V.S. "Things Are Changing"

V.S. "Things Are Changing" (prod. by RADA Tha Rebeliouz): And here's today's wake-up call. This premiered on DJ Scratch's "Please Listen To My Demo" show (which is a major feat in and of itself), but the actual track is a banger. Dude's actually rhyming about shit that is pertinent to life. Whether its music or just trying to live, you can feel what V.S. is kickin' over that slick beat from RADA. I've been saying this a lot, but this is some perfect, crispy Fall music. Favorite time of year.

Shouts to DJ SAV*ONE for helping spread that true shit.

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V.S. said...

Thanks for the post and the good review! Check me out at www.VRSUS.com or follow me at www.twitter.com/VS1