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the shuffle. [4/21/07]

I just want to apologize for not completing last week's shuffle... I got caught up in being tired and being a parent, and never completed the jawn... my bad.

Been a frustrating couple of months, but this week has just been nutty. Two steps forward, 15 steps back... I'm still here, alive, but it's just a crazy ride. Esp. when you are juggling a fussy son, job searches and trying to just keep your head above water.

In any case, this isn't about me, but about my thoughts about this week's news... or lack thereof!

01/I don't want to get into it at all, but I just want to say RIP to those who lost their lives in the senseless violence at Virginia Tech this week. Well, there is one observation that has been made that I want to echo: kind of interesting how Bush took what, a day or 2 to get to VT, but a whole week to get down to Katrinaland. I know, I know, "he is better at handling emergencies"... bite me.

02/Did you hear Alec Baldwin rip his 11-year-old daughter a new one via voicemail? (If not, the good folks over at TMZ have uploaded an mp3...) How the hell you go about calling a child, your own flesh and blood, a ruthless pig, is so far beyond me... especially if you are in the situation where you are in a heated battle with your ex-wife. I mean, OK, you feel you had a great visit with the child... does this mean the child had a great visit? What if you said one thing wrong to piss her off, and now she is trying to give you a time out? Nah, Hollywood never thinks this way... its either their way, or getting cussed out over the cellphone towers. I never would have thought that there would be a time where Daniel Baldwin is actually cooler than Alec... for once.

03/You like how Sanjaya says that the reason he was voted off this week was because he is not a country singer... say whaa? You aren't a singer, period. You got by due to the internets and Howard Stern helping you along, not because they liked you, but because they had American Idol. Dont' play yourself, dogs.

04/Note to Perry Farrell: if you are going to make a comment like "illegal downloads are killing the music industry", do not follow this statement up with suggestions like "make internet file sharing legal" or ridiculous musings like "if you hear garbage music on your radio station, you only have yourself to blame". Dumbass, the REASON people are downloading music is BECAUSE OF THE GARBAGE MUSIC, not in spite of it. I mean, when you have to spend upwards of $15+ to buy a 17-track CD that holds, say, 8 interludes and 2 good tracks, who wouldn't rather just get those 2 good tracks? I don't see the logic in his words @ all - P2P is killing the music industry, so we should make P2P legal? Is this the whole "make drugs legal" rhetoric people spew? I just don't see how that'd HELP the industry...

05/Speaking of Music, let's quicklink some music/entertainment industry news bits: Common spoke to EW about his new LP, Finding Forever, which is somehow to be dedicated or inspired by J Dilla, all the while produced by Kanye West (and some tunes from Why do I not have high hopes for this LP?... Edward Norton is set to portray the Incredible Hulk in the next feature flick. I can see him doing this, but I don't know if I WANT to... Here's a bit of upgrade/downgrade for you: Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are set to reunite and work on an album. For Will? Major upgrade! His last LPs have been doo-doo. For Jeff? He has had so much success (critical and commercial) with his music, WTF does he need to get back in the studio with the Fresh Prince? Ironically, Will's last great single was produced by Jeff - go figure... Either life must really suck for Macy Gray or she is on some serious intoxicants: she is now saying that she was "forced" to work with Justin Timberlake on her new album. I got a hunch she won't be having another 'new' anything after this one... RIP Don Ho... All of you Internet Web Radio stations need to take heed: they tryin' to kill you!... The cops say that the dude who is suspected of murdering Jam Master Jay is also the same cat who murdered "Stretch" Walker. Go figure. And an ex of his turned him in!... The Fader has a track-fi-track breakdown of the new Beanie Sigel LP, as well as a new, in-depth interview to boot... eskay also brought some ill Sean Price/Heltah Skeltah info to the table, mainly the name of Sean P's next album (Mic Tyson!); prefix also let it be known that Def Jam WAS trying to holler at Price. Crazy!... Someone pulled a Paris Hilton on Lindsay Lohan and hacked into her Gmail, BlackBerry AND Myspace accounts. The world is now privy to Paris and Lindsay arguing like, well, dumb Hollywood millionaires. The point? I wish there was one... For fans of exclusive kicks and Back To The Future II: Nike's Air McFly [EDIT: I got word just now that these aren't actually being released... digg/metaflier posts were not fact checked. There is a project going on to try and get Nike to makes these available, though] ... CBS Radio is suing a smaller radio station for re-airing the now-infamous Don Imus/"nappy-headed ho's" show, which they say is being used to educate the public. CBS wants to put some educated feets up their asscrack, legally... Microsoft has developed a new, colored barcode to be used in the near future on DVDs, XBOX games, and other products... for no good reason, apparently. They don't want to step on the normal UPC barcode's toes, but they will hold loads of information, which can be then scanned with a mobile phone (who the FUCK has a scanner on their jack?) and will transport consumers to... wait for it... websites. It's a marketing ploy, no? Why not just print the fucking URL on the package?... Cartoon group Gorillaz is going to be calling it quits after their upcoming movie/soundtrack drops. Why do I care again?... Circuit City & Napster are in cahoots creating a new digital music download service. Napster gains exposure, the City makes money back off slumping CD sales... amd finally, Chris Rock is being a man and asking that the courts find out if he fathered a 13 year old boy, without even asking why homegirl took so long to get at him. Big up to him.

06/Saul Williams, one of my favorite poets of all time, posted an open letter to Oprah Winfrey, in response to some of the points brought up about Hip-Hop this week in the wake of the aforementioned Imus/nappyhead comments, and how Hip-Hop is being attacked for its misogynistic tones. He breaks down the difference between an emcee and a poet, drops gems of knowledge (who knew 50 Cent and Dubya shared the same b-day... as do D-Styles, Tia and Tamara, Merv Griffin AND Inspectah Deck?), and even calls Oprah out on a few points. Love or hate what he has to say, do yourself a favor and take some time to take in what he wrote.

07/Finally, here's the rest of the news fromt his week: Britain, like the US, is fighting a losing battle against illegal drugs, which might explain why this mother made her toddlers fight while she videotaped it... this Ghost Ship story is just downright SPOOKY!... The people have made Dell go back on their word, and continue to build PCs that support Windows XP, and not just chuck it for Vista. Everyone ain't ready for that shit, yet...

For any news I might have missed, check out OhWord's TWIB post for this week. And for you 4/20 stoners, check out my posts from 4/20/07, you filthy heathens!

Speaking of 4/20, that leads me to my final though...

Musical Youth "Pass The Dutchie"

sorry, I had to!

Until next time...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday, April 20th 2007 playlist

Have you checked out my latest edition of the Dub Sessions, "Twenty After Four"? If not, you should... get your lighters up, take a couple of pulls and peep these cuts:

01/Perpetuum & B-Line "DC Metro" [dubplate DNB bidness. Nice straddling of the old with the new. Quality as per usual from Perps and B.]
02/Jay-Z ft. Sterling Simms "Dig A Hole" [diggin' this one for no really good reason. Swizzy on the beats of this beast.]
03/Lil' Wayne "Upgrade U Freestyle" [fuck you for laughing. The instrumental to this one fucking KNOCKS! Weezy murks it, as if you didn't already know.]
04/N.O.R.E. "Shame On U" [Nore continues to jack classic beats. This week, he airs out his recent past over ODB's "Brooklyn Zoo".]
05/DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Big Daddy Kane "The Garden" [mellow, chilled vibes here. What a tight combo...]
06/D.Kay "Boiling Point" [from D's forthcoming Individual Soul LP. Lovely, jazzy lick right here. The entire LP is on this vibe.]
07/Signal "Chuyen" [I don't get why this hasn't been signed. Supposedly a more mixable version might be in the works? In any case, enjoy this chunky Cambodian dubstep damager.]
08/The Lox "We're Back" [they're back. And they will murder you.]
09/XRS "System Halt" [newest latest on Horizons Music. The flipside was my love for years, but this one surpassed it.]
10/Heist "Don't Hold Back" [Heist's premier release for Full Cycle, and it's a mother. Reminds me of their older styles... beautifully short intros delving into some unadulterated funk. Grab this one up, early!]


Follow the drip, follow the drip... leaktime!

*T.I. "Big Shit Poppin'" [T.I. Vs. Tip forthcoming...]
*Canadian DNB producer Illfingas has decided to stop releasing his tunes via label, and is giving 320kbps mp3s out for FREE. The first two bits, "Young Bwoy" & "Tears Like Rain", are deadly. There might be another version of "Young Bwoy" due to the vocal sounding kind of low...
*Timbaland ft. Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake "Laff At 'Em (Give It To Me Remix)" [Why?]
*The Fix "This Fire (dz's bayswate mix)" [grab this and more dz dubstep tunes AND mixes HERE.]
*Huey ft. Bow Wow & T-Pain "Pop, Lock & Drop It (Remix)" [Why?]
*Jin "Rain Rain Go Away" [in tribute to the people of Virginia Tech.]
*Just Blaze ft. Skepta, JME & Klashnekoff "110 Sessions" [UK/US fire.]


Need your DNB fix? Head on over to the DPD for today's FYLP: mixes from the likes of Knick (Evol Intent), Dankone (Prestige Music Group), Saburuko (Horizons Music Group), Atlantic Connection (Westbay Recordings), InsideInfo (GanjaTek/Terrafunk), and C.A.B.L.E. (31 Records/Timeless/The Horsemen). Holla!


The Rub *DJ Ayers, DJ Eleven & Cosmo Baker* have a load of Hip-Hop mixes being hosted over at They are the History of Hip-Hop, and broken down by year. Classics... do NOT sleep.


On the video tip, I have a few diverse bits, then some 4/20 related jawns...

KJ Sawka LIVE on the 13th of April:

John Brown and his Ghetto Revival crew have a video up for "Hallelujah Holla Back":

That beat knocks. Why does the first dude rappin' look like Lord Jamar, but act like Prodigy? And why does John Brown look like a gay reggaeton producer?



Channel Live ft. KRS-One "Mad Izm"

Homer Simpson partakes of the pot:

Dave Chappelle on weed conversations:

Katt Williams' weed bit, which was included in Dub Sessions vol. 8:

On that note, I'm gonna call it a wrap. Be EZ. And enjoy yourselves.

Dub Sessions, vol. 8: "Twenty After Four"

I've been on some "wow, it's 4/20" shit, mainly from the shows coming up tonight on G4 (can't wait to see "Night of the Tripping Dead")...and I don't even smoke weed anymore. I just figured, hey, I know a lot of readers/friends still puff the mighty green, and figured, if I was still smokin', what would I want to be rockin' to on this 20th day of April, 2007? Probably some dubstep tracks... a likkle bit of Jungle, and some Hip-Hop. You might have heard all of these... you might have never heard none of these! Some are classic weed cuts, others are just things that would make me groove if I was lit. So, peep the tracklisting:

01/Ray-gun intro
02/Coki "Burnin'"
03/The Fix "This Fire (dz's bayswate mix)"
04/Knifehandchop ft. Ninjaman "Weed Wid Da Macka (Deerhunter Mix)"
05/Aries "Herbsmoke (Visionary VIP)"
06/Interlude: Katt Williams vs. Source Direct
07/Styles P "Good Times"
08/Redman & Method Man "How High (Remix)"
09/Mathematics & Raekwon "Trees"
10/KRS-One "Amsterdam"
11/Uncle Murder "Bullet Bullet"
12/Cham "Rudeboy Pledge (Nappy's Liquid Swords Blend)"
13/Mr. Vegas ft. Lexus "Taxi Fare (Remix)"
14/The Bug ft. Flowdan "Jah War (Loefah Remix)"
15/Congo Natty "Original Sess (Police & Helicopters)"
16/Signal "Chuyen" (bonus track)

time: 65:20
size: 92mb

I'm gonna run this one down quick: the intro is a nice chopping of a Ronald & Nancy Ray-gun speaking on the ills of drugs; "Burnin'" is my theme song. That dz RMX of The Fix is just dutty, found that on; the knifehandchop tune is just hyper. Visionary's "Herbsmoke VIP" has the ill "sensi-milla" computer voice thing going. That interlude is a masterpiece: Source Direct's "Dark Metal RMX" riding underneath some Katt Williams weed-bit from his HBO special. From there, Styles P's summer of 2002 hit and a classic Meth & Red cut. Raekwon weaves a weird tale referencing diff names for diff weeds, and KRS lets you know what it is about Amsterdam. Uncle Murder's "Bullet Bullet" is a dope, DJ Green Lantern-produced reggae-sampler, and Nappy's Cham/"Liquid Swords" blend is just essential. Following that is one of my favorite dance hall remixes ("Taxi Fare RMX" is the bidness!), followed by Loefah's sub-heavy rmx of "Jah War". This is ended by Congo Natty's classic, John Holt-sampling "Original Sess" which was heavy years back, and I even treat you guys to a special dubstep tune from the one like Signal. Big up.

Dload links: sendspace1 : sendspace2 : megaupload

Please leave some comments. And share this with other partakers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How Many Superheroes Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?

Let Dirk Greenhouse show you:

On the real though, keep things like this in mind, not just because Earth Day is coming, but year round. Saves you loot, too!

LOST, Season 3 "One of Us" [recap]

I want to first apologize first to Jodi and my other faithful readers who've been wondering/disappointed in my lack of timely recaps of LOST. Not only have I not really been watching the episodes until the weekend (hectic schedule right now), but I've been on a job hunt and just taking care of bidness right now. No excuses, let's bring the recap arguably one of the better episodes of this year...

I hinted at it at the end of my "Left Behind" recap, and so it came to past: this whole "Juliet got left" thing turned out to be an elaborate ruse set up by Ben himself for... who knows. I like how Juliet continues to play that role well - underneath all of her "loyalty" to Ben and the Others, there seems to be a seed of striking out inside of her. I don't know what it would take for her to bounce on the Others - lack of hope? And I'm wondering why she still sided with Ben... am I being put on? I mean, I know she has a connection with Jack, esp from her asking Jack to save Ben whilst showing Jack that video of her saying don't trust him...

From her flashback, it seemed that for a while, her trust and support always lied with her sister. She was stuck on the island for years, and only wanted to go home and be with her. The day Oceanic 815 crashed, the thing that brought her to tears was seeing Rachel and her child playing. And she was recently about to get off the island with Jack, until Locke blew up the sub. Now, is she realigning herself because she is feeling like she can never get off the island? What does she know that we don't... and what does Ben hold over her?

One interesting piece was seeing how Juliet got to the island, however short the piece was. The "Herarat" Aviation thing was a nice touch - I knew it was important, but it didn't make sense until after I finished watching the episode. The one thing that interested me was not the fact that they gave her tranqulizers before the trip, nor is it the fact that she gulped the drink down, but the reasoning. Dude didn't say "oh, you don't need to know where we're taking you or how you get there"... Ethan kept referring to the trip being "pretty intense", which had me thinking - I am ignorant to submarines and such, and I figure there's a certain pressure on the body that's taken, but is there something ELSE going on in that trip? Like crossing a different dimension or SOMETHING that would put your body through additional stress? Kind of far-fetched, but I have to present the idea...

A couple of other things were done rather nicely this episode:

  • The use of the "Downtown" song. Having her drive up to Mittelos with her sister, and the song playing, made the later scene of her crying while it was on make that much more sense.
  • The whole Mikhail/The Flame scene cracked me up. "He never has his walkie". It just played so well to what we already knew about the station...
  • How did Juliet and Goodwin end up fucking? And was this the reason her and Ben have strain in their relationship?
  • Why did Ethan's improvisation turn from taking samples to kidnapping Claire to continue giving her the medication? I don't see why he would do that... of his own free will.
  • LOL @ Hurley trying to be hardcore with Juliet (his whole "the last one of you guys who came to our camp is buried over there" thing had me rollin').
  • Don't you just love how, if Sawyer was never on the island, Kate & Jack would be humping to high heaven every night?
  • Speaking of Sawyer, it was good to see him exchange a handshake and a hug with Jack. These two have been through a lot...

I do have to say, though, that Jack looks like the ultimate fool. While you can't find a better leader (Sayid is the man, but I don't see him leading the camp without constant headbutting), he is too trustworthy. He questions a lot of the survivors of Flight 815, but seems to give Juliet a long rope (to hang herself with, maybe)... for what? For love? Or is it something else? She might be "One of Us" in terms of wanting off the island, but her dealings in how to meet that end is surely not the same as Jack, or many of the survivors. To each their own, though.

Now just a batch of questions: why does the island seem to make women infertile, yet make it so no one has disease on it? And why does Ben get a tumor/cancer? who/what is Jacob, and why do we never see him? why does no one believe Sayid when he has doubt about someone/something (this past ep with Juliet, he also had beef with bringing back Mikhail, etc.)?

In any case, I'm just typing aloud at this point. I do wnat to point out that, despite previous rumors, LOST fans are still watching - we are just watching LATER! Stats show that Nielsen ratings for shows watched on DVR later in the week have LOST jumping up by considerable numbers (even if that doesn't look good for advertisers - we fast forward commercials!)... so take that, haters!

Tonight's episode looks tough as well, get LostPedia's brief lowdown HERE. You can also peep the official LOST podcast (dated 4.16.2007) HERE for a rehash of "One of Us", as well as a prehash of tonight's ep, "Catch-22", which will focus on Desmond and feature the return of Penny Widmore! More on that later, though. And if you aren't afraid of spoilers (I didn't even read this article yet), you can check out Doc Jensen's "LOST in translation" article over at EW.

Sorry for my CPT. Hopefully my thing shifts in the near future...

Until next time... namaste.