Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday, March 16th 2007 playlist

Weird week. Got a call back on a job and got a call saying goodbye - for now. Shit's good, but it ain't all good. This list reflects that. Let's go...

01/The Roots "No Alibi" [this one goes out to DJ Nappy. the first time I rode around Princeton with him and Cousin Nick Evelation, this came on the stereo. I had heard the cut before, but it was the first time I really listened to it. Still one of my favorite Roots tracks ever, puts me into a zone.]
02/Evelation "no!!!!!!!!" [Nick on that downtempo/dubstep vibe. Very moody track... you never got to play this one on Wednesday, but it's all good. I still know your intentions. It's all good, dogs. Get at me with that info.]
03/J Swinscoe "Goatee (Part 1)" [from the 1998 FunKungFusion compilation, this is the first Swinscoe/Cinematic Orchestra cut I heard in my life. Another one that puts me in an awkward mood. I love it though. Love that jazz hybrid style. New CO LP coming in May I think... Ma Fleur.]
04/David Banner "K.O." [fight music, dirty south style. Just plain ignant. I love it, in all it's minimal glory.]
05/Vex'd "Angels" [from his 2005 Planet Mu CD, Degenerate, I just love the sub-loving bass in this one. And that "the angels fell" sample. Gotta love how samples work, fitting so perfectly with diff. styles of music.]
06/Goldfinger "Chainsaw" [from this .rar the Dutty Dubz crew threw up on the dubstepforum. I had heard the other 3 cuts, and they are dope, but this one takes the cake. Too nasty.]
07/Cham "Rudeboy Pledge (Nappy's Liquid Sword Mix)" [you guys think all the nigga does is THUGSTEP? Nappy's style is pure mashup bidness, not just the dubstep/rap steeze either. I keep saying it, but it's interesting how Nappy doesn't like reggae/dance hall, but married this Cham acapella over a RZA beat that was originally sampled from a ska record, which does not apologize for their love of the Reggae flavors. Funny how life works, right?]
08/Prodigy "Stop Frontin'" [more from the P/ALC marriage that is Return of the Mac, which should be dropping later this month. Lovin' the sample love in this one.]
09/Saburuko "North Face" [audio for this is up on their MySpace page. It's a mispress to Horizons Music 19, and only so many copies came of it, so if you didn't get one of the 40 available, go to the MySpace and enjoy the vibes. They are the ones to watch.]
10/UGK ft. Three 6 Mafia "Player's Anthem" [some cats callin' this the summer anthem of 07, but if you DJs are smart, you are rinsing this NOW!]
11/Joe Budden "My Life" [yes, Joe Budd is rhyming over a sample of The System's "Don't Disturb This Groove", and its dope. I love his steeze.]


Bonus Cuts:
  • Redman "Gimmie One" [NJ's #1 MC right now is killin' it over a Pete Rock banger.]
  • Ghostface Killah "Chunky" [Pete Rock givin' Ghost some love as well. Classic sounds.]
  • Clipse ft. Pharrell "Mr. Me Too (Nappy vs. Deadly Habit Blend)" [Even D. Hab was surprised that his crazy beat could fit over someone other than Kool Keith.]

In The Mix:
  • The rolldabeats crew's "Decade In The Mix" series has finally seen #2 *of 4* come out via DOA. If you are into that classic jungle/DNB sound, grab this mix, PRONTO! This one is mixed by DJ Haste, so expect some ill techniques and mixes on here.
  • The good folks over at have gotten their mits on the Valve Soundsystem's mixes from the recent Xtra Bass Awards. Check this thread for tracklistings and links to one of the many mirrors. Holla.
  • Keeping it DNB, if you want a taste of the new nasty, grab EBK's March 2007 Mix. Peep this stormer's tracklisting HERE.
  • Rock and Roll is DEAD posted this Biggie Blendz 2007 mixtape from a DJ named Snicka earlier this week. Peep their post for full tracklisting and more details.

Final Thought:

DJ Nappy, in his own words, and at the night THUGSTEP came alive:

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

LOST, Season 3: "Par Avion" [precap]

Word. Never done a precap before. Not even sure what a precap is.

Wanna know a lil bit about what's going on tonight? Read the ABC press release for "Par Avion", tonight's brand new ep.

Wanna see the preview of this week's ep? Go register to Watch LOST, which posts up the episodes after they air in Windows Media format, and holler at this thread.

Also, give a listen to this week's Official LOST podcast, featuring Michael Emerson (aka "Ben"), one of the producers griping about filming in Hawaii, and the prehash of "Par Avion".

I'm gonna be out tonight, but will catch this episode and give a recap ASAP.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

DJ Nappy - THUGSTEP Mix (Part 1 of 2)

listen/download HERE. tracklisting:

01. young jeezy - take it to the floor f. bonecrusher (nappy vs tes la rok dubstep mix) 02. big kuntry king - throwback f. ti (nappy vs. reform dubstep mix)
03. slim thug - like a boss (nappy vs vex'd dubstep mix)
04. slim thug - diamonds (remix) f. young jeezy, sick pulla, killa (nappy vs emelkay dubstep mix)
05. jase - go hard
06. boss-n-over - self made f. bun b (nappy vs skream dubstep mix)
07. lil wayne - go dj (nappy vs benga dubstep mix)
08. big cas - check my feet (nappy vs. hijak extended dubstep mix)
09. allstar cashville prince f. yo gotti - tear it up (nappy vs el rakkas dubstep mix)
10. brisco - opa-locka (feat. rick ross)
11. 8ball - anotha level
12. riskay - dope girl (nappy vs. reform dubstep mix)
13. the game - dreams (nappy vs paradigmx dubstep mix)
14. 2vm - placita
15. the twilight singers - love

90.4 MB

The culmination of a lot of fucking hate, a load of sick dubstep tracks and some crunk ass acapellas is sitting in that link (with some straight electro/rap tracks thrown in for good measure).

If you are confused as to what THUGSTEP sounds like, peep that link.

If you already know and want to hear the tracks in the mix by a dope DJ, click that link.

If you hate, keep doing your job.

I do want to say, the way cats act on the DubstepForum and in other capacities regarding shit they don't understand/are threatened by, you guys make me not even want to listen to the shit. I already knew that your shit was essentially Dub with new-school production techniques (just ask Juju, he knows you guys are just recreating Dub), but at the end of the day, your scene will stay tiny due to your lack of forward thinking, your ridiculous need to guard your scene from shit that you think is "taking the piss" or negating your sales, and your just overall silly attitude(s).

In any case, here is a video giving you a glimpse at who DJ Nappy is and what he stands for. In it are clips from the night THUGSTEP came alive at the Killing Center, some interview spots, and other bits, some funny, some interesting, all dope. Just take a look for yourself:

THUGSTEP or die.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Still hatin' on THUGSTEP

Check out the dubstepforum's convoluted feelings towards DJ Nappy and THUGSTEP.

Why they still think THUGSTEP is a genre we are trying to create is ludicrous. Why they continue to hate on it is even more ridiculous.

"Fuck them other niggas, 'cause I'm down for my niggas."

EDIT: At the end of the day, though, Katt Williams said it best: you need haters. They are doing their job, so Nappy, let them hate.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Talkin' Headz": Metalheadz Documentary

Classic documentary breaking down the history of one of the most important labels in DnB. It's in two parts, so carve out 20 minutes of your Sunday and get edumacated: