Saturday, April 15, 2006

the shuffle. [4/15/2006]

Short and sweet bursts of random information for you on a late Saturday. Think of this as a week's worth of topics thrown into an iPod shuffle. Some sad, some happy, some just plain ignorant. Let's get it on!

1) Mayweather
wins his match with Judah... sort of. I didn't see it initially, but just saw the recap on HBO. I mean... the fight wasn't great. Judah wasn't throwing much, wasn't connecting with even less, so you know he had to take the low road and sneak Mayweather in the nuts, then in the back of the head. Should Roger Mayweather have walked up into the ring, challenging Judah at the end of round 10? Hell fucking nah... but I do think referee Steele did the right thing, letting the fight continue. Judah showed just how much of a sucka he truly is. Fuck that bitch.

2) Eminem's best friend and D-12 compadre, Proof, was
shot and killed in a Detroit nightclub. I was no big fan of his releases, but hearing him freestyle was dope. He had a great sense of humor, and was a hot rhymer. I was taken back to clips from the Beef II DVD, showing D-12's beef with Royce Da 5'9. They were all pulling out pieces, and you just know that Proof probably got super ignorant when he was sipping on that monkey oil. RIP to Proof, peace and love out to his family, and it looks like Detroit Hip-Hop has been hit hard again. (Peep this track that Jay Dee aka J Dilla and Proof did back in 1996)

3) Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds is
suing Anita Baker for $250,000 he claims she owes him off an oral agreement. Doesn't he know that she ain't making money anymore? In all seriousness, though, you can't play the game without accepting the consequences... just goes to show you how Babyface kept making money after all of these years -- shrewd business tactics.

4) Eve has
signed a joint venture deal between Swizz Beatz and Dr. Dre's Aftermath labels. Now, she's the one who left Ruff Ryders to go to Aftermath, then decided to be a UPN coon. Now she is trying to make sure her album comes out on time? Who the fuck does she think she is? Her music isn't THAT in demand, now. I think it's too many chickens in Dre's coop... from rumored albums with Ice Cube and Rakim being soiled due to Dre's workload, and now Busta preppin' to turn the streets upside down, it's hard to catch quality time with big Doc. Can't hate on that, though. Just Eve... good luck. Joining with Swizz doesn't automatically mean diamond album sales.

5) The
blogs over at XXL get swinging. From heads like Bol to kris ex providing quality reads all the time, its no wonder people like Bun B and such have hit the comments up over such topics as Pimp C's PCP habit/mall run-ins to how the South is ruining and saving Hip-Hop. God, please keep their blogs rollin'. I love having something to read during breaks at work.

6) Season 6 of The Sopranos is heating up. I'm actually thinking of starting a series of posts based on that week's goings-on. We saw
Vito get caught at a gay bar, Johnny Sack's daughter get married, Johnny Sack and Uncle Jun get so upset they cry, and Tony unleashed some fury on his new (ex?) driver, Perry, to show he still had it. Chilling. I might have to start a new post. Big up Steve Buscemi for directing another solid episode.

7) Lil' Cease
gets arrested, held on Rikers Island. You would think neph would just give it up, be on the low. He getting caught on OLD charges, too. WTF is he thinking?!

8) Pharrell and DJ Drama drop the new BBCICECREAM.COM mixtape on the masses. The vocal half of the Neptunes rinses over "Damn!", "Liquid Swords" and other hits. And he does the damn thing. Fucking right, grab that shit.

9) Dom drops a sick
studio mix for Drum & Bass Arena. Banana Arena can eat it, but Dom does a serious mix of his hits, past present and unreleased. Check it. And if you're looking for an mp3, scream atcha boy.

10) big up Nah Right... quality site. Period.

that's the shuffle for now. Holla.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday, April 14th 2006 playlist

Another week, another slew of drama. Instead of doing a list, I figured this week I'd talk a lil bit about my playlist additions. Let's see how this goes:

1) Digital Mystikz "Haunted" [dmz]
This track, for me, is the epitome of
Dubstep. Ascending and descending sub-low bass, loads of blips and bleeps, as well as a pretty tight drum track. It's hard to go wrong with the DMZ crew when they get in that zone. The flipside to this, "Anti War Dub", is a fucking gem. True anthem business.

2) Random Movement "Infinite" [horizons music?]
Hearing DJ Zinc drop this on the latest
Zincast (cat. 006) made me fall back in love with this tune. Some deep, deep funk going on here, with a lil bit of the dub aspect thrown in. Tracks like these make me want to dance when I feel like crying. When is this coming out?!?!

3) T.I. "What You Know" [grand hustle]
It's hard to deny that track. The beat is pretty chest-thumping, and T.I.'s time tested flow is bananas, but the combo makes it work...

4) Lauryn Hill "The Sweetest Thing" [columbia]
Classic. Beautiful guitar work. Beautiful vocal. Makes me feel 13 again.

5) Skitty & Heist "Ghost" [architecture]
Beautiful dnb producers Skitty & Heist collabo and come with a dub-influenced gem. Nice sample work, heavy bass tones, and a glimpse into the future of Drum & Bass.

Monday, April 10, 2006

"mailbox is full"

if I could talk to you, I'd let you know that, yeah, shit is real; it's hard to lose ya ace to something you did
you both had big dreams end on tire screams
if I had the means to turn back time
I'd take you both out the whip, leave you in a ditch crying
still alive, b/c Hip-Hop No Need Dead
we lost Dilla, now Ccino, hows the youth to be fed?
missing a guy I never knew, but heard his voice a plethora of times
by himself, with the SuspeXxX, ripping up beats with rugged rhymes
it's hard to find the words to really explain his true talent
it's just a damn shame that this had to happen
no time for producing, checking tracks, no more rapping
fucking killing me that this had to happen to my people
I guess we're not immune, real shit happens to our church steeple
don't let your roof collapse, keep the sturdy structure flowing
don't let this shut you down, I hope your spirit keeps growing
and if you need to holler, just let a nigga go
I'll be on the flipside waiting for you, big bro...

big Nappy, hold your head my nigga.

RIP Tony Ccino.