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Jinesis & Prickly Pear Coffee Shop 2

I can't stand coffee. Hate the way it tastes. That, however, is the opposite of how I feel about this collection of instrumentals from Jinesis and Prickly Pear. There's a lot of fresh ideas on Coffee Shop 2, and you can tell that they accomplished their goal of not over-producing a track. You can tell that once they got that magical element going, they let it vibe out, as opposed to those who are continuously being meticulous, producing the soul and essence right out of their tracks. It had some things I wasn't too crazy about - its hard to listen to Prickly Pear's "You Know" and NOT think of "The Official", although the featured MCs are doing a lot more than Jaylib did, lyrically (he also revisits Dilla's "Lightworks" with "The Lights", and I'm not really feeling that, either). I'm all for reworking sounds I'm familiar with (see Jinesis' "Live At The Barbecue, Pt. 1"), but some things are better left untouched.

All-in-all, its a solid effort, and something I'd recommend for a Saturday like this... kick back with a brew, maybe on your porch, and vibe while the world crawls by.

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