LUKKI - C89.5 Guest Mix

Shift Recordings' Lukki dropped this heavy guest mix for C89.5, which is a local Seattle station that's not necessarily a dubstep-loving spot, with a fat sack of cuts.



12th Planet - 28 Hours later (Red Volume)
Reso - If You Can't Beat 'Em
Bar 9 - Shaolin Style
Mr. Curtamos ft. Werd2Jah - Dub Family (Stupid Fly)
12th Planet - Turn Me On
Tes La Rock ft. Uncle Sam - Round the World Girls (Argon)
Bar 9 - Pussy Hole
Koan Sound - Clowny (Abducted)
Bar 9 - Breezeblox
UltraBlack - Queen of Filth (LA Dubstep Nostra)
EMU & Pawn ft. Werd2Jah - Headshot
Coki - Spongebob (DMZ)
High Rankin - You, Me and the Devil (Suicide Dub)
Selfsimilar - 1st Degree (Shift)
Triage - Play Dead
Tizzer & Press - Solitude (Shift)
KJ Sawka - Subconnectors (Press & Selfsimilar rmx) (Shift)
Dubtek - Aclimate (Shift)
Ale Fillman - Nightmare (Shift)
DZ - The Jump Off
Conscious Pilot - Untitled
Conscious Pilot - Hash N Hydro (Shift 003 forth.)
Fragile - Unabomber (Shift 003 forth.)
TRiLLBASS - Fucking Heater (Shift002)
DZ - Stomper
Conscious Pilot - Night Owl (Shift)
Selfsimilar - 9mm (Rottun)
Tryptomatik - Polizia Dreadlock (Forum dub)

You need this.

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One Response to “LUKKI - C89.5 Guest Mix”

Lukki said...

Cheers for posting this! Biggup!