklisting pic. Everything on there is Flatline specific, so check out their heat!

* Riley Hospital, one of the Hospital crews' peeps, drops a pretty damn funky mix. It melts Hip-Hop into Funk into Disco and all other types of stuff... megaupload link HERE.

* My boy Deadly Habit was gone for a bit, but came back this week with a middle of the week mix of big DnB tunes. Can't hate on that selection!

Final Thought...

Logistics' Now More Than Ever album is out next week. Check out this animation for his tune "Beatbox Master":

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Pimp Down!

Never in my life have I wanted to get a perm more than while watching Katt do his thing.

Most people know Katt Williams from his "Money Mike" role, made popular in the "Friday" movies, which is the reason why I still refer to him as "Money Mike" to my boys at work. He has, as of late, been seen on the wildy popular "Wild'n Out" TV Show, letting people know that he is blessed with mic skills. He has also been seen on ComicView, and was recently signed to Cam'Ron's Dipset Records... he even dissed the Young Gunz on a track with The Game!

The reason for this post, however, is to highlight his recent stand-up special for HBO, The Pimp Chronicles, Pt. 1. The man keeps it real about everything: his weed habit, his lack of political knowledge, and other topics, but more importantly, pimpin' preaches "keep it real" in every breath. He says some hilarious shit, but the shit he says is spot on. Especially when he went off on Michael Jackson ("smelling like little boys bootie holes!")... just raw and uncut. Peep his bit about haters...

Crazy, but that shit is the truth. The fuck is you mad about?

He's going to be on Def Comedy Jam soon enough... can't wait to see him tear that shit up. Keep an eye out for Katt, he's in the building! Hell, he's even A Pimp Named Slickback...

related links:
Katt Williams on MySpace
Katt Williams on
Katt Williams on Wikipedia
20 Questions with Katt Williams (Vibe) podcast w/ Katt Williams
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the long wait

What the hell are DnB fans doing, quitting (or pondering quitting) the scene like it's a job? Forget the fact that the majority of the posts on forums around the world are attention seeking manifestos on the "state of the dnb union", but the thing that gets my goat is the reasoning... sometimes, like in Sykophiend's case, he was having trouble with labels and feeling like he was jerked. I can respect that to a degree. There are others, though, who keep mentioning that they are "waiting". They never really break down what it is they are expecting to come or happen or whatever, just that the wait is on.

I can only figure that this wait is in reference to a dreamed-on emergence of a new front, if you will. Back in the late 90s, with the emergence of heavy hitters liked Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company and many more, the dark, neurofunk/techstep style was rearing it's ugly head. It was a welcome change from a scene that focused on movie samples, edited breakbeats and a reggae aesthetic. It helped usher in a whole slew of new fans (for good or ill), and opened up what could be done sonically with this thing of ours. Is a front like that being prayed upon, like Christians waiting for the occurances that were brought up in the Book of Revelation?

I can also understand people being tired of what I will call popular DnB. The guys like Pendulum, TC, High Contrast, Subfocus, etc. can seem to dominate the airwaves, big raves and other places the sound is played. I don't always like it, but then again, I can tolerate good music. My disdain for certain tracks in no way kills my love for the scene as a whole. As a genre of music, DnB is probably the most forward thinking, balls to the wall of sound genre out there. You can't flip as many styles in other genres as you can with DnB. Most of the time, it comes off as being pretentious or just plain muddled. Tweaked right, you can mash up country vocals and polka vibes into a DnB tune if you wanted, and it could still come out funky. And if you search hard enough, you will in fact find your DJ Scratchy Balls, the polkastep kingpin. True lovers would do that...

Which leads me to my point. I think the lack of love for DnB is pretty dominant in these posts and proclamations about the scene as of right now. If you get married to someone, are you going to get a divorce because you do not like the way they make their eggs? Or the way they brush their teeth? Or their handwriting? I didn't think so. Why quit from DnB because you feel things are same-y, or stale? Why not try and work things out first? I spoke with Perpetuum a bit ago about the state of the scene, but I never did ask him if he was quitting. Judging by the amount of tracks he has forthcoming, I doubt he really would want to quit. The difference between Perpetuum and some of these other peeps? He is doing something about it. He does not like the way the scene is turning? He makes music he feels should be put to the forefront.

Essentially, at the end of the day, the truth will come to the light, and true art and soul will always shine brighter than manufactured hogwash. For those who say they cannot find what they are looking for, I say try harder. Or open up. If you cannot do either of those things, don't say you loved this thing of ours. You were just visiting...
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the shuffle. [9/16/06]

[adjusts volume of Beanie Sigel mixtape...]

What a week, what a week. My world stopped until my son came home on the 12th, the world mourned over one of the greatest tragedies in our history, and a Brazilian website had my How To Speak 'Hip' mixtape on their front page. That did not touch the America The Ugly: The Mixtape fiasco I created this week, but you know how that goes. I have some more ish up my sleeve that way, some specials coming on the interview tip, and a whole list of shit that is in the pipeline outside of this blog. Can't speak on a lot of it right now, but that's normal normal. In due time, youngin's, in due time.

Not that you guys give a shit about that anyways, you know what time it is... let's get shufflin'.

01/As the rest of the country was spending the 11th of September thinking about planes crashing suddenly, there were a few posts out there in the blogosphere that looked at different sides of our past and present foreign affairs... Bol had a pretty interesting post, complete with YouTube links, regarding his 9/11/01, and some things you might not know about that fateful situation. Noz also broke down the release of Jay-Z's The Blueprint, which came out the same day the towers fell. He made me reevaluate what I thought about the disc, which is surprising. Finally, peep Sacha's interesting comparison over at Oh Word. Funny shit.

02/On the other side of the blogosphere, there was some beef brewing over at the XXL columns. Big Bol, who has been putting down the hate for a few years now, has had some choice words for DJ Drama, who has been a dope DJ but is pretty nonexistent when it comes to actually blogging for XXL (waste of space, much?). He would call neph out on the reg, and I guess YN took that to heart, and it now appears as though there is a "Guest Blogger of the Week" type of thing going on over there... even if Drama's banner is still there in the physical essence. In any case, Lupe Fiasco took over for this week (well, 3 days), and set out to try and ether Bol. That shit didn't come out right, and andrew noz was the first one to really break it down, subliminals included. Lupe had to know that it was not a good look... and the retaliation post that Bol hit him with was well worth the read. At the end of the day, Lupe shouldn't take bloggers to heart... he really only jumps from the frying pan into the fire.

03/This week, the 10th anniversay of 2Pac's brutal murder was celebrated by many. Hell, I even watched a bit of Juice today. Solid movie. There's a load of sites dedicated to Pac's memory, but the post from Nah Right took the cake. In depth interviews, movie trailers, and a complete reflection of the many sides of Pac. Highly recommended...

04/In a move that has been rumored for a bit now, Whitney Houston has finally dropped the pipe and is filing for divorce from Bobby Brown. Smart move, especially considering that Clive Davis is getting her to get back in the studio and work on some new material. I can only hope that this means that Bobby's stock will plummet... think about it, how many fucking crackheads need reality TV shows? Where's Martin Lawrence when you need him? Oh and speaking of Flavor Flav, do you know this jig has an album he's set to drop? I read some BS about him in XXL a bit ago, but I didn't realize he was still planning on releasing this travesty. What a shame. If we are lucky, though, this might be his only one. Maybe if no one buys it, it will have to leave the shelves?

05/This news comes to us from the Too Many Nicknames department: Diddy got sued for being Diddy. In the UK, there is apparently another artist who goes by the name of Diddy, so Diddy is forbidden to use the name Diddy in the UK. I think 'Diddy US' would be a pretty massive gutpunch to this prick. Am I wrong for calling him a prick... check out the cover for this new CD. If I have to hear Nas and fucking Sean Puffy Combs on one more track, I might have to get someone to murk Esco. I am tired of that shit. And Cee-Lo to boot? Kill me now... well, maybe I will wait for Nas' Hip-Hop Is Dead album, which he says should be his best... I still think that's a bullshit claim, but only time will tell.

06/Pop divas have been on a roll this week. Jessica 'Horse Tooth' Simpson said that she scares guys away. Given that this chick is a proven idiot, not to mention a tabloid slut, she has fucking horse teeth! Oh and news flash for some people, but did you know that Fergie, the "London Bridge" tramp and Black Eyed Peas frontwoman, used to be a meth head? I saw this in Blender a minute ago, and was surprised shit didn't pick up then. I learned personally, you can never trust a meth head. So fuck you, Fergie, you Kids Incorporated reject. Oh, and Britney Spears gave birth to her 2nd kid. I didn't give a fuck, and have no witty comments for her, but I just hope her kids grow up and leave home as soon as possible. With a guy like K-Fed as their father, life is going to be toooooooooough.

07/Speaking of stars giving birth, Anna Nicole Smith gave birth to her daughter this week... and then her son died, "suspiciously" according to investigators. I don't know if they think she killed her son, but it does seem odd that dude just fell out and died. You'd imagine there was some kind of sickness involved in that right there... something that has been going on during his entire life, you know? To add fuel to the fire, Anna Nicole was not able to revive dude, and she forgot the whole ordeal, prompting her lawyers to tell her for the second time. Is she getting ready for her defense or WHAT!?

08/This was a week of companies fucking with Apple, trying to take some dollars from going their way. First off, Apple announced that, aside from releasing a new version of iTunes, they also started selling movies, right now from Disney but in the future they plan on expanding. Enter Amazon Unbox... this service is Amazon trying to get their foot in the door and sell movie downloads themselves. You can get movies anywhere from $8 to $15 bucks, while renting movies for $4 (TV shows will cost $2). Of course, you can't burn these movies and show onto DVD, so this won't fly in my opinion. People want to control the stuff they buy however they please, whether it's a blanket or a digital file. And now, in the blue corner, Microsoft has sstarted to unveil their Zune... this jammy has a 3 inch screen, which is going to be dope for movie/video viewing (and is something Apple hasn't gotten right in the past), 30gig plus and FM tuner. The fucker is wireless, too, but in a weird way... if another Zune is in the area, you can detect their playlists and have the ability to essentially stream their joints 3 times over a 3 day period, which at that point a bookmark is made for you to possibly purchase the track from Zune's dload service. They are already planning on pre-loading a gang of music into this thing, but any mp3 player I've owned with pre-loaded shit gets deleted automatica. When will this bitch drop, and at what price? Who the hell knows... fanboys will clamor for it, but me and my Zen are still best buds.

09/We already knew this was going down, but Jay-Z has finally announced that he is coming with a new album, Kingdom Come, this November, featuring artists like Timbaland, Dr. Dre and Scott Storch on the beats, and Coldplay's Chris Martin collaborating. I have two comments on this: 1) what affect, if any, will this have on Nas' latest LP (will it be pushed back or, worse, forgotten), and 2) will Jay come back like Jordan with Chicago or Jordan with the Wizards? Odd thought: since this is the 5 year anniversary of Jay's Blueprint, do you think he chose to let this info fly now on purpose?

10/Dear Oprah: How can a nigga be down? Your girl Maya Angelou, who looks like she is set to drop out any day, has a radio show on your XM channel? What can I do to be down? I know you like 50 Cent's "In Da Club", I can hook you up!

11/In other ignorant rapper news, Fat Joe has let us know that he is not (directly) signed to any label, but he is signed to Fat Joe... the way it works is, Joe is signed to Imperial, a label that is linked with Caroline, which is in bed with both EMI and Virgin. Essentially, this nigga is like 4 or 5 steps removed from direct major label contact, but really, nigga you still major. Let's keep it funky, fucker... Young Jeezy spoke to AllHipHop about his new clothing label, 8732, which used to be called USDA, but got blocked by, well, the USDA. Makes sense to me, but he seems a bit agitated. Dude is also saying he has a whole album he is working on with Akon, which doesn't sound good. I mean, the 2 might be dope on a single or 3, but 15-18 tracks of AKON AND YOUNG JEEEEEZAAAAAAAAAAY might prove to be fucking grating. Finally, word is that Game and Ras Kass got into a fight. For some reason, this just smells fishy to me. I mean, Game has an album due in November, while Ras is always promoting himself because his label situations have been shit. My thing is, do any of YOU care? I wish the both of them well, but really, fight someone we can give a shit about. Or just keep it on wax.

12/Investigave reporter Nancy Grace caught crazy flack this week for her handling of a news story on CNN. To make a long story short, this little boy ends up missing, and his mother called into Nancy's show to discuss the details and plead for his return. Nancy flies off the deep end, pushing the mother to reveal information regarding her whereabouts, which might have been OK if Nancy was a fucking cop, but she's a reporter. There's certain lines you ethically cannot overstep, no matter how strongly you feel... and don't you know, the mother killed herself! Now, Nancy did have a good point in regards to the mother being conflicted in the past, as well as an unaccounted 8 hour time span where the mom was with the kid and a shottie in the woods... and neph can't be found. On the real side of things, however, Nancy should have known her roll and just reported the info she had available, not push and prod like this was some bad cop/good cop scenario on TV.

13/Here's an interesting quote that I am surprised more outlets did not pick up on... Brad Pitt told Esquire the following:
"Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able."
You gotta love gay marriage advocates. Not that we thought they'd really get married anyways... but I bet their sex is BEAUTIUL LOL.

14/Word is Spike Lee, on the strength of his When The Levees Broke doc for HBO, is working on a project for NBC. It is set in New Orleans (tentatively titled NoLa), showcasing many people trying to deal with the post-Katrina build. To quote my wife, "that's some depressing ass shit to watch", and I cannot agree with her more...

Word. Loads of info? Take some time and mull that shit over... sick sad world, indeed.

And to align two of the addicts referenced in this week's editio of the shuffle, here is Whitney Houston doing her karaoke to BEP's "Shut Up"...

Be good.
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Friday, Sept. 15, 2006 playlist

Lovely week, lovely week. Getting good good tracks, hearing great tunes -- most of them are on the dubbier, big bass side of things, but that's just how it goes. If you don't love DnB, something is wrong with you... peep the tracklisting.

Drum & Bass/Jungle
01/Perpetuum & FRISKe "Villains" [renegade hardware]
02/Alix Perez "Backlash" [bassbin]
03/Titan "Murder Music (The Fix Remix)" [renegade recordings]
04/Ill Logic & RAF "Break Dance" [soul:r]
05/Tactile "Wild Things" [dispatch]
06/Gravity "Beaten By The World" [progress]
07/Pieter K "Temerity" [counter intelligence]
08/Spor "Powder Monkey" [subtitles]
09/Calibre "Luminous" [soul:r]
10/Bachelors of Science "Jah No Dead" [crisis]

01/Ghostface Killah "The Return of Iron Man" [prod. by DJ J-Love, this track has Ghost using that "I done walked on fire/never got burnt..." rhyme for the like 3rd time. Maybe this is the last? ill beat though.]
02/Hi-Tek ft. Jadakiss, Papoose, Raekwon & Talib Kweli "Where It All Started (New York)" [taken from 'Tek's forthcoming Hi-Teknology 2 album, dropping next month. SICK, soulful beat, nice work on the rhymes too. Some heavyweight NY niggas on this one.]
03/Joell Ortiz "Brooklyn Bullshit" [Aftermath's latest signing doing the damn thing over a blues-y beat. gotta love that grimey shit.]
04/Ras Kass "Get It In" [prod. by The Alchemist. ALC does his fucking THING with these beats. Kass needs to pick more producers of that caliber.]
05/Skyzoo "A Day In The Life" [prod. by 9th Wonder. Loving that 9th beat, those strings are the heat. peep the CD... all Sky on the mic, all 9th on the beat.]
06/Mobb Deep "Still Shinin'" [no need to speak on this one. classic sound.]

You know how we do...

In terms of mixes, there isn't much going on this week. I've been hanging with wifey and my son, so the only real mix I've bumped was my own America The Ugly: The Mixtape. Grab it, mirrors are up!

More mixes from me to be here in the near future...

final thought...

Sheek Louch:

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Survivor Race War, week 1.

My vote might be in jeopardy. Based on tonight's episode, those Asians are NO JOKE! That dude Cao Boi (pronounced "cow boy") looks like a little monkey anyways, but the group that surprised me were the Hispanics. They put that boat together like WHOA, and did their thing. I predict that if their crew loses at some point, fat ass Billy is out of there.

And I know, many people might not be surprised, but my Black people lost. I hate niggas like Sekou, btw. You know the type: older cats who think they know everything, but end up doing the least amount of work. Shiftless niggas like that make me sick. I knew his punk ass was out of there.

My vote for the White crew might be in jeopardy... they pulled in at 3rd place on tonight's challenge, and they have that idiot bitch "Flicka" on their who lost the chickens. Not looking good for them!

We are still holding the poll for an undetermined amount of time. If you haven't casted your vote yet, you can do so below... wait for next week!

Which race will win the next Survivor season?
White People
Black People
Asian People
Hispanic People
Free polls from

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poetry heads in the house?

I started this forum back 2 years ago or so... eyeBored v.2. It was based on this old forum that was entitled something like eYe told him it was art, but just got laughed at based on a track by Latyrx and EL-P. It was mainly a site for my people's who wrote (poetry/rhymes/etc), as well as myself, to keep out shit out there online. It's died down a lot, which doesn't help that I don't write that stuff anymore, but hopefully we will be able to revitalize it. Or get some new heads out there. In any case, just figured I'd give it a shout.

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2Pac: 10 Year Anniversary

Just wanted to let those who don't know that Pac passed away 10 years ago today. I won't go into a big writing, XXL already took care of that. His death is also still unsolved, but we know the science around that. Peep some YouTube vids I have accumulated:

1: Pac freestyling down the streets of NY

2: Scarface ft. 2Pac "Smile"

3: 2Pac "Changes"

4: 2Pac "When My Homies Call (Live on Yo! MTV Raps)"

5: 2Pac "To Live And Die In L.A."

6: Chappelle's Show sketch on the new 2Pac track...

RIP Pac. You are sorely missed by fans worldwide. Your legacy lives on.
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Jayden Smiles

It's things like this that help brighten our days... I can't wait 'til he gets home.
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America The Ugly: The Mixtape (Sept. 2006)

Yes, this is a continuation of my "America The Ugly" post from July 4th, 2006, as well as my "food for thought" post from 7-03-2006. I've been working on the mixtape tip, trying to get my thoughts and feelings across through song, and it's coming along like gang busters. You guys dug "How To Speak 'Hip'", so we bring you another chapter of my Dub Sessions chambers.

This one is chock full of Hip-Hop. Loads of artists are referenced, from Pharoahe Monch to Company Flow to James Brown to Saul Williams to Nas to Jay Dee to J. Rawls to Mos Def, with many other artists and thoughts sprinkled in. No, this is not solely about the lose of life from 9/11; this mixtape touches on various points in America that piss me off and touch many lives every day.

If anyone has a problem with this, so be it. We cherish our freedom, but we also wish that our leaders would take us seriously, not as a race or as a gender, but as a united people. America, fufill your promise and get us us free!

DOWNLOAD America: The Ugly (The Mixtape)


01/Dubya's Foreword (intro)
02/Public Enemy "Fight The Power (Extended Mix)"
03/Jay Dee ft. Word Perphect "Fuck The Police (Remix)"
04/DJ Green Lantern ft. dead prez, Saigon, Immortal Technique & Just Blaze "Impeach The President"
05/James Brown "Funky President"
06/Saul Williams Interview (interlude)
07/Mos Def "Dollar Day for New Orleans (Katrina Klap)"
08/Mos Def "Beef"
09/Nas ft. Kelis "American Way"
10/Jadakiss Ft. Styles P, Common, Nas & Anthony Hamilton "Why (Remix)"
11/Malcolm X "By Any Means Necessary" / Oh No "WTF (Instrumental)" (interlude)
12/J. Rawls "America, Fufill Your Promise"
13/Chris Rock "Crackers" / Blackstar "Brown Skin Lady (Instrumental)" (interlude)
14/J. Dilla "Anti-American Graffiti"
15/Company Flow "Patriotism"
16/The Perceptionists "Memorial Day"
17/Pharoahe Monch "Book of Judges"
18/Dubya's Afterword / RJD2 "Seven Light Years (Instrumental)" / RJD2 "Fuck A Soundcheck (Instrumental)" (outro)
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my little mixtape

So yes, my son was born on September 7th, 2006 at 6:02PM. He weighed in at 7lbs. and 14oz., at 21 inches long.

He is my little mixtape... seeing as though I am African American (with some Native American, German, and whatever else in me), and my wife is Part Puerto Rican, Part Polish, part Irish, and whatever else, he is a total mutt, a true combination of styles. He is a beautiful mixtape. He is also not home as of yet... jaundice has set in, so they are using blue lights (phototherapy) to get his bilirubin numbers down, so that he will be able to come home. His life has been hard so far, from getting snipped to getting pricked in his heel numerous times... hell, he was vacuumed out! My wife is sore, we are both tired, and my little mixtape is not making any true noise (well, except when he is hungry, then you best to feed him). Soon come, though, soon come.

So in the effort to get past the suffering and worrying, I have uploaded loads of pictures of him since the day of his birth, as well as some video from earlier today...

Jayden's photobucket stash

I also loaded up 4 viddys of my boy on YouTube:

Sept. 10th, 2006 Pt. 1:

Sept. 10th, 2006 Pt. 2:

Sept. 10, 2006 Pt. 3:

Sept. 10, 2006 Pt. 4:

You'll be home soon, lil' man. And we can't wait.
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