thinking of lil' man

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life for me...

One life that belongs to me
this life is mine, and I helped plant the seed
One day I'll teach little man how to read
bring pure positive vibes into his life, help him lead
watch him grow to be the man I wish I had been
Ready to tackle anything, throwing caution to the wind
as long as he watches over his mother and kin
Let's them know he's there for them whenever they need him
They'll greet him with open arms
unopened charms for him to relish into old age
Old mazes get torn down for our new phase
New attitude, new outlook on life, this shit's amazing
Wishing I could be more for him, more of a solid man
More money to take out of my pocket and place in his hand
More trips to far off lands, let him run his fingers through the sand
None of this drama and hatred, Gs killing one another for petty stacks of grands
petty turf that no one owns
not anyone we know anyway
they read no papers anyday
But my little man will be the next
Ernest Hemingway
or the next
Nat Turner
no matter what burner he chooses to murder with
pen, brain or fist
I'll be behind him 100%, because he's my gift to this shit
Only if he wants to be though, I can't guide him and say "Yo
do as I say or you go
out the window where the wild things grow"
He'll have to let them know,
show and prove
Ravish them like
Rick Rude
and force them to get into the groove...


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