Saturday, March 24, 2007

the shuffle. [3/24/07]

I like the looks of that - need to do a bit of deck re-shuffling in my life. Not my personal life, as much as my professional life. I am cool with my family and friends, but I just can't shake this feeling of worthlessness. And self-loathing helps nothing and no one, so I try to get bright and feel right, but flying never works when the forecast feels gloomy.

Shouts to Cousin Nick for going to the Extreme Challenge 75 with me. Watching random dudes bleed and tap out to armbars is a good way to waste a Friday evening. Let's do it again sometime.

I don't even know where to begin this week, so we will just dive headlong into the fray...

01/This kid Kevin Durant is bad news. I say that because, while he might be a lottery pick's dream, anyone he (or his moms) speaks with ends up having to pay. Both Michael Jordan and Danny Ainge learned that, at best, you might want to keep your contact with dude over the two-way (or the e-mail. Hell, send this nigga a postcard!)... dumb-ass Ainge was spotted sitting next to Kevin's moms during a game this past week, and ended up being fined $30K for "excessive contact", which is proper. MJ got an even odder fine though: he fucking SPOKE about this kid in an interview, didn't even say his name (I believe the quote was something like The kid who may present that is the kid in Texas), and the Bobcats had to eat a $15K fine. Now, I can see if you are sharing hot dogs with this nigga's family, but just bringing him up? It's like people who would get upset about bringing up tragic shit, even in discussion, like you aren't supposed to speak on it. Rooms getting silent when "9/11" is mentioned, things of that sort. I never got that. I'd rather bring that 900lb. gorilla to light than chat around the shit. Discussing dude costs me $15K? I guess they take that "penny for your thought" shit literally as well...

02/The crack team over at Sports Illustrated has unleashed a new, groundbreaking piece of info on the current anabolic steroids drug rings that are being investigated: wrestlers in the WWE are using steroids! This recent interview named names, from guys like Eddie Guerrero to Rey Mysterio, Edge to Kurt Angle, as well as Randy Orton, and I don't doubt that there's a list of others in the wings. I mean, for those of us who have followed wrestling for years, we know that steroid abuse/accusations are nothing new, but I just think it's funny how their crack research has turned up guys like Eddie, who died of an enlarged heart, due to use of anabolic steroids. What's next, SI gonna tell me that Leonard Bias might have been using cocaine?

03/I had to report on this piece of ignorant, nigger-ance in its own number, because I feel as though my wrath might pollute an other-wise non-threatening number on this week's list. Lil' Jon was awarded an honot unlike others in his field: the Guiness Book of World Records has called his "Crunk Ain't Dead" chain the "largest diamond pendant" in the world. What!? I mean, is this something that they seriously had to include into the record books? What is the meaning behing documenting who has the largest diamond pendant in the world? Will they be soon covering the "longest cock" category? "Thickest ass on a white girl"? How about "album to contain the most veiled references to the cocaine selling game"? Christ almighty. And the fucked up part? Now the next niggas is going to try and out-Guiness Lil' Jon. Thanks a lot, Guiness!

04/Republicans crack me up. First it was Newt, screwing around on his wife, all the while pissing on Clinton's fuck-parade. Now, Rudy Guliani AND his wife came out the woodworks letting it be known that they have both walked down the aisle three times. I can see why shit like this is news, I mean the country wants to make-believe like politicians are the moral leaders, and never had a shit that stank. The thing is, this is 2007, not 1957: we know about divorce, and know many people who have tried and failed at marriage. Why is this such a big deal? Well, the Republicans. They spend so much time shitting on Dems, calling them liberals and denouncing gay-rights issues, then come to find out, they are the ones cheating on their wives and IMing teen boys for hot political gay sex. Bible thumping on Sunday, but Lord only knows what transgressions went on the previous Saturday night. And then they wonder why I've never voted Republican...

05/The reason our pets' food killed our pets? Rat poison. In other news, new studies have made it possible for mice to see new colors. Huh? Wake me when they cure cancer...

06/Entertainment news is funny: you have a lot of people doing things that make them feel as though they are not only being innovative, but that their shit is like the 2nd coming of Jesus Cristo. Case in point: Bernie Mac is deciding to leave standup after 30 years, to focus on making shitty movies. If there's a Guess Who sequel, somebody gotta die... T.I. is working on his "dual personality" album, T.I. vs. T.I.P., but chose to work with everyone considered to be currently "hot", further making me believe that it will sound like just another T.I. record... Canibus created a new track, "Poet Laureate Infinity", where he spit 1,000 bars, but because of the way it's mixed, we only get to hear 200 bars or some shit. It's an infinite rhyme, or something. Who fucking knows, the bottom line is, I don't want to hear it... Tony Yayo got arrested for assaulting the 14 year old son of The Game's manager, Jimmy Henchmen. I guess all that jail time doesn't teach you to pick on someone your own size... oh wait, that's probably what old boy was doing... Snoop Dogg got his visa denied, and is banned from performing in the UK, stemming from both the brawl that took place last year in a British airport, but also stemming from his recent charge of smoking weed in Sweden. You'd think they would actually be listening to his lyrics before booking him/expecting him to act civilized... We also have a grip of blonde/while girl entertainer drama: Denise Richards and Pam Anderson are being sued for assault & battery by some pussy ass paparazzi who are saying their attack has left him with nightmares. You faggot-ass... Some German cat who has ties to some news orgs purchased two of Anna Nicole Smith's diaries for $500K+, only to have them be resold at a later date. It's not like there is much that is going to shock the world, but you can guarantee that her innermost thoughts about nonsense will be made public for no good reason at all... Britney Spears checked her ass out of rehab earlier this week. Good luck to her. Hopefully she can get back to her "Slave 4 U" style and get that gwap... And in some not so blonde, but very slutty scandalous shit, the sex tape between fake-hottie Kim Kardashian and Ray J has been leaked to the internets. I won't be linking the thing here, but it is on the internets and easily accesible to anyone who knows how to find things like that... Did you hear that this Tuesday's American Idol is going to run 7 minutes later than schedule, just to fuck with Dancing With The Stars' results, which are to be read at the beginning of the episode? If I was ABC, I'd jig those fuckers and read my shits like 17minutes in... I had no idea there was going to be a Justice League movie, nor did I know there was such a big discussion over what big names were going to be included (who really wants to see 120minutes of the Green Lantern?), but apparently Christian Bale is to reprise his role as Batman for one of the 3 JL flicks...

07/Here's the rest of this week's nutty news: this missing Purdue Univ. student was found two months after he was deemed missing: dude fell on a power transformer, and they only investigated that room after hearing "popping" sounds... a bio teacher in Oregon was fired over some materials that referenced the Bible, causing some in the area to consider him trying to "pollute" the kid's minds, and that he had some "agenda" going for him in his 8 days as a part-time teacher. I always thought it was odd that the separation of church and state only applies when it affects you... $205.6Million (!!!!!!!) was seized from a house in Mexico, believed to be the spoils of meth operations ran in the US. I still wonder why I never got into the drug trade... JOKE!!!... YouTube is offering it's first awards to videos in various categories... Tactics like these in the Iraq War are downright disturbing... South Carolina won dumbest state of the US by even mentioning that women getting abortions should be made to see the sonogram first. That's just twisted... John Edwards is still on track to losing his campaign for president, although him keeping in the race despite his wife's terrible battle with cancer is very commendable... Lynn Turner, who is already serving life for killing her husband in 1995, might now be made to die for killing a boyfriend with anti-freeze a few years back... Getting crushed by cement and earth and other things didn't kill Houdini: poison did, or so the people who want him exhumed believe... check out Allen Iverson's playoff kicks; then check out Bobbito's AF1's... I will never understand why this style is so trendy... and finally, shouts out to fellow blog fam at OhWord, who got some love from YouTube, who recently added "Ghetto Big Mac" to their "featured" page. Solid.

OK, so that's where we are at currently. Let's hit you lot with a final thought. Sunni Patterson's "We Made It", from this season's Def Poetry. No words, she says it all.

Deep. One.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday, March 23rd 2007 playlist

Hypersound, indeed. You ever have one of those weeks of ups and downs? I think mine is stretching into two... and possibly 3. We'll see how I am feeling by the end of next week. It's rough. Shitload of links for you lot, though, esp. you guys stuck in the cold during the WMC season...

01/Redman "Freestyle Freestyle" [it's not a freestyle, but an album cut from Red Gone Wild. Red does it like none other.]
02/Ghostface Killah & Prodigy "Trials of Life" [prod. by Green Lantern for an upcoming mixtape. Talking about their growing up, trials/tribs of hood niggas. Classic.]
03/Duke Da God ft. Juelz Santana, JR Writer & Hell Rell "More Than Music" [ridin' Dipset music. I don't know if its really more than music, but this music is more than fun.]
04/Swizz Beatz ft. Lil' Wayne, R. Kelly & Jadakiss "It's Me Bitches (Remix)" [that beat is too intense. I dislike Kells and Wayne on here, but I wouldn't stand still if this came on in the club.]
05/KRS-One & Marley Marl "Hip Hop Lives (I Came Back)" [they have an album coming together? I love it.]

06/Technical Itch "Death Jazz" [my fav Tech Itch cut in a while, onon the 50th Tech Itch Recordings release, this EP is still so-so. Current Value wishes he could rock like this, though.]
07/Vicious Circle "Pandora's Box" [sick new EP on RH. Murky feel to this one, very tight track. Curse the dumbass who said they were overrated.]
08/Optiv & Gridlok "Hit The Lights" [nasty new cut on a nasty new release on Violence. For the floor, but also rips it hard in the headphones.]
09/The Fix "The Fire" [dances the fine line between smooth roller and harder edged ragga lick. Nice cut.]
10/Gremlinz "Annexed" [the revised Revelations LP is coming soon. Grab the sampler PRONTO!]


I also have a load of tracks, from Redman leaks, to Timbaland leaks, to just a heaping helping of just MUSIC:

*Jay-Z "A.S.A.P. Freestyle" [Jay blazing T.I.'s instrumental. GREEN LANTERN SHIT!]

*Joe Budden busted a dope freestyle on Green Lantern's show, then got kind of raw in the interview.

*Guru ft. Yungun "Too Slick" [not sure when this is dropping, but the old-school vibes are nice.]

*J-Ro ft. Chords "You Call That Love" [sentimental/introspective cut. or as introspective as J-Ro can get...]

*Young Buck "Money Good" [Buck too busy getting money over Lil' Jon beats to worry about beeing with Jada, Joe or Game.]

*Collie Buddz ft. Tony Yayo & Young Buck "Come Around (Remix)" [everyone is in love with the white boy reggae man. G-Unit affilliates step up on the remix tip.]

*Twista ft. Lil' Wayne & Joe Budden "Whip Game Proper (Remix)" [blast it in your Lex or your hooptie.]

*More Redman leaks! "Wutchoogoonado", ft. Melanie Rutherford(?), and "Walk In Gutta", ft. Erick Sermon, Keith Murray & Biz Markie.

*Timbaland leaks! "Come And Get Me", ft. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo, "Bounce", ft. Dr. Dre, Missy Elliot & Justin Timberlake, and "2 Man Show", ft. Elton John(?).



If you want some DNB mixes to tidy you over, check out my FYLP post over at the DPD for mixes from Specific, DJ XO, DJ Vapour and the Prestige Music Group.


Here are a few more things to bring to your attention:

+DJ Soul and Okayplayer linked up for "Assorted Donuts", a mixtape tribute to J Dilla.

+Kay Slay, Grafh and Prinz present "Gangster Music".

+preview Prodigy's Return of the Mac in its entirety before it drops on the 27th.

+The Smoking Section posted up an assload of Nas mixtapes and videos, loads of rare/unreleased gems in there. Respect to them.


Finally, here's a new video from Weird Al Yankovic, giving R. Kelly the rub with "Trapped In The Drive-Thru":

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dub Sessions, vol. 3: "Live Ammunition"

Another year, another installment of my "Dub Sessions" mixtapes.

I think this one is a nice addition, focusing on the "live" aspect of music, for the most part.

I got inspiration by two live versions of tracks from The Roots. The first is the first cut on this mix, a dub/reggae take on their "Break You Off" from their last releases on Geffen, while the last is the awesome rendition of "You Got Me" from Dave Chappelle's Block Party concert/documentary, featuring Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. I was captivated by how they could recreate the tracks on two different levels, one just dubbing the tune out but still maintaining the Hip-Hop edge, and the 2nd going into some psychedelic/tribal affair with "You Got Me", complete with both singers going ballistic over the pulsating riddim. Awe-inspiring.

So the mix was built based on those bookends. Some reggae, some live/'alternative' Hip-Hop (for lack of a better word), and even some John Mayer. Shut up, I love that JMT version of "I Got A Woman". Peep the tracklisting:

02/The Roots "Break You Off (Dub/Sound Check At Bogart's Cincinnati, OH 2003)"
03/King Tubby "Hungering Dub"
04/Stephen Marley ft. Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley & Buju Banton "The Traffic Jam"
05/Easy Star All-Stars ft. Citizen Cope "Karma Police"
06/Too $hort ft. Erick Sermon, Kool-Ace & MC Breed "Buy You Some"
07/Outkast "Spottieottiedopaliscious"
08/[interlude]: Jay-Z "Poem (Live)"
09/Jungle Brothers "Brain"
10/No I.D. ft. Dug Infinite & Syndicate "Fate Or Destiny"
11/James Brown "Funky Drummer"
12/Gym Class Heroes "Everyday's Forecast"
13/Alicia Keys ft. Mos Def & Common "Love It Or Leave It Alone (Live)"
14/John Mayer Trio "I Got A Woman (Live)"
15/The Roots ft. Erykah Badu & Jill Scott "You Got Me (Live)"

time: 74:54
size: 105mb

sendspace link : zSHARE link coming soon! Feel free to leave a message with any comments/suggestions/mirrors(!!). And thanks for listening.

Monday, March 19, 2007

the shuffle. [3/17/07] [super late]

Sorry this is coming late... shit is just hectic right now. I'm not even in the mood for wit. Had an interview, had some fucked up news come, trying to come out on top. It's hard to be the happy man when you feel like that sad clown.

PLUS iO fucked up my HBO On Demand.

Here's the week that was:

*Jeopardy! had 3 dudes tie at the end of an episode. I saw the shit, and it looked fixed. Why would dude in the lead only bet enough to tie both of the other contestants if they guessed correctly? Ratings boost much?
*LL Cool J is leaving Def Jam after his 13th LP, still blaming Jay-Z for his lack of sales. Dogs, the LP sucked. This ain't 1987.
*What's in the water in Ohio, when 13 year olds get charged with 128 felonies?!?!
*Snoop Dogg SHOCKER: he got arrested in Sweden, with a substance that is unknown, but might be weed.
*Are J.Lo and the Geico gecko on the rocks? And why are Joss Stone and Raphael Saadiq together?
*Richard Jeni apparently shot himself, fatally. Ice Cube is gonna show America that it's Good In The Hood.
*Peep El-P's new video for "Smithereens", which has an Abu Ghirab feel to it.
*Bad week for Busta Rhymes: not only did he get banned from his movie set, but he also lost one of Jersey's nicest, Rah Digga.
*Taylor Hicks supports "Vote For The Worst". And speaking of Idol, what's up with former contestants jacking off in front of other cats in the bathroom?
*Make way for Netflix hacking.
*Just give this guy his stuff back.
*Viacom done did it: they suing Google for $1Billion over, you guessed it, YouTube. WTF makes them think Viacom videos on YouTube is so special. You can find any kind of shit on there.

In any case, I just gotta post up this video from my boy Nick Evelation. It's entitled "peace.nappy":

Get ready for that THUGSTEP invasion. I'll catch you guys on the flip, bitch.