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[rock the dub Interview]: E6

I'm not the biggest fan of MTV/VH1 competition reality shows, save for the ego trip bits, and the ladies from Flavor of Love 3. Anyways, I got hooked on From G's To Gents, just for the sheer hilarity of some of the guys picked for the show (come on, Pretty Ricky?). I remember watching E6 and "The Truth" go at it on day one, and E6 kicking a 16 for Irv Gotti at the wrong time. I didn't really think he'd last until the end, but he made it pretty far before being dismissed by Bentley. Then, the suckerpunch heard 'round the 'Net emerged the other day. I guess E6 saw my post, and hit me out of the blue for an interview, so I figured, let's get this going...

khal: First off, how does it feel to be just a dude from Brooklyn to a reality TV star in the span of a few months?

E6: Yeah man! Brooklyn in this shit! Well, first off, ya know I'm E6. Doing my music, reppin’ and CEO’ing 4Hire Ent! It’s a great feelin’! Like, I walk and see people and places I used to see on the reg, and now its pandemonium! Love it! Been ready for this since day one! I had countless jobs and hustles that made me learn and earn the shit I did and make E6. That transformation was crazy, cuz I'm laid back in BKLYN, just hanging and I get phone calls that I'm on MTV on the commercial, and that was the blast off point! Ya heard!

khal: You made it kind of close towards winning From G's To Gents. Were you pissed when you were let go so close to the final?

E6: I mean I wasn't pissed but more disappointed in the show and Bentley's desicion. Just glad to be apart of something new and exciting. The way I was edited was crazy! I said all that, but I also said a lot a lot of positive shit. Guess I was to be viewed by America on a whole other level!

khal: One of the funnier moments was you spitting for Irv Gotti. While I personally think it was bad timing, I respect that you felt you should spit anyways. Would you redo anything about that situation if you could?

E6: Hahaha! That was a fly ass episode! I mean, I had the three piece suit and the white Gucci loafers (killin’ ‘em). But besides that (lol) I'm glad you respect the grind on the shit! You know, a lot of people say they would do this and that, but it’s what you do with your moment that counts! I wrote those 16 bars like 3 years back, and then all the sudden I run into Irv Gotti. The man responsible for DMX, Jay-Z, and Ja-Rule to Def Jam Records. Like, you don't have to like him, but respect his hustle. But yeah! The lesson was over, and we walkin’ out and I turned around and told Irv that I need to speak. I just started spitting my “What If” 16 and I did. Come to find out, I get played wit’ crickets and cut off from it. They (51 Mindz) only showed 2 bars, and it was fire bars too! But I would never regret doing anything!

khal: Speaking of your rapping, break down how long you've been writing? Do you have any plans to release mixtapes or albums in the near future?

E6: 6!!! I been rappin’ since a young age. Now, I started doing music at the age of 15. Freestyling and just bullshittin'. Then it got at a serious point when I started writing down bars. I used to write down mad bars. Then I learned what a verse is. That changed everything. I used to think that a bar was two bars. So I would have 32 bars for a verse, so it’s easier now! But I write about what life in this world is about on every occasion.

khal: Now with all of that said, one might think that you were solely trying to get on this program to get your name out there. Keep it funky: is there any truth to those notions?

E6: Hell yeah!!! I mean I'm from Brooklyn, going from job to job and doing my grind to get ahead and then this show pops up! Yeah, I’ma use it to the fullest. And if you don't then you gonna be used, abused and bruised!!!

khal: In the matter of 48 hours, the video of Kesan stealing you has made the rounds all over the 'Net. How do you feel about you getting suckerpunched being such a hot topic on various blogs and internet sites?

E6: Hahhahaha! Ah man! That sucker ass hit! It is what it is. I was spitting fire bars and didn't see anybody around me. Then I'm in the zone and get hit sideways! Nah mean! It’s nothing! I been hit harder sideways! I'm from Brooklyn, we scrap all day!!! I mean I got hit, rocked, suckerpunched, mouth torn off, got wires in my mouth, couldn't finish the reunion show, I fell, broke my lip, had a black eye and some stiches all over! Ya happy! LMAO! Man this is nothing! I do this all day.

khal: What happened in that situation that we didn't see - I saw that Kesan said he was pulled back by security, with you coming after him?

E6: LOL! Man I’ma let you know. The video says it all. If you look at it and come up wit your own assumption, it’s on you. I hear shit here and there, I hear haters and they bullshit. It’s nothing! I don't make excuses. Just facts. I get hit and 0.5 [seconds] I'm already on the chase, ya dig! No doubt the whole slow-mo shit took [it] out off proportion but that's TV for you. If you seen the show, I ain’t gotta scratch on me! Like look at me! I had the best opportunity to break him, but I went up to him and told him what I felt. He knows I could’ve hit him on that spot. But I am a MAN of my word and I handled it like a true gentleman! Fuck what ya haters say, I listen tho!

khal: Kesan also said that you guys are cool - is that true? I would imagine someone stealing me, with it not only on tape but being distributed all over, would be some shit I couldn't live down! How are you feeling about this situation?

E6: I did leave the situation with the suckertap in LA. We spoke and I told him the shit was nothing! National TV! I love it! Like, people, they don't shoot fairs or I was “caught slippin’” is all laughter to me. I'm the easiest nigga to find. My name E6. Esickz. Esix. Like, Google the kid! It’s nothing! Ask me any question I got u! I'm too tall to see any distractions!

khal: As anyone who followed the show remembers, Kesan's temper within the house was the driving force behind his being kicked out the house. How real was the concern or fear that you guys had towards Kesan? Do you think he is capable of merking someone in their sleep?

E6: I ain’t gonna sit here and pop shit all day! Within the house I wasn't feared by anyone. Not Kesan, Creepa, D-Boy or none! I said in that episode that if he stay, I ain’t gonna sleep. I live in the hood; I'm not just from there! He would stay and shit would’ve been the same as how it was. I never spoke behind niggaz’ backs without telling them everything I say first!

khal: Being a father myself, I have to ask: you came on the show as a self-proclaimed "deadbeat dad", and I felt for you, seeing your son reject you on TV like that. What's your situation like now - have you been seeing your kids since you left the show?

E6: Hell yeah my niggz! I be with my kids a lot more often than usual. Funny, I did say the whole “deadbeat” cuz I was. I used to see them here and there, but never gave ‘em my 100%. Now they have all of me. I love ‘em and they are a major reason why I deaded the issue wit Kesan. I have to show them and the world that even tho I went to the show for $$$, I left as a better man, son and father! Had to show them that Dad has their back, instead of worrying bout other shit. I did the “bad dad” shit, too, cuz I wanted niggaz in the hood to see that somebody is from the real world (no pun intended) is out there and exposing his life out there for ya to see! In the words of Jay-Z "Hov did that so hopefully, you won't go through that"! Hope all y’all learned that your child will always love you as much as you love them. So if they don't like you, then its cuz you ain’t try. Which brings me to my son: he was tired and cranky. Period!

khal: Before we wrap this up, let me ask: what MCs or producers are you feeling these days? Any cats not getting shine that should be?

E6: Wow. MCs I'm feeling is a first ESICKZ! (E6). Ummmm, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Kanye, Jeezy, Wayne, Diddy, D-Block, Dipset,T-Pain, T.I., Luda, Uncle Murda, Maino, Fab, Red Cafe, NYC music, period. Producers: Kanye, Just Blaze, Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, Heatmakers, Timbaland, Dre, Eminem, and all the underground MCs and producers - holla back my niggaz. I ain’t Hollywood. I do this shit for real. So holla boi!

khal: Thanks for hitting me up and taking the time out to do this interview. Kick some shout outs and final thoughts...

E6: Shout to you and your website, big shout to my 4Hire Ent! 4s up! Check out my music on my MySpace page and my "I Am On MTV" page. Shouts to everybody holding me down (ya know what I'm talking bout). Shout to my niggz D-Boy and Creepa and the rest of the crew! Shout to all my blacks and latinos out there going threw the struggle! Shout to the white people showing love. My West Indian crew people! Contact me! Ayo khal! Holla back and to my kids and family and supporters: I love ya!

For more info on From G's To Gents, hit up the show's website.

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awww how cute is this really E6 or some phony wanna be
did u ever get back wit ur wifey
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wish u the best b
stay fine lolz love ya