MySpace hate.

I can't post bulletins on my MySpace page, for anytime I throw an HTML link to something on this blog, I get a message saying that my MySpace page has been phished. What's really good with that? That cuts out on a big chunk of heads who peep my blog... which cuts down on my hits. They hating on the kid or what?

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Anonymous said...

aaaaaah finally someone else with the same problem as me!

I've got me own stinky local rock photojournalist site here..

and yeah, same fucking thing.. each week I'd post a new episode on the local music scene, attempt to post either (a) bulletins or (b) wacky little image promos on myspace.. and yeah, back in APRIL I kept getting fucked over with all these stupid PHISH alarms..

now, I can't even run a direct LINK from my OWN profile to my BLOG.. without it being sabotaged by those new MPSLINK thingies..


WHY DOES MYSPAZ freaking hate BLOGSPOT so much!!??