Praverb ft. Master 3 "Dedication"

Praverb ft. Master 3 "Dedication" (prod. by DJ Soulclap): Any cat who can speak on real life shit (i.e. letting it be known that his music hasn't sold in a minute) and can work in references to Doink and Dink is a winner in my book. P-Viz and Master 3 link up over this soulful beat from Soulclap, keeping it real... in P's words: The concept of the song is simple, I will continue to be dedicated to an art form that offers few rewards. Spitting for fame is not an option, I would rather spit for myself and hope that others feel my expression.

Don't get mo' realer.

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One Response to “Praverb ft. Master 3 "Dedication"”

Praverb said...

thanks Khal for continuous support...this means more than you know...