Articulate "B-Town"

Articulate "B-Town" [dirty / clean]: My homey Articulate flips Tabi Bonney's "Nothing But a Hero" into a subtle B-more club cut about, well, Baltimore. I didn't used to fuck with B-more/club music, but I can't help it... the tempo is perfect to catch wreck to, as well to bust a few rhymes to. Articulate, you a fool for this one!

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One Response to “Articulate "B-Town"”

jamar said...

Man I love when things come together!
I was with a business partner of mine and I dont know how we got on the topic but he asked me if I knew of a artist by the name of ARTICULATE!!! I said I do if its the same one. and sho nuff it was! Yo you have fans!!! This is Jamar from Baltimore. Who knew! From recording in your room to selling cd's @ school to having fans that you dont even know exist!!! That made my day. Keep doing your thing and hit my email psych201@gmail!! I told you a long time ago your music was hot and it still is hit me up man!!!!