Saturday, April 14, 2007

the shuffle. [4/14/07]_(late, incomplete)

Being in a state of limbo is a bitch. I'm like, OK I have these clerical talents, what is it about ME that is making jobs be like "nah, nah son, we don't need dude in our establishment"? Am I speaking too much? Not enough? I don't know, I just throw on Coki's "Burnin'" and zone out when I think about the shit I should have/should not have said, the reasons why I might not be hired...

Then I think about this writing shit. I mean, I know I'm not the world's best writer OR blogger (which are two totally different things), but I think I could get gwapped off for my musings on many things. Doesn't seem to be the consensus of the rest of the free world (and some parts of the locked-down countries as well). I have been peeping your ads for writers/bloggers needed. I even made a resume suiting that, with tons 'o links. Does that suit you? Nah, not really... So again, I throw on "Burnin'" and zone. Expect a non-Dance Hall Dance Hall Dub Session coming soon-like...

Enough of my Mickey's-fueled malarky, let's get this shuffle ting a'gwarn!

01/I mentioned in my last shuffle that I'd get into some Don Imus talk, and it's only right. It was this week's biggest story without really going stale. It seemed like everyday, something new was happening. I remember first hearing about this "nappy-headed ho's" business over last weekend. I didn't give it much play until Sunday for no good reason, and when I finally saw WTF he said (I mean, really, I see now that he was trying to be funny, but dude has not one funny bone in his body), I was like WOW, he is totally not going to get fired. How naive I was... they dropped neph like a bad habit, within reason, but not after a week of me seeing Al Sharpton berate him on the Today show (with Don going back at Imus and Matt Lauer right after on MSNBC) Tuesday morning, to the Rutgers girls showing up on the Today show Wednesday (and later, on Oprah) to be like "yo, we made moves, wtf he dissing us for", and by Thursday morning, based on the list of advertisers that pulled out when he was initially given his 2 week suspension, he was finally canned. I mean, I guess I should have seen this coming, but for the right reasons: Imus was fired because of the advertising dollars lost, not because of what his comments did to the Rutgers team, which doesn't scream progress to me. It just screams conspiracy. I hate being a "conspiracy theorist", but true heads know that America's future is in the hands of like 4 old white males who run the largest conglomerates around. Now, Al Sharpton, you need to STFU - the fact that you are horning in on these media-ready issues, and not speaking out for 1) the little person and 2) for other minorities, makes your stance on "civil rights" hogwash. And Snoop, don't dig a hole: we know that Imus didn't need to make those comments, and that shit like this only helps upset people who want "gangsta rap" to die, but you don't need to comment. Ain't no one going to stop gangsta rap: you know why? Like Saul Williams said, you guys aren't a threat! Think about it: as long as you continue to coon and make money that eventually makes those 4 old white men rich, you will be safe. Start shouting "kill Dubya", though, and you can kiss your career goodbye. My final thought: did I think Imus should have been FIRED? No. I am a champion of free speech, and while I think his comments were ridiculous and in poor taste, I don't think he should have been fired for them. His "I have a comedy show" defense is the funniest thing I've heard him say, but the thing is this: it was just bad taste. The joke wasn't funny, and coming from some gray haired white man is just not a good look at all. End of story, really, but because of the greenbacks, Imus now sits on the unemployment line, not with me, for he has opportunities in America, but on the unemp line regardless. Good luck, Donny! On a few related notes, Al Sharpton is getting thrown under the bus (deservedly), and some radio DJ from the Poconos tried to capitalize by having his listeners call in and imitate Don Imus, but ended up getting fired for his stupid actions.

02/Best wishes to New Jersey Govenor Jon Corzine due to an accident that took place the same night the Rutgers girls' team got their apology at Corzine's temp. home. Dude got flack all over the NJ papers today because they found out that he didn't wear his seatbelt, but really, what's worse: getting a failure to wear seatbelt ticket or being in critical but stable condition, facing a serious tenure of recovery? Now, on to the perp: dude isn't geting charged, yet... word is he's what they call a "special needs driver"(huh?), and didn't know he was even hitting the most powerful man in NJ aside form Tony Soprano... Now, I can see why this is news, but you know what's fucked up? The last Corzine-related story was about how much he donated to the Democrats in 2006, as well as how much he gave to his ex-girlfriend. Kind of fucked up when the only news we hear is dude's more fanatical, scandalous pieces - and nothing on what he's actually done for the great state I reside in. Fucked up.

03/With real life being so crazy and hectic, it's nice to focus on the Entertainment industry, especially the politics that goes into making feature length films. There's a few news stories this week featuring some sequels and long-talked about films... let's dig in: the cast of The Mummy 3 is getting ironed out, and while Brendan Fraiser is in, Rachel Weisz, his wifey in the series, is out. Why? Who knows for certain... it could be her wealth of gigs at the moment, her recent Oscar win, the birth of her kid... but, I'd figure that movie is going to do VERY WELL in the theaters off premise alone... The Forbidden Kingdom has both Jackie Chan AND Jet Li, joining forces to tell a tale based on the old Chinese "monkey king" legend. Can't wait for this one!... the big news, however, is the announcement of the prequel to The Da Vinci Code getting finalized, and both Tom Hanks & Ron Howard signing on to be a part of it. Hanks is supposedly getting a HUGE payday for this, but no final amt. has been announced. Now, this movie should be based on Angels & Demons, a far superior read that Da Vinci Code, and both my wife and I are holding off on seeing Da Vinci Code until this prequel comes out, just like we did with the novels. Anyone who reads Da Vinci Code first is playing themselves... on one final note, I just found out that the guys who brought you The Matrix are going to be recreating the classic 1960s cartoon, Speed Racer, which will be featuring Christina Ricci (and her forehead), John Goodman and Susan Sarandon. I don't get how they were the obvious choice for this movie, but hopefully it doesn't come out like some Fast & The Furious nonsense...

04/I applaud the family of Nicole Brown Simpson for trying to purchase the book OJ Simpson wrote but never got to release on what he "thinks" might have happened to Nicole. I think their determination to not only finish him, but make sure Nicole's given the justice, is great, but I don't get how the hell the book could be up for a sherriff's sale anyways. Shouldn't shit like that be a bit more guarder, for the sake of the family he has torn apart? Even if it means that they will be compensated by however much the book sells for... something just doesn't sit right.

05/A couple notable RIPs go to the following: Kurt Vonnegut, one of the leading writers of modern times, and Roscoe Lee Browne, who fans of The Cosby Show and Different World might remember as Prof. Foster, the English teacher at Hillman College. You both are going to be sorely missed.

06/Why is Halle Berry chatting online to keep herself secret.... only to drop that "I'm really Halle Berry!" line, and get surprised when the person on the flipside of the IM is like "um, naaaaaaaaah" Basically, what good is protecting your anonymity by... letting go of your anonymity?

07/You know The Simple Life has lost it's fire when they have Nicole and Paris performing enemas on people on their upcoming season. This 10-minute sequence is not something that sounds amusing, nor anything I'd truly want to see.

08/Hip-Hop has been kind of odd this week, here's a number of interviews and the like out there: Little Brother kicked 9th Wonder's back in over creative differences and what not. Nothing has been heard, but I don't dobt his style changed so much. After a few years, the last theing they shold be surprised about is 9th's work behind the board...

...never finished, late as fark...

Video Ho's volume 1

So, being home unemployed during Spring Break whilst teenage females live in your home, I spend a bit of time peepin' the MTV. MTV Hits, TRL, regular non-video showing MTV, BET, all of that. I don't listen to radio, but if it has a video, 9 times out of 10 I've probably seen it. Because of this, I've been noticing a few thigns that I just figured I'd point out:

  • Beyonce's last album had some gutter beats. I thought "Ring The Alarm" was the end of it, but with "Upgrade U" and "Beautiful Liar", I find myself really getting into the groove. I don't know wtf she is singing about on any of these cuts, and the actual video for "Beautiful Liar" is muddied by the too-quick cuts, as well as Shakira's "singing". I can't get into her lyrically, and the videos aren't very appealing in terms of R&B divas, but damn, get me those instrumentals!
  • Speaking of Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland's "Like This" (ft. Eve) is a fucking sick track that could easily get played out if it gets played more than 5 times in a 5 hour period.
  • Funny 15 year old observation: while peepin' Young Jeezy ft. R. Kelly's "Go Getta", my middle daughter advised me that she thought that, when Kells was singing "go getta", he was actually singing "broke nigga". Think about it: "this is the life of a... broke nigga! AY! broke nigga! AY!" True comedy.
  • While I love The Alchemist, I was not feeling him in the "Stuck On You" video, where he bit off the same "programming the beat" shit Primo just did in the "Classic (Better Than I've Ever Been Remix)" video...
  • I love when cool videos like Rich Boy's "Boy Looka Here" make me appreciate his wack lyrics and beat chorus. I can bop to the song now and still not understand what he's saying...
  • On the flipside of that, Birdman & Lil Wayne's "You Ain't Know" is NOT helped by the faux mobster/1920s vibe the video tries to pull off.
  • And when am I supposed to believe that Fergie is really a good singer/dancer/hot body? "Glamorous" isn't proving ANY of that to me...
  • How annoying of a song/video is Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"? Christ, come back with something a lil' more, well, like you. Same goes to you, Hilary Duff. "With Love" was NOT the look you need right now, especially since you have all of 2 dance moves.
  • Speaking of dance moves, why do I feel like "Pop, Lock & Drop It", "2 Step", "Rock Yo Hips", and a number of other videos are, like, the same shit?
  • OK so we just got done with the previously most annoyingly catchy song, Mims' "This Is Why I'm Hot"... now, we have Lil' Mama's "Lip Gloss" to occupy our time.

So those are my video ho's for right now. If you have anything I might not have seen, of any genre, please let me know!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th of April, 2007 playlist

I always wonder what Jason would listen to if he, you know, cared about music as much as mass murder. Would he be into headbangin' shit, like Metallica, which you would expect, or would he be into like Phillip Glass? Probably nothing that I am listing, I bet!

01/Noreaga "They Call Me N.O." [I am not a big NORE fan, but anytime someone jacks "My Name Is D-Nice", I'm all ears...]
02/DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Peedi Crakk "Brand New Funk 2k7" [update of the classic Fresh Prince/Jazzy Jeff original. Peedi does his thing. That beat just gets me open as well...]
03/Fracture & Neptune "Ups and Downs" [I've had a lot of those... new, retro sounding tune. Reminds me of the old Virus sound forreal.]
04/Ruff Ryders ft. Snoop Dogg, Yung Wun & Scarface "World War III" [taking it back to when they were almost on the come back. This beat is BANANAS!]
05/The Others "Hear Dis Style" [some big dubstep vibes for ya.]
06/Joe Budden ft. Redman "New Jersey Drive" [Budds gets his shit off, but it's a lie: Redman is featured in samples on the chorus and a lifted verse. Dope mixtape banger though.]
07/Coki "Burnin'" [big dubstep refix of a choice dancehall cut.]
08/Saburuko & Hobzee "5th Avenue Funk" [check out Saburuko's myspace page for audio. Wonderful, uplifting vibes on this DNB cut.]
09/Prodigy ft. Big T.W.I.N. "Sold My Soul" [Havoc provides an eerie cut that might just be good for today's Friday The 13th stigma...]
10/Spor "Molehill" [Subtitles signing that nastiness! that intro is worth the price of admission.]


The leak continues! (some of these are from last week):

*Prodigy "Raining Guns And Shanks" and "Straight Murder", which features 50 Cent and is produced by The Alchemist. What's up with all the Tapdance P leaks lately?
*Termanology "I Did It" [prod. by Hi-Tek, jacking a sample that was just used not too long ago... I can't place who at this time though.]
*Crooked I "Straight To The Bank Freestyle" [Crooked I said he finna do his shit every week, dropping frees like that. Peep his "I'm Throwed" Freestyle, dissing DMX & Don Imus from this week.]
*Canibus has leaked "Poet Laureate Infinity". Check out eskay's post, with a link to the track and a link to a mixer-style website...
*Freeway ft. Sleepy Brown "Some Say Yes" [prod. by Chad West. I'm not feeling this at ALL! No wonder his LP isn't out yet?!]
*Rich Boy "Throw Some D's (Travis Barker Remix)" [apparently, this is the version of the track that plays on the promos for HBO's Entourage.]
*DIPSET: Duke Da God ft. Freekey Zekey, Juelz Santana & Jim Jones "Suga Dooga Pt. 2", and Hell Rell's "Streets Gonna Love Me".
*Fabolous ft. Ne-Yo "Make Me Better" [prod. by Timbaland. YAWN!]
*Here's a radio rip of "New York Part 2 (Murder Ya Face)", from DJ Khaled's forthcoming LP, which features Ja Rule, Jadakiss & Fat Joe... again!
*The boy Dev79 has a new refix out, JR Writer "Get 'Em (Dev79 Street Bass Refix)". Watch out for the Street Bass Anthems mixtape...


*Want some DNB? Sick producer ICR is making available a gang of his cuts from 1998 to 2002. Check this thread on DOA for the first batch; he promises to update this thread when more tracks get uploaded. A gang of direct links in there!

*I also posted up a few mixes over at the DPD; FYLP 4-13-2007 features mixes from Goldie, DJ Bailey, Bassmachine for Flatline Audio and Subsonik. Check 'em out!

*plainaudio has a new FREE release out, this time featuring 3 cuts from Alpha Omega. Check out pp023md HERE.


Is it Hip-Hop you are after? Peep out these mixtapes:

*Royce Da 5'9"'s The Bar Exam
*Nu Jerzey Devil, DJ Skee & The Game You Know What It Is Vol. 4
* provided a nice experiment: the Madvilliany album meets The Black Album. Mixed by Biz of Soul for Hire. Boh!
*One of my favorite MCs, Che Grand, has a new, limited edition mixtape out with DJ Low Key called The Fixtape. Do yourself a favor and grab it.


I finally want to give a shoutout to for getting some Hot97 love courtesy of Miss Info, for their thievery of Cam'ron's rhyme book.


That's that for this week. In honor of this day, Friday The 13th, I figured I'd drop some vids from one of my favorite groups, the Gravediggaz. Let's go!


"Dangerous Mindz"

And here are a few Gravediggaz B-sides:
"Psychosis" and "Tonite Is A Special Nite (Chaos Mass Confusion Mix)", both taken from The Hell EP, a collabo between Tricky & The Gravediggaz.
"Nowhere To Run (Portishead Mix 2)" and "The Reincarnation of Freud", from their Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide EP.

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

RIP Proof

One year anniversary.

Posted this free between Eminem and Proof end of last year, but so what.

Be on the lookout for the Proof documentary, coming to a theater near you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the shuffle. [4/7/07] (late)

Hold tight. I'm trying to contain myself while rinsing this 5L of Heineken (thanks, baby!) and rocking to Fanu's new mix...

it was at this point that my son was crying loud, and my wife was trying to get some sleep, so my dreams of completing the shuffle for the 7th of April, 2007 ON the 7th of April, 2007, were destroyed. Not like I was upset, that's just how it goes... so here is a list of what I WAS going to post about, with a lil comment or 3 by them:

01/Don Imus, the most boring radio host of all-time, calling the Rutgers Univ. Women's BBall team "jiggaboos" and "nappy-headed ho's". He meant it as a joke. Not many laughed. More on this later this week...

02/DNB wondergroup Pendulum have signed a deal to distro their new label, "Earstorm", through Warner/Atlantic/Chrysalis, marking the first time a dope DNB crew has signed to a major in... a while. Good luck to them!

03/Melanie "Scary Spice" B. of the Spice Girls delivered Eddie Murphy's lovechild.

04/People really think this Indian call center/Sanjaya shit is true, eh?

05/You know the RIAA is sue-happy when they start going after sites that are posting up deliberately leaked tracks. Nine Inch Nails: next time, alert these idiots!

06/Young Jeezy and his USDA crew want to recruit an all White girl street team, referencing (sort of) their coke-influenced "White Girl" single. Persia of The (white) Rapper Show fame was not happy.

07/You cannot lose your license for driving Zamboni's drunk.

08/Keith Richards said he snorted his father's ashes mixed with coke. Then he denied it. Disney doesn't care, for he is apparently too unpredictable to promote the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

09/Afterparties for Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards are GANGSTA!

10/PETA has beef with "MC" Karl Rove.

11/Anyone wanna buy "KITT"?

12/Spike Lee is going to revisit the victims of Hurricane Katrina with a new, extended edition of his When The Levees Broke doc for HBO, that will cover more of the Gulf region.

13/RIP to the director of one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, A Christmas Story.

14/While one soldier gets saved by his iPod, the first round of iPod virii are hitting the masses.

15/Jay-Z said the kid is not his son.

16/Rev. Run and Kid Rock are working on a collabo CD.

17/NYC's mayor is hot over how the city is being depicted in the trailer for the new Grand Theft Auto game. Big deal, go listen to a 50 Cent CD to find out how NYC is being depicted...

18/Speaking of 50, it looks like Young Buck is going to be out of the G-Unit (maybe the problem isn't the rappers, but 50 and his business model)... G-Unit gonna be a non-entity in 5 years.

That's it for now, folks. Sorry for the delay. Hope you find some interesting stories though! Def. more on Don Imus in the coming days.

Until next time...

The Sopranos, Season 6B: "Soprano Home Movies" [recap]

WOW. What a way to reintroduce a show on it's last 9 lives. We get to peer into a birthday party that kind of goes wacko, and we see a parallel: the Soprano family home movie of yesteryear, and the craziness of the Soprano family today...

First things first: Bobby, no matter how much of a man you are for standing up to Tony, you played the situation wrong. OK, you have to defend your wife, but this is in a situation where the playing field is level. Tony is not only your boss, but he is your wife's brother. Extenuating circumstances much? I just don't see how Bacala flew off the handle like that, even if he was liquored up. You should know, being in that kind of family, that these situations are bound to come up. Deal with it, curse him behind his back, but don't suckerpunch and then proceed to fuck him up. Wasn't the big stink about the Tony vs. Ralphie situation that Tony hit Ralphie, who was a made guy? Why would Bobby not think that the same could happen to him? Then again, Tony had him plug that foreign guy, so I guess Carm was wrong about T being vindictive...

Speaking of Carm, shouts to her servicing her husband on his birthday. Well played, homegirl. And couldn't you just feel the brewing tension between Janice and Carm? I know they both wanted to slap each other, but that can't even be done. And on to Janice: get your head out of your ass. The whole live-in nanny thing is kind of nuts. Is Nica really that much of a pain? And why constantly badger her? You just know that Janice needs that drama to keep all eyes on her... hopefully her kid doesn't grow up with that. Good to see lil Nica already saying "NO!" to Janice.

I also like how Christopher called with the belated bday love to T, and T totally hung up the phone. He spoke on there being a possible shift in his thoughts, which had been brewing ever since T had Christopher pop that dude who he THOUGHT killed his pops. The thing is, with Christopher out of the pic as T's insulation, who is there to step up? T has no real family to trust in the mob now: Silvio is out, he's not trustworthy. Paulie? Hell no. Bacala would be hella reluctant, you remember how he acted when Uncle June would ask him to do some menial task. AJ? LOL...

AJ, AJ. He is getting his latin rocks off, but at what cost? You just know that Tony and Carm are looking down on him. He's getting that good loving, playing daddy to that big head kid, and still screwing up. "Gotta remember to clean the sheets..."? 'Nuff said.

What else, what else... not much. I need to rewatch this one. Oh and @Deadly Habit: the kid who picked up the gat Tony dropped at Johnny Sack's was NOT a young AJ. It was just some random idiot. LOL.

Next week: the Phil Leotardo plot thickens. Keep it locked...

related links:
MSN TV's Sopranos Spectacular's recap of "Soprano Home Movies"

MySpace hate.

I can't post bulletins on my MySpace page, for anytime I throw an HTML link to something on this blog, I get a message saying that my MySpace page has been phished. What's really good with that? That cuts out on a big chunk of heads who peep my blog... which cuts down on my hits. They hating on the kid or what?

LOST, Season 3: "Left Behind" [recap]

Deep episode. Sort of. I mean, OK we don't know a boatload of new island lore, but "Left Behind" did drop a few interesting character points:

*Juliet can FIGHT! Not too many people can take Kate down as quickly as she did when Kate tried to smack her with the stick (pool cue?).
*Kate really does love Jack, but my wife made a good point: as long as Sawyer (and Juliet, for that matter) are in the picture, they can never be together. Kate is torn, and while she knows *Jack is the dude for her, she wants that badboy style in her life. Normal.
*Sawyer, while he knows he is a prick and a con artist and an overall asshole, he knows what he needs to survive.
*Hurley, although he could never hold the title, has essentially been the defacto leader. Think about it.

Next on the list: the flashbacks are being handled really well. I could go on about the correlations between this episode and "The Long Con" (Sawyer's cross with Kate's mom VS. Cassidy's crosses with Kate AND Kate's mom in this one, etc.)... I just like the way its going down. Very sneaky like. And what is Kate still tempting fate for? Once I heard that my mom's didn't want to see me after I did something I figured would be the best for her, I'd be LONG GONE! I guess this is what eats her up, though, and she probably feels a certain amount of guilt over what she's done (not just to the father).

This monster business is crazy, too. The barrier was to protect the Others from the monster, even if Juliet first tried to front about what the barrier was for. I don't believe her at all when she says that they don't know what the monster is though: just like many other "Other" lies, I imagine that this is a failed experiment gone awry by either DHARMA or the Hanso Foundation (OR something they were experimenting with on the island). It backfired, and now they have this monster (which split into 3s - did you see it?) roaming the island, seemingly taking snapshots of Juliet (did you see THAT?!)... I think we are far from knowing everything, but we have someone who knows a good chunk - and I want answers!

One more thing I wanted to touch on: is Juliet really "left behind"? Remember, we knew Ben by a different name, initially, so he could infiltrate - why am I to believe that Juliet really has been left, or isn't just part of some elaborate scheme to set the castaways up for a further, deeper con (ah, the flashbacks MIGHT hold a key to wtf is going on)? She just has lied about so much, its hard to believe that a) Jack believes her from the rip and b) she is going to survive. Watching those previews of this week's episode have Sayid back in his torturer role, with that chilling line about him possibly killing her if she doesn't give up the goods... the April 5th, 2007 Official LOST podcast revealed, among other things, that this week's episode ("One of Us") is a Juliet flashback - and we might possibly learn about how she arrived on the island.

So what do you guys think is going to happen soon? Anything you want to discuss, leave a comment or get at me ( - if something sounds interesting, I'll bring it up in a post!

Until next time... namaste.