The Observation Deck (New Year's Eve 2K7)

Happy New Year, Sydney!

  • Looks like Britney Spears is going to have to submit to a deposition soon-ish. I feel for her, she's got the ill baby-thickness in her waist, but the thing is, she is not doing right by the kids, hear her lawyers tell it. And to add insult to the Spears-legacy, it looks like Jamie Lynn's baby daddy is a cheater. I hope she didn't get pregnant to save their relationship...
  • Speaking of crazy white female celeb drama, apparently some 6 year old girl's mom lied to win Hannah Montana tickets. She apparently told a company sponsoring an essay contest that this girl's dad died in Iraq. She chalked it up to some "we do this all the time" creative-writing bullshit, but you know her intentions.
  • How can Wal-Mart censor any/every CD they sell, but don't take the time to check the contents of an MP3 player before reselling it? Maybe they like selling porn to unsuspecting customers... then again, this is the same chain that sells iPod boxes with notes in them.
  • Brandy lucked out and won't be charged in the fatal car crash she was involved in last December. Happy New Year indeed.
  • Peep these year-end lists: Zilla Says has their ZS Awards 2007 Year End List up. Grab a cold one and get lost in that sea, for they GO IN! TSS has a dope Hip-Hop Awards post up, some funny comments in that one. DJ Premier dropped his top 20 albums of the year, as well as some honorable mentions (even though The Kush is major doo-doo), and its definitely one to check out. Rizoh has the top 27 LPs of 2007 over at About Rap.
  • If you are still using Netscape Navigator, you need to switch, as AOL has said it is no longer supporting this browser. Who used Netscape anymore? This isn't 1997.
  • Elucid hit me with this story about Jihadists living the life behind bars. And we bug out over cable TV in our prisons?
  • NahRight has the pics from the Las Vegas 40/40 opening, and I am upset to see Al Sharpton there, all up in the pictures, throwing the Roc sign. He truly is a ho!

Will 2008 be any kinder to my people? Will celebs put down the pipe and be normal?

Who am I kidding...

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RiotControl Ten

The RiotControl squad (Burt Fox, Sonny Noir) have come to end 2007 with a dope edition of the RiotControl podcast (this is #10, with Burt Fox on the decks). In their words:

To celebrate our tenth episode and the start of the new year, we selected some classic New York bangers and other assorted nonsense. Pure energy that you need to kick off 2008.
Sick. I didn't add the bolds, either. That's all them. In any case, grab the MP3, and check out this dynamic tracklist:

RC Theme - Burt Fox
Also Sprach Zarathustra - Deodato
Fresh IS The Word - Mantronix
Ugly People Be Quiet - Cash Money and Marvelous
NYC remix - Rub N Tug
Sample Slayer - Armand Van Helden
White Label Remix - Nas
Oooh Wee Instrumental - Mark Ronson
Pushin On Remix - White Label
However Do You Want Me - Burt Fox Blend
The Mexican - Bombers Boogie
Down Bronx - Man Parrish
Feel The Bass Instrumental - Sa Ra
Set It Off - Strafe
It's Like That Instrumental - Run DMC
Sexual Sportswear - Sebastien Tellier
Your Love - Jamie Principle
Clash - Logic System
Love Stoned - Justin Timberlake (Justice Remix)
Murda. Pure murda. Make sure you keep up with RiotControl via their website, their RSS feed, and hit up those archives!
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On That Leak: "Auld Lang Syne Remix"

The boy Manny Faces has been on fire this year with the remixes, just hit his site and grab an assortment of hot flips to your favorite cuts. He's flipped the New Year's classic "Auld Lang Syne" with a bit of the Hip-Hop under it. This is for all of you DJs who are going to be spinning at midnight, or you heads who will be home and want a bit of the headnod with your New Year's wishes. It's about a minute long, and does exactly what it is supposed to.

Play it and drink up!

DOWNLOAD Manny Faces "New Year's Eve Auld Lang Syne Flip Remix"
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rock the dub radio, episode 12

Did you cop your Ace of Spades yet? I didn't... I'm not a big sparkling wine man... but I do love Hip-Hop. This year has given us a lot of highs, and an enormous amount of lows, but there's a gang of tracks that fell by the wayside, or you might have just overlooked waiting for that new version of "Crank Dat" or whatever you pollute your iPods with. So I figured, why not showcase some of the tracks from 2007 that I dug but didn't get much burn? Peep this, the last rock the dub radio for 2007:

rock the dub radio 012

(direct MP3 download)


02/Three 6 Mafia ft. UGK "On Sum Chrome"
03/Trae ft. Slim Thug "Nuthin' 2 A Boss"
04/Rich Boy "Get To Poppin'"
05/DJ Drama ft. Young Jeezy, Willie The Kid, Jim Jones, Rick Ross, Young Buck & T.I. "Takin' Pictures"
06/Infamous Mobb ft. The Alchemist "Hustle Hard"
07/L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Too Far"
08/9th Wonder ft. Ness & Skyzoo "Let It Bang"
09/Edgar Allen Floe "Off And On"
10/Little Brother ft. Lil' Wayne "Breakin' My Heart"
11/DJ K.O. ft. Phonte, Wordsworth, K-Hill & Masta Ace "Ladder Of Success"
12/The Away Team ft. Sean Price "Psycho Ward"
13/Che Grand "Swing"
14/Show & A.G. "The World Is Listening"
15/Scanz ft. Akrobatik "Choose Your Hustle"
16/Donny Goines "Inspiration 2007"
17/Styles P "Da 80s"
18/interlude: Wise Intelligent "Niggaz Iz"
19/Wu-Tang Clan "Take It Back"
20/Prodigy "Return Of The Mac"
21/Jay-Z "American Gangster"
22/Jay-Z ft. Nas "Success (9th Wonder Remix)"
23/Freeway "When They Remember"
24/Beanie Sigel "I'm In"
25/NYGz "N.H.B. (Nigga, Ho, Bitch)"
26/Busta Rhymes ft. M.O.P. "Code Of The Streets"
27/Phat Kat ft. Elzhi "Cold Steel"
28/Talib Kweli ft. Styles P "Real Recognize Real"
29/Bishop Lamont & Black Milk ft. Rass Kass & Royce Da 5'9" "Go Hard"
30/KRS-One & Marley Marl "The Teacha's Back"
31/Prodigy "My World Is Empty Without You"
32/Joe Budden "Green Lantern Freestyle"
33/Styles P, Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Uncle Murda "Green Lantern Freestyle"
34/Manny Faces "Auld Lang Syne Remix"
I'm not sure where rock the dub radio is going in 2008... I am debating cutting the shows into 1 hour parts, but I haven't gotten any hate mail inre: the length of the show (but, I didn't get any love mail either). We'll see. I also need to start using this SHOUTcast jammy from the good folks at NovaShells. More on that ish when I figure out what it is I'mma gon' do. In any case, to everyone who has sent me a track or a shoutout, God bless. Enjoy your night. And please keep rockin' the dub with me.

RSS / podcast URL / e-mail
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The Right Man For The Job

Well, well. It looks like the "Rebel Without A Pause" is throwing his hat into the now-vacant Def Jam President position. Seeing as though Chuck D, with Public Enemy, brought Def Jam so much success and acclaim during the late 80s/early 90s, he seems like the definite candidate. As per AHH, he is wanting to run this label like a sports team:
1) Being ahead of the technology curve; preparing for a thinned out industry; and managing budget efficient acts is very noteworthy of my resume which is simple. I told these cats the online revolution was coming and they needed big adjustments. They relied on lawyers, courts, and accountants only to now look upward at Apple, etc.

2) Their cost factors didn't fit the times, I come from a world where the $50,000 investments resulted into 6 - 7 figures. Now it's a business where 7 figures are invested to make 6.

3) I would run it like sports. These artists would be busting their tails on tour and
on the stage to gain a fan. They would be coached on how to do their thing right. Braintrust will be high, and subcontracting to the right contributors will be comparable of the efficiency of these labels like Jazz and catalog departments. You cannot have people working, that haven't the slightest clue of what they are in the middle of.

4) Any criminal mindedness in artistry, and management would have sit this one out, go their own way. It's like bad apples the long run ain't got nothing to do with entertainment. You can't mix the stage and off stage parodies.

If that ain't what needs to be done, I don't know what does. I doubt his chances, in today's Industry Rap climate, but his voice is necessary. He surely has my vote.
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Sum PSP Hax0r

Representing Indiana, Sum (aka SuMoNe) is a talented producer who I've only heard for his nasty jungle beats. Then I hop on DOA and see the following post:


Sum aka SuMoNe aka Jeff has been turning out killer cuts for the past few years. Being an avid video gamer, Jeff hacked his PSP almost immediately upon purchase, installing the PSP Rhythm. Using the advanced audio engine of the PSP and PSP Rhythm, he produced an entire album that spans several sounds from straight up Jungle to Dubstep to Trip-Hop to Breakcore.

01. PSP Dubstep
02. PSP Selektah
03. Jah Jah Bizniz
04. Manchester Blues
05. Big Salad
06. PSP Ruffneck Personal VIP
07. Forward & Fiyaka
08. PSP Badman
09. PSPcore
10. GaBbEr01

Click Here to Download the Album for FREE!

So, being the drinkin' adventurous nigga I am, I grab the file and I am truly amazed that dude is really coming at me with some PSP-crafted beats. The jungle/DnB cuts like "PSP Selektah!" and "PSP Badman" are HEAVY, with loads of edits and fast-paced breakbeats. Proper jungle style shit. "PSP Dubstep" is a godsend, and there's even a bit of the Trip-Hop and Hardcore/Gabber thrown in. If you like experimental music, or just want to hear what one can do with a PSP, grab this up NOW!

Highly Recommended.
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The Observation Deck (28th Dec. 2007)

Don't crack that Dom P yet...

  • My nigga Enigmatik has posted his BGDB Best of 2007 list; this thing runs down all the Hip-Hop news you need to know, including best albums/tracks, slept-on gems and other bits.
  • Investigators are ruling out foul play in the untimely death of Pimp C.
  • A day after Mischa Barton gets arrested for suspicion DUI, Rebecca De Mornay gets popped for 2 counts of DUI? What's good with designated drivers for rich, white female celebs?
  • If you commit a sex crime involving a PC, you WILL be barred from PC use... in New Jersey. I love my state sometimes.
  • The FBI is unleashing plans to set up digital billboards that will flash the mugshots of fugitives. Elucid said it earlier, and I agree: "we're on some real Total Recall shit".
  • In a shock to no one, fat ass Rosie O'Donnell has been voted as the Most Annoying Celebrity. In other news, Fire was voted to be "hot".
  • NEWSFLASH: Playing Wii games does NOT equal proper exercise.

News never ceases to quit, right?

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Friday, December 28th 2007 playlist

Last playlist of 2K7. Too busy last night to come up with some "best of", and that's not really my thing. So I'mma just keep it how I always do: hit you with the leaks, and hit you with the joints I been rockin' to. Even got some mixtapes for you nakkas. Holla.

01/Talib Kweli ft. Styles P "Real Recognize Real" [when these two get together, ill things happen.]
02/Ekaj "Interpol" [part of a 4-pack of FREE dubstep tunes found HERE]
03/Super Barrio Bros. "Game Over" [this CD is the shit - or am I just a sucker for Hip-Hop tracks that sample NES-era video game sounds?]
04/The Roots "The Battle (Skribbles Vs. Rahzel)" [classic turntable vs. beatbox battle. Do not listen without a Kangol bucket hat, some shelltoes and a handful of fat caps.]
05/Statik Selektah ft. Big Shug "Punch Out" [maybe I'm a sucker...]


grab ya buckets...


Little Brother's Phonte has been posting up alternate versions of their recent CD, Getback. Here's the first batch (shouts out to Enigmatik for keeping up with these):

There's like 7 more of these I believe. Hit up Little Brother's MySpace blog for more info on each of these.


Also, here's a few mixtapes you need to check out:


For my last final thought for 2007, it is only right that it's Pimp C related.

T.I. ft. UGK "Front Back"

RIP Pimp C. Have a safe, happy holiday weekend, y'all. I'll drop a few more posts before 2K7 is complete, balee dat!

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2007 Rap Up

Skillz has unearthed his dissection of 2007 in rhyme form. His "Rap Up" of 2007 (stream/dload via zShare) continues in the same form that he's established since 2002. Not sure what beat this is, but it's not one I would have figured he'd choose.

Lyrics? On point.

Here's a behind the scenes video of what I guess will be the accompanying clip to this year's Rap Up:

Will this be out by Monday, though? In any case, shouts to Skillz for keepin' this alive.

Shouts to Nah Right and You Heard That New...?.
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The Observation Deck (27th Dec. 2007)

  • Here's a couple of white female celebs and their drinking (or not drinking) news: Mischa Barton ended up getting busted for DUI (among other things), and took one of the ugliest, alien-looking mugshots as of late. On the flipside, Lindsay Lohan says she was not drinking during her current trial. Does it really matter - she was probably skiied up.
  • Imagine the shock and horror on the conservative parent's faces when their daughter popped in her Disney Channel Hits CD for Christmas and out comes Dipset's "I Love You"! Probably a shitload of cussing went on in that living room.
  • Raz B has recanted his claims that Chris Stokes sexually abused him. He went from looking like a fragile bitch to a lying ass faggot bitch. His career? Done.
  • Barron Hilton, apparently upset at how Paris has sullied the family name, is planning on giving up something like 97% of his worth ($2.3 billion) to charity, leaving Paris and others with like $5 million a piece. Now, I ask you, Paris, was all that cock-sucking, no-panties wearing, "that's hot" professing bullshit necessary? It's going to be in the courts until my son dies, but that fam is going to take that will to task in the courts.
  • MTV ponders who will fill Jay-Z's seat as President of Def Jam. I think it would likely by Jermaine Dupri, but who knows.
  • RIP Benazir Bhutto.
  • Did you guys even know that MSG had ANOTHER sexual harassment suit going on right now? Word is they just settled with an ex-Rangers cheerleader, who says they plied underage cheerleaders with alcohol and made them stuff their bras, among other nonsense.
  • 20th Century Fox films will soon be up for rental via iTunes, based on a deal that Fox & Apple recently struck. In other Web 2.0 deals, Warner is linking with Amazon MP3 to sell their catalogue. Ah to have a service that would generate those kinds of dollars.

I don't normally do Ob Desks one after the other, but a bunch of news just hit at the same time.

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The Observation Deck (26th Dec. 2007)

There's seriously nothing going on today but a headache.

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On That Leak: Strictly Leakage

On this, Christmas Day 2K7, Atmosphere has made a 13-track album available for downloading: Grab Strictly Leakage and enjoy it. Peep this video:

It's festive and shit. I haven't unzipped it yet, but I know there's some of you chin-stroking Hip-Hop fans out there. You want this. Sad Clown Bad Winter 11 is out now, and When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold (album title of 2008 contestant), which will be available on the 22nd of April, 2008. Chea.

EDIT: This thing plays like an ill mixtape. "YGM" has one of my favorite samples in there, while "The Things That Hate Us" gets its "Liquid Swords" on. They even rock "Road To The Riches". Definitely pick this one up. Loving this, Atmosphere! I like how they take those samples I know but flipped the original as opposed to just rhyming over a Hip-Hop instrumental. Dope shit. Happy Holidays!
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Jay-Z Chunks The Deuce

We speculated on this like 3 weeks ago, and it's been confirmed by XXL that Jay-Z is stepping down as President of Def Jam at the end of the year, although he will still remain an artist for Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam. I guess that fucks up any future talk of "oh my LP bricked b/c Jigga is on tour".

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INRE my Scanz review

In my efforts to play catch-up, I just wanted to say that in reviewing Scanz' Prelude To A Legacy album, I neglected to mention that the man behind a chunk of those beats (including "Feel It", "Deep End", "Bigger Than Rap" and others) is a cat reppin' Piscataway, NJ, who goes by the name of Frank G. To be honest, I only got a promo MP3 copy, with no real liner notes or other info, but in any case, I wanted to give dude his props.

He's most recently dropped a CD reppin' his "ISH Productions" stamp. This features not only Scanz, but Channel Live, KRS-One, Yasin and others. I also heard that not only is dude working with Scanz on his NEXT album, but he's done work with a female by the name of Tara Michel, who is down with John Legend.

Basically, if you thought New Jersey Hip-Hop was only Redman, Joe Budden, Naughty By Nature and Queen Latifah, you were sadly mistaken.
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The Observation Deck (Christmas Eve 2K7)

These meds need to kick in... one love my peoples.

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A Date With The Health Inspector

Yes, this is a Season 1 episode of The Boondocks; Ma Dukes just got me the Season 1 DVD jump-off, and I peed myself laughing to this. This one, if you didn't pay attention the first go-round, is a parallel to the Iraq "war". Plus it features Sam Jackson AND Charlie Murphy?!?! Wild:

Part 1

Part 2

Too funny.
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Sacha Baron Cohen has retired both his Borat and Ali G characters.

"It is like saying goodbye to a loved one," Cohen told the Daily Telegraph, in what appeared to be a straight-faced interview (although one never knows with Cohen). "It is hard, and the problem with success, although it's fantastic, is that every new person who sees the Borat movie is one less person I 'get' with Borat again, so it's a kind of self-defeating form, really.
Makes sense, but I keep having a sneaky suspicion that dude is doing this so he can lay low, hit unsuspecting marks with Ali G or Borat when they aren't expecting.

Who knows. Borat was genius. Ali G Indahouse? Not so much.
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Friday, Dec. 21st 2007 playlist

Just not impressed this week. I'm on my J Dilla shit in the headphones. Everything else is fugazi. If I can be arsed, expect a Phat Kat review by the end of next week. And a review of a mixtape I got in the mail the other day, by this cat named Dula-Mite. It has a dope cover.
leaky drawers.


Check out some of these posts to tide you over: XXL has a load of clips of Christmas Rap tracks from the past and present. Some gems you might have missed are in there... Rizoh has clips of all of Skillz' Rap Ups from 2002 to 2006. Hopefully 2007 will be here soon... TSS has a seriously dope interview with RA The Rugged Man, breaking down the science behind "Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story", his track with Jedi Mind Tricks...


For you niggas with the DNB jones, peep out the FYLP for this week, featuring mixes from DJ Vapour, Paul Reset, Specific, and Kubiks, as well as the latest LIFTED MUSIC PODCAST!


I'm out for now, but peep out this video:

Phat Kat ft. Elzhi "Cold Steel" (prod. by J Dilla)
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Metal Face Imposter?

Nah Right posted this link from The Kaos Effect, detailing a show "MF DOOM" did in the A on the 13th of December, and it mirrors countless tales of fake/imposter Dooms showing up, lip synching short sets, then making a quick dash, sometimes with the money from the door!

This one is deeper, though, because this is the first time I've seen actual video of the suspect DOOM. Check this out:

I mean, I've never seen DOOM live, but I've heard live recordings. For his kind of style on wax, his voice is one style, but live it's a different story. The environment calls for DOOM to almost shout his lines, because his recordings are a bit smoother, not the "raow-raow" of say a Busta or Onyx. Translating that live would mean he'd have to kick his voice out a bit more, and with his actual voice, it would come out a bit different. Dude looks too calm and collected in these shits. Just mad suspect - makes me feel bad that I've supported dude all these years.

The thing is, maybe it's DOOM pulling his own Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton kind of thing? I highly doubt it, but if you break it down, it's an interesting parallel.

At the end of the day, the people getting cheated are the people DOOM is cheating out of ends and support, which will only lead to backlash and hatred. I'd say fix up, but I guess if it ain't broke, keep stealin'.
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Scanz Prelude To A Legacy [review]

Here's my 2nd review of one of the Rawkus 50, and boy do I have high hopes. Dude calls his sound "new millenium boom-bap", and this album lives up to that moniker. For fans of artists like Duck Down, who appeal to both the backpackers and the gatclappers, Scanz is bridging that gap, and at all of 19, and being a beast on both the beats and the pad, the game is his...

"You Know The Deal"
This is one of those "we don't need no hook" joints, mainly because dude murks the beat for just about 3 minutes... and does really well. The beat is very interesting, with those heavy drums but a weird harp-sounding melody in there, with some piano and synth flourishes. Lovely intro to this opus.

"Don't Front"
Jazzy guitar, funky bass... this one is for the whip, no doubt. It even has that sampled scratch sound low in the cut. Scanz has that butter flow, coming with loads of punchlines and ill visuals. Tracks like this sound like the underground sound of like '96.

"Something New (ft. Yasin)"
This is one of those thick-bottomed, soulful cuts that you'd jot down and learn the lines to spit to that thick-bottomed shorty at the bar. Yasin's verse is a bit too rugged to go with Scanz' first two verses, but somehow it works.

"Choose Your Hustle (ft. Akrobatik)"
One of the best instrumentals on the entire album. There's a few piano loops in here that just sound so beautiful. Maybe I'm just a sucker for that kind of stuff, but this is just that sound. This one is dedicated to breaking down how cats should approach whatever hustle they are going on, and you realize that, while Scanz is only 19, his mind is old (whattup P). Ak comes in and does what he does best - kick dope lyrics.

"Make It Happen"
This one has a smooth, deep bass to it, with some ill organ noodling over it. Just a nice beat to get on top of and ride like a horse, and Scanz does just that.

"Like This"
I'm not the biggest fan of this one, but it still works. I swear I've heard that sample before, but I can't place it... more of that heat.

"Feel It"
Beautiful sample on this one, it has a Dilla/Ummah feel to it with the ill Rhodes-esque sound. I didn't expect this one, based on the hard boom of the previous tracks, but it is just a testament to how ill dude really is.

"Bigger Than Rap"
Another curveball - last thing I was expecting was a dubby/reggae/skankin' affair on the beat here. Dude's flow fits the beat, but the stylin' doesn't feel fresh after a few bars. I was almost expecting him to spit a Jay-Z "Hawaiin Sophie" kind of style, but nah, this was just about the syllables.

"A Dimepiece"
This is one for the ganja smokers in the house. What's ill is, during his verse, you almost can't tell if he's talking about loving caressing a blunt or caressing a broad. The beats come odd, too, like some Madlib, blunted Hip-Hop shit. Peep the switch around 2 minutes in...

"Deep End"
That sample has a blaxploitation cool to it. Nice track to vibe to. This one goes into some ill storyline, with a dude who fucks with this chick he doesn't need to be dealing with, but can't help it b/c she's so intoxicating. Listen close to this one.

"I Am Hip Hop"
This one has that Diamond D feel to it. That piano is lush, and fits in there perfect with that melancholy beat. This is true independent Hip-Hop.

"I Can Teach Ya"
I love the organs and synth melody in this one. Really brings that head-nodding feel to it. Dude gets on his rhymes as well. Perfect example of how to be a dope producer and ill MC.

For a debut album, I'm very impressed. No wonder dude is getting production work with Akrobatik, Channel Live, KRS-One, Monie Love and others. This guy has it - that vintage sound, coming from such a young dude, is explosive. If you want that real Hip-Hop, and don't want to rely solely on Primo, Extra P and the older school, check out Scanz' shit.

rock the dub gives Prelude To A Legacy a 3.75 out of 5 stars. Dude definitely is on to something, both lyrically and on the beats. With only 12 tracks, there is a bit of redundancy, and a hint of filler, but if you wonder "where's the ill, real new Hip-Hop at?", Scanz is right here.

Burn Deez: "Choose Your Hustle", "Feel It", "Make It Happen", "Deep End"

Prelude To A Legacy is available via Amazon MP3, iTunes and other digital distributors.

related links:

Check out the video for "Don't Front":

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Guilty Pleasures of 2007

Lately, I've been watching a gang of videos. 106 & Park, VH1 Soul, whatever, I'm tuned in. I've seen a load of videos - some very dope, some just not, and I figure, why not post a few from 2007 that I couldn't escape:

Kanye West "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

I didn't get this track until the day I reviewed the CD, that morning on the bus stop. It all made perfect sense to me, the way he was basically saying what everyone else was saying, but his style and creativity is so out there, it comes out mad different. This record is so hood, and the more I think about it, the Jeezy ad-libs are the key that allows you to see the link between this and trap rap.

Playaz Circle ft. Lil' Wayne "Duffle Bag Boy"

Shorties in the beginning look right; this song is nothing if not a dope beat and an ill chorus. The verses are garbage, but I will keep this on repeat all day.

The Dream ft. Fabolous "Shawty Is A 10"

Yeah this one is not my steeze at all, but its just undeniable. The Dream is doing his thing with the pen, and tracks like this just seemed effortless. I never did know a bitch to grill in her bathing suit, but I digress...

UGK ft. OutKast "International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)"

I can (and will) scream RIP PIMP C all day, but this track isn't just about Pimp. This is 3 southern entities (Three 6 Mafia, OutKast and UGK) linking up and creating a beautiful moment in Hip-Hop. A perfect 10 hit.

Rihanna "Umbrella"

Big departure for homegirl with the odd forehead. This shit owned my May/June.

Britney Spears "Gimme More"

I don't go to clubs, I don't go out, and I am not a fan of Britney's at all, but I like the way she looks in those fishnets with the lil weight she gained. If I was drunk at the BBQ, I'd get it poppin' to this one.

DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross & Plies "I'm So Hood"

Another track where the chorus/beat match is perfect. I like the whole beginning of this video, with TDD runnin' to the whip. It was done kind of fly.

There's probably more, but I can't think right now.
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The Observation Deck (20th Dec. 2007)

  • More Criminals Gone Wild hoopla: CNN interviewed both the director and some summertime teeth nigga named Alex (or J-Ryda?) on the validity of this DVD. The guy Alex/J-Ryda has a point: why would he commit a crime and put his face out there like that? And why would the cops let someone who seemingly committed crimes on tape to walk free? The director looked a bit shook at times, and why he pulled out those stacks at the end of the interview is beyond me.
  • David Chase won his case, and does not have to pay the guy who took him around the mob-spots back in 1995. Thank God. $20 says dude wanted a writing credit on the series.
  • Marvin Gaye's critically panned Here, My Dear will be getting a reissue on Jan. 15th, 2008. It will be a double disc, with the 2nd disc featuring reworked tracks from producers like Prince Paul, Easy Moe Bee, ?uestlove, Salaam Remi and others.
  • Two idiot-ass teenagers murdered a 7-year-old trying to mimic Mortal Kombat moves. How the fuck do you playfight and cause internal bleeding?
  • Lynne Spears, mama to Britney and newly-pregnant Jaime Lynn, just lost her book deal. The book was ironically her views and tips on parenting.
  • Tony Parker said he ain't cheating on Eva Longoria, and is suing X17online for $20million due to some stories they printed saying otherwise.
  • The cast of the live-action G.I. Joe flick will feature Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, among others, and Chow Yun-Fat will be featured in Dragonball Z as Master Roshi. Too ill.
  • You gotta love how the fans tried to give Isaiah Thomas the pink slip, and that night the Knicks trounce the Cavs.

Got any interesting stories? Hit me.

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On That Leak: Thriller 25 2K8 Remixes

Spotted these over at The Leak Source; it looks like they ripped the clips that YN posted yesterday (and ended up taking down) and converted them to MP3. I'm not the biggest fan of the CHOICES Michael Jackson made for these updated versions, but whatever, MJ has always been about shining with those who are the hottest. I just don't fuck with, or Fergie... or Akon for that matter. Check them out:

There's also a .rar with all of these tracks HERE. I have a feeling these will be going down, early, so hit the links and take a peek if you are down with Thriller.

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Saigon: Done Being A Bitch

That's what Saigon was lookin' like last month, when he "quit" Hip-Hop. Now, eskay posted up news that SaiGiddy has actually taken that back, and is not quitting. I know you guys thought it was true, and that he was totally gone. We can't be that lucky, I guess.

Dude isn't the champion lyricist, and no matter how heartfelt and deep he can be in his rhymes, stunts like these just make him look more bitch-made.

I will now only be looking for his album for the Just Blaze beats...
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[video] Sean Price LIVE at Stand Up

Wow... Sean Price is definitley one of the illest in the underground right now. In this clip, he rips through "Jesus Price Superstar" and a personal fav from Monkey Barz, "Boom Bye Yeah". Grimey. Phenomenal. Check it:

His hypemen are mad hyper than he is, but it doesn't matter. Shouts to Rafi.
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[video] NYOIL "You're A Queen" LIVE

Another Stand Up gem. NYOIL delivers a passionate version of his pro-female track "You're A Queen". Get more insight on NYOIL via Oh Word. Do not sleep on this one:

Pointed intensity is the shit.
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The Observation Deck (18th Dec. 2007)

  • Debra LaFave, AKA the fly-ass substitute hotbody substitute teacher who got arrested 3 years back for fucking a 14 year old boy (I WISH I had a sub like that!), just got thrown back in jail on a parole violation. Word is she was conversating with a 17 year old (female) employee. What kind of violation is THAT? They are pissed that the 17 year old's name got released to the public, and the convos were both professional and harmless. Maybe some C.O.'s figured they could get a bit of Debra's ass...
  • What's really good with Michael Jackson's face?
  • Word is that the mullet-rockin' Denise of Survivor: China bent the truth a bit; during the show, she said she was a lunch lady and on the reunion show, she said she got fired as a lunch lady and was made a custodian, b/c of the kids backing up the lines due to her celebrity. The school is saying that homegirl was made a full-time custodian (a promotion she asked for) BEFORE she left, and returned to the same position. What's at stake? Try 100K Mark Burnett fronted to her due to her sob-story LIVE on CBS this past Sunday.
  • Anchorwomen are more hardbody than rap chicks: Alycia Lane, the Philly anchorwoman for CBS who sent Rich Eisen bikini shots earlier this year, called a cop a dyke bitch, punched her and has now been arrested. What's more realer than that?
  • New Jersey has banned the death penalty, and commuted 8 death row inmate to life sentences; that list includes the faggot who's case was the straw that created "Megan's Law". I'm torn - while I think its wack that we've got this death penalty, but don't use it... the fuckers who got life in prison need to be hanged.
  • This indie movie about The Juice Crew should be interesting: David Banner as Biz Markie? Evan Ross as MC Shan!?!? I want to see it, but I can't help be smirk over some of those choices...

Let me get some work done.

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Lupe Fiasco The Cool [review]

Given my review of Lupe Fiasco's debut album, it might not even make sense, me attempting to review this, but I always feel I should give artists a second chance. And hell, most new-school Hip-Hop heads love his shit, right?

"Baba Says Cool For Thought"
Yeah I'm not really into the spoken word intros, especially ones as predictable as this one.

"Free Chilly (ft. Sarah Green & Gemstones)"
A short tribute to one of his homies locked down, I believe. I can respect that.

"Go Go Gadget Flow"
The LAST thing this LP needed was a wack double-time rap over a weak beat. The drums in this sound better in Timbaland productions, and those strings lull you to sleep...

"The Coolest"
Damn this one just plods along as well. I guess this is the introduction to the two pieces of this "concept" album's puzzle, Streets & Game. The fact that the whole plot is known before this drops, as it is everyday, just leaves tracks that extend the narrative as a paint-by-numbers snoozefest.

"Superstar (ft. Matthew Santos)"
I can't get into this at all. From the whiteboy chorus to the simplistic melody. I actually leave the room when this video comes on. Just not something I can even fuck with on a "listen to this right quick" level.

"Paris, Tokyo"
Lupe gets his Q-Tip... oh wait, scratch that. This beat sounds mad Midnight Marauders-ish... forget it. This beat knocks, and Lupe raps about his chick and travelling. I'd like this to be a single so I could get the instrumental. Dope beat, and that "wherever I go/she goes" is sly.

"Hi-Definition (ft. Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear)"
What a waste of a Snoop cameo. The low-end on this one knocks but its just a mash of electro bullshit and trunk rattlin' fuzzy bullshit. Just not what's hot at all.

"Gold Watch"
I love this beat off the rip. The whole female vox in that shit, all start-stop, that's what's on. I even chuckle at Fiasco's lines about Street Fighter II and such, but for the materialism/hypebeast posturing of the rhymes, the chorus makes me wish he played up the whole "fly nigga with a fancy/average chick" angle he hints at.

"Hip-Hop Saved My Life (ft. Nikki Jean)"
This sounds like the biography of Soulja Boy or some other MySpace rapper who got put on in 2007. The odd bit is that, while Lupe disses Tribe and other backpackin' niggas, he spits just like them, not just sonically, but in his intricate lyrics. Why diss niggas whose style you revamp?

"Intruder Alert (ft. Sarah Green)"
Yawn. Very downtempo beat with a sleepy piano loop. You'd think, for someone who is being championed as the nigga with the double entendres and dope, forward-thinking flows, that he'd be able to craft a story that wasn't so damn easy to see miles away.

"Streets On Fire"
Hah. I love the straight-forward amen in this one. Best part of an otherwise blah track. I can understand wanting to not sound like any other nigga, but does that mean you shouldn't sound dope? I could see some wild video for this getting overlooked and underplayed very soon.

"Little Weapon (ft. Bishop G & Nikki Jean)"
Lil' niggas got gats. Lupe raps as a lil' nigga with a gat. The beat sounds like Nick Cannon from Drumline. Next.

"Gotta Eat"
Hearing Lupe say "if I see this nigga, I'm gonna kill him" just sounds so fake. He should have gotten someone else to say shit like that. He sounds like someone's "enlightened" brother talking that 5 percent shit. Only a lil' too aggressively.

"Dumb It Down (ft. Gemstones & Graham Burris)"
Yes I like the rhymes on this one. A definite rewind on this one, just for the rhymes. Lupe almost gets his Jay-Z on, which is funny. For Jay, this would be a sub-par track, but for Lupe, it's the damn highlight of the disc.

"Hello/Goodbye (Uncool) (ft. UNKLE)"
If this were any other Hip-Hop blog, I'd make some comment about this being "that Rock shit". Nah, UNKLE is dope, this track is just fucking wack.

"The Die (ft. Gemstones)"
The death... of The Cool. Given the scatterbrained feel of this "narrative", I had no idea the Cool was alive, or kicking. Another double-time flow. I hate him singing. I hate him flowing with the 80s synth. Hearing someone spit "any nigga" on that 'double time' shit is funny sounding though. Jay did this better back in the day, though.

"Put You On Game"
Blah. Dude rappin' as bad shit. Come on, I can't even listen to this, it's like a bad after-school special.

"Fighters (ft. Matthew Santos)"
It sounds like someone is eating Pringles to the beat. Matt Santos, get the fuck out of my earpiece. The beat putters on like a heartbeat, and I wish it would just flatline...

"Go Baby (ft. Gemstomes)"
...but it doesn't. Dude tries to get his Gnarls Barkley on, but doesn't realize you need a good producer to pull off something that creative. This chorus sounds like a Gi Phi Gi chant.

Go ahead, call me a hater, but I don't believe the hype. You call him the future, I call him a relick of the worst parts of the Native Tongues era. All thought, no real funk. Very good concepts, wack ways of delivering them. Nice influential sounds (he must have a dope CD collection), but no real idea in how to bridge those futuristic sounds with a thumpin' backbeat. A narrative that would have fit better in the hands of someone like Prince Paul. I mean, "The Cool" was one of the better tracks off of Food & Liquor; why take that and abandon it for the majority of the disc? Out of 18 cuts, barely half of them keep the story going. And the ones that do might as well have been spoken-word interludes to keep us involved.

I have no reason to hate on Lupe; hearing "Gold Watch" or "Dumb It Down", I know the nigga can make hot tracks. Sadly, like I felt with his debut, he seems to drop the ball and fall onto tired ways of telling his tale. I've heard all of this before, and no matter how effortless his rhymes come to him, all of that talent does not equal a stellar disc. This is barely a repeat play for me, and aside from 3 or 4 cuts, the rest of this exits the MP3 player, early.

rock the dub gives The Cool 2 stars out of 5. For all of his accolades and "cool", this one putters on top of the backs of his fans. Without them, you'd be asking "Lupe who?"

Burn Deez: "Gold Watch", "Dumb It Down", "Paris, Tokyo"

The Cool is in stores December 18th.

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rock the dub radio: episode 011

EZ. This show was simple: first hour was going to feature some Ghostface, with the 2nd half being a Pimp C tribute. I'm not the largest UGK fan, but in his death, I've discovered some favs (big up Enigmatik on that). Check it out, there's some keepers in here:

rock the dub radio: episode 011

(direct MP3 download)

02/Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon & Cappadonna "Daytona 500"
03/Ghostface Killah ft. Beanie Sigel & Styles P "Toney Sigel (AKA Barrel Brothers)"
04/Saigon ft. Swizz Beatz & Jay-Z "C'mon Baby (Remix)"
05/The ARE & Dem Damb Jacksons ft. Roc C "When You're Down"
06/Oh No ft. Wildchild "WTF"
07/AvE "Blue Magic Freestyle"
08/Joell Ortiz ft. Novel "Duffle Bag Boy (Remix)"
09/Raymond Scott interlude
10/J Dilla "Lightworks"
11/Busta Rhymes "Step Up"
12/Jay Electronica "A Prayer for Michael Vick & T.I. (We Love You Family)"
13/Mickey Factz "I'm Sean (50 Shots More)"
14/Quest M.C.O.D.Y. "Fade Back"
15/Barak Yalad "Lion"
16/Ghostface Killah "Wise (In The Rain)"
17/Menace interlude
18/Ghostface Killah ft. Method Man & Masta Killa "Killa Lipstick"
19/Ghostface Killah "The Struggle"
20/Pimp C interview pt. 1
21/Pimp C ft. P.O.P & Lil' Keke Vs. ANS "Knockin' Doorz Down (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"
22/UGK ft. T.I. "Hit The Block"
23/T.I. ft. UGK "Front Back"
24/UGK "Murder"
25/Pimp C interview pt. 2
26/UGK ft. Rick Ross "Cocaine"
27/UGK "It's Supposed To Bubble"
28/UGK "Ridin' Dirty"
29/UGK ft. Scarface "Still Ridin' Dirty"
30/Pimp C interview pt. 3
31/UGK ft. Slim Thug, Vicious & Middle Fingaz "Take Tha Hood Back"
32/Jay-Z ft. UGK "Big Pimpin'"
33/Pimp C ft. Suga & Mannie Fresh "Cheat On Yo Man"
34/UGK "Pregnant Pussy"
35/UGK ft. OutKast "International Players Anthem (I Choose You)"
Enjoy this one. The last RTDRadio of the year is coming. I'm going to try and feature 2007-exclusive cuts.

RSS / podcast / email me tracks! / one love.
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The Wire Prequels

It's kind of nice being home on the weekends. I was poppin' through my HBO On Demand yesterday afternoon and discovered these gems. They are lil' scenes from the pasts of some of your favorite characters from The Wire, letting you know that they have been the way they are for a long time. For the true fan, these will bring a smile to your face:

"1962: Young Proposition Joe"

Homeboy has been making deals for the LONGEST!

"1985: Young Omar"

True street code.

"2000: Bunk & McNulty"


The final season premieres on the 6th of Jan., 2008 at 9PM.
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Mixtape Sunday: Vietnam Vol. 1

From the crew that brought you Mickey Factz and "The Supra Song", here's a dope new mixtape from GFCnewyork and Steve-O: Vietnam Vol. 1. Download it while you peep the tracklist:

1. The Supra Song- GFC All Stars
2. Creator- Santogold
3. Face The Gun- Kenna
4. Mars- Kelis
5. Pop The Glock- Uffie
6. Talk Yo Ish- Mickey Factz
7. Go Baby- Lupe Fiasco
8. Day 'N' Nite- Kid Cudi
9. Bermuda Love Triangle- Addiquit
10. Gold And A Pager- The Cool Kids
11. Nike Boots- Wale
12. Hero- Thelonious Kapps
13. I Aint Something- *CurT@!n$*
14. Everybody Is A Star- N*E*R*D
15. The Jimmy Choo's- Chester French
16. What It Look Like- Spankrock
17. Thrilla- Villains

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On That Leak: "On Sum Chrome"

Three 6 Mafia ft. UGK "On Sum Chrome": I just got the blast on this one. Looks like this is the last track Pimp C laid vocals on before his untimely death. Got that nice vibe to it, really hard cut. I also like how Bun B managed to write a rap using the term "tomfoolery". Bump this HARD for Pimp C.

You guys should do yourselves a favor and peep this UGK tribute video.

Shouts to FUTURE STAR for this one.
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LOST Season 4 Trailer

Don't ask me what the hell this is about. Everything flashed by so quickly. Popwatch has their own thoughts, though.

I saw on G4's The Feed that Season 4 of LOST was to premier on Jan. 31st, 2008, in the time slot formerly occupied by Grey's Anatomy. Holla.
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Whopper Freakout

I took Friday off, and in the last two days, I've seen this commercial about 4080 times. This is such a good idea, in terms of the sheer ease it took for people to show their love/appreciation for the Whopper. Shit, I want one right now.

I should be getting paid to post this - or at least getting a Whopper.
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Friday, Dec. 14th 2007 playlist

icy weather don't stop the leaks...


Did you guys miss Stones Throw Podcast #27? Peanut Butter Wolf dropped the Badd Santa's After Party mix, and it's lover-ly.

Did you guys miss Dub Floyd & Wally Sparks' Hip-Hop Dock-Trine 2 mixtape? This official mixtape for The Boondocks is 2 discs long and chock full of choice Hip-Hop. Do yourself a favor and grab it, early!


DJ Cable out of the UK sent me a mix he entered into a CK-One competition (he placed 3rd), and it'd got a dope tracklisting, including the fucking Fun Lovin' Criminals AND Arctic Monkeys? Grab this NOW, and peep the tracklisting:

01. Lil' Kim Intro
02. DJ Cable - Ya'll Know Me (Interlude)
03. MIMS Vs. Collie Buddz - This Is Why I Come Around (DJ Cable Blend)
04. Timbaland Vs. Dizzee Rascal - The Old Skool Way I Are (DJ Cable Blend)
05. Sexy Back Routine
06. 45 King - The 900 Number
07. Fun Lovin' Criminals - Scooby Snacks
08. Gnarles Barkley - Crazy
09. Fabolous - Young'n (Holla Back)
10. Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
11. Beenie Man - Hmm Hmm

Dope shit.


Peep out this mix Paul Devro did for MAD DECENT and is in the current FADER 50 issue:

Kid Cuti - Day & Night (Jokers of The Scene Remix) {Fool's Gold}
KW Griff - Phil Collins
Remi Nicole - Rock 'N' Roll (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Roundtable Knights - Freaks of Desire {Arcade Mode}
Nifty - Nifty {Atlantic Jaxx}
Jackie Chain - Blinded By The Light {Paper Route Records}
Diplo - I'm So Hood Dubplate
MC Creu - Danca Do Creu
MC Nemen - Come Queto
Katalina - DJ Girl
DJ Sega - Bodies Hit The Floor {Hollertronix}
Blaqstarr - My Smacked Bitch {Hollertronix}
DJ Sega - Dig {Hollertronix}
Trip - Who's That (Jack Beats Remix) {Ahead of The Game}
Kissy Sell Out - Harriet (Kissy's Special Annie Mac Edit feat. Bolt
Action Five)
Pomomofo - Back at the Club (Boy 8-Bits Emotional Hardcore Remix)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Defender {Vulture}
Crookers - Purple Lens Game
Odyssey - Who {WWA}

Block rockin' beats.


I also got passed this mixtape: Dub MD Presents FARO "Clean Up Season". I haven't heard of either of them, but the e-mail says this is "UK rap with a difference", which is mad intriguing. Check the tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Main Event
03. My 1st Whip
04. Pay Day
05. Alrite Wiv U (feat. Elva)
06. Hood Shit (feat. Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne)
07. E5 2 M16
08. Motivation
09. Time Machine (feat. Dels & English)
10. Sweet Nothings (Skit)
11. More To See (feat. Kid British)
12. No Stoppin
13. With No One (Skit)
14. Real Talk
15. We Got Next? (feat. Panama)
16. Phone Call (Skit)
17. Everywhere I Go (feat. G)
18. The Ends Report
19. What I See (feat. Delta Force, Brux & Angel)
20. Interlude
21. The One For Me (feat. Joe Gee)
22. Brux De Ville
23. Everyday Fresh (feat. G & Lefty)
24. Stage Show (feat. Sizzla)
25. Pure Love
26. Outro

Let me know what you think.


Peep this week's FYLP over at DPD for the latest DNB mixes from Sistem, Serum, NC-17 and the Bachelors of Science.


Finally, Tanya Morgan's Von Pea hooked up his own American Gangster remix project entitled American Angster. Grab it and enjoy!


This week's final thought is a video from the Oh Word/Sit Down Stand Up show STAND UP (peep the vids from Donny Goines and Hired Gun I posted yesterday). Gotta love crowd participation:

Cause "On The Run"

Have a good weekend. Northeastern US, get your flannel bedsheets out.

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