Download Slacker Uprising

Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising is available online... for free. Word is this is the first full length feature film to be given away for free and legal online. I also am hearing that this is only being given away to residents in the United States & Canada (how that works is beyond me). Hit up right now to stream the whole jammy for free, or hit up the following options to download it:

DOWNLOAD: .MP4 (torrent) \ .AVI (torrent) \ .MOV

You can also cop the Collector's Edition DVD with extras for $9.95. Really a sweet deal, no matter how you slice it. Shouts to Moore for doing this. I'll be dloading it tonight!

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One Response to “Download Slacker Uprising

Dan said...

Thanks for the download links, they have put a block on downloading this anywhere outside the US and Canada.